87 Easy Low Bun Hairstyles And Their Step By Step Tutorials


If you want a versatile and chic hairstyle for any formal event that is coming up, choose the low bun hairstyles. A bun near your neck will give you a sense of style and beauty that no other technique can provide. The hairstyle can make you look like a bombshell or an exquisite beauty.


The trendy low bun hairstyles for your natural hair includes many modifications in the regular of the style. This hairstyle can be comfortably worn by short hair and medium hair. Look at some fun ideas.

-Low Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

So, you only think of one bun when someone says low bun hairstyles? The first picture we will talk about has two. It is a cute hairstyle. You can do this with any black hair; it will look amazing. If you have Ghana braids or feed in color, this is a great way to take care of those locks. You can twist your hair and then tie into cute buns. The beads will already e your hair accessory. You can do two buns or one. Two buns do look cute and are a great style for summer.

-Small One

I love this hairstyle. It is pure and twisted at the same time. This is a hairstyle that will work great for summer. You can wear it for your spaghetti top or sundress. The style is simple. You will need to look at a few tutorials to get the hang of it. Once you do get the hang of it, you can do it daily. It will take away all the pressure from the heat. Pull out a few strands near your face to frame it. Add some bobby pins to secure the small hair strands.

-Neat And Sleek

Low bun hairstyles are great for office as well. If you have to work all day and don’t need any more burden other than your work, I suggest go for this style. You already have a lot on your plate. So, don’t add any more hassle because of your hair. You can achieve this quickly. You will need a few styling products to get this sleekness. Make sure you comb your hair and twist the hair with ease.

-Side Braids

Braids and buns always make for a great style. I don’t even remember how many times have I told this. I don’t think I am wrong though. You can see it. Look how beautiful this hairstyle is. Braids add beautiful detail to your bun. If you don’t want the simple bun hairstyle, you can pull out a three-inch section of your hair from the side. All you have to do is braid it. Once it is done, secure it using bobby pins. Pull out other strands to make them look effortless.

-Messy Pessy

This falls on one of the easy low bun hairstyles. This hairstyles looks effortless and is a great look for your day in. I love the twist of the large bun. The hair has been tucked in and then twisted. Find some tutorials on Youtube to get yourself the perfect messy low bun. To add to the look, pull out some hair strands from the ends of your ears. It will look beautiful. Medium hair length can do this low bun hairstyle easily. Don’t try to make it neat. The beauty lies in its imperfection.

-Big Day

If you have to appear for a formal event or attend a wedding, you can go for this low bun hairstyle. You don’t need always to let your hair loose and keep on ironing it. You can make beautiful buns with your natural hair. The hairstyle is neat, and all the hair strands are beautifully tucked in. The bun is effortless and straightforward. Find a step by step tutorial on Youtube to get yourself this fantastic look. Finish the look with simple makeup and elegant dress. Elegance is the key.

-All Those Strands

Look at the length of those strands. I love the messiness of this look. It is what makes this look perfect. The bun has been twisted at the back. To get this look, pull a section of your hair to the end and turn it into a bun. Now, the rest of your strands can be used in two ways. You can use the strands on one side of your hair to create a wrap on your bun. On the other hand, you can let it be as it is. Add some more strands to frame your face. You can add highlights on your black hair to make your buns unique and exceptional.

-Black Hair

Low bun hairstyles are great for your big day. Look at how beautiful this hair design is. Simple designs always make for the classic ones. You can go for a detailed one as well. Braids can be a great way to design your low bun. A simple twist on one side is made and pulled up to the back. The bun looks stunning and effortless. The wedding dress is so beautiful that I could cry. Go for this style for your big day. I suggest saving the picture right now.
Screenshot! (Click)

-The Pretty One

Look at the design in this low bun hairstyle for black hair. It looks vague, yet it is detailed. You should try it. This is an excellent look for a dinner date or any formal event. If you have an office dinner coming up, I suggest go for this look. This look is quite romantic and is better suited for a date night. You will need some help achieving this look. Find a step by step guide to teach you how to do this look. Add some simple earrings and finish this look with makeup.

-For The Natural Hair

Natural hair color looks great in any hairstyle. It is the color you are born with and is made for you. Of course, there are colors made for you that will suit you better than your natural hair. But, you can get this style in your beautiful blonde hair color. The hairstyle is twisted beautifully. It is kept messy and fun. Low bun hairstyles look elegant and chic. That might not be quite the look; you will want to flaunt everywhere. So, you can keep it messy and go for a fun day out.

-Something Different

This low bun hairstyle is a unique version of the normal ones. Honestly, there isn’t a natural low bun hairstyle because each one is different. You can go for any beautiful one. But this one is extraordinary. If you want to show your boldness and edgy version, you can show them using this hairstyle. Think twice before you say low bun styles are feminine. You can get this type of style as well. If you have ombre hair, you can get this style easily. The hair on one side has been twisted into a 3D body, and on the other hand, you can create a nice partition. The bun is of a different color than the rest of the hair. That is why I said; this low bun hairstyle is excellent for ombre hair.

-Different One

Secure your hair with a knot hairstyle. Your buns can be of many different designs. You can make a bow, twists, turns or round buns. Who would have ever thought a knot could become a bun style. This type of bun will only work if it is made low. I love that this style looks effortless and amazing. The method is modern, and you can wear with a dress which you would like to flaunt. If you have a backless dress, go for this one.

