65 Best Man Bun Style You Can Try This Year


Today the Man Bun is considered among the best trending hairstyle for modern youths. Luckily! there are more than hundreds of Man Bun to try in 2019 and our site give all necessary information regarding different types of buns including top knot, Clip-on, with or without the beard, man bun for kids, for the black man and many more. But on top of that, firstly want is man bun?

In very plain words, the Man Bun is a new innovative fashion trend to tie back your hair in a bun style. This style also share some similarities with man ponytail and samurai hair, the main surprise in this design is the, it requires less time and minimum effort in maintenance. Moreover, there are various ways to style it and look new on a daily basis. For the new trend, you can get Man Bun with the beard, meme-style or even low fade cut.

 Why Man Bun Haircut?  

Men in every epoch of time are fascinated by long hair; it has something to do with the male hormone. And this Man Bun emerges as the systematic approach to arrange man’s tendency of keeping long hair. The barbaric looking long hair can be pulled back and made a cute bun. The Bun can rest at top of the head or somewhere just above the back neck, regardless of its position it will make you smart and handsome in modern ways.

It came to being as an alternative to fashionably arrange man’s long hair in a tidy way. With such Man Bun you need not worry about being messy or looking junk. The ideal length for making such bun is usually eight to ten inch. You can use such bun to match your long beard and look more stunning in unique ways. The pairing of bun and beard together can make you trending in both popular hair and beard style. Amid so many options, you need to decide for yourself that which one would best feature your personality in a rocking way.

Ways To Maintain Man Bun

When you are planning to make Man Bub you really need to think about the best maintenance for keeping your style long. As you know that long hair can start looking messy and dry in very short time, so proper maintenance can give you refreshed look. Some ways to prevent Man Bun are:

  • You need to shampoo every day in the early morning – don’t use warm water
  • Use best hair oil after getting the recommendation from your doctor
  • Don’t ever make a tight knot or more mess in case if locked hair
  • Never rub your scalp while shampooing or oiling- do gently with hand
  • Save your hair from unseasoned rain or scorching sun
  • Remember to undo the Bun before sleep or cover it with sift cap


We Have The Collection Of 65 Best Man Bun That Will Suit Your Style Taste: 


Top Knot Man Bun 


For making top knot bun, you need long hair with the beard in order to have the best look. Such style will give you simple look and reive the gentleness inside you. If you are looking for any kind of formal hairstyle, then this is the right post or you.

Clip On Style 

The Clip-on bun style is usually for tall guys, who are more taller than 6 feet. If you are of the short kind then this bun may make you look shorter. Also, this is not good without the beard. So the criteria to look best on this Bun is to have long legs and short beards.

Man Bun Fade 

The man bun fade is trending way to get this messy hairstyle. You can tie loose bun with long hair or medium length, depending on your choice but remember to keep the short sides. In addition, when you start fade bun, it may share similarity with the counter of other styles.

Man Bun With Beard 

With beard look always make your personality dashing among other guys, the long beard and Bun at the top is something of a different level. Not every day you get chance to see such harmony in hairstyle and beard design. We highly recommend this style for you if you have a bushy beard and long hair.

Sexy Clip On 

If you think that only girls can make it sexy- you are an illusion. Mens are sexier than girls because they already have it – the beard and its vibes in the chest, something that appeals the sex out of you. With Clipped in Bun and such sexy body, anyone can lure opposite eyes.

Locked Bun 

Buns are not always easy as you think, sometimes it needs to be locked in the tight way- such top knots are very sensitive, if you make mistake moves there is a high chance of hair fall. Just like Man Bun Meme, it needs special attention to last for a longer time.

Bun Spiral Down 

Have you notices the Bun for kids, it looks somewhat similar. The strand of hair is knitted in long spiral form and a bun is made out of it – remaining hair is let to fall freely in a ponytail style. Kind of cute look.

Grey Clip Bun 

When you have sun-kissed hair and same color beard, you need no other ornaments to decorate the look- Just use your natural gifts and arrange in proper design. This style suit best for white complexion with stud look in their eyes.

Long Hair Bun 

This long hair bun is a most common trend in Europe and even in some parts of Asia. Because of its easy arrangement and low maintenance time, it has been on trend these days.

Small Bun Fade 

The style certainly is not comparable with a long bun but still, it has its own beauty. It is for those who hate being Alfa make and want some kind of androgeny vibes in their personality- may be 21st guys should go for this.

