83 Outstanding Mother-Daughter Hairstyles to Try This Holiday Season!


There is a deep bond between every mother and daughter duo. There is a deep connection that lies between the duo, and there is no denying that! To make the relationship even stronger, you can try and do things together like opting for mother-daughter hairstyles! They have been getting trendier over the past, and we can see why. These hairstyles are adorable and make for the perfect picture day!

If you scroll through your Instagram, you will surely find these types of hairstyles being sported by mom and their young daughters! Some may find it cheesy, but we sure love it. This is a great activity to do with your kid and make memories that last forever. On those free days when you are looking for something fun to do, getting in the same hairstyle can be a great option!

We have combined some beautiful and easy to do mother-daughter hairstyles that will look good on both of you right here. Scroll through and find the one for you!

Mother Duaghter Hairstyle In pink

Pink is a very subtle color and is an excellent choice for young baby girls. Use bandanas for yourself and get your girl a ribbon of the same color. The color coordination will look great in pictures too!

The Swag!

Try striking a pose with some swag when you try on the mother-daughter hairstyles! The buns here are adorable, and the glasses with the attire adds so much flair to the look.

The elegant duo

When we take a first look at this picture, it has a lot of beautiful elements. The soft pastel clothing helps the mother-daughter hairstyles to come through better. You can opt for being the elegant duo and look great!

Day out!

When you are on your day out, you can try on an easy hairstyle. Choose something that is a hassle-free and nonirritant so that you can enjoy your day freely and make tons of memories!

Close to nature

This braided look is on the most adorable mother-daughter hairstyles that we have come across! There are elements of green here, and they remind us of nature! This can be your option if your baby is tiny too!

Red carpet

There are mother-daughter hairstyles that work great for glamorous occasions like a red carpet event! There are a lot of simple sides swept wavy hair ideas that celebs have tried on over the years, and this one is a good one!

Royal Red Mother Daughter Hairstyles

This red color combination has a very majestic vibe to it! The richness of the clothes here is commendable. Try some curly tied-back mother-daughter hairstyles and look like royalties on your big day!

Close to Heart

Keep things simple and try to make memories while you try on these hairstyle options. Here we have a mother-daughter hairstyles option for you that you will find close to your heart for it is humble and cute!

Trendy and sleek

Sleek hair is a hot trend for sure. This pair of smooth long hair is a simple choice for you to try on. Twin with each other and wear the same designs of clothes! The effect will surely be astounding!


Updos are one of those mother-daughter hairstyles that you are going to love! Here you can see how great they look at pictures from all sides as well! No matter what pose you try, you and your baby will look remarkable!

 The clean bun

A bun is a very versatile hairstyle for sure. There are so many elements that you can add to this simple hairdo and make it your own. Here we have a nice bun option for you with twisted hair on the base.

The Laughter

There is no point in opting for mother-daughter hairstyles if you are not going to have fun trying them on! You need to make sure that there is a lot of love and laughter involved in this process!

Check shirts

Try pairing your daughter and you in the same shirts, and you will see that it has a better effect on the final photography. There are many pictures viral on the internet with such matching mother-daughter hairstyles and clothing!

Pink and her daughter!

The ‘perfect’ singer Pink has tried on many fierce and bold hairstyles over the years. Her singer personality often hides her motherly side. Here are some times when she has appeared with her baby daughter, and the pictures are perfect!

 Natural Hair

Embrace your natural locks and wear them in confidence. Both the mother and daughter here have sported their natural hair, and there is a relaxed, effortless vibe to it! There is no styling or accessorizing needed here!

 Picture perfect

Picture perfect moments that you will cherish forever are few but surely leave an everlasting impact! Try to make your bond stronger and head out to doing fun activities like wearing the same clothes and experimenting with mother-daughter hairstyles together!

 Memories to last

There is no point in trying on any of these mother-daughter hairstyles if you are not going to be making memories to last a lifetime! Use a simple headband to make things more fun and vibrant! Or try on some sectioned braids!

Space buns

Space buns are a fresh new hairstyle that is making all the noise in social media nowadays! There are many options in which you can create them! You can try on new colors and styles and get creative with it for sure!

Space buns need only a few minutes of your time and will take minimal effort as well! You can try braided space buns too. They work for any hair length and texture also!

