55 Inspirational Jumbo box braids To Rock


What am I going to talk for this week?



It is very exellent idea to give a break to the regular hairstyle.

Jumbo box braids is one of the best hairstyles ever! There is no hard and fast rule to decorate them, and that is the best reason that all chic are fond of it.

No matter what you make? Each unique style has its own name. Jumbo Box Braids Bob, Jumbo Box Braids Styles, Jumbo Box Braids Crochet, Jumbo Box Braids in a Bun etc, etc.

Jumbo box braids belong to African heritage indeed, and only blacks were supposed to rock them in the past.

You must wonder who brings it to the world! Well, all credit goes to the Madam Walker. She is the pioneer to industrialize the African beauty in the western world.

It was the story of the 16th century. When many Africans, regardless of their gender, were chained and brought to Europe and America, their original beauty came with. However, they were forced to work for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Women got no time to maintain their beauty. They almost forgot their genetic quality of their hair.

Then there came Madam Walker with a range of ideas to get pride of African hair back to them. Gradually, African braids got popularity. There appeared a crowd with various sorts of African braids. Almost all African styles hit the floor. Among them, Jumbo box braids became more fascinating, especially during the 90s.

Now the trend has got back desperately being on trend. There could be some reasonable facts.

Its big secret is that it has great variety – a classic top knot, half-up buns, jumbo twists, leave all down and so on.

Another secret of the jumbo box braids is it lasts long; it doesn’t demand much attention. However, it is better if you could maintain them properly. Here are few techniques to keep them always fresh and clean:

  • Shampoo and condition them every two weeks; Apply Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Unilever manufacturers both of the products. Suave itself is the brand. To smoothen your hair use Dove Absolute Curls Leave-in Detangler.
  • Moisturize your scalp daily with light weight oil; hair is living thing, it needs regular care. Sauve Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil revitalizes your hair.  Use dry shampoo alternatively.
  • Sleep with a silk or satin scarf; you may think keeping your hair in a good position is challenging thing. But it is not. Cover your head before you go the bed.
  • Dry your hair naturally; avoid the unnatural heat while drying your hair.
  • Handle them carefully while styling, pulling tight may bring worst condition.
  • Don’t go for a too long time; you may get a disgusting result. While removing braids your natural hair comes with it and you get bald.

I can bet, you get some basic ideas of protecting your jumbo box braids.

Great! now it’s time to look at images.

Have good observation girls!

1.Jumbo Box Braids In A Bon

 Here you are with your original style. Have medium sized braids and tie it at the top. Spiraling bun makes you look entirely elegant.

2.Half-Up Bun

It is easy to create and very practical to manage. The Half-up Bun is the great source to reveal true identity.

3.Two Braids

Let’s say, it’s little girl’s style. They are happy with them.

4.Star Box Braids

Box braids are beautiful on their own! Create something noticeable within them. You look more attractive than ever.

5.Dark + Brown 

What if you want to have less time-consuming hairstyle? What if you want to earn natural and cute look? Medium-sized box braids give you way, girls! 

 6.Jumbo Updo

Rock and roll for a classic appearance.

7.Easy Peasy 

Let’s agree on one thing first – updo bun is easy peasy hairstyle. Girls, add some gray color to achieve extra coolness.

8.V-shaped & High Bun

When you have your head with beautiful hair get excited to decorate it. V-shaped looks great with the high bun.

 9.Sophisticated Updo

Perfect updo! Let’s enjoy party time, hon!

10.Long Thick Braids

This is simple but popular among many girls. Create braided puff on top and make your appearance fabulous.

11.Box-Micro Braids

There you go with your vintage look. Create braids and leave them to fall freely. Add gray color at the end to achieve special attention.

12.Puff Style

When you have something special to happen! What would you do with your hair? Make a puff of braids. You look gorgeous!


Everyone knows that girls choose pink clothes. What about hair? Yes, of course, hair too. Pink is beautiful.

14.Snow White

Changing appearance from super decent girl to super brave girl!

Great thought.

Shave your hair to the side just above your ear, keep your remaining braids to the side. Here you achieve a bold and elegant look.

15.Red Is Red

Having always black is something common. Choosing red is really a wild idea. You will get mass attention in the downtown. Don’t forget to click a photo and post on Facebook or Instagram. You will rock the likes, a great platform to get popularity.

16.Half-up Bun

Effective hairstyle emerges with effort. If you have long hair, it is a bonus to create elegant updo. You will get everything you want as thick hair is the symbol of richness. Best of luck girls!

17.Long Long

The idea of making long braids is a crazy idea. You can rock and roll with it.

