130 Beautiful Light Brown Hair For This Summer


If you want a subtle color which is neither dark nor dull then light brown hair color is a perfect color for you. It is always difficult to decide what we want our hair to be. Sometimes we want to have short hair, sometimes long hair. There is so much confusion in our daily life to take a proper hair decision. We always want to play safe when it comes to our hair whether it be the length, hairstyles or hair color.

However, light brown hair color is one of the colors which matches with a variety of facial features and face tone. It complements different variegation of hair texture and skin tone. It is one of the safest colors which is quite popular among women as it goes perfectly between the color scale which is not too dark not too light. The light brown hair color is the official color for the summer where women can flaunt their beautiful color with little or no maintenance. This hair color is never out of fashion and suits every kind of hair whether it’s straight or curly.

We can see much light hair color pop in our Pinterest, newsfeed and also look at our friends, relatives, workers flaunt this hair color beautifully. We can also see various celebrities flaunting this hair color such as Jennifer Anniston, Cara Delevinge, Jessica Alba. So, here we present you a different variation of light brown hair color in the gallery.

Tan Skin Ombre

The lob haircut is cute and stylish at the same time. It gives the unsharpened cut which provides you with a chic vibe and allows the movement in the hair. Women with any complexion can carry this hair color beautifully. It goes perfectly with the natural black color hair base.


light brown hair

Medium Length With Dark Ash

The smokey ash color looks beautiful on the dark base hair color. It is the combination of dark color with the highlight of light intensity on a few strands of hair.


Light Color Hair Curls

We love curls which help women give a fancy look. Th curls look even better when it is in bright color hair which offers the proper texture and density to the color.


Sunkissed Hair Light Chocolate Brown

It is the combination of three hair color which raises the level of darker tone to the lighter tone. It gives you all the vibe of light sunkissed feel and makes you look stylish. It is one of the hairstyles which provide warmth to your look.

Sandy Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle can never go wrong. You can opt out in this hairstyle wherever you like and matches with every outfit. The blonde highlights match perfectly with the sandy brown hair which id the base color.

Light Caramel Hair color

Don’t want to go loud with your hair color? Then, this hairstyle is for you all. This hair color is subtle and beautiful which makes your day bright. It is one of the favorite hair colors among women and girls.

Straight Light Brown Hair

Straight hair is one of the evergreen hairstyles. It goes perfectly with any hair texture, size, and color. One of the famous hairstyle among the girls today is the straight light brown hair which is easy to manage and make you look stylish.

Light Natural Brown Hair

It is one of a natural look which is inspired by the women’s own light brown color. It is one of the most natural hairstyles which doesn’t need much to manage or shouldn’t visit salon often. This hair color is perfect for the women who want to get the natural look.

Light Ash Brown Hair Color

According to its name, the light brown hair is understated to get the gorgeous ashy brown color. The ash highlight provides different charm to your look hence make you look more stylish and chic.

Honey Brown

It is the perfect combination of light brown hair and dark brown hair which gives you a balanced look and gives you a newly different look. This hair color is preferable among the women as it makes them stand out among the crowd.

Light Contrast Color

If you don’t want any dramatic look, then this hair color is an ideal hair color for you. The light contrast hair color gives you the bright brown highlight which matches perfectly with the dark base color.

light brown hair

Cooler Baby Brown lights

This cooler baby brown lights look subtle and soft which is the best combination. The start of baby brown light hair is done correctly which gives your hair an elegant look.

Bangs in Light Brown Hair

Bangs look gorgeous in light brown hair which gives hits the limelight it deserves. If you want a beautiful light color for the bangs, then you should try this hair color as soon as possible.

Dimensional Bronde Light Brown Hair

Dimensional Bronde Light Brown Hair color provides you the low light which is a perfect hair color for the winter. This hair color is low maintenance and saves your money for the salon. This color is best for women who have neutral skin tones.

Ashy Ombre

It is one of the popular hairstyles for summer which brightens the women skin tone and eye color by highlighting the overall look. This hair color is best for all the skin tones and hair types. It is the best option for the woman who has dark hair color to lighten their hair.

Warm Fawn

Warm Fawn hair color gives you a natural look which is one of the best element of this hairstyle. A balayage hair color similar should be done frequently to make your hair look great and give you a stylish look.

