105 Long Hairstyles With Tricks and Styling Pro tips!


When we want to get that gracious feminine look for ourselves, we tend to look for options that have stayed around for long! And for those exact moments, we are showing you a fantastic collection of long hairstyles to try. Women with long hair look phenomenal, and we are always in awe of how their hair looks well managed and styled. Especially if you look at celebs and their hairdos, you will see that sleek and well-done hair that merges with their whole attire. And that is what we want all of you to get for yourself. These are the looks that you are going to adore for a long time to come as well.

No matter what hair texture you are born with, you can get that long locks to flaunt around. And if you want them faster, then you are sure to want to try the weave and wigs out there. When you pass by someone who has that perfect Rapunzel hair, it is undoubtedly a matter of envy! So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to start the journey to transition your hair from short and cute to long and gracious today! Take cues from our article, and it will save you some time for sure. These are long hairstyles guys love too!

Here are 105 options of long hairstyles and we are also giving off some tips and tricks to make it the best flattering style you have ever tried!

Get the straight hair idea

The length of your hair that has the same texture, can look great. So we suggest you try out lovely sleek, long hairstyles at least once. You can see there are some straight hair ideas that any girl will find attractive. When you get your hair straightener, it receives this shine to it that is jaw-dropping. You can look youthful and also understand that natural approach when you have straight locks. These are ideal for any occasion, whether formal or informal and thus it makes it an excellent style to try. If you are always in a rush to head out, then we suggest you get your hair straightened out permanently. That way you can head out each morning looking like a dream and with no effort! So check out these haircuts for long straight hair and choose the one you connect to.

The colors show up well when you have that sleek appearance. You can pair them up with a nice pair of bangs. Here we are showing the magnificent Rihanna with the same length full frontal bangs, and it looks stunning. We are sure you would love to get that short hair on yourself too. Another idea is to get those middle-parted long hairstyles that you can wear to your night parties. There are countless images of the same length long sleek hair ideas you can find on the internet as well. So if you are active on social media sites, you can check them out. Here are a few of the most pinned ideas of the year. We compiled them for you so you can save your time and look fantastic!

long hairstylesThe waves and curls loved by all

Some magazines have shown these haircuts for long hair in 2018, and they are trendy to this day. If you want to check them out, here is an entire collection to check out. These are colors and textures that are excellent. You can get your long hairstyles to look fantastic by adding some waves on them. Women of all ages adore these. No matter what event it is, you can rock the whole attire when you have these beautiful coils. Here are some colors as well. The platinum blonde, brown tones, and dark hues are also alluring for most women. You can try out the beautiful balayage trend if you want to get that well-highlighted look for yourself. Check out these options in this section, and we are sure you will love it.

There are ombre hair ideas out there as well where you can get the darker shades on the top of your hair and get them to look lighter as you reach the end. The best look to try out right now is the grey ombre trend along with some pastel tones. The way you get these colors done can determine how your hair looks for a long time, so we suggest you get that done in a salon with experts around. How good you look also depends on how you part your hair. If you don’t part your hair well, it will make your facial features look unbalanced. So opt for central parts to get that well-transitioned look. This also tends to work out for women who have rounder facial features.

Salon styled perfect hair

Do you think that it is a lot of hassle to head out to a salon to get your hair done? You can get them done at home anyway. But there is a big difference in the way an expert can do your hair and make it look stunning. The products they use are used to are excellent in their way. They also tend to know more about hair texture. So if you want perfect long hairstyles for yourself, then you can try visiting a hairdresser and get it done. You can do your research on who the best stylist is around you through Instagram as well. Book an appointment today, and you can get any color and cut done correctly. Plus when they style your hair at the end, it looks great when you head out. If you need ideas, then you can check out these excellent options in this section!

