101 Micro Braids For You


Frizzy hair problems?
Need a way to fix them?
Want a sleek, stylish yet delicate hairstyle?
For delicate hairstyle, micro braids are a great hairstyle to go. A style that can last for months and can be styled into any updo.

What do I need to consider before I get micro braids?

Micro braids are not for everyone, trust me.
These braids are popular mainly because of its low maintenance.
But, to be honest, you need to be prepared before you go to the salon for the hairstyle.
First thing, remember it takes hours to create braids as well as it takes hours to remove them. Also, there is a significant possibility of hair damage and breakage. Especially when you are removing the braids, it can leave your hair dry and brittle.

After this, if you plan to get a micro-braided hairstyle, you should go to a professional hair stylist. Let the professionals evaluate your hair, and they will let you know how much time will it take for you to get the braids. Make sure you have conditioned hair before you go to the salon.

Hairstyles for Micro Braids

You can style your micro-braided hair into many styles. If you do it properly, it lasts for a long time. The micro-braided hairstyle can work for different lengths and types of hair. It can be made into:
Cornrow braids:
This is one of the best micro braids hairstyle. It suits everyone and won’t be exposed to much damage.
Braided Updo:
This is a sophisticated hairstyle. A hairstyle that can work for any length, any face type, and any occasion.
Wavy Braids:
Braids look amazing with curls and waves.
Micro Braids with Ponytail:
Pulling up your hair into a ponytail make your braids look better.
Tree Braids:
You can keep micro braids to a minimum and look stylish as well.

You can add extensions to your hair for a fuller and longer look. It saves your hair from damage as well.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words, don’t they? Here are 69 pictures talking about micro braids more than I could ever speak.

Also See:

1. Noodles for Box Braids

Long hair with micro braids, add to that some curls! A perfect sunny hairstyle for your cute sundress.

2. Braids for Bun

Micro braided hair looks amazing when pulled up into a top bun. If you want you can color your braided hair. A nude lipstick looks perfect with this updo.

3. Twisted Hair

Micro Senegalese twists make you look even more gorgeous with an eye-catching neck piece and a cocktail dress.

4. Waist Length Braids

Braids and curls seem to blend in perfectly. Long waist length hair with micro braids look amazing, don’t they?

5. Yarn Braids

Putting all your braids into one side could be your new hairstyle this season.

6. Highlights & Band

You can add a dark colored hair band to your micro-braided hair to spice up your look. Highlights, here and there also aids in finishing the look.

7. Medium Length Braids

She looks cute. Micro braids can be used to add cuteness to your look. Curls at the ends and braids on top with some purple highlights, doesn’t it look amazing?

8. Heart Bun

This is a very elaborate updo. You might need a friend to help you with this style. This heart- shaped bun ‘s hard to achieve but to hold onto the braids to make the bun will make it easier. Adding colors will give an extraordinary look.

9. Hat for The Summer

A hat for your micro-braided hair gives a summer vibe. A dark colored lipstick never hurts, you know.

10. Shaved Braids

Shaving your head?
Sounds scary, right?
But look how stylish it looks.
Put all your hair on one side to show off your shaved side or middle part it if you are not sure to show it off.
Experiment, try by shaving a little bit of your head.

11. Celebrity Look

Keke Palmer knows how to rock a braided hairstyle.
Why don’t you get a celebrity hairstyle?
A high ponytail with your micro braids and a fishtail braid at the end looks amazing.

12. Stunning Updo

If you have micro braids, pull it up into a gorgeous bun. This bun looks amazing in every outfit.

13. Top Braids

Another example of micro braids at the top and curls at the bottom. To add to the look, get some golden highlights.

14. Straight & Braids

Micro braids look amazing with straight hair as well. Straight hair on top and braids at the end with a side swept look is a cool look.

15. Funky Updo

You can pull up your interesting twists into a funky updo as well. Go, girl, paint the town red.

16. Curly Braids

Curl up your braids and middle part your hair. This hairstyle won’t go wrong at a red carpet event as well.

17. Mohawk Braids

You can always pull up your micro-braided hair into a stylish mohawk. Dare to be bold. For that extra ounce of funkiness, color your entire hair with an eye-popping hair color.

18. Pulled Back Look

You can pull back your hair on the top for a sleek and elegant look.

19. Straightened Braids

Micro braids are meant for women with long hair.

20. Union Braids

Gabrielle Union knows how to flaunt her feminine side with her side braids. Micro Braids are much easier to style than thick box braids. You can braid all the way down or leave it half way in the middle. A very straightforward and easy method to handle your braids is to braid them.

21. Let It Be

Gabrielle Union shows another side of her braids by just letting it be. She knows how to style it right with few highlights.

22. Pinky Curls

Small curls and frizzy hair is another hairstyle that can bring out your cuteness. Micro braids add to your cuteness.

23. Chic Braids

Box braids can look elegant and chic in an angled bob haircut. Braids work for your office look as well.

24. Golden Braids

Zoe Kravitz looks like a Goddess with her glowing skin, golden dress, and her braids.

25. Beads for Braids

For a funky hairstyle, you can add beads at the ends of your braids. An arched eyebrow with suited makeup adds to the style.