Warm Toffee To Honey Ombre

The toffee to honey brown color is a beautiful light brown hair color. It gives you a warm and cozy feeling. This hair color is natural to do and requires minimum maintenance. This hair color gives you sun-kissed sense which suits for the women who have dark eyes.

Warm Walnut Brown

Warm Walnut Brown is a different shade of light brown hair which is an ideal highlighted summer look for all the ladies out there. It provides a different tone of highlights and brown color matches the complexion of the women.

Hot Rich Cider

This hair color is to die for which gives you all the warm and light look which is a perfect hair color for summer. It is an ideal combination of cool tones which is natural and stylish at the same time.

light brown hair

Light Sandy Highlights Color Melt Hair

Light Highlights in a dark base gives you a warm and chic look which brings brightness to your face. This hairstyle is a best choice for the women who are busy and want a hair color which requires minimum maintenance.

Light Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Bright Highlights on Dark Brown Hair is the balanced combination of a brunette and blonde look where light highlights are on the dark brown strands of hair. This hair color gives you a natural and soft look which is perfect for the women who want to have a go-to hairstyle.

Chocolate Caramel Ombre

This chocolate caramel ombre is the combination of an ombre and a balayage which brings balance to the hair color. The shine is the main highlight of this hair color which gives you a beautiful feel.

Light Brown To Platinum Hair

This hair color starts from light brown from the starting to the platinum hair at the end. There is a different dimension in this hair color which brings the contrast of dark brown roots and bright blonde at the end of the hair.

Light Ash Chestnut Hair

If you have a fair skin color, then you should go for this look. The light ash chestnut hair gives you a look which can go with any outfit and makes you look fantastic. You should always choose the hair color according to your skin tone.

Light Brown Waves

Light Brown Waves are the look which can go with any outfit, and you can carry it in different events. To get this look is effortless, you don’t have to put much effort to get this hairdo. This hairstyle is simple as well as stylish. If you want this look, then light curl to your hair and add some caramel highlights which will already bring out a new look in you.

light brown hair

Balayage Effects

This hairstyle goes perfectly for the long hair with chestnut shade which can be usually pulled by the pale skin women of color. Therefore, The balayage effect gives the vibrant and warm look to your face.

 Bangs on Light Ash Brown Hair

Look at this picture; we love how that light brown hair color goes perfectly on that straight hair with bangs. This color is not that loud and is still visible which is an ideal color for the women who prefer classic and straightforward style.

Simple Effect

If you don’t want to make the extra effort for any hair look, then you can go for this. To get this look, you merely have to add chestnut highlighter to your dark hair color and add some curls; then you are ready to carry this look anytime and anywhere.

Ponytail on Light Brown Hair Color

It is an iconic look of Ariana Grande. If you want to get the look similar to her, then you have to color your hair on light brown and tie the ponytail in the top of the hair.

Chestnut Hair Color With Auburn Streaks

Auburn streaks are the streaks which you need in your life. They are beautiful, subtle and lightly visible. While you can get this look by visiting a hair salon or can find a professional to do this look. The Auburn Streaks on Chestnut Hair color gives you a classic look.

Light Brown Sun-kissed Effect

We can see in this hairstyle that she opt out for dark color at the base and light shade at the bottom which makes it look attractive and beautiful. If you are confused about the dark and light shade of color, then this hair shade is the perfect look for you.

light brown hair

Seamless Caramel Hue

For this look, you don’t have to try hard as it is casual and comfortable to prepare. This hair color looks beautiful in anyone, and the brown tones give you a natural look which has a warmer effect on your overall style. Just be careful about one thing that the brown tone should match the eye color and skin tone.

Simple Light Hair Color

This hairstyle is simple, elegant and comfortable. The natural dark brown color gives so much light to this look with little highlight on hair strands. The range of hair color always depends upon you as you can go for a dark chestnut color and add some extra shades of light intensity.

Ash Brown Hair with Lowlights

This hair color gives you the brown hair with lowlights. You can also tone the ash brown hair down with a notch. The Lowlight gives similar vibes to the hair and will make hair look dark rather than light.

Light Golden Brown Hair Color

It is one hell of a gorgeous golden brown color which provides depth and various dimension to the hair. The eye color and makeup match the color perfectly which gives you an elegant look and sable undertone.

