67 New Khole Kardashian Hairstyles 2020


Like them or hate them, you cannot deny the Kardashians and especially Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. Khole has always been very sincere about what she likes whether her cars wrapped in velvets or being upfront. She loves to rag on her sisters and be different from them. The recent new mom has managed to pull off great hairstyles since forever. I don’t seem to recall a time when Kardashians were not known by the world. Nevertheless, whoever and whatever the Kardashians are they are here to stay. So, let us talk about 2018 and Khloe Kardashian hairstyles for this year.


-Ombre Effect

This entire black look of Khloe is one of my personal favorites. I love how she looks. The short dress and her knee high boots are fabulous. The peep toe boots give us some primary fashion goals. For the pop in color, she adds a red bag which completes her look. Talking about her hair, she goes for short hair which is perfect for this bold look. The hair has a stunning ombre effect. She keeps her hair type wavy and parts it from the side. Sunglasses and nude lipsticks are a great way to finish this look.

-Medium Blonde

A throwback to Khole’s chubby days. I love the hairstyle on her face. If you have an oblong or diamond-shaped face, you can always make Khloe Kardashian your hairstyles inspiration. She goes for the long haircut in this look. The hair is long and has slight waves. The hair is parted from the middle, and the length of her strands are used to even out her face shape. She goes for all black look. The black aviators are my favorite. This is a relaxed look that anyone can do quickly.

-Half Up Half Down

Khloe Kardashian gives us a casual hairstyle that can be an inspiration to anyone. I love this half ponytail look. It is an excellent look for the frizzy hair type as it cuts down your hair volume. You can let the pony be at the back and split the rest of your hair for the front section. The pony can be high. I think it is better if you go for higher. You can add some waves in your hair so that it looks as beautiful as this hairstyle. As for her hair color, we can see that it has an ombre effect. Finish the look with soft eyes and nude lipstick.

-The Side

Kardashian here shoes us a sleek and neat look for an event. For her outfit, she goes for a sleeveless top with a cooling leather jacket. Her hair even though is made for a gown or a dress, it still looks great with this look. The hair has been all pulled to one side with few waves. The hair color is brown, and there is a side partition on her hair. You will need a few styling products for this look. Finish the look with large loop earrings and wear nude makeup. You can even use the Kylie lip kit and get yourself her sister’s fabulous look.

-Keeping It Casual

This hairstyle is great for those who have a square shape. I love the simplicity of this look. Khloe knows how to make the simplest of her styles into sexy and glamorous. She even manages to make a plain black shirt hot. You can look at how amazing this style it. For 2018, she keeps her hair long and with layers near her face. The layers soften the edges of her face. For her hair color, she goes for blonde. I love this shade of blonde. Her lipstick shades and eye makeup are always on point.

-Let Them Stare

The bodysuit and ripped blue jeans are the perfect combinations. This outfit makes for a great summer look. We all know how bodysuits are favorite this season. I love how her hair compliments her entire outfit. Khole goes for a long hairstyle with slight waves. Her hair has been parted from the middle. Her hair color is beautifully blonde, and she has no layers. The shape of her hair is used to frame her face. You need to find styling products to hold the way of your hair. Make sure you keep your makeup to the minimum for this summer look.

-Simple Enough

This another one of the simple Khloe Kardashian hairstyles which can be worn by anyone. Look how easy it is. I think one of the things we can see and note from each of Khole’s hairstyles is that how she keeps it according to her face shape. She makes sure either long or short, and her hairstyle is created for her face shape. Even this simple hairstyle is all about her face shape. She uses only layers at the front of her face shape to soften her edges. Her hair color is lovely.

-Part It And Leave It

Khloe Kardashian hairstyles are usually so smooth and effortless. It seems as if she rolled out of bed gorgeous. She looks great in every style she decides to wear. This hairstyle is comfortable. For her hair color, she goes for an ombre effect. The light shades of her hair color are for a considerable hair length. The hair has been parted from the side, and the rest of her hair is kept messy. She matches the shade of her lipstick and her outfit. Her eye makeup is always perfect.

-The Middle

Khloe Kardashian hairstyles don’t seem to have changed a lot in all these years. This is good news. It means whenever you decide to try her hairstyle, you will always be in trend. Will the Kardashians ever go out of fashion? They have ruled the TV and now are creating an empire in the beauty industry. For this long hairstyle. She makes use of many layers. It looks great in her black hair or her brown colored hair. The pink nude lipstick and orange one both seem marvelous. You can also part your hair from the middle.

