How to Dye Hair Purple from Blonde, Black and Brown


Dying your hair is one of the hardest decisions you might ever make given the variety of colors and textures in this day and age. Depending on your personality, styles, and choices, you now have over thousands of hues of hair shades you can play along with. You can go from dark to light and from glossy to pastels.

We are now in 2017, and brighter shades of color are more popular than ever. Bright shades of red and greens, grays, blondes and whites. But the one that stands out among all is of-course the evergreen hue of purple. After going through ranges of color, you decided on getting the shade purple, but you are not sure how to get that perfect shade. Well, we are here to help you out!

1. Choosing the Right Hair Dye

So you have chosen purple to be the one you will don, but what precise shade of purple would you love? The ranges lie from dark shades of purple like- Burgundy, Indigo, and Deep Purple, to the lighter shades like- lilac, pastels, and magenta. Go through the gallery of the shade that you would like as your hair dye and choose the specific color. For the darker shades of purple it is usually easier to obtain, but with lighter shades, it requires a bit more work than the darker shades.

You can also decide what kind of hair dye do you want as you have the choice of semi-permanent, permanent and temporary. If you want to keep your purple hair for a longer period of time go for the permanent and if you just want to experiment, try the temporary.

2. Bleaching and Lightening

If you choose the darker shade of the purple, it is usually easy as you can just apply the dye directly without lightening your natural hair color. And also when you have naturally light hair color, you don’t have to go through the hassle of bleaching and lightening. However, if you chose the lighter shade of purple and you have dark hair, then the first thing to do is lightening your hair shade to a light yellow or blonde.

If you are bleaching your hair for the first time and you have a very dark hair color, you might as well try salon as overdoing the bleaching process might damage your hair in a severe way. But if you decide to bleach your hair at home then you will need, bleaching powder, developer, bowl and a brush.

  • Mix the bleach and the developers in the bowl as instructed and mix it in the bowl.
  • Section your hair and clip it. Work with sections and work as quickly as possible to make sure that your hair lightens evenly.
  • Leave on for the instructed amount of time and rinse it off. Be sure to condition and treat your hair after bleaching as it usually causes hair damage.
  • Repeat the bleaching process in a few days until you the results.

3. Coloring your hair

After you get your hair lightened and you have the desired hair color of pale yellow or blonde you can apply the hair color of your choice. Whether pastels or lilac, you can apply the hair color directly to your hair now. For coloring your hair, follow the steps.

  • Mix the color and developer in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly and make sure to the even texture.
  • Section your hair into even sections and clip the remaining. Apply the color with a color brush from the bottom to the top.
  • Leave the color in your hair until you get the desired color. Rinse it off once you are satisfied with the color. Don’t use strong chemical shampoos, instead opt for color stay shampoos that will help protect the color.
  • Condition your hair and treat it after dying it.

4. Taking care of Purple Hair

Although purple is a vibrant color, it is no secret that as time fades, the color will too. So keep that color fresh and vibrant as new, make sure to reapply the color once in a while. Keeping that in mind, visit the salon or color your hair every 3-4 weeks.

Another thing you can do to keep the color intact is to use products that help maintain the pigments in place. Use shampoos that are not harsh on the hair and use color stay products to make it last longer. You also have the option to use shampoos that are meant for purple colored hair.

Products like- De Lorenzo Violet have violet pigments that retain the color in your hair and makes the burgundy and purple hair last longer.

5. Changing Back to natural colors

After dyeing your hair purple, you will love the results. Because the color is so vibrant lovable, you seem to never get tired of it. But if eventually you get tired of the color and you want to switch back to your natural shade, be patient.

Violets or purple shades fade easily as it has fewer pigment particles. As time passes, when you don’t reapply the color it will fade. And you will have your bleached hair. Then you will have the option color your hair to any other color you want. If you want to go for another unnatural shade, you might want to consider bleaching your hair again if required.But going back to normal shades, you can go right ahead and apply the darker shades of color that you want to go back to.







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