45 Incredible Lavender Hair Style That Will Blow Your Mind


Would You dare and Don these beautiful shades of Lavender?

One of the most versatile methods of hair styling we usually do is coloring. You can choose from a range of colors to stylize yourself. Make it your signature look or change it every once in a while. Depending on how you want to look is for you to choose.

If you follow the internet, you must know the trend the internet is currently obsessed with, The Unicorn trend. Colors, variant of it, the latest trend everyone is in love with. Instagram and tumblr filled with the colorful feeds, we absolutely love it already. From beards to eyebrows, to hairs to clothes, the colors are winning the crowd.

Would you dare do it? If you think going full on crazy with the colors is too daring for you, how about the subtle hint of lavender? The perfect color shade looks beautiful whether ombre or pastel. Versatile among all shades, Lavender works best with all the hair whether it’s blonde, brunette or anything in between.

Here are a few looks you can achieve with the lavender color shade. Beautify yourself, style up, go bold, go lavender.

1. Lavender Braids

Any style is go-to when you don the beautiful lavender shade. Even the simplest braid looks classy and fun at the same time.

2. Ombre Up-do

With an ombre effect with lighter shades, you can get this gorgeous lavender updo with minimal effort. Just a few minutes to get your hair done and perfect to go.

3. Pink-Lavender Ombre bun
You have to admit, the color just looks stunning with the ombre effect. A simple half updo and you are set to go.

4. Classy Side Lavender Braids
Braid your hair in a half side braids and don the lavishness of lavender in your hair. There you have it, the simple and beautiful looking hair everyone would envy.

5. Hint of Color

For a more classy and not-so-bold look, just add a very slight hint of color to your hair. Braid it and pin it to the sides. You will get the hair perfect for any casual or even official events.

6. Rain of Colors

For a more bold and colorful look, if you’re up for it, color it in rainbow shades. Let it loose whether curled or straight, it still looks gorgeous.

7. Lavender Bob
For those of you with medium and short length hair, you also have the choice. Go Lavender and you can get the envious looks of everyone around.

8. Long Length Ombre
Pinkish shade mixed with lavender, the perfect combination. Trust me on this, you will never tire of the fresh looking colors in your hair after this.

9. Silver Rainbow

What could be more appealing than the silver touch to the lavender? Of course every color in between. Get this look coloring your hair different shades of colorful silver and be the hair goals others will set this summer.

10. Pastel Purple

Pastel looks even more gorgeous with the long locks. Perfect for the blond tones, it looks even and subtle and it adds the glow to die for.

11. Highlighted Tones

Don’t want to color all of your natural hair? Don’t worry, Lavender looks just fine even when it is just the highlights. Ask your hairdresser to highlight the ends of your tassels and there you go, perfect highlighted tones.

12. Short Lavender

When it comes to short hair, there are limited ways you can stylize your hair. However, with lavender shade, you can get this effortless and elegant looking hair with minimal effort. Just spend a minute or two adjusting the hair the way you want and look gorgeous everyday.

13. Ombre Top Bun

To try the fun and colorful hairstyle that’s trending, why not try this one if you dare? The color will make your hair exquisite looking. Braid it and tie it in a top bun, you will get this elegant yet very stylish looking hair.

14. Silver Fox

If you follow up with all the latest trends, you know that the internet is crazy head-over-heels for the silver lavender shade right now. Go on, keep up with the trend and try this shade now.

15. Braided short bob cut

If you have short to medium length hair, this is perfect for you. Just section and braid your hair to the sides and you will get this pleasing yet stunning look. Extra accessories added to the hair adds the chic component for your hair.

16. Lavender Updo

You can never get enough of the Lavender, can you? Even a messy updo and you are good to go. The effect of Lavender is enough to get the heads turning.

17. Twist and Turn Braid

Section and twist your hair in front, braid the hair on the back. Tie it up altogether and you get this pretty hair-do in minutes. The Lavender shade further adds to the gorgeousness to the hair.

18. Luscious Braid

Loose braids topped with Lavender looks great when you have to attend any formal or casual events. This effortless look will take you just a minimal of 5 minutes to do and you are ready.

19. Rose Braids

Braid the top part of your hair, and when you reach half the section, make it into a rose shaped bun. Just wrap around the hair and make it a bun. Loosen the parts and make it look like a rose. The hairstyle is even more prettier in color don’t you think?

