26 Hipster Haircut And Style For Men (2021)


Gentlemen, there is nothing more attractive and stylish in a man than his tremendous confidence. It does not matter if your genes have blessed you with a “Prince-Charming” looks or if you seem like a “Shrek” on a daily basis. I want you to take every stride in your life with a puffed up chest and a grin that radiates so much assertiveness, hell, they better evacuate a town cause of it. And, don’t stop even if the depth of your soul feels blue with self-doubt. Fake it if you must, but keep it going. I mean it.

However, until then, you have me to navigate you through the “Confident and Style 101” course. And, as your esteemed professor, it is my humble duty to begin this lecture with a befitting style that has no rules.

You heard me right, gentlemen. Style with no rule. But, trust me, it gets simpler than that. You can get this hairstyle right, regardless, how you prefer to compliment it. And, it FEELS GOOD! And, nothing screams of oozing confidence than a slick trend that fits you well and makes you feel good about it!

Hipster Haircut is all about shorter sides and longer tops. The sides can be called undercuts and shaved depending on the depths. The tops can be anything! And by that, I mean everything! Trust me, lads, if I could, this list would never end!

This hairstyle does not discriminate with your facial features, your age, your race, your skin tone, or, even gender! Hell, I might make a list about Hipster Haircut For Women someday!

This style can get anyone laid from Angola to Zambia! Trust me.

Now, the bonus benefit with this hipster hairstyle, in particular, comes for men who have thinning hairlines. I know, a lot of you men out there are extremely cautious about letting the balding scalps show. But, hear me out and allow me to change that perspective.

My name is Roach, and here are my top 26 Hipster Hairstyles for 2017.

1. Short Hair, Undercut With Crease

Gentlemen, there is a beauty about short hairdos. It suits any man. Best of all, it fits perfectly regardless of your age, race or skin tone. This is a universal go-to hairstyle for men.

And, foremost, it is no surprise that we start this guide with a well done short hairdo.

Most men, by convention, are already used to with short hair. It is simple. It does not need you to stay patient for months to let your hair grow just enough to make it look fancy.

So, the trick here is relatively straightforward. Start with the undercut. Apply razor, most preferably a size 2 (or 1 if you prefer so), for the comfortable undercut. Finally, the crucial touch. Use a blade to bring out the crease to compliment the trendy top.

You can get this hair regardless of your features. Maybe you have a prominent forehead. Or, perhaps, your thinning hairline is apparent. Regardless, this hairstyle will suit you! Hell, you’ll even come off confident if you choose to let your features show and not back down because of it.

I tell you, gentlemen, embrace your features, cause the whole world will always give you a constant reminder about it.

2. Medium Undercut With Clean Shave

Hipster hairdo is certainly not limited to short, spiky or slick hairdos. As I mentioned earlier, gentlemen, there is no rule with hipster hairdos.

You can choose to allow your short, undercut hipster hairstyle to grow a while. However, you do eventually need a little adjustment along the way if you choose so. Personally, I find that hair strands do not grow equally. (Maybe I am wrong, tell me about it on my twitter feed)

Now, some of you may choose to get this hair done fresh. In that case, you only need scissors to get this right. No need for razors or blades, however, the crease may get a little tedious.But, I always choose to believe in my barbers. I admire all the passionate barbers! They deserve more credit than they usually get.

3. Shaved Sided With Spikes

The Universal Hipster Guide states, and I quote, “Thou shalt follow one rule, that thou shan’t have rules.”

It does not matter how high you choose to razor your undercuts. It does not matter where you choose to mark your hair crease! The only thing that matters is if you’re willing to pull this off.

I don’t suppose I need further words to explain.

4. Medium Flow With Light Beard

This is me following up the esteemed Universal Hipster Guide from the last section.

You can have a glorious hipster hairdo and still keep the hair longer. You don’t even need to get a razor or blade!

This, for me, suits any skin tone. And, it can compliment facial hair if you choose to get one, or already have one!

