105 Sexy Lemonade Braids To Try


We can find different kinds of braids which suit separate occasions and fit according to it. There are classic waterfall braid, fishtail braid, halo braid, side braids and one of them is lemonade braids. Lemonade braids are similar hairstyle to cornrows, but it is kept simple and is also known as a protective hairstyle.

It is a known fact that celebrities are one of the significant factors which bring hair influence in the fashion industry and we can’t keep our eyes away from it and should try those hairstyles as soon as possible. If you are wondering what lemonade braids is, then you shouldn’t because it is the side braids which provides the name after the lemonade. Do you remember the lemonade album of Beyonce where she flaunts the yellow dress with a side braid? It was the inception where everyone loved the look.

We noticed the look from Beyonce, but the African and Egyptian women already wore the lemonade braids in their place. It is a side cornrow hairstyle which gives you the sexy and chic style to carry the twists confidently and rocks the outfit. It is one of the perfect methods for the summer because it helps yo keep hair away from your face and let you focus on your work or event whatever it is.

Lemonade braids are suitable for any hair length; if you have a long natural hair then you shouldn’t worry as you can braid your hair, but if you have a short hair then you can add some extension and braid your hair. Below are some of the pictures of lemonade braids which make you look stunning and helps to sweep all the attention from the crowd.

Classic Lemonade Braids

You can add various offbeat style with the lemonade braid, but nothing can ever beat the classic one. The tiny braids from the hair root with long swept to one side gives you al the feel of summer vibes and is one of the great styles to carry if you don’t want your hair to fall on your face. It is the tradition cornrow hairstyle with some modern twist.

Magenta Straight Backs With Beads

It gives you a bright and fun look when magenta hair extension adds to the lemonade hairstyles. If you want to make a little bit of fancifulness in your hair, then you should opt out for this hairstyle. These thin straight back cornrows are simple to make and easy to manage.

Shaded Mauve Curved Braids

You can get the mauve extension in various colors according to your need and want so you don’t have to worry even if you have short hair. You can combine those extensions with both thick and think cornrows to uplift your style game.

Jumbo Triangle Part

It is one hell of a unique look which gives you a chic and edgy style. It is far beyond the traditional cornrow as with some modern twist this large triangle part stands among the other hairstyle, and it is a perfect hairstyle if you have a thick and long hair which matches the dimension the hairstyle needs.

Stunning Long lemonade Braid

This picture reminds me of Beyonce from her iconic album Lemonade where the look was created by her hairstylist Kim Kimble who made Beyonce look go trending on every social networking sites. We can see her wearing the tight cornrows which make her look stunning and gorgeous.

Pulled Back Look

This look helps you get all the first hair out of your face and frames your facial features perfectly. The pulled back half lemonade braid makes use of vertical cornrows which goes from front to back and leaves your natural curl loose at the back. These cornrow hairstyles give you a fabulous look.

Side-Swept Braids With Wavy End

It is one hell of a unique look which gives you the combination of braids and a curved end. The twist starts from the root of the hair and is on the sideway which is into the half only. Afet the halfway the wavy hair is made which gives you a different and drastic look and make you stand among the crowd.

Complex Lemonade Braid

The braiding starts from two different sides which are complex and challenging to figure out. It provides you with a certain pattern in the hairstyle which is challenging to get as it takes a lot to make this hairstyle and manage it properly. Thin braids are difficult than thick braids because it needs consistency and a lot of time.

Lemonade Braids to the Side

Generally, lemonade braids are the style on one side of the hair as we can see in this hairstyle that braiding is done in the opposite side of the head which gives you a fantastic pattern in your head. If you want to try something unique with your hairstyle, then you should try this look as soon as possible.

Cornrow Accented Bun

This look includes both thick and thin cornrows which are combined and continue to make a bun at the top. This pattern continues into braids and tie the hair up into a top bun and give you an adorable look. We can add some silver glitter to the nose which provides you with a different transformation.

Two Tone Lemonade Braids

In the picture, we can see the mixture of black base hair and blonde highlight. There is two-tone of lemonade braid which makes you look unique and nicely different from others. The blonde strands in your hair create the contrast look which gives you an amazing and stunning style.

Mixed Lemonade Braids Styles

With the off-center or side parting, this look includes the combination of thick and thin cornrows which hops onto the white hair bandwagon. The small black color you see in this picture is not the hair color but the black extension which you can get into the market. With this style, you are inevitably going to rock the event.

