92 Layered Inverted Bob Hairstyles That You Should Try


What is inverted bob? I mean, bob cuts seem to be everywhere, but it is super confusing. They talk about A-line bobs or inverted bobs or just bobs. But has anyone told you what the difference between A-line bob and an inverted bob is? The main difference lies in the hair cutting technique.

Inverted bobs are cut in such a way that you have lots of layers are at the back and extended long layers at the front. The length of the strands at the bob can even be up to shoulder length. These hairstyles are a hassle-free hairstyle and low-maintenance. Scroll down for some fantastic inverted bob hairstyles.

– Short Hair Bob

This is a classic and straightforward hairstyle for short hair. The color of her hair adds a lot of shine to the natural hair texture. The hair is not very long at the front. You can see that there isn’t drastic size difference between hair at the back and the front. There aren’t many layers in this hairstyle. This is perfect for an everyday look.

-Peacock Shades

This hairstyle shows a beautiful example of hidden rainbow hair. You can see that the colors of blue are used to achieve this look. When you let down your hair regularly, you can only look at the colors at the ends. When you pin it up, voila, you know the magic of colors. This adds a lot of spice to inverted bob for short hair.

– Extended Cut

This is an extended version of the bob haircut. You can call it a medium inverted bob hairstyle. Again, there is not much length difference between the hair strands at the front and the back. There are not many layers that come to play in this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks great on girls who have straight and sleek hair. They add volume and are an easy way of styling.

-Sleek and Sexy

She looks stunning with the hair. Notice the quality of the hair. It is healthy and shiny. The locks have been taken care of much. We all know if you have healthy hair, you will have a lot of options for styling. The haircut is a classic inverted bob hairstyle. There is a big difference between the layers at the front and the back. She side parts her hair which makes it even more fun. Look at her cute dimples.

– Curled Up

Bob hairstyles do not need straight hair to make it look great. You can go for cute curls as well. Remember, if you have curly hair, your hair is going to look shorter. If you go for an inverted bob with curly hair, it is essential to keep it frizz-free. If you have frizzy hair, you should first think about getting your frizz in control. Then you can go for this look.

-Super Short Inverted Bob Hair

She has a super short hair length. That means, she can have lots of fun with an inverted bob hairstyle. What is trending in the search engines are,’inverted bob for short hair.’ This is the perfect example. Bob haircuts add a lot of volume to your otherwise dull hair. The layers work great, and you do not need to spend a lot of time styling.

-Blonde Highlights

This style has a lot of layers. The length of the hair near her face is comparatively a lot than the ones at the back. She uses her fingers to keep her look messy and sexy. The hairstyle has a lot more flavor to it with the added blonde highlights. The difference in the colors shows the difference in the length of the layers.

-Edgy Love

I love the pointed end of the hair at the front. It gives an entire look an edge. I told you, you can go for any length that you want for your hair at the front. So, it is all about your choice and freedom. A few strands of her hair are used as side bangs that I think adds a unique touch to the look. The blonde highlights again are fantastic.

-Ombre Bob

Ombre hairstyles are forever our favorite. Bob hairstyles look even more amazing with the ombre effect. It is about knowing how to place the colors. This isn’t a drastic ombre effect. You can see the colors have not changed a lot. It decreases subtly. The haircut has a lot of length at the front and short at the back.

-Bouncy Bob

This inverted bob hairstyle has a circular effect on your face. Those who have round faces might think twice about going for this style. This is a perfect example of inverted bob for short hair. There are short layers at the back and an extended layer at the front. The blonde color adds more to the volume of this look.

-Loose Curls

The blonde colors make a great hair color. The length of the hair at the front and the back is of the same length. Still, in that short hair length, many layers are playing the game. The blonde color adds fun to the messiness of the look. You can side part it and go about for the day. This is the look that transfers efficiently from day to night.

-Not So Inverted

This is not an inverted bob. To achieve this look, you should have a good quality of hair. Look at the shine and the strength of the locks. The hair shape is U. The hair is quality is very thick. You need a specific type of hair to try this hairstyle. I love it. I wish I had such a strong hair type.

-Messy Fun

I love this fabulous inverted bob hairstyle. Look at the difference between the layers at the front and the back. The hair at the end is super short. Her curls are amazing and big. The messiness of the entire look makes it fantastic. The color of her hair adds a lot of shine to her complete look.