Slopy Lady Bun 

Man Bun is not always manley, you need to accept this fact that the fashion industry moves on with trend and trends are not always in favor of males. Sometimes you need to adjust with feminine design to look like the man.

Curly Hair Man Bun 

If you are fade up with top knot bun and Clip bun, then this style is really for you. It is just opposite than these two- Just the mess with the soft tie and of course! no clips. Go for it to have the new taste.

Taper Fade Man Bun 

The man bun n taper fade style is the best combination you can have for a new look. Whether you are going for a formal meeting or informal parties- this design always works best.

Gentle look Bun 

With a formal glass, everyone can look gentle. But in the case of Man Bun, you will look like the modern saint- maximum limit of gentleness. Try this if you want to look stylish in the job interview.

Side Cut Style 

This shirt hair bun with the beard is the best alternative if you are impatient to wait for long hair growth. The beard will add extra vibes in your look- long is better for the mess.

Artistic Bun With Design 

Bun are not just a ball on top of your head- You can even have a bun with butterfly shape hair, it is an act of arranging hair in best design. The art of Bun lies in design not in shape.

Side Fade Design 

Are you planning to join the local football, team? You must get the look like celebrated football players- long beard and side cut bun are trending these days. Go for it to revive the player inside you.

Man Bun Meme 

Can you think of Man-bun without the beard, of course, Yes! beard is not the mandatory part its just there to add more authenticity to your manly look.

Long Top Bun 

These days it seems like every bun come with long hair, it has been like the default option for making a bun in the head. But even with middle length hair, you can create such hairstyle.

Long Top Knot Man Bun 

When it comes to top knot style it is always best among all. If you compare the knot with long hair then you might get confused because girls usually prefer long and guys themselves like knots- so the dilemma between self and other interest- try your won verdict.

Flat Faced Hair 

There is specific kind of hair design for different kind of face shapes, accordingly with the texture and vibes in look, the hairstyles can be separated for certain face.  If you have the long flat face, go with a beard and upbun.

Barbaric Design 

For Babaric design, you need no messy hair just the long beard and some ornaments in facial will work best. If you have rough skin, it is, even more, better for a daring look.

Geniun Bun 

Some Buns doesn’s literally look like bun itself because of wide shape or big structure. But in case of this, it looks exactly what it is- you can try this for real Man Bun look.

Man Bun Without Beard

As mentioned earlier, have you ever imagined how one looks in the bun without a beard? The answer lies right in front of you – Cute and feminine look but handsome in a unique way.

Cool Style 


While beards are not compulsory with the bun but the combination of both would make you more stylish than you have ever looked in life – See yourself in a mirror with this look, you can note the difference.

Knitted Fade 

Bu mingling the long man bun with fading style- you will create a new design for yourself and on top of that, the design will suit the long beard tingling below your chin.

Tight Knitted Design 

In this design, firstly the small strand of hair are separately knitted in spiral shape abd then tied together making bun style – it looks as if some kind of new plant have uprooted from your head.

Simple Braided Bun 

No matter whether you celebrate simple look or stylish look- there is always the presence of beard as if it is compulsory. Try one without the beard, you will find the reason in no time.

Round Fall Down 

The round fall signifies bun and falling strand of remaining hair- it is a kind of new design modified out of curly fall and man bun. Anyway, it looks great in the long head.

Tupil Up Design 

In this design, the curl is winding up like the tupil of flower- When braids are left freely you can get such design. It is among one of the best hairstyle ever seen by 21st generation.

Line Bun Curl 

The trend of lining in side-hair begins with the rise of pop culture, it became so popular that Hollywood catches it in many movies. So this is also considered among the most popular hairstyle.

Down Fade Style 

The down fade style is not entirely down faced, some strand of hair is take up and then let down like the ponytail. And of course! the bun will remain at top of the head.

Shaved Side Hairstyle 

Man bun

The bun with shaved side offer more attention and put the entire focus of any onlookers eyes on the upper hairstyle. If you are planning to visit the beach during vacation, just make this style.

David Beckham Style 

Though David Beckham is only one and no one over can take his place – but guys we are not talking football here – even you can outthrow Beckham in hairstyle, with your manly face and cute bun.

Mohawk Alike Bun 

Mohawk bun is usually of a different kind- it celebrates medium length hair. But still, this style looks like to hawk design- it’s worth trying for a new look this year.

