112 Man Braid Ideas for The Sexiest Hair You Ever Had!


Are you looking for man bun braid ideas? In case you were, you have reached the perfect place to learn about it. If you desire the best of hairstyles for yourself, then you need to try this one out! Braids are not only for ladies who wish to add on that feminine look. Even men use them to get a flirty and handsome look. If you have never seen these styles, now is your time. With more and more men trying on longer hair, there is a massive rise in the demand for these hairstyles. Thus we are showing off a collection of the best braids.

If you are willing to invest the time and effort on trying on these hairstyles, then jump into this read! You can try out the simple three strands braid. Or you can also try to get the more complex twisted French braid. Make it to a whole new level of beautiful, and you can try to get dual stranded braids too! There are a lot of ideas there, and you need to explore them to see what looks and figure out what suits you the best.

The multi braided look for men!

Braids are not only for women, for sure. They have been incorporated into the men’s fashion world for years now. They are not only a way of keeping the long locks tied up, but they are a fashion statement in itself as well. You need to set your eyes on this multi-man braid. You can see there are three different sections of twists on each side and the middle here. 

When you reach the end, you can tie them up and get this classy look. If you want that perfect look, you can also twist them up and create this multi-folded look. The blonde hues are ideal as they let you see the details of the twists you have completed. You can also look at man braid tutorial to get an idea! 

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The sectioned dual side man bun braid

This is a look with man braid that has been popular in the current times. You can sport a lot of men with this style. If you sweep through the magazines today, you will surely find men and models with this look. All you need is to take the sections of hair on the side and then get them twisted as such. If you have long hair, this will work out well for you! 

Even if you do not have long hair, you can try on feed in braids to get the completed look. You will adore the way it matches up to your style once you are finished. You can sweep the rest of the hair in a bun on the back once it is done.  

Man braid for long hair

Here we are showing off the best of the braids for men 2019. We are sure you will adore the way this one pair up with all the attire you put on. These low pony braided styles are great for an office and work correctly with any long hair. The texture of the hair never matters when you are braiding the hair. Here are a bunch of ideas that you can try out for man braid.  

If you want to get a close look, you need to be precise with your hands as well. This will make sure your hair is in the right place all day long. There will be no more getting annoyed by the hair when you get used to braids. These are perfect for the hot scorching summers! 

The messy half-up man braid look

These are one of the best braids for white men. We love the lighter streaks of blonde hair in here. You can see there are messy layers of twists on this look here. If you want to go for a chic and carefree style, this man braid here will get your attention in no time. You are surely going to make an impression when you walk around with hair as perfect as this. The best part here is that it takes only a few minutes to get done. There are not a lot of steps to follow when it comes to this look. You can comb the hair and slap on a messy look! 

If you want to get this look, take the side sections of your hair and braid them till you reach the end. Then you can try to secure them at the back. If you have some loose waves, this will work out even more. For any evening wear, you can try it. Check out the look once. You may have seen this being sported by stars. If you are heading to a wedding, it can be your go-to style as well. 

You are getting on the feminine side!

There is no line between looking good and being of a specific gender. You can see how there are no rules when it comes to hairdressing as well. There are many ways to get the feminine side of yours to come out. If you want that too, then you can try out this style here. The man braid has some flowers on them that makes it all better.

For centuries, we have been decorating the hair with flowers and adding them on to our braids. This is undoubtedly not the first time that a look like this has come to our attention. It has the perfect blend of all the right things. There is the well-secured braid, the loop on the back, and the flowers are adding on the best touch here.  

The faux man braid with French braid!

The man braid that has this well-tightened look is perfect for all men who want that secured feeling? If you are growing out your hair and you can see the long, this is one way to do them. There are French braids on this look here. In case you want them to be braided halfway only, you can tie them as soon as you reach the neck. You can keep the hair at the ends straightened.  

There is another way to add a bit of oomph to this simple hairdo. You can add on darker and lighter shades to get the needed dimension and depth. This is the best way to get your locks to look different and giving it that needed texture. You will look great in photos, so that is a bonus for sure.  

Designs to try with man braid

When we talk about braids for black men, there are a lot of options out there. You can try out the cornrows, feed-in braids, Senegalese twists, and Marley twists as well. We are sure you will be able to add this to the list of hairstyles you can try on this year. The year 2020 is all about trying on new hairdos. And so, you might as well try on something as good looking as this! 

Make sure there are more transparent sections on the scalp as you head on to try out this look. If you are good with hair, then you can recreate them at home. Use hair spray to keep them in place and make sure you take care of them to avoid breakage.  

Mohawk style man braid

There are a lot of cool and happening hairstyles out there. We all love the rebellious hairdo, and if you are a teenager looking for something different, then you can try out this mohawk look. If you grow out of your hair, then you can twist them up and tie them on the ends. They are perfect for all seasons. You do not need to put in a lot of effort to get this look down.  

The other thing that makes this look perfect is the use of colors that we see here. Many athletes have the same style on, and it looks great! You can copy the same hairdo to look as good as your favorite celeb. 

The beautiful half and a half!

The best use of colors on a man braid can be seen in this look here. You can see a vibrant blue with violet purples on the locks here. They are paired with the beautiful blacks to form this braided look. You can focus on the color first before you try on this style. Thus you need to head on to a good stylist to get your hair colored.  

If you mess this part up, then you are pretty much left with a bad hair day for a long time! You can see how the vibrancy of the colors is showing off in this braided hairstyle here. This is one of the best tightly done man braids out there. We compiled it so that you can choose from the best. Summers have never looked cooler for sure! 