The dark and blonde hair has us drooling over it. The use of platinum blonde shades is what is exciting in this section. There are some stunning shades in here, and they are shiny and lustrous as well. So you can see that not only the hair looks good, but it has this healthy shine too. Long hair with colors and a bit of texture is the complete combination to try out. You can see yourself how these hairstyles are making these ladies look. When you visit your salon, make sure you have a clear idea of what to recreate. Otherwise, the failure to communicate may result in having the wrong results. You can also ask your stylist some tips to take care of your hair. And they will also help you with product choices for colored hair.

Youthful hairstyles with braids

If you want that entirely young attire to pull off, then choose the twists! Braids always have been around for a long time, and there are some great options to choose from here. We have seen a lot of ideas with this braided hair, and we are in awe of the way it looks. You can get the polished yet not too formal appearance. They are fast and easy as well, which makes it an excellent choice. There are so many creative things to try out, and we cannot wait to showcase them to you. The crown braids are one of the best ideas ever! They add that perfect vibrancy to each of your styles. And it is also great to be worn on prom and such other functions. If you have colored hair with dark and light streaks, then they show off even better.

Here are some gorgeous colors to try out as well. We have the bold red in here that excites everyone. You can see that there are some multi-connected braids as well. All of them can be kept together in a bunch or connected through clear hair ties to make a sort of pattern on them. The side braids are one stunning look that works great for festivals and specific functions. If you want to choose a light and cute hairdo, then select the faux Mohawk braid that turns into a bun on the crown section. You can wear them to your prom or even a dance party. They can be molded to fit fun and a formal occasion as well. If you have any other preference, then you can navigate through our article and find what works for you.

 Layers to add volume and thickness

There was once a general thought that long hair has an unmanageable, bulky appearance. And if you are one who has seen that thick hair done, you may feel the same way. Thus we are here to show you an easy way to manage that thickness in long hair. You can get your tresses covered in free-flowing layers to get that chiseled effect. There is no need for you to worry about frizz since your stylist does most of the job for you. If you are one with a dense, thick hair, then we sure hope you opt for some layering in your locks. Here in this section, we will show off some ideas to try out for beginners as well.

There are celebs like Jennifer Aniston has always had her hair in layers, and she manages to look gorgeous. We are still talking about how the actress seems to have pulled off the best hair looks year after year effortlessly. You can take inspiration from the stunning actress in this section as well. The blonde hair colors she has with the highlights are also one look to try out in life at least once. There are some red carpet events as well, where she has worn these hairstyles with long layers, and we adore them. Getting these short sections in your hair can add that natural volume and make your locks look managed as well. It can help long, thick hair look sorted. You can also get thin hair to look bulky with this method. All you need is to have a good hairstylist and some time in hand. And you can look great each day!

Long hairstyles for college kids

When you are starting college life, there is so much in your mind. And you have so much to do in your to-do list that needs immediate attention. You have work and studies to get through, and at the same time, you need and want to look polished and cute! Thus we are sure you will love this section here. We bought you the hairstyles with long hair that can be wrapped up in a bun or left free. You will also find them to be useful when you need to attend parties and have no time to get ready. The heatless curls methods that need overnight time will surely become a lifesaver in these days! You can enjoy your day and also look fabulous as you do your chores with these on! So head on to the section and explore the ideas to try.

The hairstyle that needs the bobby pins are fresh ones for sure. There are young celebs who wear them and have inspired a large mass of women to try them on. So we are also helping you stay trendy by giving you an image of what it looks like. If you are into the half up and half down styles, then you can try the next one here. The mini top bun has a charm of its own, and we are sure you will be able to do this in a matter of minutes. You will also see some long hairstyles with bangs in this section too. The addition of bangs can frame the face and make it look chiseled. There are many options of these to try; side swept, and full-length frontal bangs are one not to miss!

