84 Fun Layered Haircut Ideas For Long Hair


If you have long hair and do not know what to do with it, you should go for a layered haircut. Some of us cannot grow our hair long while for others it is just a hassle. Whatever be, layered haircuts will give you an ease in controlling your long locks. You can make sure your hair is as long as you want without having so much of control problems.

Tips For Long Layered Haircuts

  • When you go to your hairstylist, you should ask for long layers at the back. Near the face, you should have graded and smooth layers.
  • Add your personal touch to it.
  • Long layers that blend in look amazing. So make sure your layers are co-ordinated.
  • Let your layers near your face highlight your best feature. It can either be your cheeks or your chin.

Let us now look down for some fabulously layered haircuts.

-Out and About

Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds are one of our most favorite couples. If you don’t know why to follow them on Twitter. Not only that, but we also love them because they look fabulous all the time. Look at how Lively manages to steal the show at the red carpet with her shiny fairy dress and messy haircut. All you can see is the layers and how fantastic she looks.

-Feather Style

I love the wisps of her hair. They look beautiful. She looks like she is forever photo-ready. Her hair appears as if they are in parallel with the wind. If you have similar hair type, you should try for this hairstyle. The color combination of the hair is excellent as well. The ends are blonde, and the top is dark. The ombre effect and layers make for a beautiful sight.

-From The Side

This is a beautiful version of a long layered haircut. The shape of the layers makes for a descending staircase. Each layer is curled and twisted. Her hair is long which is why everything looks beautiful. This is such an ever-ready hairstyle; you will love it. You will have to run your comb every morning, but that is anyway a must.

-Medium Layered Haircut

For 2018, those who have medium length haircut, it is ideal you get this look. If you have straight hair, getting yourself this style will give your hair an excellent shape. It will get you the shape you always wanted. It is a beautiful look. If you are working women and cannot do anything drastic with your hair, you can go for this look.

-Simply You

Layered haircuts give you the freedom to be just you. You can see that how comfortable she is with herself. Your hair defines a huge part of your appearance, and if you love it, you can own it. So, have a hairstyle that you can flaunt off. This brings me to, of course, what we have been talking about, layered haircut for long hair. Her hair is beautifully long, and the layers add a finish to her tresses.

-For Any Day

Be it your work or your office; layered haircut never goes wrong. It even works great at events. You have seen a lot of celebrities showing it off. With such busy schedule, they also do not have time to get ready for every occasion. Stars also want a shortcut to looking fabulous easily. That is why these hairstyles are popular. If you want a similar way out, you should go for it.

-Subtle Layers

Notice, there are layers only in the last step of her entire hair length. Having a lot of layers means you will lot of short hair on your face. That might not be ideal for everyone. I don’t know who would like that. There are of course, who only want to test the look at first. So, for that, you have layered haircut like this. It is simple and classy.

-Last Layer

This again falls under the medium length layered hairstyles. There aren’t many layers in this hairstyle. Her hair has been straightened. You can see it. The layers are only there at the ends of her hair. If you like your straight hairstyle but want some action, you can go for this look. Finish the look with the right outfit and accessories.

-Medium Style

Here is another excellent picture of medium layered haircuts for 2018. There are many layers of her hair. She looks fabulous. I would also be flaunting off my hair on every selfie I take if I had such a beautiful hair. The hair strands near her face are short. You can see the layers in the mid shaft are longer than the ones near her face.


Her haircut is U-shaped. If you want a similar haircut, I suggest you get some layers as well to add life to your hair. Straight hair making a U shape doesn’t sound fun, does it? I don’t think it does. You can see how beautiful the layers are making her medium length hair. They add a volume to her look and make the entire look vibrant.

-In The End

Her hairstyle is professional. I know this is not a word that you use to describe hairstyles, but that is what came to my mind. She has beautiful long tresses, and the layers again are concentrated at the end. The hair is cut into a V-shape. The layers make for a beautiful sight. I love it. It is perfect for a working woman who has long hair.

-Medium Layered Haircut With Bangs

If you are a 90’s kid, you will remember her as Lily from Hannah Montana. We all loved her as Lily. I certainly did, I don’t know about you. If you didn’t, I guess you will like her now for her fabulous hairstyle. She shows us a great example of layered haircut with bangs for long hair. Her layers are given an excellent shape, and the bangs are used to frame her face.