Curl With Mess Man Bun 

The curl and man bun ar same time, looks difficult huh? But even your local barber can easily craft this design in your head, you just need the eagerness to make it and experience pro barber hand.

Sweet Man Bun 

This Bun is proof that even man can have some sweet complexion if they have an eagerness to be- As long as you have silky hair you can always make this design in the home.

High Contrast Hair 

The style is not always about design, sometimes color to play the dominant role in shaping hairstyle. If you have high contrast hair- the bun would make you look alike low budget Hollywood star.

Grey Long Hair 

Men who want a bun with grey hair can keep it long- for American look. This is easier than top knot man bun and clip-on style. Even without a beard, you can always feature this design.

Short Ponytail Man Bun 

If you are done with taper fade and another braided look then you can always go for this ponytail look- It is more elegant and stylish in a unique way.

Top Up Style 

The top-up style as the name suggests something is going to be at top of the head. Since we are discussing Buns, of course, it is the same. This top-up style will make you look simple and great like the gentleman.

Cool Man Top Knot 

When the cool man with American complexion makes a top knot, no other design can challenge his dashing look because it will be the best among the betters. Don’t think more, just try if you have American look.

Long Cut With Clip On 

As the name suggests, the ling cut hair with clip is the new style where you can look great without the beard but you shouldn’t miss one thing – clip, to keep your hair at proper shape as you desire.

Low Trim Fade

For making proper Man Bun you need long hair at the top front of the head, rest part can be as you desire. You can trim the side part to showcase any kind of design that works on you.

Light Hair Design 

The light hair looks great in itself, it needs no further designs or specific style for decoration. If you are light- any kind of bun will suit you, just make your choice without hesitation.

Cute Side Bun 

In this design, the bun is usually tilted to left or right side as per your framing of the hair. And not one thing, unlike other styles you need no beard for this one- it’s specially designed for the cute beardless male face like you.

Over Cut Man Style

Oer cut, in other words, means not cut at all, it is the best style for the top knot and clip on the bun. When you have long hair enough to make young curl over the top, you can go for this design.

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Saint Look Design 

Have you ever imagined how you would look if you were the saint? long hair, beard and a kind of aura in the face. It makes your dream come true we have this style for you, Try it and behold the saint in yourself.

Brown Updo Meme 

The exact meaning of meme hairstyle is still undiscovered but it is something attracting, in a funny way. If you try this meme look you would look attractive and adorable to your friends.

Ancient Bun 

Though it looks modern design it is like the old wine in a new jar. If you believe in the myth, this style was the default design of ancient Himalayan saints.

American Style 

What comes first in your mind after looking at this picture? For many people, the word ‘American’ will pop up.  This is typical American look you can encounter in every allays of New York.

Clip On Back 

Of course, you need the clip to feature this look, it’s not as easy as it looks in the picture. First, you need middle length curly hair, then you need to put it back in such a way that the silky effect shouldn’t fade off then you should make the bun with a gentle hand.

Tight Hair Meme 

This style is for tight and medium length hair, you need to have the long beard of you are fond of the manly look. Otherwise, the middle length hair cannot give you more than this.

Clean Cut Fade 

Fading hair has been on trend these days because of its growing popularity even the movies have begun to showcase thsi style in the popular release. If you have noticed the trend of hairstyle in Hollywood movies after 2014 you can find many such hairs in lead portrayed characters.

Fade- Fade Down 

Again another fading style, you can make the good top knot and clip on with this fading hair. The down part is trimmed because to create more focus on upper hair.

Lady Killer look 

It is because of hairstyle or the structure of the face, this looks like lady killer personality. If you possess no long beard, don’t go for this style- otherwise, you will end up with Lady-killer look.

Black Beard 

It’s not necessarily the old man from Pirates of Caravan but with this kind if black beard any guy can look great in any kind of hairstyle. Hairs are just the frame, the real manhood lies in the beard.

Curly Curve Hair 

This hair is curly and in curve shape at the same time, you can make the best Man Bun out of thsi hairstyle. You just need step by step guide to tying the knot behind.

Gentle Vibe Man Bun 

Even with junky facials, you can look great in this hairstyle. The hairstyle and Bun alone could give you gentle look as desired by your parents.

Cute Bun-Bun 

When you have no beard or don’t want to keep one, you can always rock this style. It suits best for the cute face like this.

Man Bun Without Beard 

If you have cute look and possess no beard at all then you can make this simple Man Bun for featuring gentle look.


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