-Long And Strong

Denim shorts with a black tank top and layered heels is a classic look. The pop of color with a red bag is perfect. For her hairstyle, she goes for a hair length that is perfect. I love her hair length. You will need to take care of your hair to achieve that hair length. She again keeps her hairstyle simple and straightforward. The ombre effect is used on her hair for coloring technique. Khloe always uses shades of blonde because it matches her undertone perfectly. They bring out a great glow on her face. Sunglasses are a must for this look.

-Khloe Kardashian Hairstyles Short Hair

Khloe Kardashian always gives us outfit goals. Her black spaghetti bodysuit and ripped jeans looked great. Again, she goes for a white bodysuit with blue jeans seems perfect. I love her outfit. For her hairstyle, she goes for short hair. It looks great. She has a lot of waves in her hair. She parts her hair from the middle and lets the waves do all the talking. This is a style that is great for summer. You can go for this hairstyle if you have the thin hair type. She finishes the look with nude lipstick and soft eye makeup. For her eye makeup, she focuses all on mascara.

-The Gym

We all know Khloe Kardashian has worked very hard to achieve her body. She wasn’t born with the most significant body, but she manages to deliver a great look. So, of course, she must be a regular at the gym. This also means she has a lot of chance of getting photographed. So, she has to look beautiful always. For the gym, she goes for a comfortable look. She keeps her outfit all black as usual. For her hairstyle, she goes for straight hair with her classic hair color. She parts her hair from the middle.

-So Kylie

This hairstyle reminds me of the youngest sibling of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. That is one of the best things about this family; they always find inspirations within themselves. They all are super independent women who have set up a significant influence in the world. For this hairstyle, Khloe goes for a top-knot style with two buns. It is easy to do and looks cute. She pulls sections of her hair on either side and makes cute buns. She finishes the look with strands pulled out. Her pink nude lipstick is gorgeous.

Khole Kardashian Hairstyles-Top Knot

Khloe Kardashian hairstyles involve a lot of colors and simplicity. She goes for a top knot hairstyle in this picture. All you have to do is pull up a section of your hair all the way to the top and make a knot. It is easy to do. For the rest of her hair, she goes for slight waves. Her hair has a beautiful ombre effect. Kardashians always stick for the nude colors. They still play with safe colors. We all have noticed that. They go for a comfortable look which is made for everyone.

-All Those Curls

Here in this photograph, we see Khloe’s different style. She usually goes for straight hair or wavy style. In this look she goes for a hairstyle will all curls. The curls are big and fun. I love the volume of this look. We all know curls look great in long hair. So, for the new hair, Khloe keeps it long and fun. She wears this look for an evening look. Her bright orange eye makeup is glitters and gold. As usual, for her lips, she keeps it nude and beautiful. The hairstyle is gorgeous. Anyone can try this easily. She also adds extra lashes so that all the focus is on her eyes.


It is hard being a celebrity. Imagine if you are followed everywhere and recognized everywhere you go. You always have to be on your best behavior and your best looks. That is a tough thing to maintain. So, hats off to Khloe for managing to pull off the best of the looks all the time. For this hairstyle, Khloe keeps her hair straight and all tamed. She splits her hair from the middle and uses a straightener to style it. Khloe goes for a nude top and a red bag. She matches the color of her nails and her purse.

-Sleek And Straight

For a formal event where you want things to be friendly and neat, you should go for a classy look. Khloe goes for one of the classic hairstyles that ever existed. She uses a hair straightener to style her hair and achieves the perfect shape for her hair. She manages to middle part her hair. For her hair color, she goes for the lightest shade of blonde. She goes for a strapless black dress with a plunging line. Her lipstick is red and matte with her eye makeup is perfect. You can finish the look with a beautiful statement neckpiece.


For your office look, you can go for one of these types of Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. She has long hair with slight waves at the ends. Her hair color is brown. You can quickly go for this hair color. The hairstyle is simple. This is the main point about Kardashian family. Even though everything about their life looks unattainable, their style and sense of fashion are made for everyone. So, you can always easily do it. She goes for a subtle ombre effect and parts her hair from the middle with layers at the ends.

-The Phone

See, I told you, it is hard being a celebrity. You are walking on the street in your phone, and then you get photographed. What if you feel like not being beautiful for one day? The whole world will be talking about it. That is not a comfortable life. So, Khloe again keeps things simple for us. She goes for a white T-shirt with full sleeves. For her hair, she keeps it long. She has straight hair with her classic blonde hair color. Her hairstyle is a half ponytail that looks great for a casual day out.