18.Decorated Blonde-gray

Call it whatever you’d like, but this girl is rocking her grounded style. Decorated blonde-gray looks perfect for her skin tone. Try it for sure you would never think of giving up.

19.Modern Bun 

Looking to have a different appearance? Here what we are, watching this since the beginning of 2017. This is simple but truly elegant. Live up with GEM of the year.

  20.Rounded & Rounded

If you’re thinking about designing your hair, it’s time to get ready, honey!

21.Jumbo Bun

Okay, we can see everyone is rocking jumbo bun in the downtown! All time favorite!


This is cute. Black women are so fortunate to have amazing cultural practice.

23.Half-up Bun

Yes, half-up bun! Is not a good idea? Of course, you girl like it, especially half-down braids. It gives you a vintage look.

24.Pinkish world

Turning up with a unique hairstyle is amazing. Try it, GIRLS! YOU should experiment the different taste.

25.Jumbo Braids

It’s time to give your hair a life, hon! This is what artists do. Just apply the artistic approach and decorate your hair.

26.Elegant Updo

27.Long Braids

This is the perfectly braided hairstyle. Believe me sweetie, it gives the result you want.


Life is beautiful, sweetie! Only thing you need to have is a passion for decorating it. Don’t waste too much time doing other things.

30.JUMBO Bun

Is this an age of jumbo? Obviously not for all thing. But for braids and bun? Yes, it is! It creates magic on your appearance.

31.Black & Gray

Girls, you look elegant with your black braids, if you could add little grayish color to the back. Tie it! Appear with you shining hair. Great!


Wow purple! It is a great color. Gives you a BOLD look. Tattoo on your shoulder adds perfection!

33.Elegantly Stunning

Jumbo box braids can be designed in any style. It makes you look great when you manage it to your one side.

34.Really Long 

Leave them as it is after braiding. You look sophisticated!

35.On Your Side

Her skin tone is black! Her hair is black! Her outfit is black! That’s why she is beautiful!

36.Mohawk & Braids 

Very different! Who would like it? Very weird question! Every chic loves it. Ask yourself if you are fashionable!

37.Long Ponytail 

Wow! Ponytail falling through your striped T-shirt. I would say this is super-cool style.

38.Crown Bun

Girls, you should know how to design your hair. A bun can change your personality. Rock with your bun!

39.Black Is Simple

Girls, when you come with black it means you are simple and intelligent. Make your first date simple and intelligent.

40.Browny Buns 

Do you have any idea about brown color – sense of responsibility and down to the earth. Of course, browny buns last for weeks. It makes you look very caring.

41.Elegant Box Braids

Easy to achieve! Elegant box braids make you stand out of the crowd. Perfect for you, honey!

42.Mixing White

This bun looks perfect, especially with the purple outfit.

43.Braid Within Braids

Having long, long braids is equal to being born in a royal family. You look sophisticated, noble and intelligent.

44.Jumbo Beehive

It’s where you a real satisfaction, girls. Because Beehive makes you look great with your golden accessories. Rock your party time.

45.Bob Style

Popular among girls. Honey, you too look amazingly beautiful with the bob style!

46.Two Half Buns 

We like this hairdo and we try it! Uniquely designed two half buns with half-down make us look perfectly remarkable. Don’t you want something like this for yourself too? Enjoy your drastic appearance, hon!

47.Another Style

It is the best idea to have black jumbo box braids with a long ponytail.

48.Oval Style

Easy to achieve! Elegant style! Girls, what else are you searching for? Make sure, you have chosen beautiful accessories to decorate your style!

49.Flower Bun

Isn’t it what you want to have, honey? Great choice! Flower bun helps you achieve perfection.

50.Go For Color

Yellow, pastel green, seafoam green, blue, purple – whan an amazing combination she loves.

51.Colorful & Silver  

It should be your choice! It helps you reveal your color sense, honey!

52.More Blue

Colorful hair is always the best way to turn you up creative. Rock the bright appearance and share your positive vibe, sweetie.

53.Jumbo + Micro  

This is a gordian knot; only an extraordinary lady can think of her long hair solution. Girls, categorize your skill if you are smarter.

54.Many styles

For something exceptional, go bob braids. These are perfect for young; they look curious and beautiful. Alternatively, you can create oval twists on your back. Here you get a fun look!

55.Blue And Black

Get rock with blue and black braids. This is the hottest style ever!


With a slight care, you can have elegant style for weeks; it allows you to keep your hair out of the way and make you free chic.


Of course, UPDO! Braids never fall on your front with the updo. It makes you look more decorative,sweetie! Rock with it wherever you go.


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