Lemonade Top Bun

These hairstyles start from the hairline and continue to go towards the crown and later on tied up into a top nun who gives you a graceful and chic look. These lemonade hairstyles are perfect for the ballerinas and athletes which help them to focus on their work by keeping hair out of the face. You can add some silver beads to bling up your braids.


Golden Blonde Look

This look is a perfect gold. If you want to get some extra look, then get some golden blonde extensions and fed those extensions into the cornrow that curve from the back of the hair. The braiding is made until the end which gives you a sophisticated look and makes you stand out beautifully.

Center Part

Center part braid is the new lemonade braid where it is always on the side swept for the traditional lemonade braid. But you can always bring some twist and turn to the hairstyle which matches your facial structure and personality. Center part is suitable for the woman who has a round face.

Huge Braids

We can see in the pictures that the huge braids are in the side of hair which makes her face and neckline noticeable and gives her a glamorous look. It is one of the stunning looks you can carry if you have a round or oval facial structure where huge braids suit the most. It helps you to sweep all the attention from the crowd and make you stand out among them.

 Jumbo Lemonade Braid With Top Bun

If you want to have half up and half down hairstyles, then the large braid is preferable in that situation. You can pull several plaits of the hair in the circular mode in the top bun and can leave the rest of the hair as it is. This great jumbo loos can go well with some layers at the end.

Middle Partition Thin Braids

If you are not fond of big braid, then you can go for this look also. The middle partition separates the hair into two sides where each side is into a thin twist which is suitable for the face with oval facial features.

Circular Braid

The braid is made in a circular form which gives you a stylish and unique look. It will make everyone turns their head towards you and give your hairstyle all the limelight it deserves. It suits to the women who have a thin and oval shape structure, and you should match your outfit according to the hairstyle.

Ginger Lemonade Updo

This look includes both thick and micro cornrows which braid from back to the front side of the hair. Then, the extension which can be in different colors to create ponytail or a bun where the first one is above the forehead, and the next one is behind it. This looks give you a diva vibe and give you a signature look.


Swirl Lemonade Braids

The swirl made by the lemonade braid is mesmerizing and stunning. It is a different look than so-called traditional cornrows and is a perfect hairstyle for the kids in school functions and looks good on school girls too. It is an alternative look to the other style and makes you stand out among the crowd.

Barbie Pink Dutch Lemonade Braids

If you love the color pink, then this hairstyle is definitely for you. If you don’t have a thick hair and want to get the cornrow then don’t worry, this barbie pink hair extension will help you to get this on point. These cornrows styles are easy to do and are manageable as well. It is one of the chic hair looks.

Combined Lemonade Hairstyle

This hairstyle combines the six braids which are braided from the hairline and helps you get a very stylish look. This hairstyle simple and done in a simple blonde cornrow style. You have to match your outfit and makeup according to the haircut. You can add some hair accessories or beads to twist your look.

Thin Lemonade Braid

This look is perfect for the ramp walk look which gives you sexy and smokey vibes. For this look, the makeup, as well as outfits, should go along with the cornrow hairstyles. The thin lemonade braids take more time than the thick one as you have to make a small portion of hair to braid from top to an end.

Fashion Savvy Golden Side Part

The side partition box braids give you a natural look and are a perfect hairstyle for summer. The long and thick braids enjoying in the sun gives you a playful vibe and is a sweet hairstyle to go for in a various event.

Blonde Cornrows For Black Hair

If you want this hairstyle, then you can color your hair blonde which helps the cornrows steal the limelight in any event. If you have naturally blonde hair, then this is the most natural hairstyle you can adopt as it doesn’t need much effort.

Different Direction Lemonade BRAID

As seen in the picture, the braids are moving in different directions with micro cornrows which starts from the hairline. Those rows are micro and side-parted look gives you a very fancy look. In 2016 and 2017 lemonade hairstyle was popular among girls.

Beyonce Inspired

We love everything about beyond whether it is her album, dresses or hairstyles. People started noticing lemonade braids when the album lemonade launch in the market. Everybody loves Beyonce so how can we not try the hairstyle which she loves. It is one of the iconic and bold looks which is inspired by Beyonce, and WE are glad.

Purple Accented Lemonade Braid

To get this look all you have to do is, buy some packet of purple extensions and add one in each of the cornrows which provide the perfect highlight of purple streaks in your hair and are perfect for the sporty look. This hairstyle is easy to get and economical as well. You should match your makeup and dress according to the haircut.