-Large Curls

We finally see Khloe here in another color other than black, nude and white. She wears a red colored velvet dress that has a deep plunging neckline. It looks like a look for a fancy event. So, if you are going for such a game, you need to put some effort into your hair. Of course, some celebrities can pull off the messy look of such events, but Khloe decides to do otherwise. She goes for the extended length of hair with blonde highlights. Her hair is parted from the side with large curls at the ends. Khloe also changes her lip color and matches it with the color of her dress. She goes for red lipstick.

-Your Vacation

We know about the Kardashian family and their vacations. All of us remember the episode of Kim losing her millions worth jewelry. So, if you are going for a vacation, you can always take photograph inspirations and beauty inspirations from the Kardashians. If you are planning to go to the beach for your holiday, you can go for this hair color. The beachy waves look fabulous. For her makeup, as usual, she wears a lot of mascara and nude lipstick.

-Necessarily Blonde

I love this casual look that Khloe wears. Her red check shirt has always been famous. You don’t need to go on a girl’s day out with shorts and tank top always. Sometimes, you are too lazy to shave, so that cute dress might not be an option. You can still go for this sizeable redshirt in tight skinny jeans. I love it when I get to see Khloe in colors other than nude and white. For her hair, Khloe wears blonde hair color all over her hair. She goes for a makeup that brings out her eyes and keeps her lipstick color nude.

-Ombre Effect In Khloe Kardashian Hairstyles

We have another classic Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. It is comfortable and straightforward to do. You can wear this look for any occasion that you have to look all tidied up. If you have an office party coming up, try this look. Although, for an office party I suggest an outfit with a conservative neckline. You can go for similar hair color. Part your hair from the middle and go for a straightened hair look. Keep your makeup to the minimum. I always say find shade from the Kylie lip kit series.

-Khloe Kardashian Hairstyles-Wet Hair Look

This another great new look that Khloe has tried. You will not find this look in one of the natural Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. If you are planning to try the wet hairstyles, you can go for this look. She has her classic hair color. For the hairstyle, she pulls it all back and leaves it wet. I love her outfit. For her neck accessory, she uses the technique of layering. She uses choker and other neckpieces. The combination of black and gold always works. I love this look. For her makeup, you know what she focuses on by now. Her lips and her eyes are her most excellent features, and she knows it.

-New Khloe Kardashian Hairstyles For Short Hair

This is a great short hair example from the Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. Khloe wears the bob hairstyle. Usually, bob hairstyles are made for straight hair, but Khloe pulls them off using waves. I love everything about this look. This is a great look for working women so, if you fall into that category, I suggest you try this look. You have many celebrities wearing this look. If you want to find another inspiration, watch Modern Family. Claire Dunphy is awesome. Talking about the Kardashian her, she keeps everything about this look natural and flawless. You can wear this look for a party as well.

-Another Day

Here we have another one of Khloe Kardashian hairstyles which shows the casual side. I love the half ponytail look. If you are a college girl or a school girl, you can go for this look for a class or after gym class. It is a great look to wear to the class. You will save a lot of time in the morning for getting ready for the course. I love her hair color. She usually wears different shades of blonde that works great for her. Khloe pulls out few strands of her hair from her head to frame her face.

-Khloe Kardashian Hairstyles-The Side

You can see a slight variation in her hairstyle. I love how she pulls all her hair on one side to show her lightest shade of hair color. You can achieve this hair color by bleaching your hair. Side part your hair if you want. If you look carefully, on her side, she paints her hair with golden streaks. This hair color manages to bring a lot of attention to her hair as well. Her hair has a beautiful ombre effect. She picks nude pink lipstick and simple eyeliner look. Khloe manages to pull off something easy and different correctly.

-Great Khloe Kardashian Hairstyles-Beach Waves

This is one another one of the easiest Khloe Kardashian hairstyles. She goes for loose cascading curls. For her hairstyle, she parts her hair. She highlights her hair with beautiful brown hair color. Her hairstyle is kept messy and fun. I love the neckline of her dress. It looks great on her. For her makeup, she goes for a nude lipstick and subtle smokey eye makeup. You should try this look for a college party or a get together at your friend’s house.

Don’t think the gallery is over. We have more hairstyles and haircuts for Khole’s new hair down the line. Scroll down, will you?

Inspire your 2018 with amazing Khole Kardashian hairstyles. You don’t need to like them, but you can take them for great fashion inspirations.


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