How to Get Lilac Hair for This Season?

Add cotton candy to your pastel palette for hair colors.


We have officially declared lilac hair to be the most desirable style of the season. Everyone wants lilac colored cotton candy hair, and we are here to help you get them.

Starting with the basics, when you have decided for the color (we are hoping it is lilac or lavender), you need to bleach your hair. No pastel color is going to stay on your dark colored locks. Start out by bleaching your hair. You can try it at home or go to the salon. Bleaching can cause severe damage to your hair, so if you are not sure you should ask some help from professionals. If you are a natural blonde, you can add some toner to lighten your hair. Always perform a strand test and make sure you follow the instructions.

Now, comes to the part when you choose your shade. For that, we have the color palette. Understand that some colors may start off as the shade you want but will fade off into something undesirable. Be very careful!
When it comes to choosing from pastel palette, you should know that they only last for a few weeks or a couple of months. It depends on your original hair color, hair condition, what products you use on them and how often you wash them.
For the lilac hair color, it usually starts at purple, then goes to lilac and later becomes a silver hue. Lilac hair color can be considered in a way a permanent dye color. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, it is time for you to start preparing. Firstly, I would say mentally. You carry your hair everywhere; it is your personality. So, be sure you can pull it off and will be accepted universally. Once you have decided, get yourself old towels, Vaseline, brush, shower cap, mixing bowl, conditioner, mirror, foils, and clips. Or if you are going to the salon, I think the ATM would be your first stop.

Let us now get started. You have decided that you want the lilac color but have you decided if you wish to streaks, just the under layers, ombre or the entire hair dyed. The trick is to mix your color with white conditioner to leave a permanent lovely lilac hair color.
If you are going for streaks, make use of some foils and take help from a friend or a relative. Just for the under layers, grip the top part of your hair and dye the bottom strands. Use gloves to smooth it all over and avoid the skin.For the entire hair, well just color it all.

Don’t doubt yourself if you want to go for entire lilac hair. It is one of the best pastel colors.After letting the lilac hair color stay for thirty to forty minutes wash it off with cold water. Check for some mistakes and rectify them.

Now you have it, that gorgeous lilac hair that you always wanted.
We have some fantastic examples lined up to show how beautiful lilac hair color is. Shall we?


1. Simply Lilac

This is a beautiful pastel hair color that shows lilac at its best. The color has set beautifully and gives a purplish hue plus shine. She doesn’t need to do a lot to style it but only let the colors flow.

2. Latest Lilac Hair

These voluminous locks show the best of pastel dye color. The lavender tone of this hair gives it a unique look. If you are wondering why the color looks so great in this hair, it is due to nourishment. So, keep your hair healthy.

3. Let Lilac Flow

This lilac hair has its dye somewhat faded. Remember when I said, lilac hair color is one of the best dye colors as they disappear into a great shade. Do you think I was lying?

4. Messy Lilac Hair

You can accentuate your curls with one of the best permanent dye, which is,(drumrolls),  lilac. Obviously! Why not give yourself a Disney Princess feel with your curls and a cotton candy color. But if you are one of us lazy girls, the color works great with messy hair.

5. Towards The Lavender

This shade of the lilac hair is more towards the bluish hue of the color. Even the fringes have been colored giving an entire look a more significant than life feel. The locks are chopped to a shoulder length.

6. Ombre Lilac Hair

Forever favorite ombre hair color looks even more fabulous with the lilac hair. This color might be difficult to achieve, but once you get it, I believe you will want it as your permanent hair dye. Keep your roots dark color and let the rest of your curls have fun with the lighter shades.

7. Trendy Purple

The shades of purple can be shown in any which way. From ombre to bright purple, it works miraculously. This bright pastel dye can show your edgy side when you style your outfit the same way.

8. Mix The Braids

She has got a pure lilac hair color. What I love about this is the mixture of the braids. The upper layered fishtail braid and the top loosened braids combine into a fabulous hairstyle. About the lilac hair color, well we all can see how terrific it is.

9. Tie It Up A Knot

This lilac hair color compliments her fair skin tone perfectly. If you have a similar skin color, then you should try this color if you want a complete makeover. You can style your hair as for a top-knot bun or let it be.

