34 Step by Step tutorials to get the perfect Messy Bun!


The messy bun is one of the easiest and effortless hairdos that is fit for any occasion formal or casual. Depending on how you like to give it a modern twist it can be classy, fun, edgy, bold or even super sleek or simply casual messy. The reason for the popularity of this hairdo is because of it is pretty easy to do and you can have all the variation of it.

Although some of these hairdos look pretty complex, we can assure you that it is pretty easy. We have tried it all, and here we present to you the gallery of all the gorgeous and easy to-do messy buns that we think that you should give a try immediately!

1. Easy Sock Bun

The easiest way to do the messy bun is the sock roll up method. Not only does this help create the perfect messy bun, but it also helps create the illusion of a thicker bun. To get this look, simply cut off a clean sock and put your ponytails through it. Roll down your hair into a bun, and there you have it. Pick off a few hair strands here and there to make it messy, and you are done. Easy to do and this process takes a minimal of 5 seconds to do!

2. Rose Bun

For this classy twist on the bun, first put your hair into a ponytail. Section parts of the ponytail and place the sections into layers over the ponytail. Fix the position of the hair into a rose shape and fix in place with bobby pins and hair spray. Simple and classy bun in just around 5 minutes.

3. Braided Bun

Another variation of the bun you can try is this simple, elegant looking braided bun. Section your hair into sections and braid each section. Fix the braids in place overlapping each other with setting spray or bobby pin. Effortless and timeless, you have this minimal braided buns.

4. Classy Bun

If braids and roses are too over the top for you, simply go for this classic look with a simple messy bun. Gather up all your hair and tie it into a bun above your head. Loosen up the ends and pull out strands of hair giving it that messy element. One of the easiest and effective looks ready on just seconds.

5. Overlapped Bun

If you have any formal events to attend or want to hype up your daily work look, go for this chic looking overlapped bun. Section your hair and tie the back half into a bun. Add layers from the hair that is left in front and make a pattern. Bobby pin it in place and spray a ton of hairspray to set it in place all day long.

6. Huge Messy Bun

For those of you who lack the minimal volume for any other hairstyle, you can go for this ultra volumizing look with the messy top bun. Tease your hair with a teasing comb and tie your hair into a bun. Pull out and loosen the bun to make it super messy. Take out strands to add to your face, and you are set to go!

7. Elegant Bow

Pouf out the front of your hair and tie it with the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Play with sections and place it inside the ponytail to make a bun. Bobby pin it into place after you are happy with the results. Classy and up to a point, you know that you will love this look once you try it out!

8. Twist It Up!

Another easiest way to achieve that perfect messy top bun is to simply twist up all your hair. Twist it till the tip and roll it into a messy bun and use a hair tie to secure it into place.

9. Casually Messy

In a rush? We have the perfect hairstyle lined up. This casual messy top bun is the way to go. And believe it or not, it takes only minutes to get this look. Just gather up all your hair and tie it into a bun. Leave the ends to create a more casual look, and you are ready to slay!

10. Runway Ready

Here is another look at the variation of a hair bun. This chic looking runway inspired look is easy to achieve with the right technique. Just fold your straightened hair and wrap it around. Leave the edge on the side and spray with hairspray. Fix it in place with hairspray, and you are ready to rock the runway look.

11. Braided Bride

The colorful aspect of this hair is to die for. Section your hair into pretty little braids and tie it all in place into a bun. This messy bun is what we live for, chic and gorgeous; you simply can’t resist looking away from it!

12. High Fanned Bun

For a more tidy and formal look, go for this easy to do a high top bun. Simply put all your hair into a high bun and secure it in place. Fan the hair into the sides and pin it in place. Just a few minutes and you are ready to glam!

13. Side Braided Bun

For a twist into the classic messy bun, you can add a bit of glamor by adding side braids to go with your bun. Classy and pretty, this side braids will immediately steal the show wherever you go. And what’s the best part? It takes only minutes to finish up this beautiful look.

14. Elegancy Bunned

If you want to add that extra elegance to your messy daily bun, why not give it a twist with these gorgeous looking side braids? Just braid half your hair to the sides and bring all your hair together. Tie it all into a low messy bun, and you have the perfect bun you will love!

15. Huge Ballerina Bun

Perfect for the chic and clean look, this high ballerina style bun is easy to do and makes for the splendid hairstyle for those thick locks. Effortless and yet beautiful, for this hairdo, simply gather up all your hair into a bun on top. You can also have variations where you can add a pouf and braids of your choice. Make it fun and edgy!

16. Fanned Out

Another classic approach on that messy bun is this simple fanned out bun. It works best to give your hair that extra volume and edginess.

17. Accessorize!

Depending on how and what you like, you can add whatever you like to make your hair more attractive and appealing. Here you can see how a simple bandana makes a huge difference. You can add your accessories like hair clips, scarfs or even headbands!

