38 Best Medium Hairstyles For Men To Try


So it seems like medium hairstyles for men can seem tricky. However, it isn’t a daunting uphill battle like it feels. Don’t worry, we have all had that awkward length phase. ‘Do we cut our glorious hair, or do we keep it?’ And of course, there’s always that ‘I shall shave it all off’ phase. It’s alright though, its natural to feel that way. But first, I urge you to put that shaving kit down cause all is not lost. Whether you have thin hair or thick, want to try new looks, or just curious about how people your age look- I got you covered.

Firstly, I want to state for the record that I am a firm believer that the most attractive feature in a man is his confidence. Moreover, a hairstyle, and in this case, one of the medium hairstyles for men that you want to choose is merely a tool. It is a tool to help you reflect your confidence.

Ladies, if you’re here to see how you can help a man you know with his hair problem, or if you want to look at what you can recommend them- you’ve come to the right place. (Also, if you feel confident enough to pull one of these medium hairstyles off, you’re certainly encouraged to try.

Wavy + Blown Dry Medium Hairstyles For Men

This is a fashionable style that goes charmingly well with suits. The medium long length hairstyle for men compliments a long face with a prominent chin. It can also be pulled off with a beard, but since we want to focus on the facial features, I endorse a clean look.

In addition to that, notice how that strand of hair changes down your faces changes your outlook. Imagine a hairstyle without it. Remember, subtle elements are essential in the world of fashion. Little things make a lot of difference. And in this list for medium hairstyles for men, you will see more.

Fringe + Mullet

This is a graceful look consistently worn and perfected by Owen Wilson. That tells. This is a classy men’s medium short hairstyle that celebrates the square face. You can wear this with casuals or formals without a glitch. The broad jaws, in particular, stand out. This style works well for boys as well as men over 40.

Slick Quiff

This is an instance of classy medium hairstyles for men. Consider this look if you wear formals frequently or simply like rocking a semi-formal outfit for any occasion. This is a good look for the long oval faces. Moreover, I highly recommend you keep a clean look for this as the hairstyle highlights your jaws the most.

Pompadour + High Fade

This is where classic meets invention in medium hairstyles for men. The fade helps your face with a breathing room that supports the beard to style on beautifully. This is a good look for men with patchy beards or the ones who like to keep facial hair to a minimum. But, especially to men with patchy beards. It makes a whole lot of difference when a trimmed patch is paired with the ideal medium hairstyles for men.

Furthermore, the pompadour stands out as a symbol of confidence for men. These styles together create a harmonious balance.

Bob Spikes

Here is one eccentric example of medium length hairstyle for boys. The cut is beautiful and compliments an oval face. This style goes well with well-groomed beards also the patchy beard. Try this if you think your eyes and nose are your features.

It is all about finding what describes you the best and sticking to it. An aspect to these medium hairstyles for men is how it expresses your identity.

Textured + Undercut

This is an excellent example of men’s medium short hairstyle. The undercut emphasizes the jaws and the ears while the textured haircut gives you that handsome boyish look. So, I recommend the medium hair with a clean shave since you want to look youthful with this one. Also, extra points if you have a square face with strong jawlines.


This semblance is for the round faces. This medium to long length hairstyle for men is popularly worn by Harry Styles.

It has a simple philosophy. It allows you to rock a beautiful, rugged hair while also giving you a teen look. You want to balance this men’s hairstyle with a clean beard, considering the chaotic nature of the hairdo.

Slick + Comb Over

Here is a stylish example of a haircut that goes well with a patchy beard. This is a medium to short length hairstyle for men who want to keep things minimum and clean. This look goes well with any oval and round faces. Extra points if you can smolder. Try this if you need a good ‘first impression look.’

Angular Fringe

This is a medium length hairstyle for boys who want to keep a ruggedly handsome look. I recommend this for men with an oval face. Ones with patchy beard are also encouraged. This is a good style option for thin hairstyles.


This is a charming men’s medium hairstyle that highlights the ‘nice-guy’ charm. I recommend guys with a round face or square face to try. The pompadour gorgeously compliments any beard types so feel free to lose the beard and grow one with this haircut.

Rough Quiff + Blown Dry

If you like Pompadour and think rough look suits, you then try blow drying your medium short hairstyle. This look is exceptionally for men with square faces. Although oval faces and round faces can pull this off. However, I recommend you to keep the beard clean to give yourself a balanced look.

Regular Quiff

This is medium-long length hairstyle for men who know their cheekbones is a significant facial aspect. This blown dry hairdo fits with a light and even fuzzy beard. I  suggest a semi-formal style to go with this medium haircut. Although you can still rock this look in a casual Tee + Jacket combo outfit.