10. Double Knot & Double Shade

If you are bored of a single shade lilac hair color, I say go for two. Don’t think it will work?
I think we all can see the picture. She goes for a two-bun hairstyle to show off her two shaded lilac hair hues. Let some strands fall on your face to complete the look.

11. In The End

This is the beautiful silver shade that you have after all the fading off of the lilac hair color. For this short hairstyle, the color works magic. Her skin tone goes well with the color of the hair. A look, definite worth the try.

12. Short Lilac Hair

The lilac hair color faded looks fabulous with the short bob hairstyle and the choker look. This hair color is what everybody wants. When the lilac dye has disappeared into the silver hue, you can add some new highlights towards the end of your hair to create a sort of ombre look.

13. Subtle Ombre-d Lilac Hair

I told how ombre style works magic in lilac hair as well. I have proof! Look how the shades of lilac are played with creating a stunning ombre effect. The entire color once faded is enhanced by making the roots lavender again. The braids are there to accentuate and define the whole short hairstyle.

14. Bluish Lilac Hair

This shade of the lilac hair shows off more of its bluish hue. If you are thinking of going for this kind of color, you should be very careful. Check your undertone carefully. If this color goes wrong, you will carry disaster everywhere. On the other hand, if you can pull it off, you know the compliments you will be handling.

15. Dark Rooted

If you aren’t sure about getting an entire lilac hair makeover, you can always try working it half way. You can keep your roots dark so that it goes with your natural skin tone. The rest of the hair can be colored into lilac. Experiment!

16. Shades of Blue

This shade of lilac hair again plays with the blue hues but what it magically shows is the ash blonde undertones. This short hairstyle with the hair color makes the entire hair look like a waterfall. I love it!

17. Pinkish Lilac

If you love the warmer shades of the lilac hair, you always have the pinkish tones. In the end what matters is your undertones and what suits you. You have so many options to choose to Pick one and have fun.

18. Best of Both

I have talked about the warmer shades and cooler shades of the lilac hair alternately. But, well here you have a picture showing you the best of both worlds. As I have mentioned, it is all about your skin tones. Lilac dye shows you a broad range of variance from its palette. You can also see the magic of ombre. Do I need even to say more?

19. Lustrous Lilac

Let your hair shine just like you do love. This shade of lilac hair adds a gorgeous luster to your hair, and that is what steals the show. The hairstyle is twisted yet straightforward.

20. Highlights

Coloring your entire hair can be overwhelming to a lot of us here. That is why stylists decide to go for highlights. Highlight your straight hair or your waves with any shade of lilac hair to give it an extra dimension.

21. Lilac to Black

Keep your roots dark and let the lilac hair color show off your funky and edgy side. This cotton candy hairstyle works in your darkest look as well. The black lipstick and nail paint look amazing with this shade.

22. Flower Power

Create a princess look from any of your favorite Disney Princesses’ look. Braid loosely and uniquely. Complete the look by placing some flowers at different positions of your hair. The waterfall hairstyle merged with the braids makes you look like a Greek Goddess.

23. School Girl Style

These cotton candy shades from the pastel palette can be turned into a beautiful two-sided braided hairstyle. Talking about the colors, the faded lilac hair is added a new life with purple shades at the ends.

24. Ombre Shades

Add some subtle lilac hues that go with the cooler tones. You can keep your natural hair color for your roots or go for ash blonde hair. This hair color variation adds a new look to your short hairstyle. Another example of a perfect ombre.

25. Let Them Be

Let the warmer shades of the lilac hair play with your natural or already blonde hair. These warmer shades give your entire hair color a rose gold vibe. A classy hair color that you will all love.

26. Winter Fray

This winter goes with the season for your hair color. Give your hair some frostbite by coloring your hair completely lilac and choosing the cooler shade of the dye.

27.  Braids & Colors

Let your lilac hair have fun with some highlights. Lilac hair doesn’ need to be kept simple and permanent. You can always play with them by adding a lot of highlights. The highlights can be of the same color or mixed. Braid the top half to add some style.

28. Bleached Lilac

For such a look, once you bleach your hair, you can pick lightest shade of the lilac and let it just stay on your hair. To give it an extra touch, twist and loop them. Funk it up!