26. Minimal Braids

If you want to try the braids look but are too scared to get a complete look, you can try by braiding just near the roots. Keep rest of your hair casual.

27. Beyonce Braids

Beyonce knows how to run the world with her braids. She manages to flaunt a sunny side of her braids with her golden hair color. A minimalistic braided look.

28. Braids & Colors

For a new look color half your hair. This cannot go wrong even if you pull up your braids into a ponytail or a bun.

29. Thin Hair Braids

You can make your hair thicker my picking up the micro braids hairstyle.

30. Elegant

Pull up your hair into an elegant updo. This goes perfectly with your dress.

31. Intricate Updo

Class up your braids with an elaborate updo. The updo looks very complicated, and you will probably need a stylist.

32. Nerdy Braids

Put on your glasses to give out a nerd look with your half micro-braided hair. Nerdy is the new sexy, girl.

33. Wavy Braids

Waves and braids go hand in hand. Middle part your hair to bring out your eyes and lips.

34. Colored Braids

Love micro braids?
Love hair colors?
Mix them both.
Micro braids and colors look gorgeous.

35. Micro Braids

Girls with long hair will look amazing with micro braids.

36. Pricky Look

This is a very weird hairstyle, to be honest. Go for it if you like.

37. Tree Braids

Tree braids are a way of keeping a minimalistic braided look. You can tree braids in a diagonal style. They keep your hair away from your face.

38. Cute Braids

Braids can go for a white girl too. A half up look adds to its fantasticalness.

39. Red & Golden

Half braided, and half curled hairstyle can be twisted more with red color and golden highlights.

40. Sleek

Put up your braids into a sleek ponytail. A big, funky golden earring adds to the look.

41. Smile for Braids

Add volume to your look with side swept hairstyle. Micro Braids never go wrong, do they?

42. Backside Braids

Braids look amazing even on the backside. Style your hair into a bun to show off your micro braids.

43. Long Mohawk Like

Your braids can slightly be enlarged and created in a mohawk-like style. A new style with golden highlights indeed.

44.  Simple Style

An easy way to style your braids is a ponytail and highlights.

45. Minnie Braids

You can create two high ponytails with your medium length twisted hair and wrap them into two cute buns. A 90’s style indeed.

46. Laid-Back Look

Your micro-braided hair can be pulled into a laid-back look without any partition.

47. Fiery Look

An alternate coloring of red and yellow highlights to your entire hair with tree braids give a hot look.

48. Bun or Be It

Let your braids be or pull it into a bun.

49. Ombre Ponytail

This is a hairstyle that shows the best of both the worlds. The hair is kept out of the face but pulled into a feminine ponytail. To make your hair extra special add a warm tone to it.

50. Curly Head

In need of a modest and classy hairstyle that doesn’t distract from your personality?
Look no further.

51. Micro Bob

For sassy and gorgeous, get yourself a deep side part and an asymmetrical cut. Wear this style with a funky pair of shades.

52. Long Braided Hair

If you don’t want bright and crazy hues, you can choose chocolate and pinkish brown. They brighten up your skin.

53. Twists & Highlights

Caramel highlights with dark base color go fabulously with micro braids. Style your braids into a full, loose ponytail. A simple style that looks cute as well.
She looks angry though!

54. Half Top Knot

If you get braided hair with extensions, you can play with highlights without damaging your hair. For an edgy style, go with cool tone brown to blonde.

55.  Twists

This is a mixture of twists and curls. Braids toward your forehead and curls at the bottom with one red highlighted hair is a fresh look.

56. Red Twists

The twists with a twisted hairdo and African red color is amazing.

57. Beautiful & Long

Micro braids have a very natural movement. You can create twists or loose waves, whatever makes your feel pretty.

58. Short Style for Braids

A funky hairstyle can look more fashionable with micro braids and half colored hairstyle.

59. Shaved Bun

You can shave one side of your hair after pulling it into a classic bun.

60. Golden Bun

Golden up your micro-braided bun.

61. Half Tied Curls

Curl your ends and braid your top half with a loose, small ponytail. Golden highlights just bring out the warmth in you.

62. Layers

Get yourself layers and then use micro braids for the hairstyle. This hairstyle is fantastic.
Flip your hair! You go, girl!

63. Let It Go

Straighten the ends of your micro-braided hair for a simple look. Straightened hair blends with the tiny and delicate braids.

64. Casual Style

Loosely curl your ends and braid the hair near your roots. Add some warm hue to it.

65. Shiny Braids

You can go for a shiny look with tree braids as well. Choose a brownish hue that compliments your skin tone.

66. Bun

You can control your frizzy hair with braids and a bun. A unique earring and a beautiful lipstick pull the whole look together.

67. Colored Ends

Braids with colored ends are the look that goes well for anyone. Choose a contrast blonde color for the ends and keep your base color dark.

If you want to get a complete makeover that can stay for a long time, micro braids could be an option. A natural protective hairstyle that can bring out the best in you. The tiny, delicate pieces of braids are a beauty. So, beautify yourself, girl.
Picked your favorite one? Make sure to choose the one that goes with your personality and face type.
Micro Braids for this season?


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