65 Best Pastel Hair Ideas To Try This Summer


Balayage and Ombre are everyone’s favorite. Add in the pastel hair colors. and you have delicate and beautiful hair mixes. Create rainbow effects, mermaid effects or go bold with single color. Play beyond the natural hair colors and use pink, orange, green, blue, purple and much more.

Pastel hair colors are the trendsetters and eye-catching. If you want to give yourself a drastic makeover, try any of our 65 pastel hair ideas.

1. Silver Hue

For a trendy and girly, use a unique combination of colors that can make you look younger. Silver is one of the most popular colors this season. The transition from dark to light with curly extensions is amazing. The decorative headpiece finishes the entire look.

2. Pastel And Neon

For a metallic effect, use a mixture of pink, purple, green and yellow in a beautiful pastel. This mid-length style leaving the thick hair down in waves is actually chic. You can try this look in ombre where the ends of the hair can be grey-white.

3. Pastel Hair for Wedding

A mixture of pink and blue pastel hair colors can add magic to your big day. Paint the ends of your hair and braid them with a glamorous piece of the headpiece. Definitely, all the eyes will be set on you.

4. Blue Pastel Hair

The blue color is one of the most popular choices in terms of pastel hair. You can always try an ombre effect using different shades of blue from light to dark.

5. Holographic Hair

So many layers, so many curls, this hairstyle, and the color is amazing. The blend of blue, white, pink, purple all is played with perfectly to give out a Disney Princess vibe. You just cannot ignore the beauty of this pastel balayage hair.

6. Silver Pastel Hair

Silver color with a luster looks stunning. Her curls are to die for. Definitely, one of my personal favorites. This hair color could be a subtle way to give yourself a makeover.

7. Dark Roots

For a pastel hair, ombre is a beautiful effect you can add to it. Pink for color is definitely feminine and chic. Keep the roots naturally black and go crazy with different shades of pink.

8. Short Pastel Hair

Pastel colors can work entirely on short hair as well. Curl your short hair and get yourself the best pastel balayage hair color. This is a subtle ombre effect that looks like the sunset on your hair. The colors are the colors of the daylight that the stylists have managed to capture perfectly.

9. Purple

Purple is a fresh and trendy color. Use purple color for your pastel hair and give it an ombre effect. This is a simple yet stylish for colored hair.

10. Green Touch

Give your hair a minty touch using green, blue and purple. Add some highlights near the face to brighten up. Go green, girl!

11. Flowers for Your Hair

Use gray color for you entire pastel hair. Add some blue color to the roots. For a princess-like vibe, make some flowers and make it into a crown.

12. Dascha Polanco

Orange Is The New Black star shows us how to rock a pastel hair color. The gray, purple and white blend in amazingly. Stunning!

13. Amanda Steele

Amanda Steele rocks an attractive pink color hair. Her short hair looks very sophisticated with this pastel color.

14. Peek-a-boo Blue

We already know that pink, blue and purple are popular pastel hair colors. You can use a combination of these three colors to give a reverse ombre effect. Balayage your hair with purple and pink with some blue highlights. Pair with a funky pair of shades and you are ready.

15. Winter Frost

This winter, let your hair feel the icy touch. You can only use gray color for the ends of your hair for a subtle makeover. Wear a cap and drink that cup of hot chocolate.

16. Gray Blue

For your pale skin, you can choose a mixture of blue and gray colors at the end of your hair. Use the best dye brands to wash your hair pastel.

17. Blue And Purple Ombre Hair

Choose the modern colors blue and purple and create an ombre effect. An icy cool effect for your hair.

18. Lustrous Pink

You can always rock a pink pastel hair color like most of the celebrities. From Lady Gaga, Katy Perry

19. Green Pastel Hair

A pure green color will work if you want a funky yet effortless look. This is a pastel hair to show your love for nature.

20. Purple Pony

Pink a light and bright shade of purple color for a fresh pastel hair. Pull it up into a pony keeping your roots a dark color. This hairstyle shows the fun side of you. Use the best color hair dye brands.