Celebrity long hairstyles to love and follow

Our list of the best long hairstyles 2019 has the mention of some beautiful celebrities as well. These are the divas that are sure to get you inspired. We have everyone from Aishwariya Rai to Cara Delevinge in here. So you can see their long hairstyles and head on to your stylist to get the same! You need to imagine yourself in these ideas, and we are sure you will learn to fall in love with them. These are hairstyles that were sported in the red carpet events and for some high-class events. But that does not make it an impossible look to recreate as well. They are still approachable, and you can even wear them as your everyday styles! All you need is to have an excellent hairstyling tool on hand and some stronghold hairsprays around to make it last all day long!

Here we have Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, etc. that are showing off their unique hairstyles. The mere idea to get these hairstyles for ourselves can excite you. We know it excites us! And thus we are going to break down these styles for you. Jenifer has always had this simple everyday look on her. And the hairstyle with straight seamless locks Cara has is perfect for anyone who wants to get that effortless appeal for everyday wear. Bollywood actress Aishwarya has given us some good big bulky romantic curl ideas too. Her style leans more towards a glam look that you would want to wear for wedding and night parties. The thing all of these hairstyles have in common is the perfection that comes with it. If you follow them, we are sure you are familiar with these styles.

Leaving your natural locks be!

If you are a lady that is blessed with natural locks, then you need to show them off! We are sure that the casual style you show off will inspire more to try them out. Accepting your natural beauty and showing it off is an excellent way of living. There are some ladies here who are rocking these voluminous, big waves. When you have that hair texture, you need to take care of it well. You need deep conditioning to get that soft, manageable hair. You can also purchase products that can keep your roots at ease. But it is also crucial that you pay attention to the cleansing of your locks. Clean it thoroughly, and you can then get the benefits of all the products that you are using. Otherwise, it is a waste for sure.

If you are one who wants to try out long hairstyles for round faces, then these waves are the right choice for you. They can take the attention away from your rounded features. The thick hair gives a natural volume, and it also adds a bit of length to the whole face. That adds on the elongated feel and sets you aside from everyone else. It also adds that sense of beauty and confidence in a woman when she completely indulges in the process of self-identification and loving oneself. Here we are showing this idea where you can get a big high pony with natural curls that is amazing in all forms. They add that chic and flirty feel to the whole look and is perfect for a casual day out and also a date night. Check some of them in this portion of our article.

Colors with long hairstyles to try out

Are you a color enthusiast? Then you are going to adore the collection of these hairstyles here. This year has been all about the dark shades and the colors used with neon tones. But we are more interested in showing you some colors that last for years without it having that out of fashion appeal ever! We are sure you will also not want to spend money and get on to a hairstyle that only makes you look suitable for a short period. Thus we are showing you some blonde hues with a mix of brown in them to try out. These are best for ladies who want that cheerful and everyday perfect look. So if you’re going to get a color that never dies out, here are the ones we recommend for you to try!

The grey color transformation should be enough to get you to rock that shade. You can also get the blonde that has the yellow undertone in it if you have a pale skin tone. That can add a bit of warmth to your skin and make you stand out! If you are looking for a fun idea, then we suggest you color your hair in the ever so popular pastel shades that everyone seems to love. You can also get yourself some beautiful highlights as well if you want to get that shiny appeal. Here is our compilation for the best long hairstyles with subtle colors to try on. You can also show off some bolder options if that is what you prefer!

As you reach the end here, we are sure you are ready to try out these long hairstyles. These are also the kind of long hairstyles men can also try out. Make your choice, and we are sure you will be looking great. Do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear and try what makes you feel good. There are some casual ideas in this collection that teenagers and young women will love. When you need to go to a party and look extra beautiful, these are the best choice as well.

All you need is to go through these images, and you can find the one to try out. Take help from your close ones to make the decision. If you are getting confused, you can ask your stylist what will suit you better as well. But it is not all about how it looks! You also need to make sure that you are comfortable with the way you feel in these long hairstyles. When you do decide to get that length, it is also essential to take good care of the hair. So you do need to follow a good hair care routine to avoid breakage and frizzy appearance.


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