20. Highlighted Brunette

For those of you with darker shade of hair, highlight the ends of your hair and you will have this elegant and posh looking hair instantly. Make your regular boring look more interesting with the Lavender highlights.

21. Loosen It Up

Braid your lavender hair into a fishtail braid, but don’t tie it up. Finish it with a long lasting hair spray. This posh hair-do is the perfect go to when you are tired and don’t want to spend much time doing your hair.

22. Ash blonde Lavender

For those of you with ash blonde hair, try a hint of lavender to go with the color perfection. It creates this beautiful shade of Grayish Pink color that you know everyone will love.

23. Loose Lavender Curls
Lavender looks great when loose curls are added. Add a generous amount of hairspray to lock the look for a whole day. This hair-do is simply a show stopper.

24. Side Braids

This bold and clean look is the go-to hair for short hair. Simply braid your hair on the sides and pin it up. The color of Lavender adds to the beauty making your hair look more interesting especially when you have such short hair.

25. Color it Up

Play along with each shade of color whether darker or lighter. It creates the colorful waves to die for. As for the hair-do, anything goes along with the perfect rainbow hair.

26. Brown & Purple Play

As for Lavender, it goes as a perfect highlight whether black, or blond hair. If you have darker hair shade, don’t fret, it looks equally beautiful with everything. Highlighting the ends of your dark colored hair takes up the

27. Blue Ombre

Lavender works best for this particular color play with ombre effect with blue. For best results, tease up your hair and blow dry the way you want your hair to go. It only takes a minimal effort and very less time to achieve this head-turning hair you will love to don on everyday.

28. Subtle yet Bold

While working with light shaded hair, just a slight bit of color and it still looks great. With lavender on platinum blonde, it creates this wonderful hint of shadow over lavender. Tease it, curl it, anything will suit the gorgeous light shade the color creates.

29. Fun Bun

Section your hair to two parts and wrap it into a bun. Tie it up, finish it up with hairspray. You will create this wonderful set of messy yet elegant bun hairstyle perfect for any casual occasions. Lavender sets the goal for this one, adding the missing component to make it perfect.

30. Crimpy braids

Crimping your hair is back and even more stylish. Crimping added to this braid of luscious lavender hair creates the perfect edgy hairstyle you always wanted. Finish it off with a hairspray and you will look gorgeous all day long.

31. Long Beachy Lavender Waves

For this summer why not add the subtle lavender tone to go with your beachy waves? The color adds the fun to go with your day at the beach. The ultimate hair goals, you will give to the envious looks around.

33. Braided messy half-bunBe creative to your normal messy bun. Section your hair and braid the half on top and tie it into a bun. Added the hint of lavender, the hair looks gorgeous.

34. Natural long curls

Platinum blonde hair added with a hint of lavender looks lovely even when you let it loose. Let your accessories do the thing for you and top it off with a bold and dark lip-color. Just the perfect and subtle everyday look for you.

35. Ash Blonde Bob hair

From medium to short length hair, the combination of lavender is perfect. Tone it down to the lightest shade and you will have this pinkish lavender gorgeous hair.

36. Pinkish Ombre

Versatile Lavender can be added to any color shade you love. With pinkish undertones, add the lavender in between and you will fall in love with the pinkish result.

37. Edgy Ombre Bob

Want to get an edgy hairstyle to go with your style? Go ombre on short bob cut. It gives you the cool and edgy hair, everyone will love.

38. Lengthy Loose Curls
When it comes to Lavender, don’t you think everything looks just pretty? You can see even a beach curl looks super cool when you have your hair colored lavender. Make it your everyday look and you will look flawless every day.

39. Surprise Bob

For darker hair, light shades of Lavender does the perfect trick. It adds the subtle tone and more fun to your life. Follow the latest trend and ask your hairdresser to make your hair this wonderful shade.

40.  Messy Pixie

For shorter hair, the color works even better. Go full lavender and set the trend yourself. Pixie or Bob or any short hairstyle you have, once you go lavender, it is rare that you will ever try to change it.

41. Darker Braids
You even have the option to go either dark, or light on the lavender shade. But we cannot decide which looks better as both look gorgeous. This beautiful hairstyle is made by braiding the top half of your hair and simply letting it loose.

42. Messy Lavender Curls
When just curling does not do the trick for you, lavender just does the trick for you. Add the missing funk, accessorize yourself, dress edgy, let the curls go crazy. The perfect goddess like look will be your final result.



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