61 Ombre Hair Color Ideas That You Will Absolutely Love

Ombre hair, the style you will be rocking this year!


The internet already has so many definitions of ombre hair, so, I am not going to bore you with more. Those who have not understood, it is merely the variation of color on your hair, i.e., from dark to light or vice versa because some prefer the ‘reverse ombre hair.’
Now, that we have cleared the ‘definition’ part of it, why don’t we get to the fun part of it. As I have mentioned, it is the variation of colors, which probably raised a lot of questions.

First, which color? What would you say if I said all?

Yes, red, blue, blonde, black, green, purple, all of the colors. Not just the colors, it works for curls or straight, short or long, any hair type.
From every hair color, hair type, texture, style, ombre hair works perfectly.
Don’t believe me?
Here are some that will inspire you to get it yourself.

1. Show Them Off

When you decide to go for ombre hair but are still a tad bit unsure about it, go for a subtle effect. Go just a shade lighter than your natural color and color your hair at the ends. Wash the color off and voila, drop-dead gorgeous hair.

2. Reversed Red

Reversed ombre effect itself is a bold hair color. But, if you want to go even more daring, go for entirely new hair color. Maybe perhaps, get yourself a red ombre hair. Let your ends be a rose gold colored.

3. Rainbow Effect

If you are new at trying ombre hair and are confused about which color to go for, go for all of it. Why choose between red, purple, green, brown or blonde? Go for all of it one. It doesn’t go wrong. You can clearly see it.

4. Celebrity Style

Even celebrities love ombre hair effect. Go for a blonde, red, green, blue or black ombre hair and pose like a celebrity. Dress up for a party or stay at home in your pajamas. When you go for this look, there is no taking a bad photo. Are you ready for it?

5. The Color You Want

Go for a unique hairstyle to give away your fresh young vibes. You can go for a large-sized curls. If you are a naturally dark hair or dark brown, your ombre will compliment you perfectly.

6. In The End

Get yourself a waterfall of ombre hair effect. The colors are balayage in such a way that the entire hair looks like a beautiful waterfall. I could stare at them all day. Keep your roots dark.

7. Simple and Nice

This is a simple and great hairstyle. The short neck-length hairstyle with the waves goes perfectly with the ombre hair effect. If you want to try for a makeover that will blend in with your work look, go for this subtle effect.

8. Portrait Style

First of all, selected mention that gorgeous lipstick.That makeup is amazing. Now, why don’t we talk about that hair color? There isn’t much to describe, you can see the glory in the picture. Just go for it, will you?

9. Really Long

To get that length of hair requires serious dedication for your hair care. If you have the patience and have such beautiful hair, add some glamour to it with an ombre effect. Since it is a substantial length, go for a color to avoid the risk. We don’t want to walk around with a hair color gone wrong.

10. Brown Ombre

Go for a subtle brown ombre effect that gives your hair an extra dimension. This hair color isn’t much effort, in fact, try it at home. It is easy to carry off and well go for it.

11.  Curls & Blonde

Curls and blonde ombre hair, do I need to say more? Blonde is one of the rare hair colors that you can find naturally on anyone. So, naturally, everyone wants to try it. As for curls, they are forever trendy. So mix and match.

12. Highlight Them!

Let your hair be the center of attraction with a nice messy ombre hair effect. The side part and the bouncy impact on the hair gives a significant impact on the entire look. Finish your look with extra highlights to your cheekbones and nude lipstick.

13. Smile

Show off your ombre hair with a sweet smile. If you are planning for a beach day, go for the beach curls and use blonde streaks to create a lovely ombre hair.

14. Messy Ombre Hair

A middle part your hair and go for long curls if you want to show off your brown to blonde ombre hair. The highlights are subtle, and the messiness completes the look.

15. Long Streaks

It seems that someone used a paintbrush on the canvas of her hair. The streaks are placed majestically with a little bit of another effect, keeping the roots dark. The hair is fantastically straight. This is the hairstyle that features in the shampoo advertisements.

16. Summer Is Here

Are we all not waiting for summer? The bikini season is here. Not just your tan but we want your hair to be in the spotlight as well. The hot season requires a cooling effect. So, go for a fresh hair color such as ash blonde. And by now you know, ombre effect is the way to go.

17. Naturally Brown

If you have brown hair color, you can go for a subtle natural blonde ombre hair. Go for a light brown shade at your ends and let your natural waves do their thing. You can keep it long or short or mid-length. Any which way, there is no going wrong when you go for ombre.

18. Light Blonde

So, the bright blonde hair color is fantastic. It goes perfectly with the ombre effect. The loose curls and the natural flowing hairstyle all matches the free spirit of the color. Keep the roots dark and your head high up.