-Waves and Layers

This hairstyle is one of my personal favorites. The entire look is effortless and gorgeous. You can see how the layers make her hair shapely. She has different lengths of hair all over her head that are blending in beautifully. To make it perfect, she adds brown highlights. The highlights and layers enhance her plain black hair.

-For Your Waves

If you have long and wavy hair, I suggest you go for this look. Waves can look magnificent with this haircut. Her hair color is also fantastic. This hairstyle is subtle and stylish. If you want a makeover that will make people’s head turn but not create drama, I suggest you go for this look. It looks vibrant.

-Long Layered Haircut

All her layers fall at the ends of her hair. That is why her hair makes for a great shape at the ends. She has a beautiful shine, and the color of her hair is classic. This haircut also is U-shaped. That is why she makes sure she has layers even at the ends. It makes it look fabulous. Go for this look if you have such a beautiful hair color. Her hair looks like melted gold.

-Not At All Hermoine

She is not a smart kid, grateful to be at Hogwarts, anymore. Emma Watson has grown up in front of the world and has done it beautifully. Today, she inspires a lot of aspiring young women. Here, she makes us swoon over layered haircut for long hair. She keeps it simple and classy. There aren’t many layers, but its minimal nature makes it graceful.

-On The Sides

Medium haircuts with a lot of layers will be the style statement in the years to come. It has always been the popular choice. That is why you can still see so many celebrities and people doing it. Why wouldn’t it be? Look how beautiful the style is. Her hair descends into a beauty. It makes for a beautiful shape that frame her face.


This hairstyle has a lot of layers and highlights. The short hair falls on her chin. That is why the best features of her face are highlighted. The layers have a significant variation. Some are short whereas the others are long. To give the entire look enhancement, she adds reddish highlights. It looks young and exciting.

-With Bangs

This is not a hairstyle for long hair. It is short and looks at those layers. Everything about this look is messy and colorful. I think this is the look if you are planning to go to the club tonight. Her bangs are made for her face shape. So, when you pick your fringes, make sure you take your face shape into account. She also has an ombre hair which makes her look great. Finish your entire evening look with smoky eyes and dazzling neckpiece.

-Color Fall

Your hairstyle plays a vital role in showing off your hair color. So, if you have an ombre hair color, I suggest going for a subtly layered haircut. You can pick one layer for one color. This will make your hair look like a waterfall of colors. That is a style all of us want. It is such a treat to the eyes. Go for this look.

-Side Ways

Side partition can be a great way to show off your layers. Her lightest shade of the blonde hair color makes her skin glow. She has her base color for black. She plays with both sides of the color palette. For more fun with the layers of her hair, she goes for a layered haircut for long hair. The layers are cut in such a way that it gives her hair an excellent shape.

-For Curls

Ombre effect is a great hair color effect. Showing the difference of your colors can be made dramatically by using layered haircuts. To make the entire look work, your layers should also blend in beautifully. The curls are a great addition to layers. If you have a naturally curly hair, I suggest growing it into a considerable length and then get some layers.

-Red Bomb

I love her hair color. Being born with red hair is quite rare. Thank God for modern day coloring techniques, you can achieve it quickly. If you have long locks and the right undertone, you should go for this look. Now, if you have got a dramatic hair color, you will want a subtle haircut. You need to balance it. It is critical or else everything will look overdone. So, have fun with your layers and go for a new makeover.

-Beach and Fun

Beachy waves are beautiful and look great. They look better on long hair. To make it look vibrant and colorful, you can add some layers. The layers do not have to be a lot. Subtle layers make for a great hairstyle. Finish the look with some colors. Keep the colors close to your skin tone. This will add a glow to your face.

-Post Cut

You can see how a layered haircut is achieved in this picture. This makes for a great example of medium length layered cuts. The blonde color of the hair is beautiful. You can see how the layers at the end, bring life to a dull hair.

-Layers and Lots of Layers


Go for this fun look. I love how there are many colors on her hair. Each layer has a lighter color that brings a beautiful shine to her hair. You can go for this look. It will make your hair look effortlessly elegant.

-For The Love Of Snow

Her hair looks like liquid gold. She goes for subtle layers. Her hair is side parted, and the layers are concentrated at the ends. The layers make her locks form a great shape. It looks classy and evergreen. Go for this natural look, and you will look beautiful anywhere you go. Finish with nude makeup.