Dark hair

Dark hair is attractive and looks very luscious and healthy as well! Even if you and your baby have different hair textures, you can try on matching hairstyles that work for all textures!

The Royal hairdo!

If you want to keep things simple but give off an edge, choose this look right here. There are some soft, romantic curls on the hair. The only thing that pops out of this look is the bejeweled crown right here!

Red headbands

You can try on a bold pop of color in your hairstyle if you are a fan of vibrant hues. Here we have a gorgeous red headband option for you to try on! There are some minor waves in the hair, and that adds the needed texture to the hair!

Flowers and curls

There is nothing more feminine than some curls and flowers is there? There are many hairstyles that you can try on for your special day to look extraordinary! Here is a low curled up hairstyle with flower designs on the dress which makes a rounded up look.

 Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and her mother Goldie Hawn have made public appearances many times. They look like a pleased and close mother-daughter duo in these pictures. The brownish blonde hair looks great on the pair as well!

Newborn baby!

There is a lot of love between mothers and their children. Especially if you have just given birth, you know that there is no other joy in the world greater than the love of your baby! Take your time off and enjoy the part of your motherhood with your newborn!

Tied up or left loose

No matter what option you try on. You tie the hair up or let them free; you will look good! If you want just a simpler alternative to do things, this is the way to go!


These mother-daughter hairstyles can be worn to a big special event for sure! Everything from the dresses they have on to the hairstyle looks very well out together. There is no denying that this hairstyle looks like it came out of a photoshoot!

All about the attitude

There is plenty of attitude in this picture. You can see that the mother-daughter hairstyles have been taken to a whole new level with the expressions with which they have struck the pose!

Winter hairstyles

Leave your natural hair loose once in a while, and you will not regret it! When you let your hair down, you will feel warmer too, and it helps in the winter seasons as well! This is one of the best mother-daughter hairstyles out there!

Mother-daughter matching hairstyles

Matching mother-daughter hairstyles and clothes make for a beautiful picture. Here we have the daughter in an adorable skirt and check shirt with curly hair and some awesome sunglasses!


Cornrows are a classic African way of grooming your hair and keeping them in place. There is a lot of designs that you can incorporate in cornrows to make them look stylish! You can add strings and beads on your hair to make them look even better!

Cool Hairstyle

This natural hairstyle is very approachable and wearable by all. You can wear this look for any occasion and the matching leather jackets balance out the whole look.

The chill vibes

There are chill vibes that come from this hairstyle right here. They look perfect for any holiday that you might be going on soon!

Braided hair

Braided hairstyles are beautiful to look at and can be worn to any occasion by the way you style them! Here are some ideas for you to choose from that ranges from simple to stylish looks!

Hair and makeup!

Hair and makeup put a look together. They can help you look very polished and fresh! You can make your hair as simple as you like and add a tiara to make things seem fabulous!

Brown hair

Brown hair can be a fabulous color for pale skin tones. It adds warmth to the whole look. There is added dimension and depth with this brown hairstyle. The color works for medium to fair skin tones and can be a very stylish look for you and your kid!


Ponytails were probably the first thing you wore as a kid. They are also one of the first hairstyles that you teach your kids! There is a certain casual vibe to this hairstyle, and we love how they can be made to look very stylish or plain. This one right here can be worn for a day out with your kid!

Bob haircut

Bob haircuts were all the rage of last year. Some models and celebs wore this hairstyle for all occasions! It works for all face structures and is flattering for everyone! Add bangs to make it all well rounded up. It looks great on children and adults alike!

All the love!

There is a lot of emotion that is captured into this picture right here. The black and white effect makes the whole look even better. You can try this wavy hairstyle on a medium length of hair and look stunning! There is no need to put in a lot of effort to look good. Just add some texture and you are done!


Here is another look for all those ladies out there who are a fan of dreadlocks! They show off your personality well and work well for kids and adults alike! You sure need to take care of them to make them appear healthy.


Afro hair is another classic African hairstyle, and we have it here as one of our top recommendations for mother-daughter hairstyles. They are fun and surely show off your culture! You can wear them on any occasion as well.

Fun day out!

There needs to be some fun day out sessions for both mother and daughter so that they can bond over things! Make sure you go out for days like these as much as possible no matter how old and busy you get!

