73 Extraordinary Mermaid Hairstyles That Will Turn Heads


Every personality has a mermaid hairstyle made for them. A treat for the eyes, mermaid hair, can have contrasting shades or similar shades.
Want to see soft and bright versions of mermaid hair? We have a few eye-catching mermaid hairstyles for you.

1. Mermaid Splashed

Get yourself a mermaid splashed hair! Bleach your hair blonde and balayage the ends with a mixture of dark blue and purple color.

2. Soft Shades

The soft pastel shades make this hairstyle so trendy and finished. The final look gives an illusion of multiple shades, but this style is a mix of pink, blue and yellow. The hairstyle compliments the various hues with its few twists. A mermaid hairstyle for a mermaid hair color.

3. Rainbow Blonde

The colors appear as if they are pencil colored into the gorgeous long blonde hair. The mixture of green, pink, purple and yellow spans down like a beautiful waterfall. The knotted half bun compliments the wavy hair. A hairstyle for the summer then you can flaunt on the beach.

4. Blue Cotton Candy

A messy curly hair with an icy blue pastel color looks so fresh and cool for the summer.

5. Neon Rainbow

These hair colors could glow in the dark. Such dramatic rainbow colors require dedication and must also be maintained for the colors to be bright. Use of so many colors makes this rainbow hair shiny.

6. Aqua Berry

The trend of mermaid hair seems to be increasing a lot. The aqua berry color is achieved with a blend of teal at the base and sea-green at the ends. The braids seem to bring out the color more.

7. Mermaid Braided

The lighter shades of purple and gray are used as the hair colors. This fabulous mermaid braid opts for the hairstyle to finish the look.

8. Green, Blue & Purple

If you love the cooler shades, you can use the balayage technique and dye your hair with a mixture of blue, purple and green. Curls, do I need to say anything about it?

9. Bun Lilac

Add spice to your multi-toned hair color with a stylish mermaid bun.

10. Marine colors

For a fairytale hairstyle, dye your hair with a combination of blue, pink, green, purple and violet and style it into exotic braids.

11. Pastel-ed

Balayage your hair wit a mixture of purple, blue, pink, brown and yellow color to create a rainbow effect on your hair. The half bun hairstyle makes the colors have a smooth effect.

 12. Unicorn Hair

For this unicorn hair, blend platinum and pastel blue and purple. Be the mythical representative of land.

13. Bun, Straight or Braids?

Your mermaid hair colors look amazing with braids or buns for the hairstyle. It looks amazing even without any style.

14. Frizzy Green

Frizzy green hair with curls looks drop-dead gorgeous.

15. Soft Lilac

Want a gorgeous mermaid hair color? Create a powerful mix of pink hair color for a soft lilac. Mix bright and light shades of pink, to create a magnificent purplish mermaid hair color.

16. Swamped Green

This is a simple way to spice up your regular blonde using two or more shades of green. You can color the ends green and highlight a few sections. For a more finishing look, braid your highlighted green chunk of hair.

17. Chunky Highlights

Highlight chunks of your hair with blue, white and gray for a funky look.

18. Orangish Mermaid Hair

For mermaid hair, you can use maximum of orange color with green and bluish ends. An exotic hairstyle can only compliment your hair colors.

19. Multiple Braid Mermaid Hair

You can opt for something nice and mellow;you can get yourself a complete white hair color. Add a new dimension to it with multiple braids and a ponytail, voila a perfect hairstyle for beach shenanigans.

20. Brown & Green

Mermaid your plain brown hair with highlights of green and dying your ends green.

21. Swirls & Highlights

Give yourself a mermaid treat with underneath blue and purple highlights. Curl your ends with a blonde base.

22. Waves of The Sea

You can use dynamic colors of the sea waves for your hair waves.

23. Shades of Green

For your short curly hairstyle, you can style it with blue, green and purple colors.