-Regular Day

This low bun hairstyle is smooth and effortless. I know you will need the practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, it will look chic. The style can be worn for a girl’s day out or a dinner party. Wear a strapless dress and go for this hairstyle. It will look beautiful. You can add some accessories. For a night out, I suggest keep it neat. If it is for a day event, you can go for the messy look. I love the colossal twist this style has.

-Easy Low Bun Hairstyles

The chicness of the low bun hairstyles makes it ideal for red carpet events. Noone can doubt the fact that these type of hairstyle make you look chic and beautiful. I know we don’t have a red carpet event to attend. But, we do have fancy events we have to go to sometimes. So, for those styles, you can go for the fabulous bun hairstyles. Keep it low so, that you can designs you like. It can be as intricate as you want. You can middle part your hair. If you have hair highlights, your hairstyle will look better than it would look with plain black hair.

-Large Low Bun Hairstyles

Damn! Look at that vast bun. It is gigantic. The highlight of this style is the size of that bun. The hair has been split from the side and then combed. Once it is brushed, it is all pulled at the back. In the end, a considerable bun has been created. To make this bun, you will need to have long and thick natural hair. I don’t think you can do this style with natural hair that is medium in length. You need to use styling products to keep the hairstyle in place and tame down the flyaways.

-Special Day Or Night

Look at that beautiful dress. I love its back. It is a great way to show off your hairstyle. You can go for cascading curls for this dress. It will work great. You can also go for a bun hairstyle as well. Low bun hairstyles will make this dress chic and beautiful. The bun is very low, and a prominent strand is used to differentiate it from the hair body. You can go for a side split or a middle one. Pull out a few more strands to keep it beautiful. Go for this style for your big anniversary dinner or date night.

-For Medium Hair

This is another one of the best styles for your wedding day. It looks beautiful and simple. The low bun hairstyles are great for off shoulder dresses. So, if your wedding dress is strapless or off shouldered, I suggest go for a chic low bun hairstyle. The layers of the hair make this hairstyle intricate and beautiful. You can add flowers or hair accessories to make it look extraordinary. Pull out some strands to finish the look. You will make sure your groom stays there staring at you. He will not be able to take his eyes off you.

-Easy Low Bun Hairstyles Step By Step Tutorial

We here have brought you a step by step tutorial on low bun hairstyles. This version of the low bun hairstyle is easy and beautiful. Firstly, you need to make a low ponytail. After that create a hole on top of your pony and pull your pony inside. You can pick it in twice. With the rest of your hair, make a simple braid. Add it on top of your bun to make it look detailed and beautiful. I love this look. You should try it as well. I am trying this look for work tomorrow.

-Put A Bow On It

If you love bows and think that you cannot wear it to work, think dearie again. You can try this look. Bows do not need always to be beautiful and feminine. They can be black and make a powerful statement. You can quickly create a low rounded bun. After that, you can use bows to make a stunning accessory. Put a matte black bow on top of your bun and voila, you are ready. Finish the look with a beautiful coat and fantastic pantsuit. Go, girl! Keep your makeup to the minimum. For you accessory, I suggest you wear a watch. It will keep it classy.

-For The Relaxed Day In

The twist of this hairstyle is detailed. I love the turns in this hairstyle. The hairstyle is neat and sleek. You can see how all the strands of the hair are neatly tucked inside. Bobby pins are used to keep any loose strands from falling off the face. If you don’t like strands falling on your neck or coming near your face, you can go for this look. Make sure you have hair styling products or else it will be difficult. Only bobby pins will not be able to hold this hair on the place.

-Blonde Streak

That blonde streak on her dark black hair makes a fabulous style statement. Your eyes automatically go to it. We all love it. If you are bored of your black hair and want some color in it (but not too much), you should try this look. Talking about the low bun hairstyle, you can see that it is quite easy. You can get the hang of this style easily. All you need to is to twist your hair in your comfort zone. You do not need to get yourself a sophisticated style for a dinner date. Make sure you have some strands falling on your face.

-Wedding Day

Now, look at this beautiful and enormous low bun hairstyle. Do I need to say anything about it? Well, this bun is not an everyday hairstyle. So, if you have a big event coming up where you want everyone to be looking at you in awe, you can go for this hairstyle. If you like making an entrance, you will need everything to be perfect. Make your hairstyle grand and pick yourself the most beautiful jewelry. Get yourself a cute outfit as well. Add some shiny embellishments on your hair to finish off the look. The turns of the top of this hairstyle are worth swooning over.

-Tie The Knot

After that beautiful and larger than life hairstyle, this style looks relaxed and straightforward. It is the easiest one of the low bun hairstyles that we have presented for you. For your comfortable day in, twist your hair. Tie your hair into a ponytail and pull it in once. Use the rubber scrunchy to keep the knot of your hair in place. For your day in, you want everything to be comfortable. So, choose a comfy larger shirt and a simple hairstyle. You can head out to run your errands in this hairstyle as well. Go for a quick bite and chill.

Scroll down for some more low bun hairstyles ideas and their tutorials. You will find step by step guide that will help you achieve these beauties.

Try any of the low bun hairstyles. It can become the way to show off your mood. The hairstyle is ideal when you are feeling chic or want to let everything be as it is. It can make you look like the most beautiful bride ever. These styles have power and elegance.


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