66 Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyles With Layers For 2021


Long bob hairstyles, aka lob, is now declared the hairstyle of the season. We agree about the declaration because it flatters all type of face shapes and textures.

Long bob hairstyles are great and will always remain classic. This is a universal hairstyle that is popular all around the world. We have many examples for you. There are lob hairstyles with bangs and layers that you will love. Check out the most significant ideas for long bob hairstyles for 2018.

-Short Lob

This hairstyle is simple and beautiful. You can see how fantastic lob looks in her natural hair type. Her hair has a slight frizz and thin hair type. The lob hairstyle is perfect for this hair type. The hair has been parted from the middle and slightly puffed up. The length of her hair is perfect. To make her entire look perfect, she adds highlights to the ends. The highlights are not eye-catching, but it is subtle. She finishes the look with a fast and effortless makeup.

-Balayage Lob

Look at that beautiful white hair. Her coat and her hair color matches. This is one of the brightest and lightest shades of the blonde hair color. For the hairstyle, she goes for the classic long bob. Her hair has a few layers, and everything looks put together. She parts her hair from the middle. If you like the hair color, you can get it efficiently using the balayage technique. The 21st century has made it possible for you to get any hair color you like. So, have fun with the colors. If you have fantastic hair color, go for a hairstyle that is classic such as long bob.

-Simple One

This hairdo, for me, is always going to be perfect for dates. I love this romantic hairstyle. It looks effortless and straightforward. Everyone loves it, and that is why you see this hairstyle even in celebrities. This is an easy hairdo that you can do in your long bob hairstyles. This hairstyle works great for the straight hair. You can also add highlights at the ends of her hair. If you do so, you will bring out a glow on your face. Middle part your hair and pull back sections of your hair, then clutch it.

-Blonde Long Bob

This is an excellent lob hairstyle for straight hair. It looks beautiful and simple. If your natural hair texture is thin hair and you have the straight hair type, go for this look. You can quickly pull it, off. Anyone can try this look. It will look great in your office or even at a party. Of course, for a party, you will need to know how to style it correctly. So, wear the correct makeup and perfect accessories. For a casual event, I would say nude lipstick and simple eye makeup is all you need.

-With Bangs

Long bob hairstyles work great with bangs and layers. In this hairstyle, there aren’t many layers as you can see. The choice of layers is completely yours. If you want, you can get many layers or keep it simple. If you have wavy hair or straight hair, I suggest you should get some layers. As for the bangs, I think it looks beautiful. It is a great way to give your face an excellent shape. On top of that, it will look great on any face shape. She finishes the look with bright pink lipstick.


If your favorite celebrity wears it after the consent of her many designers and hair stylists, you can safely say that these hairstyles work great. They have many professionals verifying the look. So, don’t worry about lob hairstyles going wrong for you. You can keep the hair length as long as you want. I love the sleekness of this look. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle is made for you. If only, I had straight hair, my next hairstyle for 2018 will be this one. You can also add a few highlights to bring the glow for this look.

-Sleek One

This is another picture of the same long bob hairstyles for straight hair. I love the hairstyle and its simplicity. Hairstyles are supposed to be fun and easy to carry off every single day. You should look great even when you roll out of bed. So, go for a style that works for every occasion. Yes, you know what I am saying. Lob hairstyles work for every event. You can add some fun to this look by coloring your hair or adding many highlights.

-Cool Tints

Look at all the colors in this hair! We love it. If you have a cool undertone, you should go for this look. The grey hairstyles, as you know are trendy this season. Those hairstyles with many blue layers look great and perfect. For the haircut, go for the classic. When you have a hair color that will draw a lot of attention, you can go for a universal hairstyle that looks great. So, go for the lob hairstyle that will work for you. You can add a few waves to the hairstyle.

-Lob Layers

This is an excellent example of long bob hairstyle with layers. If you have round faces or square faces, I suggest trying the layered look for the lob. That will do a great job of softening your robust features and give you your ideal face shape. If you want a similar hair color, then ask your stylist for the blonde balayage hair technique. It looks great. For this hairstyle, all you have to do is run a comb through your hair and part it from the middle. Everything will look beautiful.