Slick + Pompadour

For boys who like the slick look, I recommend this men’s medium hairstyle. Work this on your casual look and summer shorts especially if you have a thick hair. The slick and pompadour combo look good with any face type but oval especially.


The taper is a prevalent and fashionable style. There are many variations of this in the style dictionary. So much so, this men’s medium hairstyle can easily be categorized within short haircuts for men with its own variants. 

This look is simple and flexible.

My pick here is an elegant style famously worn by Zayn Malik. This is an excellent example of men’s medium short hairstyle that can be done with both thin or thick hair. It looks good with a clean shave, a regularly groomed beard, or even patchy and rough beard. You can also pull this off with any face type. Moreover, this is perfect for any occasion- formal, casuals, semi. You name it.

Regular Fade

This is a variant of Taper hairstyle. The simple low fade helps to gracefully highlight your major facial feature. And, to balance your style better, you can keep a beard. Try this smart men’s medium short hairstyle if you think you want to focus your cheekbones.

Fringe + Highlights

If you are into highlights and want to pull off medium length hairstyles, then I suggest you pick this. Fringe hairdo gives you a stylish boyish look. The highlights can also delightfully complement any desired fashion choice. The key here is to know what color suits you and how much. Consider highlighting the top of the hair and leave the rest natural.

Jewfro + Faux Hawk

This is one of my favorite combination for men’s medium hairstyle. Afros and in particular Jewfro can get difficult to manage. However, the wavy feature makes this medium length hairstyle particularly appealing to work with. You can opt to make mix Faux Mohawk with it. This is one of the medium hairstyles for men that also goes well with a beard, especially light trimmed. Rock the look with casual wear, semi-formal and even formal.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League is definitely a trendy men’s medium short hairstyle. This is one that looks good with any hair color and thickness. This is worn with a clean shave and helps highlight the strong jawlines and the face shape.

Long Bob

If you want to gradually translate to fine long hair, then I present you the hairdo to get. This is a beautiful medium long length hairstyle for men. The look goes well on oval faces with a trimmed beard. I can also recommend this to people over 40 willing to experiment with new looks.

Comb Over + Side Part

This neat men’s medium short hairstyle is ideal for people who want to rock a semi-casual outlook. If you feel that your forehead and your cheekbones are the highlighting features, then this hairdo men’s hairstyle allows you to complement both. You can have a trimmed beard that goes well with the haircut.

Wavy Slick Medium Hairstyles For Men

So, what if you want to keep it longer but rock a shirt look? This is a beautiful example of medium-long length hairstyle for men. The slick look brings the best out of long wavy hair. The hairdo compliments a round face with broad chins.

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Under Cut + Blow Dry

If slick isn’t your calling, then you can leave it natural-like. The blown dry method is popular with medium hairstyles for men. However, you can opt to have an undercut so focus the top and bring out your jawline.

Under Hawk

This is an excellent example of men’s medium short hairstyle if you want to keep the ‘natural-like’ look. The under hawk medium hairstyle for men looks good when paired with a well-groomed beard. You can rock this look in a shirt or any other semi-formal outfit.

Low Fade + Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk hairdo is most notably perfected by David Beckham. This is an inspired men’s medium short hairstyle. The low fade adds an extra dimension to this style. The fade brings our the handsome beard that usually doesn’t go well with a fauxhawk.

Side Part + Pompadour

Speaking of inspired side trims, this is a handsome example of modified Pompadour with side parts. This is an ideal casual men’s medium short hairstyle that can you can rock in any season. Be it with the tank tops in summer to an overcoat in winter, this hair will fit in.

Taper Fade

Continuing with the inspired modification trend, this exquisite mix of the all popular taper with a smooth fade is one I recommend. This medium length hairstyle for boys is fashionable and trendy. This goes particularly well with a clean-shaven look. Men with round chin should consider rocking this look.

Curtained Hairstyle

This is a classic re-incarnated medium hairstyle for men. This hairdo suits older men and does well for men with oval faces and long chin. This look is ideal for both casual and semi-formal wears.

Slick Combed + Pompadour

If you’re still scrolling down unsure about what you want, I recommend you this exquisite men’s medium short length hairstyle. This is a rather simple handsome look, and it goes for any outfit you rock. The longer front hair combed back with fade-trimmed sides is easy to pull off. Plus, this is also an excellent place to start if you want to experiment with your hair.


Sometimes there is nothing better than a simple hand through your hair. This is just a classic example of medium hairstyles for men. If you have prominent cheekbones and a broad jaw, you would want to try this.

A simple look, enables you to channel your nice good-guy look if you’re that. That is because simple medium hairstyles for men allows more room for your eyes which speaks when it comes to character.

