42 Best Low Fade Haircut For Men


Gentlemen, how do you recognize a masterpiece of an artwork? Is it with the fantastic array of colors that blends in perfectly and touches you in the deepest part of your heart? Or, perhaps, the story worth a billion words that it tells? The answer to this question is open to many interpretations. And, by many, I mean a lot. What do you think of cutting low fade haircut today?


Some may prefer a minimalistic work that opens you up to the world of greed and hates that we live. Or, perhaps, the musicians among us will love the subtlety of keynotes in the tune that induces the feeling of joy on various degrees. And, so we can go.

However, every individual is entitled to their opinions or their definition of a masterpiece. And I am obliged to respect that. What I may feel may, perhaps, not resonate with you. And, vice versa. But, regardless of how a “masterpiece” teaches you, there is always one common ground that everyone can agree. The hands and the minds behind each piece are amazing.

So, if you follow my blogs on various platforms, you will always notice two things. First, I love art, and this art can be as mundane as your rusty cars to something that sells for a million in the finest galleries. Secondly, I do not hold back the praises these hands deserve.



Now, hairstyles for me is another one of these masterpieces. Mundane, perhaps; however, they have the power to transform you from a nobody to a sexy beast full of radiating confidence. And to this, I appreciate the local barbers and hairdressers who put in their heart to make us look what we hoped. Maybe, even better. They are artists.

Low Fade cut on my head to me is like the Mona Lisa on a canvas. Its brilliance lies in the small insignificant details that nobody seems to notice.

Besides, the Low types of fade haircut styles have been around for a while, but we, the millennials have taken it a step further. Damn us!

The classic low fade goes well with most of the male traits and features. You can wear the Low fade haircut styles with an Afro, natural thin hair, or even curly ones! Perhaps, the low fade hairstyle will suit you with a beard. Maybe, you, sir, have a round face, an oval one, or perhaps the rectangular type. Supposedly, you might have a pear face with that great jawline. And, it suits all kind of skin, be it for brown men, black men, white men, or Asian.

Furthermore, you can even rock the look with short hair or also long hair. Heck, if you have kids (who do not require short military standards hairdo for the school regulations, I hope they don’t) bring them along and let them try this look!

With that said, gentlemen, these are my 32 picks of Low Fade Haircut Styles for men.

1. Low Fade Haircut with Afro

This type of fade haircut for men without beards suits well for black guys with medium length afros. In essence, it is simple and easy to do. The long top part and short faded sides compliment a clean or even patchy beard.

2. Low- Mid Fade Haircut with Crease

Gentlemen, if you want to rock this look with a formal touch, you can always add a line to it. With a crease, it gives you that classy feel. Best, it goes well for all face types. So, you can say, this is a hairstyle for round face, oval face, or square ones.

Now, these hairstyles need not limit to black hairs. We will take a look at them in a bit.

3. Low Fade Haircut With Beard

Now, if a beard is your style, I cannot recommend this hairstyle enough. This low fade haircut styles for white guys with dark brown hair color will complement that manly beard. It gives you the rugged lumberjack look with a touch of modern Low Fade.

4. Black Low Fade Haircut

Now, if you wish to stay with a clean shaved face, this is the style I recommend. With the sides slight shaved up till the top and complimenting the transition with a line; this look will give you a classy look with a modern touch. Style!

This low fade haircut for white guys with black hair and round face can also be taken for brown guys and other hair colors. But keep it for short hair and a clean shave.

5. Short Fade Haircut for Black Men

This short fade haircut style for black men with a short afro and neat beard is simple and easy. I recommend this one if you want to keep things short.

6. Low Fade Haircut for Curly Hair

These low types of fade haircut for men with black curly hair is my pick for anyone who wants to experiment. The fade on the sides will allow you space to add designs that will make you stand out.

7. Low Fade Haircut with Brown Afro Mohawk

This is a great blend of low fade hairstyle and an afro mohawk. You can choose to add highlights of any color as suits you best. This is ideal for black guys with define cheek bones. Also, you can pull this look off if you have a round face.