-Just A Little Bit

This side view of the layered haircut shows the steepness of her entire hair. The hair length starts from her bangs and ends at her shoulders. I love a layered haircut with bangs if it is done right. If you want to add more fun to the look, you should go for some dramatic highlights. It will bring all the focus on your hair.

-Coils And Layers

Curly hair is great to have. If you have it naturally, you know all the hassle you have to go through to maintain it. The primary priority for your hair is to make it frizz free. If you have great curls, you have to go for a layered haircut. It makes your entire her hair look like a waterfall of curls. This makes for a great example of layered haircut for medium length hair. Add some colors to make it look fabulous.

-Layered Blonde

This look is such a great everyday look. Looking great every single day is no easy task. Especially when you have to work around the clock and then finish off all your house errands. Life is tough when it gets too busy. It makes it even harder to care for your look. So, for a smooth look, you should go for these type of hairstyles. They make your face look even better.

-Twin Layers

The Olsen twins are another great inspiration. They have grown up in front of the world. From the cute Michelle to the fun girls in New York Minute, Olsen twins have done great in the business. They also make for high fashion inspiration. She again shows a great example of a layered haircut for medium hair. There aren’t many layers, but the messiness makes it look fun. Her hair color adds a lot to the entire look. You should go for this look if you want to roll out of your bed and look fabulous. You can wear this look to your office or a girl’s day out.

-Blonde And Black

The combination of waves and straight hair make for a great hairstyle. You did scroll from the example for it. The layers show the fantastic blend of these hair shapes. The first layers showcase your straight locks, and the rest of the layers defines your hair into waves. Her hair color is as beautiful as her. The blonde color looks fun and gives off a great summer vibe.

-Put Some Shades On

This hairstyle will make you look like a celebrity hiding from a paparazzi. Look at the style in the look. I get the cool vibes from this look. She has subtle layers. The layers are light and are mainly at the ends of her hair. For fun and to draw focus on her face, she adds highlights with a beautiful color. It makes her face glow. Wear your sunglasses and step out ready.


You can see the different layers can bring on your entire hair look. The hair color is beautiful. Her base color is dark, and the rest is the lightest shade of blonde. Now, for some fun, go for layers. You have two options here. On the left side, you can see how your hair looks when it has maximum layers. On the right side, there aren’t many layers, but it still looks fabulous.

-Cannot Take My Eyes Off

This look is classy and vivacious at the same time. Her hair color brings out her eyes. So, when you decide your hair color, you should check with your eye color. If you have it right, your skin will glow, and your eyes will be the focus. Now, for some more fun, she goes for a layered haircut for long hair. They enhance her eyes. Go for this look to make a statement wherever you go.

-Medium Cuts

Getting the hair color you want sometimes will not be enough. You will want to do more with your hair. For that, you have the option of layering. Having long and straight hair is boring after a while. So, chop some chunks off and have fun with some layers. Use your fingers to style your hair. The entire look is fun and fantastic.


Layered haircuts are made for wavy hair. If you have a lot of waves on your hair, you should get yourself this hairstyle. It gives your entire look an alluring vibe. Add some highlighting color to your hair that will draw more focus. To finish your new look, get yourself some fringes that will define your face shape. Smile for the photo!

-For The Shine

I told you if you want to show off the vibrancy of colors on your hair, you should go for a layered haircut. I love her hair color especially the one at the top of her hair. The shine makes her hair look beautiful. I love how the layers are concentrated at the ends. It brings same focus on the layers at the end. The entire hairstyle is a treat to the eyes.

-Another One With Bangs

Layered haircut with bangs has been one of the most googled searches. If you are wondering how to do it, you need to make sure of two points. First, when you get the bangs, make sure it is according to your face shape. I cannot stress this enough. Next, when you get the layers, make sure the short ones fall on your cheeks or chin. They will enhance your entire look.

-Greene Style

Ever since Friends came on the air, Rachel Greene has been the fashionista. She always looked great. Even in super cute skirts or bodycon dresses, she managed to win all our hearts. Not just her outfit, her hairstyle was still an inspiration. From her French twist buns to her subtle, layered haircut for medium hair, it all was beautiful. If you don’t believe me, you can see it here.

You think these were the only pictures we had for you? No! We have more examples that you can save and decide. Have fun!

Layers are the ultimate way to give your hair life and vibrancy. You have seen it yourself. This gallery is meant for you. Have fun and inspire more. The world needs inspirations. It helps when you look fabulous while doing it.


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