117 Cool Long Hairstyles For Men


It seems to be a growing trend these days for men to have long hair. We have seen a ton of men transition from the clean-cut look to having man buns. The trend seems to be getting even more popular as we find ourselves in the middle of 2018. Long hair is a versatile hairstyle and one that you are sure to love. You can style your hair in so many different ways. You can choose the different varieties of long hairstyles for men from the bellow photos.

Check out these 117 Cool Long Hairstyles For Men:

  1. Loose and Long

If you like keeping things casual, then why not try leaving your hair loose.


2. Messy Styles

If you like to keep things messy, then why not try a style like this out.

3. Bearded Styles

It’s definitely a trend right now to have a full beard and a ponytail. Men seem to be following the look of the new Aquaman.

4. Sexy Styles

This long and loose style is an incredibly sexy look.

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5. Shaved Side

There’s a lot going on with this style, but overall, it’s pretty badass.

6. Celebrity Style

Brad Pitt has rocked out many different styles over the years but this one he can pull off pretty easily.

7. Man Bun

Long hair can be worn in many different ways, as you can see here.

8. High Bun 

A great style like this is one for the books.

9. The Casual Look

With this type of style, it’s all about casual designs.

10. Polished Look

Having long hair doesn’t have to mean that it has to be messy.

11. Side Sweep

A great style like this will have you feeling pretty cool.

12. Naturally Cool

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, then you should embrace it.

13. Thick Hair

This is a great example of what long hair looks like when it’s thick.

14. High Styles

The man bun is very popular right now.

15. In Between Styles

Just because you want long hair doesn’t mean that you have to grow it down to your butt.

16. Side Shave

If you are looking for an edgier style, then this side shave is a great one to try out.

17. Messy Styling

A cool style like this gives you the best of both worlds.

18. Side Sweep

A medium length style is cool because there is a lot more that you can do with it.

19. Ponytail Styles

His hair is quite long and it’s more of a polished style.

20. Faded Styles

The hairstyle is long, but it has a fade on the sides. We love how the fade blends right into the beard.

21. Rock Star Look

If you like that whole rock star vibe, then this is the style that you should definitely try this style out.

22.  Straight Looks

A style like this is all you need to feel like the cool guy in the room.

23. Bold Styles

This style has a very naturalistic and artistic vibe.

24. High Top

A great style like this has all your hair piled high on top.

25. Dreadlock Style

A great style like this is long and edgy. You can also keep your hairstyle in for a long style, months on end if you choose.

26. Side Part

This long style is created by having a deep side part.

27. Tight Curls

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is let those curls loose in the world. They are gorgeous so why not embrace them.

28. Loose Waves

Wavy styles always create a lot more volume in your look.

29. Colored Looks

Sometimes all you need is a little color change to give yourself an edgy new style.

30. Bold Styles

A long style like this is daring and sexy.

31. Thor Style

You can never go wrong following any of Chris Hemsworth’s styles.

32. Sexy Sawyer

Sawyer used to make women crazy with his long, messy style on the TV series Lost.

33. Bold Curls

There are so many curls in this style and you will love every minute of it.

34. Tight and Polished

These tight curls are pulled together to create this awesome bun.

35. Loose Curls

A great look like this is created because of awesome curls like this.

36. Partial Styles

If you need to get those curls out of your face, then this is a great way to pull them back.

37. Flying Curls

How awesome is this style with all the crazy curls?

38. Manageable Hair

This style isn’t as long as the rest, but it’s a very manageable style. It also looks great with the beard.

39. Bold Colors

These braids can create a pretty cool style for you and it will also protect your hair. You can keep this style in for months on end.

40. The Afro

A cool style like this is edgy and cool.

41. Bold and Curly

A style that is long and has such glorious curls, how can you not show it off?

42. Cool Styles

These simple styles are easy to manage in the morning.

43. Partial Updo

A cool style like this is one that will help you keep your hair out of your face.

44. Mohawk Styles

You don’t get much edgier than this mohawk style.

45. Side Styling

This is just one of many ways that you can style long hair.

46. Loose Waves

A cool style like this is long and flows freely.

47. Free Style

Another sexy style that combines long hair and a beard.

48. Freestyling Looks

A style like this is wild and crazy, exactly what you need this year.

49. Loose and Free

A great style like this is casual and simple.

50. Edgy Looks

The fade here is very edgy and it’s perfectly shaved as well.

51. Messy Looks

If you are into casual and messy looks, then you are sure to love this style.

52. Shorter Looks

This is a great look that isn’t as long as the rest.

53. Edgy Dreadlocks

These dreadlocks are thin and unique. They give you a whole different look. Plus you can keep them in for a long time if you choose.

54. Half Bun

The side shave isn’t right to the skin it’s a good length that matches right along with the beard.

55. Short Partial Looks

A great style like this is easy breezy.

