116 Mind-Blowing Medium Hairstyles For 2020


Medium Hairstyles are the perfect length haircut for the summer. If you want a natural to go hair look and want a style which is stylish yet manageable, then these hairstyles are for you. Medium hairstyles are the ideal shoulder length cut hairstyle which is neither too short not too long if you can carry any style if you have a mid-length hairstyle whether it is straightening your hair or with a curved end.

If you are busy with your work or occupied with some load in your office or college and can’t have enough time to manage your hair, then this is a hairstyle you are searching for, and it is the best. Medium hairstyles are the hairstyles which require less maintenance and time as you can make braid from it or tie it in a ponytail or a bun.

It is one of the versatile looks which can change into any style according to your taste and convenience. The long hair days are gone, and it is all for the right reason as we nowadays can see many celebrities flaunting the medium hairstyles in the event function and red carpet rocking the hairstyle with grace and class.

Celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba are rocking the mid-length hairstyles in the movie premiere or the red carpet event with a bang, and we all are in love with those hairstyles too. So, below are few pictures of medium length hairstyles which are a perfect hairstyle for this summer.

Medium Choppy Bangs

When you want to do something different with your mid-length hairstyle, then you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible. The choppy bangs at the front of the hair add a lot of charm to the entire look and make you look amazing. The choppy bangs are the ever famous and timeless style which is always the right choice for any haircut.

The Incomplete Wavy Mess

If you are looking out for a glamorous look and want to build some volume in your hair, then this hairstyle is an ideal hairstyle for you. The waves start from the mid-point to the end of the hair which helps to make your face look longer and slimmer. If you want a low maintenance hairstyle which you can fix in a few seconds, then this one is for you.

Cute Baby Bangs

Those are one of the cutest hairstyles in medium hairs. It gives you a baby look and is a perfect hairstyle for the college or school days. The bangs compliment the whole look which makes you stand out among the crowd and gives you a stunning look.

Bangs for a Round Face

If you have a round face and is looking for a hairstyle which suits you the best, then it is what you are looking for, and you should try this look as soon as possible. The bangs help to shape your face and give your jawline a more extended look which makes your whole face look slimmer and provide you with a gorgeous makeover.

Bangs in Medium Light Brown Hair

Bangs look gorgeous in medium light brown hair which gives hits the limelight it deserves. If you want a beautiful bright color for the bangs, then you should try this hair color as soon as possible.

Layered Curls

If you have a naturally curly hair and want to get the best of it, then you need to make the curl limelight which helps you get a messy look but manageable. The layers of the hair help you to show off the coiled locks and help to frame your face correctly.

The Lob With Subtle Side Bangs

It is one of the simplest and trendiest looks you can carry in this summer. If you are searching for a mid-length haircut with some twist, then you can add some side bangs in the hair which will completely change your look and give you a fantastic makeover.

Straight and straightforward With Side Long Bangs

It is one of the simple yet classiest look you can find in medium hairstyles. The side partition is in the side of the hair, and the hair is cut down into layers which helps to provide your face with certain texture and dimensions. The long side bangs help to frame your face and are an ideal style for day to day look.


medium hairstyles

Wavy Wedge Cut

This hairstyle gives you a beach look which shows off the layers and gives you a beautiful look. The rough wedge cut is one of the trendiest looks which can be carried out by anyone and complemented by using various colors.

Textured Lob

It is one hell of a stylish look which you can carry if you have a mid-length hairstyle. This textured lob haircut is suitable for the women who have rough cut which adds texture to your hair and make it look like a feather. The dark black hair makes your face look slimmer and longer.

Simple Graduated Bob With Bangs

This hairstyle is simple but with an edge. This style varies according to the face structure and should adjust according to length, fringe style and the degree of graduation. You can use a paddle brush to get a nice texture and to increase the volume of hair.