8. Low Fade Haircut with Eccentric Crease

This is great look perfected by a combination of pompadour and a good low fade cut. Ideally, this will look great on men with black or blonde hair color. And, I would suggest going clean with this.

I know, gentlemen, some of us love that rough look to go with a great hairstyle. So let’s look at low fade hairstyles with short hair, long hair and overall perfect with a beard.

9. Rough Short Fade Hairstyle with Beard

Gentlemen, if you like the classic Roman looks with rugged beard style, this is the haircut I suggest. This short fade haircut for short hair lovers will essentially suit any skin tone or hair color well.

If you have the looks that scream TOUGH, always go for something that screams “confidence in whatever.” And for us tough men out there, going rough with a beard is one way. But not the only way; we will get back to that later.

10. Rough Low – Mid Fade Haircut with Medium Curly Hair

So if you want to pull off a rough look but still have that boyish charm that gets them ladies to crush on you, this is at te top of my list. This low fade hairstyle for white guys with curly black hair is simple to execute, perhaps little difficult to maintain, but worth it.

11. Low Fade Haircut With Patchy Beard

Now, if you have a patchy beard like I do, and have the confidence to pull anything off, this is what I suggest. Make full use of the brilliant complimenting combination of patchy beard and low fade hairstyle with medium hair length. This haircut for white guys can also go well with brown guys.

Alternatively, going for a clean-shaven look can also suit you here. But, I suggest letting your patchy beard have a glory moment with this one!

12. Low Fade Haircut with Diagonal Line

Continuing with a rough look with fades; this creative outlook for a low types of fade haircut for white guys with black hair and short hair adds another flare that looks higher dimensional. Yeah, maybe I am exaggerating a little. Definitely.

However, I highly encourage you to experiment with blades on your hair! The results will wow you!

13. Low Fade Haircut with With Medium Waves

This is a look that I believe works best for mixed raced men out there. (I will try and not be graciously bias with here) Exclusively for natural black hair men who like a hint of brown highlights to finish the looks. Ideally works well with clean-shaven, patchy, or well groomed clean beard looks!

14. Neat Low Fade Haircut with Curly Short Hair

Need I say more, gentlemen?

15. Low Fade Haircut with Beard And Lines

The combination of a preferred beard-style with its complimenting hair-style is always exciting! Not long ago, we looked how short low fade haircut can combine with your rough bearded looks to give you that toughened manly looks.

This, furthermore, is another example of how low fade haircut, this time with medium hairstyle can combine with your groomed beard to give you a no-nonsense manly look. Get hyped!

16. Low Fade Haircut with Piercings

This, low fade haircut for white guys, with black hair is for men who love piercings! Piercings can be rebellious in one way, and this is one way to go!

17. Low Fade Haircut with Brown Short Hair & Beard

I noticed I’ve been taking a lot of black hairs and afros. It is time I give the nod to all the brown haired and gingers out there. Here is my pick. This low fade hairstyle for white guys with brown curly hair can also go for ginger red hairs!

Now, the ginger beard with clean cuts stands out with the fade with this style! And nothing speaks confidence than standing tall with your natural self. How many people are there in this world who are willing to embrace themselves? Not many. Not many at all! Use that to your advantage.

18. Low Fade Haircut with Short Black Hair And Beard

I love it when I find unique blends when I am on super vital research to bring you, fine gentlemen, the best of the mens haircuts. Here is what impressed me!

19. Low Fade Mens Haircut with Plain Top Afro

Afro flat tops were once a generation-defining style. I don’t see why that cannot be true today as well! This low fade hairstyle for black guys combines the nostalgic flat top style and twists it with your modern, alluring, masterpiece of a flat top mens haircut!

20. Low Fade Haircut with Spikes and Beard

This low fade medium hairstyle for white men with black hair color suits just everyone with an oval face. The natural looking beard compliments the roughish looks this hairstyle brings.

21. Low Fade Haircut for Blondes

This is a low fade hairstyle for white guys with blonde hairstyle, or perhaps a natural blonde hair. I like this hair the most because it compliments a facial hair structure that goes well with a clean shave. Have your facial features stand out with this hairstyle.

