39 Pretty Lob Cut That We all Absolutely Love!


From Rihanna to Beyonce to January Jones, all of the celebrities have rocked at one time those fresh looking lob cuts. And we know the reason why it is so common and popular among the celebrities. Easy to don and maintain, these lob cuts have been the highlight of many red carpet events of many eras. This absolutely timeless and classy look with its variation is what is trending on the internet lately as well.

So what exactly is lob cut? If you haven’t noticed lob cuts and don’t know what lob cut is, then you might as well be living under the rock because it is one of the most versatile and edgy hairdos one can have. Lob is the longer version of Bob cut and is “long bob.” Curled or straightened out, this hairdo is simple and easy to maintain, super versatile and works great with any length, texture or hair shade; the reason for its popularity.

So we decided to dig in, and we have come across this gallery of lob hairdo that we absolutely adore. Check it out!

1. Straight Blonds

This simplistic and minimal hairdo kept us on the edge when we started seeking lob hairdo. Easy and effective, this is where you can begin if you want a mid-length hair that is minimal and you can wear it on an everyday basis.

2. Brunette Lob

Like with any other hairdo, this hairdo also looks absolutely gorgeous when added the brunette hued ombre. This shoulder length hair adds to the feature of your looks, and it is super easy to maintain as well. Here you can see Lucy Hale donning the lob hairdo, and we can easily assume the effect it has on the Hollywood.

3. Straightened Blonde

Another look at the simplistic blonde, we can see the bob cut on the edges with a longer length. The light shade of the hair looks absolutely brilliant and you know you can work it out however you like. Make it your daily hairdo, and we swear you will not regret it.

4. Darker Roots

For a more defined volume try going for darker roots and lighter edges. Although the hairdo looks great as it is, the darker roots create more depth and volume to your hair that we know you will love. Try it out today!

5. Brunette Love

As we mentioned before, the lob hairstyle is universal and works with any color, hair texture and volume. You can see why we guarantee that fact with this brunette shade for proof. Dazzling the crowd, this simple mid-parted lob is the absolute definition of chic and classy.

6. Smiley Miley

Popular among most celebrities, we can see another look of Hollywood here with our Smiley Miley donning this blonde lob hairdo that makes her look stunning. Although we doubted Miley’s fashion choice a year before, we have no doubt about this hairdo now! We love her lob hairdo, and we know that you will too.

7. Sleek Curls

Who does not know the famous Kardashians? One of the TV queens, we can see Khloe Kardashian rocking those loosely curled lobe hairdos. The sleek side parted curls make the perfect runway look and she is absolutely killing it!

8. Ombre With Lob

This natural looking ombre with dark and light shades of brown are what lob cuts are all about. Simple and sleek, these hair is perfect with any hairdo and even if you just let it loose, you know that you will still steal the show. Get it for yourself today and you will never want to look back again!

9. Bang Bang

If you are up for something more than just a lob cut, why not get yourself bangs to go with the lob cut of yours. It looks gorgeous, and you simply don’t have to put in any effort to look pretty all the time.

10. Ash Blonde Curls

This stunning shade is called the ash gray and don’t you think the lob cut perfectly combines with the hair shade making it look more awesome? Go on and get that dream color and the hair cut to go with it. Just add simple loose curls at the end and you are ready to steal the spotlight!

11. Brunette Beauty

Another shade that is gorgeous is this all natural looking brunette hair hue that we have fallen in love with. And as we have mentioned earlier, you can see how the hair style fits perfectly with any shade and texture. The combination of this two gives you this perfect auburn brunette lob cut that you know you want to get immediately!

12. Straight Edge

Either curled or straightened, the lob is the haircut that suits any of your hairstyles. Just take a look at how awesome this middle parted lob cut looks when straightened with absolute perfection. Just brilliant!

13. Side Parted Lob

Another look on those straight edged lob but this time parted side ways. There is a lot of variation of looks you can get from this simple lob cut. And each of it has such different results that it almost doesn’t seem like the same hair cut. Try it out and see for yourself!

14. Edgy Lob

Another variation could be this almost bob like lob but only a bit longer. The tips on the front look edgy while the short behind completes the look. Classy and easy to maintain, this can be your go-to hairstyle this year.

15. Selena Gomez

While you sit back and go through our gallery of hairstyles, why not take a look at Selenarockingroching this 90’s inspired lob cut. Simple and sweet this hairdo brings out your inner child in you and makes you look years younger.

16. Long Lob

While experimenting, we have yet another great idea you can try out for yourself! This is a lob cut with much longer ends in the front than the back. Not only does this hairdo look super stylish, but it is also just another look that you would want to steal immediately. You know you love it, so why not get it for yourself?

17. Layered Boldness

When working with the lob, you should try this hairstyle if you have thin hair. Adding more layers to your lob not only looks ultra glamorous, but it also makes your hair gain more volume and depth.

18. Shorter Lobs

Shorter lobs or bobs can also work out great with layers. For example, you can just look at this picture, and you know what we are talking about. Fancy yet classy, this hairstyle will take your look to a whole another level.