Braids on thin and short hair

When we think of twists, we are usually thinking of them in a long, thicker hair. But the truth is that they can be done on shorter hair as well. And you can rock them for sure. The golden shiny blonde hair works well with the darker black base. The shorter hair works nicely when it has this fine detailing.

You are sure to have seen these styles with narrow, tight, and detailed braiding on multiple music videos too. We are sure they are perfect for anyone who wants to dip into the world of man braid. You do not need to get the hair colored. It looks great in any fashion. If you are feeling bold and want to do something inspiring, then go for a vibrant hue on the hair. The work of sectioning is more crucial here than anything else.

Cornrows for everyday

Are you in search of black male braids hairstyles? If that is so, then you will be thrilled to see these images. Here we have the prettiest man braid styles that one can incorporate into a look. If you want, you can try out the most accessible and classiest version of the cornrows. There are some beautiful ways to make them work for you. If you want to keep it secured, you can get them done professionally.
There is a collection of many man braid styles. So you can see a wide variety of options out there, too, so there are choices for everyone. If you have shoulder-length hair, this look is perfect for you. Add on the details of cornrows on the side, and you are ready! There are tiny braids on the temples here that make this look extraordinary!

Man braid and man bun

The best way for you to try out a hairstyle is to get a mix of two beautiful hairstyles. Here we have the combination of man braid with the bun. These are both looks that men have preferred over the years. When your hair grows out, the easiest way to take care of them and keep them polished is to get them in a bun. You can try out the sleek bun or get a messy bun to do the job for you.
And if you are one who wants to try out a more complicated route, then you can take the man braid and mold it your way. We are showing you some of the most loved looks on Instagram and other social media sites today. They are useful when you want to keep the hair secured as well. So check it out and choose the one you like!

Perfect side shave and braided look

This combination here has to be mens braids 2018 for sure. The side shave and the twists are perfect for when you want to sport a bold look. They make a man look like he is tough and ready for anything. The hairstyle you wear certainly shows off the kind of personality you have. And here we are showing you how to look like a man who is sorted out.

When you have the sides shaved, you can see yourself be away from the hassles of taking care of them. If you want to check out a way to get the locks sorted out so you can head out of home sooner, here are some options. A couple of ideas here can save you from all the work needed to figure out the rest. If you have tattoos, then this look will accelerate to a whole new level!

The style with an undercut design

Undercut hairstyles for men are beautiful, and we are urging more and more men to try this one for sure. They are bold, and you surely need to be brave t be able to do this. You need to get the time to choose the hair color you want, and then you can decide on what design you want to carve out in the undercut. They can be anything as long as you are comfortable with it.
There are a lot of unusual patterns out there, and you are sure to feel amazing when you are done. You need to have an excellent hairdresser at hand for this look for sure. Here are a bunch of ideas that you can try out if you are looking for inspiration. Man braid ideas are all placed here in one place for you to check out!

The Viking looks to try!

If you ever have the time to look out for braid styles for men gallery, then you are sure to have seen this beautiful Vikings look! These are trending more as people are feeling the vibes of this manly haircut. You can choose to get the hair braided in the most protracted fashion when you try out this look. Here we are loving the way one can feel confident while giving off masculine energy as well.
If you are looking to copy the styles of these stars who feature on the television show, it is the way to go! Here we are showing you one of the famous characters of the show. You must have seen this becoming a viral trend in social media as well.

Multi-braids and a thick bun

A bun is a classic addition to any look. When you are looking to get a fresh hairstyle, you want to make it fun! There are many styles of braids, and you can try them on multiple numbers here. You can see how they add the fun in the whole braided bun look. The sectioning of the hair and braids is what makes this look special. Try it out if you want a unique look.

Blonde hair and man braid

Blonde hair has always been a right partner for twists. You can see how the combination of twists and blonde hair goes well together to form this fantastic look. There are shaved sections here as well that can help you! If you want to explore more, you can look through Instagram, and we are sure you will get many more images of men with these fantastic hairstyles!

The ponytail braid look

When you have long hair, you have many perks. One of the perks being that you can have your hair braided and then tie it up as well. These are our most-loved collection of the man braid with a pony on it. If you are looking to get a new style for yourself, then you are in luck with this fabulous haircut.

Thicker braid on the front

If you have a hairstyle where there are long sections of hair on the front, this man braid style is perfect for you! You can see there are some easy thick braids here that are perfect for you. This can be the hairstyle you try out to get a chic appearance. You can quickly get this look down when you head out to run some errands!

The rough gym look

If you work out a lot, then you can try out this style for sure! They can keep your hair secured on the back and let you go through all exercise forms. If you sweat a lot, then these man braid styles will help you for sure. The last thing you want is to see yourself getting drenched in sweat and being messy.

You can get all your hair up in this messy bun, and the braids on the base are good too. They are going to help you feel secure. There is no need for you to worry about the loose hair with them. If you shave the sides, you will be thrilled to see the results. The blonde hues on this hairstyle surely help to tie everything together.


You can decide on the new one!

As you reach the end of this read here, we are sure you have most of the information you need to get yourself a braid. There are mainly men who want braids on shoulder-length hair. We are here to showcase the best ideas and give you an idea of the collection out there. If you’re going to get a different look, you can try coloring your hair as well. The bold blues and greens are making a huge comeback. If you are also someone who can pull off a different look, then you can try platinum blonde in there as well.

These man braid ideas are loved by teenagers and young dads as well. If you are a biker who wants a rugged look, we suggest you go for the side shaved and braided hairstyles. If you wish, you can get a classy undercut as well. We love it when there is some meaning attached to the undercut too. The simple style and twist can transform your look and give you newfound confidence. When you head out, you can notice how people are looking at you! They are admiring of your choices and are usually in awe of how stunning it seems. So what are you waiting for? Dig in today!


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