Zig-Zag Lemonade Braid

The lemonade braids are separated in a zig-zag pattern that gives you a different look. We can see in the picture that some cornrow is started in one direction whereas other cornrows begin from the next path. It is the combination of the thin and thick braid which are in different directions.

Side High Ponytail

This mixed thin braids and thick one which gives you a sexy look which is easy to get and manage. Firstly, you have to single stitch braids and then braids into the cornrow at the crown of your head and cloak one twist around all the others to tie them into a ponytail. It is one of the popular hairstyles among college girls.

Bold Buns

These thick braids give you a bright and sexy vibe. Look at that bold lemonade twist which combines with the bold bun which offers you a stylish and bold look. You can leave some strands of hair at the front side to give some twist to your entire hairstyle.

Curved Lemonade Ponytail

These curved lemonade braids can be styled in any event whether it’s formal or casual. It is the easiest and simplest hairstyle one can have which will create a chic and professional look. You can carry this look with the bright makeup in your face. You can also go for some gold jewelry which will add charm to the look.

Combined Lemonade Hairstyle

Lemonade Braid With Beads

Beads are fashionable from the early 70s to till now. The dots in the hair provide different charm to the look and make you stand out among the crowd. You can use the beads in various ways you like according to your taste and preference.

Small Lemonade Braid On Short Hair

There is a myth that lemonade braid can be done only in long hair. This particular hairstyle proves that myth wrong. Look how gorgeous lemonade braid can look in short hair and stylish too. The twist on short hair is easy to manage and is not burdensome to the head as compared to other hairstyles.

Lemonade Braided Ponytail

Ponytail never goes out of fashion. It is one of the popular hairstyles whether you’re a kid or an adult. You can stylish as well as sporty in this look. The back lemonade is combined with the box braids at the crown and braided into a high ponytail. It is one hell of a beautiful hairstyle.

Twisted Braided Side Updo

Wrapped braided hairstyle is one of the examples of different yet beautiful date hairdo. It is a modified version of braiding which mixes with cornrows updo. When cornrows are in a twisted manner, it gives you an elegant look. The hair accessories such as pink rose and baby’s breath can be added a different charm to this style.

Red Straight Backs

These cornrow hairstyles will help you sweep all the attention wherever you go. If you want to create a bold statement, then this cherry bomb straight color is for you. To get this look you have to color your hair and then some simple straight back cornrows to round up your hairstyle.

Long And Medium Lemonade Braids Styles

There is various kind of box braids such as thick box braid, medium box braid, and Thin box braid. Medium box braid is a perfect size which is neither thick nor thin which is suitable for long hair.

Feed-In Beaded Braids

This look includes various hair accessories at the end of the hair with a hint of beautiful embellished cornrows style. The single cornrow which starts from the center gives all the highlight to the hair look. To get a unique look, you can also add some hair extension.

Lemonade Mohawk

It is one hell of a sporty look where the cornrows are done in a curved pattern and combined in the center of the head. Different colors of extension can be included and molded which gives you a Mohawk look. It is one of the unique and fresh looks.

Lemonade Braids With Wraps

It is not always necessary to follow what others do. You can create your look by some twist and getting a creative idea for your hairstyle. You don’t have to overthink about it. You can add some wraps to your lemonade braids. It is a perfect look for some event and occasion which gives your hairstyle a different look and helps you to sweep all the attention from the crowd.

Half Up Half Down

This half up and half down hairstyle provides you with a cute and simple style which you can carry in a casual manner and can make a statement with this particular look. It is effortless yet straightforward which gives you a gorgeous look. You can merely brad all your hair where half of them are tied up as a bun and half of them are in the braided form.

It is a tough choice to choose only one hairstyle because all of them are beautiful and stunning. Lemonade braids are versatile which is suitable for any texture of hair and any length of the haircut. You can carry this look even if you have short or long hair.

You can create a thick or thin braid which complements your hairstyle and with the help of some hair accessories make it look more stunning. You can opt out jumbo lemonade or micro lemonade whichever you want must go out with your facial structure and overall personality.

If you have short hair, you can add some hair extension to make your hair look longer and thick. You can use beads; flowers wrap to complement your hairstyle which makes you sweep all the attention from the crowd and make you stand out among all.


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