However, being honest, I might have to suggest my fellow gentlemen with thinning hairlines to possibly avoid this. Usually, and by that, I mean by personal experience, I rarely find this complimenting the bald scalps. Although, I am open to being proven wrong. If you’re a man who is confident, try this. (And, send me a selfie down my twitter feed)

5. A Combination Of Medium Flow With Short Sides

Gentlemen, all I’ll ever do in this guide is contradict my last point. And, I can’t stress this enough. There are no rules when it comes to Hipster Hairstyles. You can take a classic hairstyle and turn them into a perfect hipster hairdo. You can take the authentic punk hairdo and fix those into the trend!

This hairdo is no different. You could even choose to use razors to get a nice undercut from the previous hairstyle, and it still looks like a perfect 10.

Best of all, This still compliments any feature you have or want on your face. I wish I were lying! I truly do!

6. Wave Hair And The French Moustache

You’d think the old’ French curvy mustache is dead, or perhaps obsolete in the modern day. Well, who am I kidding? French Moustache is still arguably the best mustache there is. I am here, actually wondering, how the French got to trademark on this glorious curve. (I might even google those once I am done with the article)

Now, I personally have this mustache to compliment my hipster undercuts! And, it’s so easy! The most difficult part of this look, however, is keeping the mustache curved! Well, at least for me. (Do let me know if you have the same issue when you try it, or, are you one of them who can seamlessly get them to stay put?)

7. The Nerd Hipster Look

This is the part where I show you, that this hairdo can let you wear glasses and blend them to the style. If you’re like me and need an extra pair of eyes to help you get through piles of university papers or work on endless articles at the office, you no longer need to worry about getting dulled out.

No further explanation required, if I may.

8. Modern-Classic Slick Hair-do

When you’re done spiking up the confidence level on a daily basis, you can simply use a decent cream and pull them hair strands back to give you a slick and modern-classic hairdo.

You see lads, the hair is adaptable.

9. Undercut, Pompadour and Groomed Beard

Gentlemen, I am a firm believer in beards.

If your genetic codes made an incredible journey from the humble single cellular beginning and survived the testing of time all the way to you; you should honor it and keep a beard!

Now, of course, there are some men out there who, unfortunately, cannot grow a beard. And, I really mourn that. As a matter, in fact, I come from a family line where my first cousins have baby chins. I am extremely lucky to even have patchy but subtle beards. But, I keep it anyway.

You see, gentlemen, if you can grow a beard, keep one. It is meant to make you look more confident and consequently, more desirable! Hipster Hairstyle allows you to compliment anything you can muster off your face. It’s all about getting the perfect combination!

10. Pompadour With Braided Fronts

And speaking of combinations, I’d like to take this moment and head back to The Universal Hipster Guide and state, there are no rules. Hipster Hairstyle lets you play experiments with anything and you can get it right none the less.

Here is an example of an unthinkable combination of the braided hair and pompadour hairstyle. You usually see braided hair and pompadour hair on two different ends of a spectrum.

I actually came across this hairstyle after I picked my 25 Hipster Hairstyle for the list. Now, the list is called “26 Hipster Hairstyle for Men.” And this hairstyle gets a perfect 10. Get the hint?

11. Shaved Sides And Faded Curly Top

Continuing with my selection of unique style combination, here is a balance between shaved sides and Faded Curly Tops.

12. Hipster Haircut For Thinning Hair

Now, I understand a lot of men out there think they suffer from thinning hairlines. While I do acknowledge thinning hairline is an issue, it is nothing to suffer. Get my point? I have a friend started losing hair. And. he wasn’t even 21!

Gentlemen, the trick here was, he then used a subtle technique to blend his bald patches perfectly with this hairstyle. Ofcrouse, he got them wrong. And, I am terribly wrong. Even shaved his head off in frustration once. He came across something similar to this hairdo, and it did work.

This hairdo uses the undercut amazingly. I have no other words for it. You still get that classy look. And it compliments a beard! Talk about that!

13. Shaved And Undercut Hipster Combo With Side-Burns

Continuing with the topic on thinning hairlines, 9/10 (I made that up) they start with a slight decrease on the sides of your forehead.

And, I can’t stress this enough, Hipster Hairstyle lets you blend any of your wanted or even unwanted features into style. It’s all about getting the correct combination.

Speaking of this photograph, I admire the creativity. Apparently, you can combine Wolverine sideburns with this style. Talk about that!