19. Damn!

Let us start by talking about those lashes. They are goals!
Not just the lashes but we have the gorgeous locks that ‘wow!’. She has both the ends, dark and light hair color. The locks are perfectly curled. An ombre hair at its best.

20. Subtle Gray

This is the perfect example of short ombre hair. The hair color is gorgeous. You must be bold enough to pull off this hair color. If you want to go, for such ash blonde hair color, add a subtle ombre effect. The darkened roots complete this style.

21. Shades of Blue

Give your hair a splash of blue. Those curls that color do I need even to say anything more? I mean the picture is fantastic. Get yourself some ‘sea-love.’

22. Brown to Blonde

Are you like me? Not sure if you can pull off the entire blonde look? Everyone wants to go blonde but always wonder if that is the color for them. Well, ombre hair is here to rescue you. Go from brown to blonde and keep it slightly curly.

23. Let Your Curls Down

Oh just let your drop-dead gorgeous locks down! But wait, you can always add the cherry to the cake with the ombre hair color. Go for a dark blonde effect and give yourself a casual makeover.

24. Straight and Blonde

The straight hair pulls of the variation of shades wonderfully. Look at the dark hair roots, the midshaft brown and the blonde ends. This is a simple ombre hair effect that you can quickly achieve.

25. Perfect Ombre Hair Color

Lighter shades of ombre hair blonde in a shoulder-length hair can ideally be made. The picture shows it all if you don’t believe me. If you have a naturally curly hair, you should try the ombre effect with shades of blonde.

26. Brown Ombre Hair

Brown color can create a fresh, new ombre effect. The dark brown base hair and the light end looks terrific with any summer sundress. The loose curls bring a friendly vibe, and you can be breezy.

27. Color or Black & White?

Ombre hair effect not only looks good in real life, you colored snaps, but it seems terrific in black and white photos. If you love the black and white classic type like me, I believe your ombre hair will do full justice to the picture.

28. Short & Blonde

I am not lying when I am saying ombre hair has the most significant variations. I mean you have scrolled down with a lot of proof. Look at this short style with a black, brown and blonde effect. Her hair locks are fabulous.

29. Short Ombre Hair

The slightly waves short hairstyle is pretty easy to rock. It can take away all the hassles of maintaining those long locks and save you a lot of money on hair products. Add some dimension to your short hair with a blonde ombre hair effect. Or you can go with colors like blue, red or purple.

30. Cool!

One word for gray ombre effected hair, cool!
You can see it. The top-knot, the highlights and the color all look so daring and bold. Make sure your skin type compliments this hair color.

31. Red Ombre Hair

My love for the color red never seems to die. I would pick this hair for Valentines’. When the world decides to paint, why will I leave my hair? The color shows no distinct variation with the base color, but it looks incredible.

32. Sunkissed Hair

Not only your photos but your hair looks great with a little bit of sunshine effect. Vary the light shades of blonde on your wavy locks for a fantastic result. You will need no filters for any great photograph.

33. Dark Brown Ends

If you want to get some highlights and the ombre effect, get them both, at the same time. Let you highlights work the midshaft area, and the color splash your ends. Choose a color that is only a shade or two lighter from your base color.

34. Purple Ombre Hair

If you love the extremities of both the sides of the hair palette you don’t need to go for black and lightest of the blondes. You can pick different shades from the palettes. Why not go for purple and blonde? An extraordinary style that gives reverse ombre hairstyle a new definition.

35. WOW!

Why not copy this to your next Instagram post? Her eyes seem to be the focus of the photo but what steals the show is the beautiful blonde ombre effect. The variation of brown again both light and dark hues in that straight hair type is gorgeous. This is the hair color that goes for both winter and summer.

36. Locks & Twists

This color needs no words to explain its beauty. Gray hair color looks fantastic with the curly hairstyle. Your long locks need curls. Maybe just curly hair might not finish your new look. Color the midshaft and ends. Pose and snapchat. Let everyone drool over your fantastic hair.

37. Let Me Take A Selfie!

If you decide to get a blonde ombre hair effect, make sure you take a selfie. Keep your style simple, so that your hair color can steal the show. You can let your straight hair be free with the effect, or twist the sides and tuck it in.
Summer is here, girls!

38. Feathered Brown

I love the feather haircut. This hairstyle has an extended effect on the front but what makes it fabulous is the brown ombre effect. This hair has the variations of brown showing the extremes of the color.