24. Mermaid Ombre

You can create a reverse ombre effect with mermaid colors like blue, green and purple. Add a unique beautiful hair accessory and braid your locks.

25. Accessories for Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair colors look amazing with braids and accessories. Make sure you get the right accessories. Pearls, maybe, for the real sea experience.

26. Blues

For the girls who love blues for music, why not blues for your hair? Dye your hair blue and highlight your hair strands near the face and ends.

27. Sunset for Mermaid Hair

For a bright sunny effect on your hair, you can use fiery colors like red,orange and yellow. Red, yellow and orange can create a stunning ombre effect as well.

28. Green & Blue

For fairytale effect on your hair and princess-like feel color your hair with blue and purple. Get yourself a Disney princess hairstyle for the cherry on the cake.

29. Mermaid Brown

Create a mermaid braid for your brown hair to give yourself a mermaid like feel.

30. Short Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair can also work for short haircuts. It can look stylish and very sexy. Play with the sea colors. babe!

31. Green for Lengths

Want to show your love for nature?
Why not dye your hair green?
You can pick two shades where on top you can use a dark green, and for the ends, you can stick to bright green.

32. Curled Ombre

Love your long hair! Add spice to it with curls and green mermaid ombre.

33. Ombre & Mermaid

Pink, blue and blonde creates a stunning ombre effect. Curls are all our favorites, right?

34. Exotic Blue

I love this shade of blue. Exotic hairstyle for exotic mermaid hair with just a  shade of blue looks incredible.

35. Underlights

Use of two shades of blue with peek a boo purple underneath the first layer of blondes, one word WOW!

36. Unicorn Blue

For the girls who have dark hair colors, you can dye your ends pastel blue for unicorn hairstyle. A mystical hair color for the land.

37. Colorful Cotton Candy

For a cotton candy hair, you can play with pink, blue, neon green and yellow color. Control the vibrancy and shade and stand out.

38. Long Blue Waves

Long waves are everyone’s favorite. For the girls who love sea colors and ombre effect, you can use dark blue for your ends. The blue blends amazingly well with the blonde. Get yourself a dramatic and vibrant blue hairstyle.

39. Sandy Art

Braid your sandy hair rainbow hair, loves!

40. Colors and Length

You don’t need to mix match hair colors for a mermaid effect. You can use different colors for different lengths to create a rainbow effect.

41. Vibrant & Pastel

Use pastel blue and green with pink highlights for a vibrant mermaid effect.

42. Hidden Rainbow

For naturally blondes, you can create a hidden rainbow effect on your hair. For this make sure your dominant hair color is orange and add green, blue and pink for a rainbow effect.


If you want rainbow inspired hair, choose four to six colors. Arrange them and then wash your hair with different colors. Mix the shades to keep your transitions perfect.

44. Icy Blue Ombre

If you don’t want pink or purple hair, but still want to try the pastel hair, you can choose for lavender and blue. Lavender and pastel blend without bringing out a striking contrast. Be the Elsa!

45. Underneath Blue

Underneath blue colors can give you a vibrant look you have always been looking for. Curl your ends and dye it with various shades of blue. A starfish (not real, though) adds a nice touch to this mermaid hair.

46. Heart Tones

If you love romantic and sweet hairdos, opt for peach and pink shades that go beautifully with blonde. You can choose soft curls and rosettes for your hairstyle.

47. Brown Ombre

You can create an ombre effect o your dark black hair with different shades of brown. Spice up your otherwise dull black hair with the gorgeous ombre effect.

48. Smoked Neon

For a futuristic look, color your hair gray and use neon highlights in the middle and undersections only. Curls can bring out those highlights.

49. Sea Colored

You don’t need to color your hair all the way to achieve mermaid look. You can show your edgy side by just multi- washing your ends. Blue and its shades can be one of your choices.

50. Maroon Dipped

Mermaid hair gives you the freedom to show your dark side, wild side or your cute side. Be yourself. Show the world what you want! Platinum base color with dark red ends are one of my favorites.