The side bangs always provide some twist to your simple hairstyle and make you look stylish and beautiful. The side bangs work like magic if you have medium hairstyles and transform your simple look to a stylish one. The light curl or wave at the end make it look more amazing and stunning.

Medium Length Hair With Dark Ash

The smokey ash color looks beautiful on the dark base hair color. It is the combination of dark color with the highlight of light intensity on a few strands of hair.

Textured Side Swept Bangs

A Side sweep style is one hairstyle which never goes out of trend. It looks a sexy style, and those textured layers complement the look very well. Every age group of women should try this hairstyle.

Light Caramel Hair color

Don’t want to go loud with your hair color? Then, this hairstyle is for you all. This hair color is subtle and beautiful which makes your day bright. It is one of the favorite hair colors among women and girls.


Vibrance With Color

Sometimes we all need is a tint of color which changes the way we look at things, and in this case the lavender and blue color make the hair look stylish and fabulous. It provides you with an edgy hairstyle which is in trend and makes you look good among the crowd.

The Straight Shag Hairdo

This straight shag hairdo is the combination of shaggy and wavy hairstyle which will make you look stunning and help you to stand out among the crowd. The layers add a different texture to your look and make it voluminous. You can add some color or highlight if you want to make some twist to your look.

Dual Toned Hair

The combination of black and pink hair makes your hair look gorgeous from the front and back. If you are bored of the same color in your hair, then you can bring some twist with the help of dual toned hair. The black and pastel pink works in dark or medium skin tone.

medium hairstyles

 Medium Hairstyles With Honey Brown

It is the perfect combination of light brown hair and dark brown hair which gives you a balanced look and gives you a newly different look. This hair color is preferable among the women as it makes them stand out among the crowd.

Full Curls

Curls are one of our favorite, and if you know the right way to flaunt it, then no other hairstyle can match the charm of curly hair. To maintain your curly hair, you should look some setting spray or hair cream which helps your curl to remain soft and stay smooth for an entire day.

The Layered Bob

If you want a low maintenance hairstyle which you can have for an entire day and won’t need much time, then this hairstyle is a perfect match. The layered bob helps to frame your face in the right way and make it look slimmer which suits your facial structure. It focuses on your cheekbone and makes them stand out in the crowd.

Simple Effect on Medium Hairstyles

If you don’t want to make the extra effort for any hair look, then you can go for this. To get this look, you merely have to add some highlighter to your dark brown chocolate hair color and add some curls; then you are ready to carry this look anytime and anywhere.

Light Contrast Color

If you don’t want any dramatic look, then this hair color is an ideal hair color for you. The light contrast hair color gives you the bright brown highlight which matches perfectly with the dark base color.

medium hairstyles

Medium Step Cut

We can see various steps or layers which helps to frame your face in the right way and make it presentable for the events. The light blonde color adds some charm to the look and focuses on the layers which are gorgeous.

Wavy Bob

This look is everything and is a perfect party hairdo for the girls who are looking for medium length hair. To have this look, you should stick to the long layers and should style them with your fingers with the help of strong texturizing spray for the well-finished look.

medium hairstyles

Chestnut Bob With Layers For Volume

The texture and volume in the picture created with a razor and slide cutting which provides you with a pumped-up style and glam your look. This hairstyle can be created using the flat wrap blow sterile technique and gives you a sassy look. This style can work on every face shape where a certain twist can is in the hairstyle.

Wavy Chin Length Cut

We can see a lot of celebrities flaunting this look such as Keira Knightly and Jennifer Lawrence. This hairstyle is sassy and sexy which can be pulled off by younger as well as older women.

Layered Framing Style

The tiered fringe on the front side gives you a vibrant look, and the rest of the hair styled away from the face. These short hairstyles for women look preferable among them who have an oval face which frames their face structure well.

medium hairstyles

Wavy Ends

If you want to get a bouncy and chic look, then this look is perfect for you because the waves at the lower half of your hair give a beautiful texture and make it voluminous. This hairstyle can be opt-out for parties, events which helps you sweep all the attention.