39. Simple and Light

Simplicity is what makes classy. The loose curls, the pure brown ombre hair, and the sunshine, everything I love in one picture. I love the summer. If you do too, why don’t you get a splash of it on your hair? Walk with style!

40. Simple Brown

Look at this simple ombre hair effect. This is a natural hair effect that you can even do at home. You can go for this if you don’t want to change your look entirely but add an impact to it. You don’t need to go for brown color. Purple, green, red or blue will work as wonderfully.

41. So Many!

This collage shows you so many variations of ombre hair effect for straight hair or curly. There are even variations of blonde color and brown color. From straight hair, curls or beachy waves, ombre effect is the extra effect you want.

42. Purple Vibes

The variation of purple color gives you the feel of a Disney Princess. Yes, this is the color you should go for if you want anything dramatic. Whether you let it down or tie it into a twisted style, it works both ways.

43. Swirls

Swirl your gorgeous locks to show the variation of brown hair color. The curls are beautiful. My love for coils seems to be increasing more and more. Pure brown ombre hair color makes everything terrific. Side part and use your fingers to comb your hair.

44. Double Knot

‘So baby, come light me up,
and maybe I’ll let you on it
A little bit dangerous,
but baby, that’s how I want it.’
This hairstyle reminds me of the beautiful Ariana Grande. Her music and her style are fantastic.
Maybe you can go for a look and get yourself a double top-knot.Tune into some music and dance with your hair.

45. Curls

This super long hair with curls is goals! What makes this hairstyle fabulous is the ombre hair effect. The color variations are again pure black, brown and blonde but they all work magic. A simple hairstyle that goes for all occasions.

46. Dark to Light

Go to either end of the hair color palette. Keep your base dark color and for your ends pick the lightest shade of the blonde. The curls add a high volume to your hair, and the V-cut hairstyle is bringing the entire look together.

47. Black & Brown

I love both the colors black and brown for my hair color. So, when I get the ombre hair, which I am going to after finishing this, I will mix it up. Keep my ends brown and let my base remain natural dark. Maybe I should buy a top that only shows my curls. Hmmm.

48. Reverse Ombre

The reverse ombre effect is as fantastic as ombre effect. The light blonde hair at the roots and dark ends with the curls is not a natural style but is gorgeous. Try it!

49. Messy Blonde Hair

Not just top-knots, messy top-knots are fantastic. This is the hairstyle that shows your ombre hair effect correctly.
The hair color is again absolutely terrific. I don’t even know what is making you wait!

50. Braided Blonde

Braids and curls blend perfectly. The fish-braid in the middle and the variation of brown color all over the head makes this hairstyle no less than amazing.
And that cute dog!
Instagram, darlings!

51. Twists & Turns

I seem to be losing words for every hairstyle I see. Not a good thing, I guess. But look at how beautiful this hairstyle and color is. We have the blonde ombre hair at its best. The twisted style is another gorgeous style. What can I say? Go for it beautiful!

52. Short & Blonde Ombre Hair

You can achieve ombre hair by only coloring your tips brown. This causes a shade or a two variation with the dark base hair color creating a subtle and simple effect.

53. Completely White

This blonde ombre hair can be achieved with simple bleaching techniques. You don’t need to color your hair but bleach at it at different levels. Ask the experts at the hair salon.

54. Top-knot

I love the top-knot hairstyle but never can seem to do it right.
Oh well, someday I guess I will learn.
But, look at this blonde ombre hair.
The color is only concentrated in the central region and darkens on either side, sort of horizontal ombre effect. Love it!

55. Light Waves

Get yourself some beachy waves to compliment your ombre hair. If you are going for this style, you should make use of many blonde balayage. Notice the mix-match of shades of brown.

56. Lightest Blonde

Such a gorgeous hair color! Straight hair and ombre effect, what is even making you wait? Don’t think you can pull it off?
Did you see the picture?
Show it to your hair stylist.

57. Highlights Turned to Ombre

Change your already existing highlights into ombre hair. If you have blonde highlights, why don’t you extend it into blonde ombre by coloring the ends? This short hairstyle with the curls is perfect for a casual look.

58. Spirals of Red

Get yourself a red ombre hair. The color here used compliments the dark hair roots. So, this is the effect you want if you are not considering a bold option. It adds a new definition to your look but tones down the drama. The curls are complimentary.

59. Old is Gold

Remember when gray hair wasn’t considered attractive? Glad that time is over!
Look at this straight ombre hair with the shades of gray. The style used is simple and ultimately hot.

60. Just a Hint

This gorgeous ombre hair has a hint of purple, and I love it! The curls are majestic. The ombre hair color used here is unique. Try this fresh style and add some blonde highlights.


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