56. Tight Braids

An awesome style like this is tight and is a great protective look for your hair.

57. Braided Styles

These tight braids are a very cool and popular style.

58. Multiple Braids

This cool style would be perfect for a day at the beach or working those waves while surfing.

59. Twisty Braids

Twisty braids like this create a very different look.

60. Edgier Designs

Dreadlock styles are always edgy and this one has a shaved side that is down to the skin. The tattoo is allowed to be shown off in the best possible way.

61. Stylish Looks

A loose style like this is truly unique and wonderful.

62. Cool Shaves

A tight style that is so pulled together.

63. Square Styles

The shaved style that has some square edges. The braids are well put together.

64. Tight and Curly

This afro has a ton of cool and crazy looks.

65. Middle Part

A simple style that is parted in the middle.

66. Short and Stylish

Long hair comes in many shapes and sizes.

67. Curly and Cute

We have to admit that these curls are totally cute.

68. Side Braids

There are many different ways that you can pull your hair out of her face and this is a pretty cool one.

69. Crazy Afro

This afro is not following any rules; it’s just doing what it wants to.

70. Viking Love

This style is inspired by the Tv series Vikings. If you feel brave enough, maybe you could try a style like this one.

71. Outside Braid

These braids are quite tight which creates a polished look.

72. Casual Styling

A simple style like this is about as casual as it can get.

73. Criss Cross Styles

These dreads are crisscrossed in the most eye-catching way.

74. Cool and Casual

Another casual style that is totally cool.

75. Partially Cool

A partial style gives you the best of both words. You get to have it partially up and partially down.

76. Dreaded Shave

This edgy look has shaved sides and dreadlocks.

77. Fun Styles

A cool look that is long and free.

78. Surfers Style

A great style that is going to make you feel like you belong in the wild.

79. Long and Loose

A long style like this one has a lot of body to it.

80. Artist’s Style

This artist is rocking out the long and bearded look. It’s sexy and so very cool.

81. Cool Braids

A braided style like this keeps your hair together in a protective bundle.

82. Cool and Braided

Braids like this are totally cool and they look even better in a ponytail.

83. Dread Ponytails

This is a very long and cool dreadlock style that you are sure to love. This is the kind of style that catches the eye wherever you go.

84. Polished Styles

A cool style like this is great for the office.

85. A Handsome Style

A style like this is unique and free-flowing.

86. Cornrow Style

A cool style like this is pulled together in an edgy way.

87. fashionable Styles

Sometimes it’s okay to just leave your curls loose and free.

88. Fashionable and Cool

Dreadlocks are a style that you can wear for months at a time and they actually protect your hair.

89. Stylish and Edgy

This long style is styled off to the side.

90. Insane Styles

A cool style like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

91. Small Buns

A great style like this is cool because you can keep your hair out of your face.

92. Single Braid

If you are going to the gym, this is a great way to keep your hair out of your face.

93. Side Sweep Curls

A side-swept side allows all your curls to be free.

94. Short Dreads

This dreadlock style is a little more edgier and cool.

95. Fun Braids

Braids will never go out of style and this is a cool look to try.

96. Messy and Fabulous

A classy style like this one is truly one for the books. You will love this style.

97. Pigtail Style

A sexy style like this is sure to draw the ladies eyes.

98. Red Hair

Sometimes all you need is a dash of red to get you through the day. It’s a gorgeous color that is sure to brighten your day.

99. Short Dreads

A style like this is pretty edgy.

100. Celebrity Looks

Keanu Reeves is a cool guy and he’s been rocky this style for a long time.

101. Tiny Braids

An amazing style like this has some pretty cool and tight braids.

102. Rock Style Edge

This rock-style look us one that is going to make you feel and look cool all year long.

103. Natural Looks

If you need your hair out of your face, then tie it back in a scarf.

104. Casual Designs

You don’t get much casual than this hairstyle.

105. Wild Styles

These crazy waves are all you need for a cool style.

106. Bold Locks

A short style that is full of curls and full of fashionable style.

107. Tight Designs

These styles are cool because you can design your braids in many different ways.

108. A New High Style

Tie your hair up for a super cool style like this one.

109. A Few Braided Styles

A bold style that looks super cool all year long.

110. Lower Bun

This lower bun style shows off your cool and collected personality.

111. Cool Bun Styles

Another great bun style that you are sure to love.

112. Classic Styles

If you want a style that is polished and has a classy look, then this is the one for you.

113. High Top and Stylish

Beards and buns go so great together.

114. Model Styles

This is definitely a style that has been popular on the runway over the years.

115. Messy Bun

If you like the messy look and like to keep it casual, then this is the style for you.

116. Loose and Fashionable

These loose locks are totally in style right now. Try growing out your hair and see how you like it.

117. Flipped Style

A shorter style that has the sides all flipped off to the side.


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