-Straight And Waves

We have two examples for you in this picture. On the left side, you can see an extended version of the lob hairstyles. On the right, you can see the short version of the long bob hairstyles. Both of the pictures look amazing. You can play with the length of your hair if you want. I think the long one is great for the ones who don’t want to chop off their locks. For the ones who are willing to experiment with short hairstyles, you can go for the look on the right side. You can use the balayage technique and get yourself a few blonde highlights.

-Few Layers

This is a great hairstyle for you if you are a working mom. It is easy to maintain and looks great on all the type. You don’t have to worry about the hair getting in the middle of your chores. It will look perfect for the house, an event or the office. You can get yourself some wispy bangs if you like to make this look fun and young. If you want, you can also get some blonde highlights. Don’t worry if your hair is short or long, straight or curly; this long bob hairstyle will work great for you.

-Blonde Balayage

I love these lighter shades of the blonde hair color from its palette. They look fabulous if you have the right undertone. Her hair type is straight, and the hairstyle is a perfect match for it. You can use this hair color to create a beautiful ombre effect. Only the roots of her hair are dark in color. So, the blonde colors only give a glow to her beautiful face. You can quickly pull off this look. That is why lob hairstyles are called universal. It works on all. You can wear your makeup and outfit according to the occasion.

-Long Lob

The S-shaped waves on the long bob hairstyles give it a unique look. I can speak the same about the golden highlights all over her hair. Lob hairstyles don’t need to only work for straight hair. They can work for any hair type be it curly or wavy. So, don’t think twice about getting this hairstyle. I have been mentioning that these hairstyles are global, haven’t I? Trust me, they will work great on you. Make sure you give it proper styling and treatment. Your hair needs to be great to look perfect.

-Frame Your Face

The oval shape of her hairstyle creates a beautiful frame for her face. I think this is a great hairstyle for the ones who are working in an office. It gives you a sense of authority and a touch of high style. Who wouldn’t want to walk in the office looking their best? So, you can comfortably wear this style. If you work in the world of fashion, you can go for this look. I have seen many movies based on the themes where many actresses are seen wearing this look. You can add some highlights as well. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle works best.

-Angled Lob

This is one of my personal favorites lob hairstyles. Look at its beauty. I could stare at it all day. If you have straight hair, then why are you not getting this look? What on earth is stopping you? The angular side of this hairstyle is exquisite. She goes for a long angular bob hairstyle where the difference between the short and long one is drastic. To finish the look, the long side of this hairstyle is beautifully curled. The hair color is unique and is a perfect match to the hairstyle.

-Blonde Balayage Lob

We have a tremendous angular lob hairstyle in front of you. This works great if you have straight hair. If you don’t have then any worries, you can quickly wear this look with the help of a hair straightener. The hair has been parted from the middle and then cut in such a manner that it looks pointed in the outward direction. I love how the color looks perfect for her face type. She finishes the look with a cute blazer and glossy lips. You can wear this look to the office.

-Kim K

Kim K is one of the stars who manages to nail the messy look in a red carpet event. For this hairstyle, she goes for the long bob hairstyle that has no sleekness. The hair is allowed to show its natural texture, and it looks fabulous. Her outfit is all gold and shiny. I love it. Everything about this look oozes sexiness. The deep plunging lines, sequences and the subtle makeup all combine to give a look that anyone can wear easily provided they do with confidence.


This another excellent example of long bob hairstyle for the straight hair. You should know that the lob hairstyles are made for the straight hair type. Although, you can always wear it with subtle waves and curls provided correct styling and products are used. This is an excellent look for the summer. Her white T-shirt with a watch for the accessory and the simple hairdo puts together a beautiful look. Try it. It is a safe look, and you can wear it for your day out with your friends.

-K Style

We all love Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star has become famous in front of us, and she is here to stay. They have been ruling the world of TV since forever, and they have set their claws for the beauty industry. Not only that, they are a fashion inspiration to many girls and women around the world. If you notice, they always wear things that can be accessible to anyone. The colors they go for are usually nude, black or white which suits everyone. Now, for the hair, Kim K again opts for a universal hairstyle, i.e., long bob. She keeps it simple and straight. You can also add hair colors if you like.

-Few Layers

We have the romantic hairdo for the lob hairstyle. To be honest, the length of the hair is not extended. But it looks great. I love her hair color and how it manages to compliment her eyes. You can go for this look by adding many layers. If you have the thin hair type, I suggest layering it would be a great way to create some fun in your hair. You can also go for this look if you have the thick hair type. Finish the look with blonde hair color, and you will look fabulous.