Subtle Brown Lights

Everything about this picture is gorgeous. From her eye, hair, makeup, and hair, everything suits her well. You can use the light hues to add some highlights in the chestnut shade. The brown light shade in the front hair adds some much charm to the face which matches precisely with the beautiful eye and splendid makeup and brings out the best look on her face.

light brown hair

Wavy Short Brown

This wavy short brown hairstyle uses balayage effect to color the sunkissed pieces in the hair color. It gives you a fresh and chic look which can be preferable on all hair length whether it is short, mid-length or long hair. Anyone who wants a natural hair can try this hair color.

Midas Touch

This hair color is perfect for you if you have a darker tone skin. The chestnut brown hair with a golden touch can add a different feel to the face and gives you new hairstyle. The highlight will add some extra features and will make your face glow and add shine to the dull color of hair.

light brown hair

Lighter Brown Shade

If you had pale skin and confused about which hair color to try, then this hairstyle is for you. The golden touch to the light brown dye gives you a fantastic color and provides a charming glow to the entire face. This hairstyle is something which you don’t have to put extra effort.

Light Brown Highlight and Curls

People often get confused what kind of hairstyle suits them most when they have short hair. If you are concern about this problem, then the solution is this hairstyle. We can see the Caramel curls with highlight which gives you a showstopper look and make you sweep all the attention in the event. The caramel highlights make your entire look perfect, and you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible.

Contrasting Highlights

If you want to do some experiment with the hair, then this color is for you. This picture shows that you can use your chestnut color as a transition color because this color can be used a middle ground color for high contrasting dark or light shades of color.

Modern Ash For Pale Skin

It is one of the different looks where the darker root combines with one of the lightest shade of brown color. It is a modern light brown ash look which is beautiful and low maintenance.

Rooty And Textured

The best thing about any hairstyle and hair color is that a particular style and color should match your personality. It should compliment your look well. This rooty and textured look helps you sweep all the attention from the crowd and gives you gorgeous hair color.

Shoulder Length Soft Spice

The best thing about this hairstyle is light texture color of the hair which gives you a light and warm look. It provides maximum shine and glossy look to the hair leaving everyone jealous of this hairstyle. This hair color is best for women who have cooler skin tones.

Light Brown Baby lights

Baby lights are one of an iconic look which never go out of fashion and gives you beautiful natural color. It gives you light brown color which adds a lot to the dimension of hair and is super easy to manage.

Heavy Light Brown Balayage

It is one of the beautiful hairstyles which contains heavy balayage styled with a lighter look which gives you a gorgeous look. The style is natural and well maintained with a few tricks and products.

light brown hair

Light Sable Brown Hair Color

The light sable brown hair color is a subtle colored hair which gives you the perfect mixture of gloss and shiny finish. There is a light fade on the hair root which gives depth and makes you look beautiful from any angle.

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa brown hair color is the mixture of both dark brown and light brown hair color which makes your hair have a various dimension of color. It gives you pale beautiful complexion which is perfect for the women who have fair skin.

Long Curly Light Brown Hair

Light Brown Hair color looks gorgeous in long curly hair which this picture is an example. This long curly gives you a different look which helps you differentiate among the crowd.

Soft Light Brown Balayage

It is one of the gorgeous hairstyle and hair color for women who have a fine silky hair. Soft Light color gives you a natural look which is so natural that it is difficult to differentiate if the hair is colored or not.

Copper Brown

Miley Cyrus is rocking this hair color so can you. The copper brown color gives brightness to your face and gives you a very stylish look which is a perfect hair color for all the teenage girls.

Fall -Inspired Light Brown Hair Color

The light brown hair color is a perfect hair color for the fall season which includes the ash brown color balancing the warm effect of the hair. This hair color is ideal for all the face complexion and skin tone of women.

Light Ash Brown

The light ash brown is one of the softest light brown hair colors which provides the shade of bronde which gives you a natural look with low maintenance and ideally wearable color.

Light Brown Hair is an ideal hair color for the women who want to change their hair color but want it to be classic and subtle. This hairstyle is the high profile hybrid of light brown hair color which is neither blonde nor brown. It is one of the beautiful and stylish hair colors which is low in budget and easy to manage and maintain. If you want to experiment new color in your hair, then it is one of the safest colors to start with as it gives you the right mixture of warmth and coolness in the same hair color.

The light brown hair color mostly suits every skin complexion and skin tone which is worth a try. It gives you a chic and casual vibe which is an ideal hairstyle for any season.


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