Side Part + Fauxhawk

This is a more modern approach to medium hairstyles for men. This can apply to men with afro or jewfro. A side part goes well with the long center. This is a fashionable casual look for men who want to take it to the next level.

Man Bun + Hard Part

Contrary to popular belief, man bun is fashionable. It can also be the salvation of medium hairstyles for men. This fashion rocks that handsome beard, however, just makes sure you keep it well groomed.

Blown Dry + High Fade

This is another medium hairstyles for men that is compatible with a good beard. The look goes well with a shirt. The general rule is, if you look good in a sweater or a shirt, you look good in anything. Guaranteed.

Furthermore, this hairdo will go particularly well with men having oval faces. However, I recommend men with squared faces to try this as well.

Comb Over

This is another example of medium hairstyles for men that is compatible with the beard. This is more of a winter look that suits the woolen texture if you’re into those.

In addition to that,  a prominent feature of medium hairstyles for men that compliments your beard is how it allows you to channel your maturity as a person. This look will enable you to feel stylish while commanding respect.

Elvis Inspired Pompadour

There aren’t any medium hairstyles for men list that is complete without mentioning the grand style master of them all, Elvis Presley. Decades on, he still rules the fashion industry with his eccentric dare to be hairstyle.

Side Part

This is an excellent Indian look. The hard side part gives a fashionable touch to the dark black hair. The look highlights the lips and the dark eyes that are a prominent feature of the South Asian men. In addition to that, the look is recommended for men with patchy beards.

However, it is important to note that the patchy beards are difficult to manage and require constant attention over time. Consider keeping it clean if you are a person who might struggle with this. The look needs to balance a level of sharpness with clean features.


This is another example of Fringe medium hairstyles for men. This is a flexible look that goes well with a suit, sweater, a shirt, and even casuals. However, I highly recommend this for blonde men with round faces. The style allows you to embrace the youthful look and bring the cheekbones forward. Consider getting this style on with a light beard.


Another way to nail medium hairstyles for men is to keep it healthy and wavy. This hairstyle is a statement of intent and confidence. Hence, keep this look to bring out the eyes and your nose if you think they are the dominant feature. And, more points to men with square face. Although, men with round faces are encouraged to try.

Slick + Winged

This is an instance of classy medium hairstyles for men. So, consider this look if you wear formals frequently or simply like rocking a semi-formal outfit for any occasion. This is a good look for the long oval faces. I highly recommend you keep a clean look for this as the hairstyle highlights your jaws the most.


Now, this is an absolutely fantastic combination of the rugged lumberjack bearded look with your sleek modern medium hairstyles for men look. The beard gives substance to the overall quality of your facial feature. While the slick hairdo gives you a proper manly look. Consider getting this done if you’re a person who feels like you can pull off a beard with a classic style. Also, extra points if you are someone with a round face.

Classic Comb

Finally, I have saved up my personal favorite of the medium hairstyles for men look for the end.  Gentlemen, this is your perfect go-to suit look. This is artwork personified. This hairstyle will radiate confidence left, right and center. The look goes well with any face form, be it round, square or oval. Moreover, it can be rocked with a light beard, proper trimmed or shaved beard and to some extent if you are confident enough thick manly facial hair.


All in all, ladies and gentlemen, the quest to seek your perfect medium hairstyle match depends on how it will bring out your facial feature and your fashion outfit. Firstly, Pompadour is a popular medium hairstyle choice for men for all ages, while taper is undoubtedly also more common. Moreover, Blown Dry medium hairstyles for men helps if you are a person who cannot spend enough time looking after and perfecting your hair. While the Slick look gives you a flexible option if you need to change between casual and formals frequently.

However, finding that perfect look is all about experimentation and the confidence to keep trying. Furthermore, rocking medium hairstyles for men is sometimes frustrating considering all the dilemmas. An essence to any style is willing to accept failure. We all have those odd days of complete mishap. And in midst of all those, we only need to get it correct once, for a while that is.

Confidence and Medium Hairstyles for Men?

Gentlemen, if you can accept yourself and be comfortable expressing what is given to you by your genetics, then you will radiate confidence. Now, you may choose one of the medium hairstyles for men on this list, but if you think this isn’t for you, its ok. We here at StyleEasily.com will help you go through all the options possible in this world. And you have my word, we will get you that look for you.

Finally, I hope this article proves fruitful for those in need. And remember, to pull off any hairdo, you need patience, a person comfortable with scissors in their hands, and a humble Roach who wants to help you.

So, comment below if you like any of the mentioned medium hairstyles for men. And let me know if you think I have missed out on some. I hope to see you in the next article as well. I have been your faithful Roach, and that was StyleEasily.


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