18. Reddish Braids

For those of you with reddish hair hue, you can try out this simple braided updo that is just perfect for any occasion! Simply section your hair from the sides and braid it. Tie it along with all the remaining hair and the look is complete!

19. Braids & Buns

If you are looking for something more complicated and creative, this is the hairdo meant for you. For this elegant looking bun, all you need is 5 minutes! Section your hair into two parts and tie the hair in the back into a ponytail. With the remaining hair on the sides, braid fishtail braids with the hair in the ponytail. Simple to do once you get the hang of it, we love this absolutely brilliant hairdo!

20. Half Top Bun

For this fun and easy look, you can just take the top half of your hair into a bun, and you are set to go. You can straighten or curl the remaining hair as per your preference! Casual yet sexy, you can now rock this look, and it only takes about a minute to do!

21. Two Pony Bun

For those of you who want your bun tight and sturdy, you might want to try this hairdo out. Simply gather your hair into two ponytails in the back. Twist those ponytails up and make it into a bun and secure with a hair tie. This hairdo is not only easy to do, but it lasts in its place all day long and you do not have to redo it again and again!

22. Messy Low Bun

For the casual and rough feel to your hair, just gather up all your hair into a low bun and tie with a hair-tie. You can also use a hairpin to pin it in place. After that, all you have to do is take off strands from your hair to make it a little messier and you are set to go!

23. Elegance in a Bun

If you need to up your hair game but don’t know how? You might want to take a look at this pretty hair bun. To achieve this look, simply curl your hair to start. Section your hair and tie the hair in the back into a bun. You can then simply take sections from the remaining hair and pin it in place. For reference, you can see the step by step instructions in the image!

24. Bun Fun

For a little bit fun to your daily messy bun, why not try this trick. For a bit more volume and creativity, part your hair into two parts. Tie the hair in the back and secure it in a bun. Use the remaining hair to swirl around the bun and to hide the hair tie. This makes your bun look creative as well as add that extra volume.

25. Permed Up!

If you have one of those hard to manage curly hair or permed hair, we have the hairstyle that is just perfect for you. This messy bun looks incredibly stylish when teamed up with your curly hair. Simply tie off all your hair into a top bun and take off any strands of hair as you like and you are done. Simple to do and stylish to look at, make this your daily hairdo!

26. Doughnut Bun

For this volumized and chic looking messy bun, you will only need the doughnut ring. Simply place your hair into the ring and roll it out. Perfect and volumized, your hair will look extremely good when you do this hairdo!

27. Braids Play

For those times when you want to do something a little bit extra, why not try out this braided bun? Simply section your hair and place the back of the hair in a bun. Braid the remaining hair and wrap it around the bun. Use a bobby pin to secure it in place. And in just minutes you have the perfect hairdo!

28. Twist and Turn Bun

Another chic way to present your bun is with this gorgeous looking twisted bun. To get this look, simply twist your bun till the edges and pin it underneath the hair. Use hairspray to make sure that all your hair stays in place!

29. Highlighted Bun

Another simple way to stylize your highlighted hair is to tie it into a loose low bun. Simple and effective, it takes minimal effort but looks incredible and goes with any look. Try it out and you will never want to go back!

30. Kendall Jenner

All of your favorite stars are getting on it and getting themselves the messy bun. Here you can see Kendall Jenner rocking one of our favorite messy bun looks. Effortless and edgy, would you dare rock it?

31. Messy Braids

With your messy hair, try out this messy braided bun that looks super chic although being messy. Got those imperfect curls from last night? This is the way to go to make it absolutely pretty! Simply braid the sides of the hair into big braids and you do not have to worry about making it perfect! Gather up all your hair and pin it in place. And just like that, you have this pretty hairdo!

32. Rolled Up Bun

Here is yet another take on the lovely messy bun that we have absolutely fallen in love with. Easy to do and minimalistic beautiful, this hairdo is our go to if we are in need to go anywhere where we have to put in that little extra effort. To achieve this look, simply section your hair and tie the back with a hair tie. Using the extra hair that we left out, along with the hair from the ponytail simply roll it over the ponytail. To complete it, pin it all of the hair into place. Easy to do and really pretty!

33. Upside Down Braids

To take your bun to a whole new level, we have in line for you, this pretty upside down braids that we have fallen for. Cute and easy to do, once you get the hang of it, you will love it! For this look, simply section your hair into halves and start braiding from the bottom. Once you get to the top, tie it all into a bun!

34. Volumized Bun

This glamorous look, we have saved it for last and you can clearly see why! Chic and elegant I know you have already fallen in love with it! For this volumized look, braid your hair and put it into a bun. Then simply loosen it up by pulling out on each braid one by one. You can also add a pouf and curl your hair before you braid to add that extra volume. Gorgeous volumized bun, you cannot simply look away from it!


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