14. Classic Asymmetrical Meet Undercut Hipster

Asymmetricity is rare lately. Personally, I don’t meet people who have those. Maybe it’s just where I live. I heard about it during my research for this article and I had to include this. (Feel free to share photographs down my twitter feed if you have this hairdo or if you try this on)

This look gives you a vintage feel while keeping up with the modern trend of not following trends. Hipster hairstyle.

15. Classic Short Mohawk Meets Hipster

I’ll leave this space for you to admire this. I do.

16. Fade Undercut Hipster With Crease

Gentlemen, every one of us has preferences. Some of you might not be comfortable running a razor all the way up for your undercuts or simply hate it. I understand.

But, with Hipster hairstyles, you make your own rules with Jack-Black and your preferences!

17. Fade-Pompadour Meet Shaved Hipster Haircut

I have mentioned Pompadour a lot in this list, but I  honestly can’t get enough of the ways people can modify this style!

18. Top Highlights And Shaved Sides

Personally, I am not a fan of highlights. To be honest, I never felt like I could pull off one. And that is fine, to be fair.

But, I won’t hesitate a second to admire someone who pulls them off. (Feel free to share your shades of highlights with hipster hairdo on my twitter feed)

19. Hipster Superman

If Hipster Hairstyles let you be a more stylish version of Superman, why not!

20. Razored Sides And Light Beard

This one is my personal favorite. I got something similar for my birthday in Feb 2017 and have stayed with it since.

Anything I describe this hairdo will be biased towards it, so yea.

21. Natural Curls Meets Razored Sides

Gentlemen, we normally spend a lot on hair products to get them the way we want them to be. But, some of us have those natural curls that need no tampering. For you lot, I’d suggest this hipster hairdo. You lads are blessed I tell you.

22. Slick, Pompadour, Crease Meets Undercut, and French Moustache

If I had a picture to summarize everything I have mentioned in this guide today, this would be it. I was worried I wouldn’t fit the subheading on a single line for this one!

I was worried I wouldn’t fit the subheading on a single line for this one!

23. Man Buns And Groomed Beard With Crease and Razor Sides

Gentlemen, man-buns are a thing.

I have a lot of friends who either have had this hairdo before, or have it at the moment or are aiming for it. One has a well-groomed beard that compliments it well. Others have longer ponytail buns to go with their shaved sides. I even have a friend who looks the ultra hipster version of Skrillex!

Personally, this is what I am aiming for the moment the article is being published. If you are one like me, tell me about your process down my twitter feed. Or if you have tried it or are with the trend, feel free to send me suggestions. This is personal!

24. Mohawk-Hipster Hairdo And Patchy Beard

I remember the first time I was introduced to Mohawk hairstyles. It felt amazing. I even began doing my own research on the Iroquois Mohawks cause of it. You see, gentlemen, it is strange where you find inspiration in real life.

Meanwhile, I especially admire this hairstyle, because it compliments patchy beard so well. Usually, a patchy beard is a bliss when you need a side angle mug shots! Thank the universe we have Hipster Trends.

25. Undercut Hipster Flow Hairdo With Light Beard

Continuing with the subject of patchy beard, you can get one with flow hairdo if you want to stay updated with the modern trend.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, it’s all about experimenting different styles until you get it right.

26. Hipster Hairstyle With Wild Beard

I have kept no secret about my patchy beard.

My lads love to banter me about it. They have what I like to call a “Blessed Beard Gene” that can grow my 1-month beard in a week! And, I can’t blame them for all the jokes I get.

You see, gentlemen, your feature is something that stands out whether you like it or not. You cannot change that.

But, here’s the thing, you can either dwell on that fact and lose confidence over it, like I had been over the last decade, or you can finally accept that feature and build confidence over it.

I have been grooming my beard since the start of 2017. I have even allowed it to grow its own course, let it go and turn “savage.” And, gentlemen, today the feature I hated about me is something that drives my confidence.

The photograph here is something I wish to look like. Of course, my beard isn’t as glorious as this gentleman. I adopted The Universal Hipster Guide, got the look that complimented my feature.

And, all in all, I felt confident about myself.

Just remember gentlemen, chapter one from “Confident and Style 101” says accept your features, cause the world won’t let you forget it.

And that was Hipster Hairstyles.


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