51. Rainbow Candy

Don’t know which one color you want to choose for your hair? Here is a thought. Why not choose them all? Just choose the colors that suit your skin tone the best. The options then are boundless from pastel, neon and more. Your highlights can bring out the best in your braids.

52. Gray Souls

Mermaid hair colors are not just about sunshine and rainbows. They can be a reflection of grungy souls as well. You can dye your roots a dark color and color different strands of hair with purple and pink. You can dye your end gray. To finish the look, curl your hair in the mid but leave your ends straight.

53. Red Volume

I thought such hair only existed in fantasies. The blend of vibrant orange and dark red is perfect. Make sure to have orange transitions around your face to bring out your beautiful eyes.

54. Pink Mermaid Hair

If you want a more feminine touch for your mermaid hair, you can use different shades of pink. Dark on the top and lighter at the ends for the ombre effect, of course.

55. Braided Blue

Leave your base color blonde and dye your ends blue and purple. You can also add pink highlights. A half braid gives you a fairytale look.

56. Braids for A Crown

A reddish ombre effect looks amazing with braids twirled around like a crown on the head. An extension of blue can’t go wrong with this look.

57. Braids or Curls?

Green, gray, purple and blue colors can create magic. Create magic on your hair. Give yourself a mermaid makeover with braids or curls for the hair style.

58. Ombre-d Green

For a long hair and mermaid hair beginners, you can keep your base colors dark and let the rest of hair play with lighter and most luminous colors. You can choose any color, but green would be my choice. Go green!

59. Colored Bracelet

Mermaid hairstyles allow you to play with colors. These colored strands become your accessories. Any haircut becomes extra beautiful. Even a braided updo will never be the same.

60. Pastel

Yes, we all love retro curls but to make it look AMAZING, color it with pastel purple with a gray tint. For the highlights, you can use soft aqua color. You need first to apply the purple and leave chunks of hair to make it blue afterward.You don’t need to use foil while coloring your hair.

61. Frozen Love

Blue, pink and purple with exotic hairstyle, why not? It looks amazing with a black tank top.

62. Vibrant

To achieve this dynamic look, you need to go to a salon. Each chunk of hair is treated with different color maintaining a dark base color. You don’t need always to use the colors that are common. Be unique and bold, love.

63. Sea Green & Cream

Highlight chunks of your hair with sea green color for your white blonde. This is the look for you for a subtle mermaid hair.

64. Grape Ombre

Get yourself your personal reverse ombre effect using the mermaid colors purple and blue. Keep your base color blonde and use dark purple color for the ends. Braid your hair and wear it like a crown.

65. Blue & Braids

Short hair cut with side braids look amazing with different shades of blue. You can create a subtle ombre effect as well.

66. Rainbow Colors

You can use many colors to create a vibrant mermaid hair. The dominant hues for such hair color are blue, pink and golden brown. For this vibrant hair color, I would recommend you to opt for a balayage color technique. It will make it more natural. For the styling part, a layer cut would compliment your textures.

67. Girly Tones

If you are bold enough, dye your hair with vibrant pink, purple and green. Choose your make-up and accessories to be a star.

68. Pencil colors

I would love to run around the wonderland with this hair colors. Everything done to achieve this look is what makes it so lovely. The waves and the colors blend in perfectly. The base is darkened into blue, and then lighter shades are used as a contrast. The gray ends are what makes this look complete. We all know how every color goes with gray.
P.S. Not for DIY!

69. Colors of The Sky

I love the colors of the sky. Do you?
If you do why not reflect your love for those colors on your hair?

70. Swirl of Colors

Give your hair a candy-like touch. Play with vibrant and bright hair colors with pink as a dominant hair color. Strikes of yellow, purple, green and blue create a beautiful rainbow look. A beautiful and shiny lipstick compliments these funky hair colors.

Mermaid your hair and be the mystical creature of land or sea. It is your choice, dear!
Create magic wherever you go, loves.



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