29. Love Lilac Hair

Show some love to the lilac hairstyle by giving yourself a treat. You can pick either the warmer tone or the cooler tone. The warmer tone can give you a pinkish hue. Instapost your love for these shades.

30. Show Them Off

You can just let your hair be as it is after coloring your hair lilac. There isn’t much you need to do. The amazing color itself can steal the entire show and leave people only giving you compliments.

31. Good Hair Day

This picture reminds me of shampoo advertisements. The hair when kept healthy you can even color it to and make no damage. Have fun, girls!

32. For The Winter

Show off your amazing style with the cool shades of lilac hair color. Let your straight hair flow and let your fingers do the styling.

33. Pink Doll

This look is completely out of the box look. The lavender hair color with its pinkish hue creates stunning magic. If you have a skin tone similar to this, you can go for this color and cut some bangs.

34. Lilac Highlights

Add only a few highlights to your natural dark hair color to bring out some dimension to your hair. Pull your hair into a loose bun and have fun with your amazing hair color.

35. Curled Highlights

Create a mixture of blonde and purple highlights in your curled up hair. These highlights create a beautiful texture to your hair. It has the power to create a subtle ombre. Fantastic!

36. Purple Braids

Your purple hair color, when braided into big knots loosely, can create a majestic look. The hairstyle is such a treat to any eyes. The color variation works to give a spectacular view.

37. Waved Lilac Hair

Play with the silver hues and lilac hues of the pastel color palette. Show them off diagonally and let everyone ask you for the advice. Ready to receive overwhelming comments on your new profile picture?

38. Ombre-d Silver Hue

You can keep your roots light blonde and let the ends have the silver hue of the lilac hair color. This gives the reverse ombre effect which again is a spectacular view. Braid your hair and look fabulous.

39. Reverse Ombre

Keep your hair naturally blonde at the roots. You can dye your hair lilac at the ends and let it fade to give a silver hue. If you want, you can add some dark colors at the end. Well, you know what the result is after that. Fantastic!

40. Princess Lilac Hair

If you have always been a Disney fan and wanted in your life to look like a princess, you should go for the lilac hair color from the pastel palette. This dye on your hair will leave a somewhat permanent effect, and the braided hairstyle will make you feel like singing with the birds.

41. Lightest Lilac Hair

Emma Watson can pull off any of hair color. She shows how to rock one of the lightest shade of lilac hair color. Her light curls and side bangs frame her face perfectly. The cherry on the top is her bright purple lipstick that matches amazingly well with her hair color.

42. Lilac or Blonde?

Some of us already have beautiful blonde hair color, but the lilac hair color is inspiring. But, what if you are not ready to leave your hair color? You have this way to incorporate both the shades. The other blonde and lilac compliment each other amazingly.

43. Silvered

Even the red carpet moments need the silver tone. It adds to its glamour and glitter. This shade of lilac works when your skin tone is right. Be careful about your outfit.

44. Subtle Rainbow

Even when the lilac dye is wholly faded and brings out its silver hue, there is still much more that you can do with it. You can go for an ombre effect, or you know to play with colors. Add red, blue or green hues to the ends of your hair creating a rainbow effect.

45. Styled Up Purple

For you short hairstyle, you can create an entirely new look by washing your hair with a lavender dye. Create a bouncy part with your fingers. You can use purple eyeshadow with heavy eye makeup and be the talk of the town.

46. Shades of Purple

You can see what you can do with the shades of lilac hair color in all these collections. Tie it into a bun or braid it. Go for a bright tone, a matte purple shade, pinkish hue or fairy effect. The choice is yours. Your palette is one decision away.

47. Tie It Into A Bun

If you have your big day coming up and are planning to do something that the rest will never dare to do, you can give your hair a lilac dye treatment. It will go amazing with your dress. Style it into a messy bun, keep the accessories and makeup subtle. It works.

48. Doll Up

Look like a doll with the lilac hair color. If you have terrific straight hair and bangs that make you look cute, you can add to your looks with the lavender color. I bet the next Barbie might be inspired by your looks.

49. Devil’s Color

For such a fairytale or a doll hair color, even your hair twisted in Devil’s horn looks incredible. This style also gives off some England vibes. For a floral outfit and lovely spring day, the hair color will compliment everything.


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