-Medium Inverted Bob

Inverted bob hairstyles look great with bangs. This bob hairstyle is of medium length. The color of her hair is beautiful. The bangs finish her look completely and provide an excellent shape to her entire face. The layers are long and are amazing. If you go for a bob hairstyle, this is how your hair will look like once it is long.

-Super Long At The Front

If you thought I was joking when I said, the length of the hair could be up to your shoulder; you are wrong. Look at it. It looks unique and bold. The hair length is what does the styling for this entire look. You do not need more styling for this look. It is all about the layers and fun. Go for this look if you dare to. You can add subtle highlights here and there.

-Curls At The End

This is a layered bob hairstyle. We have another excellent example for you that goes for inverted bob for short hair. They look sexy and fun at the same time. This is another one of the looks that transform easily from a day look to a night look. You can go to work in this look or have a party. It is all about your outfit and makeup once you have this hairstyle. The layers are cool and chic.

-Red Streaks

This inverted bob hairstyle for short hair is modified version of the classic style. The hair is black and shiny. You have an extended length at the front and short at the back. The hair at the end is very short. You can see a fantastic difference. The hair at the back is not straight but somewhat curly. There are some red highlights to add more to the look. You can go for a different color for highlights. Go for green, blue, purple or pink. It is your choice. If you have black hair, you can even choose neon colors. Pastel colors are in this season.

-Washed Up Colors

The hair layers at the front are sharp and sexy. Look at how the cut is impressive at the front. The difference between the layers at the front and the back are fantastic. The layers at the top, in fact, are very short. There is such a variety of length of strands of the hair. This difference is keeping this entire look together. The hair color is also extraordinary. The hair color is also appropriate for keeping with the style.

-Brown Colored

If you don’t want a lot of color variation in your look, you can go for the brown hair color. They look great and give you a subtle makeover. I think they also add the perfect change to the natural inverted bob hairstyle. This bob hairstyle has a lot of layers. This look will also go great with bangs. Style and vary it in any way you want. Just be sure about everything you do.

-Shades of Lusture

Look at the shine in the hair. This version of inverted bob for short hair also gives a circular effect. You can see it. Honestly, I can only see the shine in her hair. You will need a lot of protection and care to achieve such health. It is your choice and your time. So, keep on taking care of your hair. The hairstyle has a few layers but is comfortable.

-Long At The Front

Look at how her hair highlights are complementing her skin tone. They make her face glow. You should be careful when you go for coloring your hair. They need to match your skin tone and add shine to it. For her hairstyle, she goes for an inverted bob for short hair. You can see how her highlights play the game. The colors are mainly in the areas that are long. I love how the lipstick completes her look.

-Sort Of Combed

Her hair color is the lightest version of blonde. She goes for short hair version of the inverted bob. There are many layers in her hair. The front of her hair is styled in such a way that is shaped into side bangs. The bangs are long. The fringes are used to form her face. The rest of her hair is smooth and do not need to be often styled. Have fun with your hair styling.


Her hair has soft curls. She looks terrific with the coils. I have to admit this color isn’t my favorite of the highlights. But we can always change the color according to our choices. The length of the hair is similar throughout her hair. The strands at the front are long and beautiful. The curls are what adds a variety to this look. The highlights are up to you and your preference.

– Super Ombre Bob

The hair color is fantastic. The ash blonde color makes for great hair color. This blonde color and the black makes for a significant variation of the colors. Her base color is dark, and the end of the strands are light. This creates a substantial effect on her inverted bob hairstyle. To add more to the look, you can go for slight waves. They make the entire look fabulous. You can see some blonde highlights as well.

-For The Office

An everyday look is necessary. Most of the time, we all are busy and then come back home and finish all the chores. All that time, you don’t have a lot of energy left to put on your hair. So, for that inverted bob can be the perfect option. The hairstyle is stylish and sexy. The locks also have some sharp edges making it blunt and bold. The bangs are secured to frame the shape. The bottom of her hair is a dark base color.

-Short Hair and Inverted Bob

The shape of her hair is ascending towards her face. They frame her face amazingly. I love the messy part of this look. They make her face great. The short hair at the back gives it a bouncy look. The layers at the end are short giving it a circular effect. The long strands at the front are wavy. Use your fingers to keep the messy look.