21. Rose Gold Hair.

Not just rose wine rose colored pastel hair also gives out a chic and sophisticated vibe. This is such a subtle pastel pink hair color that gives you a fantastic new look. A perfect pastel hair color for your pale skin.

22. Colors of The Sea

Use gray, purple, blue and green to give your hair an ocean-like vibe. Let it be or make some braids. A colorful splash to your hair that is perfect for the summer.

23. Light Pastel Blue

For your short hair, you can use a light pastel blue hair color. Kepp your roots a darker color. Wear your cool pair of sunglasses and get ready to take on the world.

24. Midas Touch

Give your hair the Midas touch. Use a bright yellow color that gives a golden vibe. A bright hair color that will definitely brighten up your overall look. Keep your roots your natural dark color to add a dimension to your entire look.

25. Just For The Ends

For you short hair, if you want a pastel color in a light manner, use light purple color at the ends. A color hair that will add to your beauty. An everyday look that you will want to keep around forever.

26. Fire And Ice

Give your hair a taste of both cold and warm tones. Have the best of both worlds. Keep your base color an icy blue and your ends warm red. An amazing pastel hair color to spice up your short hairstyle. An eye-catching hairstyle,definitely!

27. Rainbow Twirls

Can’t decide upon one color to pick for your new pastel hair look? Why not trey them all? Give your hair a twirl of colors. Use purple, yellow, blue, pink, green and many more to give a mix of colors for your beautiful long locks. A half-top knot will add a new dimension to your hair color.

28. Dark And Light

Play with the dark and light contrast of blonde color to your wavy hair. A voluminous hairstyle where the colors add to give a full effect.

29. More for Holographic Hair

These are the colors that a Princesse would love. A feminine hair color that brings out your cute side. Use light blue, pink, purple and green color for your pastel hair. Create a braid and wear your braids like a crown. Add a starry headband behind your braids to finish the look.

30. Light Purple Pastel Hair

Pick a purple hair color for your pastel hair. Curl the ends of your gorgeous voluminous hair. Add a cute bow hair band and clips for a pretty look. Add to your bubbly side with the beautiful top and skirt that you have.

31. Pink Again

For your pale skin, you can choose a shiny pink color all over your pastel hair look. Add a braid to the crown to finish the entire look.

32. Blue And Slighlty Black

Keep your roots natural black and then for your long beachy waves, give it a taste of the color of the sea. Use a pastel blue color to calm yourself this summer.

33. Pastel Purple

For your hair, if you want to give a colored touch just add colors to your ends. Keep your roots a natural brown color, and for the ends use a mix of purple, blue and pink pastel color. This pastel hair color brightens up your pale skin.

34. Colors For The Spring

Pick the lightest and brightest shade of pink, blue, purple, green and yellow for differen strands of your hair. Half braid your hair and let the rest of your wavy tresses as it is. A beautiful pastel hair color!

35. Wow!

She looks phenomenal! Her warm orange pastel hair color completely brightens up her pale skin color. That amazing makeup to finish her look is the cherry on the cake to her entire look. This hair color could be the new color for this fall. This is one of my personal favorites. Time for you to visit the hair salon, maybe?

36. Purple Bun

Pick a dark purple color for your pastel hair that blends perfectly with your black colored hair. Pull it all into a bun and make sure to Instagram.

37.Ombre Pastel Hair

Use purple, pink and blue colors to create a stunning pastel hair colors with an ombre effect. Pick any of the looks and make a statement. You can create braids for a crown, let it be or wear a cap. Pastel hair colors work with any style or hair accessories.

38. Light Blue For You

Pick the lightest shade of blue for your pale skin. A cooling effect for your hair! Your long tresses will look amazing with the light makeup.

39. Dark, Light And Warm

Keep your base color dark and use blue for the midshaft and warm red for the ends. A colorful hairstyle blending warm and cool shades.

40. Gray And Blue

For your hair, use ash blonde color and keep the ends an icy blue color. A mixture of gray and blue colors works best for the pale skin color.

41. Simply Purple

Use a lustrous purple color for your short curly hairstyle. Fabulous hair color, isn’t it?