19. Dark Roots

Another glam tips that we can give you is that if you have thinner hair and you want to go for lob or bob cuts, try and go for darker roots. This helps create the illusion of more volume and definition in your hair. And you can see the result right here; this hairdo is worth taking a risk for.

20. Blonde Symmetry

For a more edgy look and feel, why not go for this lob hairstyle with bangs in front. Face framing longer bangs on the side makes the whole look more appealing and you have a whole new look that you can flaunt in no time.

21. Highlighted Blonds

This shade of blond looks absolutely brilliant when added the lob cut. We have absolutely fallen in love with this gorgeous shade of highlighted blonds, and I know you will love it too.

22. Beached Out Lobs

Get this exclusive look of beachy lob cut, and you will love it! The beachy kind of vibes that this look gives is the essential thing that you have been missing out on! Get this lobe hair cut and you will get all the attention you have been craving!

23. Fringes with Lob

This bold and edgy hair shade looks absolutely gorgeous when you have this lobe cut to go with it. Bring out your inner diva and make it your everyday look. Be the glamorous diva you are meant to be!

24. Pointed Ends

This pretty hairstyle is inspired by most Hollywood celebrities who brought out the 90’s back. Make this hairstyle your everyday look and we can guarantee that you will never want to look back. Another great thing about this look is that the uneven lengths make your hair look so much edgy.

25. Wavy Lengths

Another look on the brilliant shade of blonde, we can see that how well it works. If you have thinner hair, why not go for this wavy lob cut that adds the missing volume to your hair as well. Your hair will love the extra attention and everyone else will appreciate your look.

26. Blow Dried Lob

If you want that extra touch to your hair to make it look super glam, try this hairstyle that is perfect for you. If you don’t like the straightened ends but you also don’t have time for that extra curls, go for this bold and edgy looks where you can just play around with your hair and brush it out in the end.

27. Curls And Twirls

With your lob cut, try this hairstyle with all the curls and twists. This take on the glam makes your look extra authentic and you will absolutely fall in love with the results. The light blond shade not only adds the extra glow but it also accentuates your natural structures beautifying you to your fullest.

28. Blue Hue

If you are up for more style and boldness, why not go for the bright and bold color like this shade of blue? This not only capitalizes your boldness but this look teamed up with the right accessories and right wear, you can even make it look classy and edgy.

29. Light and Dark

This take on the light and dark play of the hair looks absolutely mesmerizing and you can see the reason why this lob haircut is on our list. This hairstyle has absolutely won our hearts and we know that you will love it too. Add the extra volume and depth to your hair with this incredible hairstyle!

30. Gray Way

If you are up for something more creative and fun, take a look at this ash gray color. The trending fashion statement of this year and the shade that the internet is going crazy over, this ash gray color is the color of your dreams. Suited for anyone, this color looks absolutely insane with this lob haircut. You know you want it, so why not go for this haircut today?

31. Platinum Love

If you have thicker locks, then lob cut is the perfect solution for you. Thicker hair volume means that can achieve that envious look without much effort. Here is the perfect example of what we are saying. Don’t you just love how this looks? Absolutely gorgeous.

 32. Orange Lob

If you are into the natural red hair shade, this orangey red hue is perfect for you. Added the effect of this lob haircut, this hairdo adds the extra glam look and feel to your daily hairstyle. Make the best out of it and get this hairstyle immediately!

33. Highlights and Fun

For that fun and cheeky side of you, you can show it to the world with this highlighted play on the lob haircut. Simple and yet fun, this brings out the fun element in your dull and boring hair. Easy to maintain, you can add the waves and curls to your liking and you will never have the day to remain bored again.

34. Ombre Blondes

This pretty hairstyle works well with any hair shade and texture as we have mentioned here again and again before. The picture above shows the ombre color play of the lightest browns that looks absolutely stunning! Loose and wavy the lob cut has managed to make it to the red carpet yet again!

35. Tough Looks

Great for any occasion, you can style this hairstyle however you want. Here you can see the playful and natural looking curled locks make the perfect hairstyle that we adore. Color play with an ombre effect, you know that this is the look that you have been seeking so get it done today!

36. Legally Blonde

This sophisticated look is just a simple lob cut straightened out to perfection. For those of you who have little to no time maintaining your strands, this is perfect for you. It is also ideal for those office workers who have to appear in a formal appearance every day.

37. Blinding Colorplay

Cute and runway ready, this haircut suits all of the age, color and race. Whether formal or casual, you know you can never get enough of these pretty hair do’s that we have absolutely adored. Make yourself the center of the spotlight in no time and get one these hairstyles!

38. Chocolate Brown

This hazy brown shade looks gorgeous and pretty and you won’t deny that it is the look that we can never get tired of. Lob cut and the hair hue is the brilliant combo for a perfect look anywhere, anytime!

39. Blonde Ombre

For a more subtle and pretty look, go for this lob cut where the color has done justice with the ombre. Bring out your inner beauty and shine bright like a diamond with this simple hairdo. Simple and easy to achieve and maintain, the lust of this hairstyle will come over you again and again!



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