-Sleek Look

Those blue highlights are our love. They are fantastic. I think it is on my to-do list. The blue color adds a subtle effect to the hair. The hair length at the front is up to the shoulder. At the back, it is slightly smaller. Her hair quality is straight and thick. That is the main reason why inverted bob hairstyle (even its medium form) looks fantastic on her. If you have similar hair, you should go for this look.

-Medium Bob

This hairstyle is straight and shiny. I love it. Many of us don’t enjoy the middle partition. But if it is done right, you can see how amazing it is. The central separation and the sleekness falling makes the entire look decent. The hairstyle is sexy. This is a medium inverted bob. There are not many layers of this hair. So, you can call this look easy to achieve and maintain. Make sure your hair strands at the end have an excellent point shape to give an angled look.

-Too Short Or Long

Look at the difference of the hair length. Inverted bob for short hair is all about having fun. It is your choice. You can go for more extended versions of inverted bob as well. The hair, at the back, is short. The locks at the front are long. There aren’t many layers, but the hair is pure and kept loose. The difference in the length is what is creating a great style. The black hair color and the top makes it look bold.

-For Anyone

This inverted bob for short hair makes your hair look like a ball. It is excellent for those who don’t have a lot of volume on your hair. The plain dull hair is cut in such a way that it gives a bulging effect on the hair. The colors on the hair are also made in such a way that it creates a full effect. The base of the hair is black, and the rest is blonde. Choose this style for an everyday look.

-Long And Short

If I had to describe this hairstyle with one word, it would be ‘bold.’ The hair at the front is sharp and edgy. There are many layers at the front. There is a combination of layers at the front. Some are short and long but are in no particular order. At the back, the hair is super quick. You can see the incredible difference in the length of the hair throughout again. They make her look sexy and glamorous. The colors of her hair add to the hairstyle.

-Brown Highlights

This inverted bob hairstyle is not very dramatic. You can see the length of the hair is same throughout the hair. There is only a small difference in the length.  To add some more fun to the look, you can go for some loose curls. You can add highlights throughout the hair like her to create a stunning effect.

  -Purple Streaks

Purple streaks of color can add a great variety to inverted bob for short hair. They make it look sexy and glam. You can go for other colors if you want. They can either be blue or pink. You can go for neon and pastel versions of the color. You can also add blonde highlights to add fun to this look. If you have short hair, it is excellent if you can more variety to it.

-Everyday Bob

Bob hairstyles make for a perfect everyday style. Inverted bob hairstyles make it even better. You can have straight hair at the front that is pointed at the front. The length of the hair at the back does not need to be very long. It can be of medium length. You can side part it and comb it using fingers. After that, you can go out and have fun. Add some light highlights at the side to give a shiny effect. It makes the entire look better.

-Golden Shine

Giving your hair a golden shine can make your inverted bob hairstyle a stunning result. Look how beautiful her hair is. Imagine how much better it will look in the sun. The straightness of the tress and its cut creates a circular effect on the entire look. The long layers at the front add an elongated effect on hair as the whole. The color, what I can say, is fantastic.

-Slight Waves

The waves of her hair make for an inverted bob hairstyle. The shape of the hair accentuates the shape of the bob hairstyle. You can see that the hair is not really curly. It is subtly curled. When it comes to loose curls, you can go for the messy look. If you have a dark base color, you can give yourself a complete makeover and color your hair blonde. The combination of dark and light colors makes this look terrific. Keep the length of your hair smooth and fun.

-Inverted Bob With Bangs

The curved nature of the hair is impressive. Her hair color is silver. It is a Game of Thrones look. Oh, 2019! Anyway, so this is a Khaleesi inspired hair color. But, we still need to go to the office. Some of us don’t have time to style our long hair. So, we need an easy way out. For that, we have the inverted bob hairstyle. The bangs are used to frame her face. The entire look is perfect.

For most of us working girls or even the ones in college, we don’t have a lot of time to style our hair. If only we could, roll out of bed and look fabulous. You have that fantastic option with inverted bob hairstyles. Scroll down for more inverted bob for short hair. We have a lot of its variations. Enjoy, I know you will want to try all of them.


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