22. Low Fade Haircut with Afro & Blondes Tips

I wasn’t a fan of Afro hairstyles with highlighted tips until I was proved wrong by Paul Pogba! He is the master of Afro Low Fades for black guys. The look gives you that curly hair feels on the top while giving you extra room to experiment on the sides.

23. Low Fade Mens Haircut with Blonde Highlights

This for me looks like a modified version of medium spike hair. The distinct blonde highlight adds an extra charm to this amazing low fade hairstyle for white men. However, like I said earlier, the mens haircut can easily go well with brown guys or ginger men. You don’t necessarily need to have a beard to rock the look. Even patchy ones can prove fashionable.

24. Low – Mid Fade Haircut with Brown Medium Hair

For all you readers, who think brown hair suits them better and want to try the low mid fade hairstyle; I got you covered bro.

25. Low Fade Haircut with Brown Hair & Beard

Brown hair can look good with highlights! This medium sized low fade hairstyle combined with the freshly groomed beard can give you excellent gentlemen the looks that put all the eyes on you.

26. Low Fade Mens Haircut with Brown Afro Flat Top

Continuing with the brown hair color trend, this is my pick for the black guys out there who want to try brown hair color to go with their low afro fade flat top hairstyle.

27. Low Fade Haircut with White Highlights

The white highlight isn’t something people are very comfortable putting. However, low fade hairstyle might help you screw that! This style is my pick if you want to experiment with white highlights to your natural hair color. And, is a right blend of your natural hair color to white highlights. Notice the top front part.

28. Low Fade Haircut with Orange Afro Tip

Gentlemen, if brown or blonde is not your color for highlight, then, I recommend, an all right outrageous orange! This low types of fade afro hairstyle for black guys (and I must credit Paul Pogba for the inspiration) will stand out! Trust me, google Paul Pogba once you are done with the article! And, follow me on Twitter using the links at the end of the article.

29. Low Fade Haircut for Kids

Now, you can even take your kids out with you! This low fade hairstyle for kids is just an example of all the styles we have seen above on your little man! Trust me, gentlemen, low fade mens haircut goes as well for your kid, or perhaps the kid you know from the street.

30. Low Fade Haircut with Curly Blonde Highlights

It is not often that I find men with curls going for Low types of fade, but if they did, I believe this is the way to do it. This low fade hairstyle for white guys with natural black curly hair is a masterpiece!

31. Eccentric Low Fade Haircut with Green Highlights

Speaking of going beyond the norms, let’s talk about green and purple. Usually, (and by that I mean before my research) I thought green was a once in the 90s thing that went down quickly as it rose!

However, this proved me wrong! (And that’s what I love about this job) Gentlemen, this low fade haircut with groomed clean beards will go well with white guys, brown guys, ginger guys and even black guys with afros!

To add to that, you can try this style with any variation of color. I wanted to find one with red and one with blue! If you think you can pull this off with an orange shade, then go for it! Send me your pictures on my Twitter handle in the links below.

32. Low Fade Haircut with Man Buns

Finally, gentlemen, I want to end this article on what introduced me to low fade hairstyles for men. Man-buns are versatile. They can go well with your clean looks, or they can suit you with a rough outlook. Imagine this; you can go to your brother’s wedding in a suit, clean shaved and a low fade hairstyle with a man-bun. You can even attend a concert with your jeans, tees, jacket, rough beard, sunglasses and a low fade hairstyle with man-bun.

And that, to me, gentlemen, is a masterpiece!

Concluding Note

I want to thank you for reading until the end of the article. If you are one of me (the impatient ones) and skipped through the texts to reach here, that’s fine too. Your time and patience mean a lot to me.

In summary, the Low types of fade haircut is an artwork to me. (A Masterpiece!) It will suit you well on short hair, long hair or medium hair. You can rock the looks with your natural hair color, or if you die with ordinary blondes and brown. Or, perhaps, you want to go green, red or blue; there is a way. Overall, this hair will suit black guys, white guys, brown guys, and men of mixed races!


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