The unicorn

Be a unicorn and try on an add on horn accessory on yourself and your baby! These are some very trendy mother-daughter hairstyles and has been gaining a lot of love in social media! You can try this one for your baby’s birthday party!

Flower Crown

A flower crown can make things festive and vibrant for you. Choose flowers that you are comfortable with. You can also get these flower headbands of plastic material easily. This is an excellent way to amp up basic mother-daughter hairstyles.

The Big Day

You need to look special on a big day like your wedding. There are many chic hairstyles you can opt for that day! Get some curls for both you and your mother and set the theme for everyone else to follow.

Matching attire

Get matching attires for everyone and make it a theme day! The blue jeans look here is very well matched, and we surely do recommend it for everyone! Get your daughters in the same hairstyle, and they will look well styled.

Red love

We love the bright red hues in every form! Here the mother-daughter duo has tried on a beautiful red dress with some elegant and chic updo hairstyles that match the theme well. This is the one for you if you want to look extra polished!

Modern twist

Add a stylish and fun twist to your hair. The bluish grey hair on the mom looks excellent with darker roots on the base. The longer hair on the mom with short natural brown hair on the baby is a different combination!

Buns and loose hair

Here we have a collection of buns for the young ones and free hair options for the moms! There are space buns or regular pigtail buns to opt for, and you can surely try any of these looks for your photo session!


There is nothing more comfortable and simplistic than your regular up top buns! They work for all hair colors and lengths, and it is evident from this picture below. You can see how the mother-daughter hairstyles look so fresh.

Colorful headbands!

Headbands are an easy way of making a simple hairstyle into a special one. There are a lot of vibrant and beautiful headband options readily available in the market. Find one that is flattering for both you and your baby and enjoy the end look!

Middle section

Section off your natural hair in the middle to opt for a well-balanced look. There is nothing more effortless and stylish than trying on such natural looks. You can get your baby in some pigtails if you want to let her enjoy her day hassle-free.

Sectioned Twists

Sectioning off your hair in square sections are comfortable, and they have a lot of dimension to them. The twisted hair takes off the attention from thin hair. Try this braided hairstyle, and you are sure to look as charming as ever.

Blonde hair

Blonde hair has always been in trend. If you are a natural blonde, you are surely blessed. Twin with your kid and rock the same kind of mother-daughter hairstyles this season for some fun.


Kris and Kim Kardashian are stylish celebs for sure. They have a similar blonde hair out here that makes them look adorable in sync here! There is nothing better than trying on things together with your mother for sure.

Natural Curls

Naturally curly hair opens up the door for a lot of mother-daughter hairstyles. You can try on as many hairstyles as you like when you have been blessed with such textured hair. If you are not a fan of a lot of elements in your hair, just let them fall free for a relaxed look.

Bling bling

There is a lot of bling in this look. The mother-daughter duo has both worn special dresses, and they look great! There is a use of a lot of accessories here as well. You can try this one if you want an extra look!

Jennifer’s style

Jennifer Lopez has never looked bad in her life; it seems. Every picture of her is perfect! But this one right here is extra special for you can see that her daughter makes an appearance here. Its a basic pulled back look and is approachable as well.


This look has been taken straight out of the runway for you. These mother-daughter hairstyles are going to make you feel very glamorous. Many designers have been coming up with looks that work for the duo well!


Sectioned Braids

There are many sections in this look. You can section all the sides of your hair here and then tie them up using colorful hair ties! Take the other part of the hair and then tie it up in a braided updo!


Front Bangs

Bangs help to frame the face well and chisel out the face for a face-slimming effect. There are front bangs here, and they fall softly on the face. They help to give a youthful vibe as well.

Colored hair

Multi-colored hair has been in trend for a long time now. Especially the unicorn hair colors are gaining immense popularity. There are some vibrant and loud shades that you can try on too! Here we have some pink and blues as options for mother-daughter hairstyles.

By the end here you are sure to have found a perfect match of hairstyle for you and your princess! There are many options that we included here so that women of all hair colors, lengths and textures could find something for themselves. You can do these hairstyles by yourself or go full out and get professional styling and camera operators! No matter what you choose, you will surely enjoy the day and end up with great pictures and memories.

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