Graduated Layered Medium Bob

This look is carefree as well as feminine. The graduated layers help to maximize the volume of the hair and its movement. This short hairstyles for women are perfect for the fine to medium hair texture and look great on any age women. This look is one of the versatile looks.

A Wavy Bob

This hairstyle is super cute and mature at the same time. This type of cut usually works well on thick, wavy hair as well. The blonde hair frames her face beautifully and shows off her face structure.

Wavy Short Brown

This wavy short brown hairstyle uses a balayage effect to color the sunkissed pieces in the hair color. It gives you a fresh and chic look which can be preferable on all hair length whether it is short, mid-length or long hair. Anyone who wants natural hair can try this hair color.

medium hairstyles

medium hairstyles

Mussy Layers

This hairstyle is very casual which includes lots of long layers which helps to shape the face in the right way. The face structure should match with the look which formed this same cut with bangs and a more polished look.

Deep Steel Brown Silver

We can see the dark grey color with the slightest shade of brown in the hair. This deep steel hair color is neither pale nor dark where many clients may get confused about what precisely this color is. It gets both the hint of silver and brown color where silver dominates the brown and gives you a subtle look.

Medium Steel Metallic Silver

The steel metallic silver color gives you a combination of silver and violet-blue color dimensions. You should try this hair color if you want something different because it is one of the modest colors which gives you a bold and sexy look. You should be daring at heart to try this hair color.

High Volume Lob With Layering

The long bob with layers helps to make your hair look fuller and thicker. It helps to add volume and an instant body. This hairstyle is perfect for those who are seeking to have a voluminous look. This hairstyle creates the illusion that your hair is full than it is

Dimensional Brunette

If you want some versatile look and want to change your hair length and color, then it is one of the perfect looks for you. The brown lob and the dark brown highlights in the hair is the best combination anyone can ask for a hairstyle. This color looks good in every skin tones and women with different facial structure.

Hidden Highlights in Medium Bob Hairstyle

Hidden highlight looks good if you have a bob cut. If you have a cool bob cut, then you can have hidden highlights where the hair can only be visible when you brush your hair. Different shades such as black, red, brown and chestnut shades look beautiful under auburn highlights.

medium hairstyles

Dimensional Bronde Light Brown Hair

Dimensional Bronde Light Brown Hair color provides you with the low light which is a perfect hair color for the winter. This hair color is low maintenance and saves your money for the salon. This color is best for women who have neutral skin tones.

Medium V- Cut shape

The hair is cut down in v shape which suits better if you have a medium straight hair. It is the most common and safest hairstyle where any  form of styling is possible which makes you look subtle and classy and is easy to maintain also.

Slicked Black Medium Cut

This hairstyle draws all the attention to your face front and highlights the makeup and facial structure well which makes this look easier to achieve. This style helps you to make your look put more together and gives you all the attention needed.

Chic Medium Bob Haircut With Highlights

We are entirely in love with these hairstyles. The perfect cut and color can boost the confidence level of women. The straight but curved shaped created by numerous layering gives you a super-chic style with the highlights in the hair. Some different color and a side section can add a twist to the hairstyle and gives you a new look.

Blonde Hair With Layers

The view from the back and front is mesmerizing when you cut layers in the blonde hair. The layers in the end and front help to frame your face and make it look longer. It is one of our favorite looks. To get this look, we can cut your hair in layers and color it, or you can reduce the layers cut in blonde hair.

It is difficult when we have to decide on our hair. There are various types of hairstyles and hair color to choose from, but the main thing is that those styles and color suit match our personality and skin tone.

Medium Hairstyles are the perfect length cut which is neither too long nor too short, which is an ideal style for the coming summer. If you want a manageable hair with low maintenance then everyone should try mid-length hairstyle where some twist is made with trying different styling form and color in that cut.


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