42. Whitish Pink

Color the hair whitish pink color. A bright red lipstick for your pale skin finished the entire look. Make sure you wear a shimmery eye makeup to create a shine on your face.

43. Messed Up Blue

A light blue pastel hair color is a fantastic hair color to have. A messy hairstyle looks as fresh as ever.

44. Brown Highlights

For your dark hair color, create a light ombre effect by painting the ends of your hair a dark brown color. The subtle waves are incredible.

45. Mint Green

Use pastel mint green hair color for a pastel hair color. For your day off, give your hair beachy waves and relax.

46. Silver And Purple

Color your hair hue with a mix of pink, silver and blue. A funky hairstyle for the fashionable in you. Keep your roots the dark ink, your mid-section a gray color and your ends a dark blue color.

47. Shiny

A blend of silver and purple can give your pastel hair color an excellent shine. An eye-popping hairstyle. This hair color and style are the ones that hair products advertisement endorse.

48. Light Purple

This winter give your hair color a light purple color. Go crazy with curls and create a volume. Keep yourself warm with your cold yet cool hairstyle.

49. Green

Your dark hair color need not to be boring anymore. Highlight the ends of your short curly hair green.

50. Peek-a-boo Highlights

Create a half top knot bun for your short hairstyle. Now use pink highlights in a subtle manner for your pastel hair color and pale skin.

51. Double Bun Pink

Create two messy buns on your hair and use pastel pink for highlights for a cute and girly look. Pair this look with a spaghetti tank top.

52. Blue Pastel

For your short, wavy and messy hairstyle pick a pastel blue color. A nosering to bring out the funky side of you.

53. Silver Blue

Pick a combination of silver and blue for a winter look. Wear a hoodie and keep yourself warm. You can try this look for tthe next semester and let your dorm mates keep on wanting the hair color.

54. Subtle Pink

For your pale skin and pale hair color, try coloring the ends with light pink pastel hair color. This summer this look brightens up your entire look.

55. Lustrous Purple

Curl your short bob hairstyle completely shiny purple hair color. A trendy color for this season, this look is fantastic.

56. Grey Hairstyle

Curl up your short hairstyle and go crazy with a gray hair color. A nose ring and matte red lipstick is perfect for this hair color. Gray hair colors are for the pale skinned beauties.

57. Choker Purple

This is such a trendy look this season. Her hair color light purple has always been a trendy pastel hair color. The short hair style with that messy look is amazing. The choker, matte lipstick and smokey eye makeup are perfect.

58. Just Blue

Pick a unique blue color for your pastel hair and pull it up into a messy high ponytail. Tis long tresses taht have a very thin texture are made beautiful with the hair color.

59. Pastel Highlights

Use different colors for your pastel hair and highlight different strands of your long wavy tresses. A beautiful hair color for your blonde hair color. The hair colors look as if they are colored into her blonde hair.

60. Sea Green

Pick an unusual sea blue color for your pastel hair. This hair color is perfect for your pale skin. A dark color that makes you look stupendous. Pull your hair into a ponytail.

61. Cool Touch To Your Warm Hues

For your naturally warm hair color, give a cool shade for a new dimension to the ends of your hair. Use curls at the ends to add a finish to your look.

62. Ombre Blue

Use purple and blue to give an ombre effect to your hair. Keep your roots a dark blue, your mid-section a bright blue and your curled ends a light purple. The combination of these colors create a lovely ombre effect that is eye-popping.

63. Rosy Touch

Show your girly and bold side with a pastel pink color for your hair. You hair color depicts your cute side with your tattoo showing off your adventerous and dominant side. Keep your make up to the minimum. You hair color already makes a statement.

64. Gray For Long

For the dark skinned beauties, you can also play with the cool hues. Use gray and blue colors for your long curly locks. Stunning hairstyle for the grogoeus you.

65. Blue Highlights

Use pastel blue color for your hair highlights. Your brown curly short hairstyle can be made even cooler with an icy touch.

In this world of black and white, paint yourself with color or a mix of them.


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