-Blonde Balayage

Look at the beautiful blonde balayage in this long bob hairstyle. I told you if you have wavy hair, you can go for the long bob hairstyle. The 21st century has given us many styling techniques which give us the freedom to style your hair in any way you want. You no longer need to style your hair a certain way just because it is of a specific type. The hair can be parted from the middle and let loose. You can finish the look with a subtle makeup that focuses on your lips or eyes. Don’t highlight both your features.

-Sleek And Black

This lob hairstyle works best for the thin hair type. If you don’t have a straight hair, you can do so by using hair straighteners. If you have a formal party to attend, something like an office party, you should go for this look. It looks sleek and stylish. These two make for a great combination. You can keep your eye makeup minimum and wear bright red lipstick. I would suggest you not to do a very deep plunging neckline for the office look. Go for a decent watch that is stylish.

-Simple One

This is a long bob hairstyle that has one layer. It is a great hairstyle for those who have a square face or diamond shaped face. These types of layers take the edge off the face shape and will work on you much. It will give your face a beautiful way. You can also add more layers to the look if you like. The hair length can be long as well. If you are following the Kardashians, you will find Khloe Kardashian wearing the extended version of this hairstyle. Either way, this hairstyle looks great even when it is short.

-With Waves

Go for this look if you want a fun summer look. It is comfortable and breezy. You can feel the wind flow through your hair. If you have the thick hair type, you might want to cut down your volume before you get this hairstyle. This lob hairstyle works excellent if you have this hairstyle and need a little bit of fun. The colors are beautiful. You can add more blonde highlights to your hair if you want using the balayage technique. Take this photo to your stylist to make sure you get what you want.

-Brown Balayage

This is another one of my personal favorites. I am making sure that I will save this picture. Will you? I love when simple hairstyles manage to make you beautiful and pretty. The hair length is long and is cut in such a way that it looks pointed. The hair is also colored at the bottom. You can add hair highlights if you want. Color your hair a dark color and go for the ombre effect. This hairstyle will look beautiful with a stunning ombre effect. Finish the look with a classy pair of sunglasses. Wear this look for a fun day out.

-Few Waves

Wavy hair looks excellent within long bob hairstyles. They give a lot of shape to your otherwise boring shaped hair. You will need some styling products on your hair to hold the way it has or else you might end up with a lot of frizz. If you don’t have frizzy hair, then you can only add shapes to your hair. You can use a curling rod to give it a beautiful way. The hair color can be what you want. Although, I suggest you try the blonde highlights or different shades of blonde color. Many variations of the color will suit your undertone.

-Brown Highlights

Lob hairstyles look great on dark black hair as well. Although, since these hairstyles don’t have many layers unless you are getting yourself a layered one, you can add some highlights. Adding colors to your hair will make you look fabulous. It will add a glow to your hair and make your eyes beautiful. You can finish the look with a lovely bright shade of lipstick that matches your dress. Get yourself a statement piece of jewelry either for your neck or your ears. Voila! You are ready to go. Trust me you will turn the heads for the right reasons.

-Ombre Lob

We have many examples of the straight hair long bob hairstyle and they all are beautiful. You will love it. Trust me. This hairstyle, in particular, has a subtle ombre effect. The hair length is straight and has a slight arch at the ends. The colors of her hair are unique and look great for her skin tone. You can wear this hairstyle for office. If you want a makeover that will not create a lot of drama but make you look phenomenal, I say go for the lob hairstyle. You can even add colors to your hair. This hairstyle is a treat to the eyes.

-Bright Blonde

This is a simple blonde angular, long bob hairstyle that will work on anyone. All in this article, you can see many examples that show the lightest shade of blonde hair color used for the lob styles. They look beautiful. Even if you can’t pull off this hair color, these hairstyles work great in any other hair color as well. The lob hairstyle can be angular or straight. You can see how beautiful this hairstyle looks from any angle. Try it; you will love it. Make sure if you go for this color, it highlights your eyes.

We have more ideas and inspirations for you on long bob hairstyles. They are varied with layers and fringes. Scroll down.

I hope you picked out your favorite long bob hairstyle. I know it is all great. So, why not try them all?


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