90 Highlights For Black Hair That Looks Good On Anyone


Highlights can do a lot for you especially, highlights for black hair; they are a phenomenon. It can make your looks spicy or give you the perfect sun-kissed look. Highlights will create a new texture and dimension to your hair. They will provide you with an entirely new look by adding depth to your locks. There are endless options for highlighting your hair, so you will find it difficult to settle on one. Ready for a treat for your eyes?

How To Get Highlights For Black Hair?

What will you need?

  • Toothbrush
  • Brush
  • Gloves
  • Dye that is lighter than your natural shade
  • Conditioner
  • Shampoo
  • Vaseline
  • Clips
  • Old T-shirt

What To Do?

Follow the following instructions for getting highlights for your black hair.

  1. Remove all the tangles from your hair. Your hair should not be washed for two days.
  2. Put on gloves and wear an old T-shirt.
  3. To protect your face, apply a thin line of Vaseline on your forehead.
  4. Decide which sections of your hair you want to be highlighted.
  5. Mix your color and developer as instructed in the box.
  6. Use your toothbrush and apply the mixture on your hair.
  7. Leave the dye for the appropriate time.
  8. Finally, wash your hair and then condition it.

Check out some great ideas on highlights for black hair.

-Sea Blue

The first photo we have for you is beautiful. I love this highlighted hair. It is unique and has the right amount of sass. Everyone will enjoy it. The teal color is gorgeous and brings a high shine to her hair. If you have a cool undertone, you can go for this highlights. To be honest, this can be worn by anyone who has warm undertone as well. Her hair is straight and black. The colors steal the show. She finishes the look with perfect makeup. The hair quality is also excellent. That is why she can pull off this hair color.

-Blonde One

This picture is immensely versatile. It is a great short hairstyle that has the shag haircut. The hairstyle is also a great example of short layered hairstyle. The hairstyle has a lot of variations, which makes this haircut fun and young. You can shake your head and become beautiful. This is the privilege you get with this hairstyle. If you don’t find that enough, you can always add depth to the look using blonde highlights.

-Shades Of Blonde

There are many shades of highlights in her hair. Her hair is long and has beautiful waves. You can try this hairstyle even if you have straight hair. As for the highlights, the entire hair has different shades of blonde, i.e., brown or light blonde. The color is only a shade lighter than her natural black hair. If you have brown skin, you can go for this color for highlights. It will not create drastic change and make you look beautiful in every which way.

-Red Ones

The curls on her black hair are large and gorgeous. It makes a great shape for her hairstyle. If you have similar hair, I suggest trying the same look. You can cut your curly hair in such a way that it gives this kind of effect. If you don’t have curly hair, you can get this hairstyle by using your curling rod with precision. As for the highlights for black hair, you can go for the dark red color. It will work great for your skin tone if you have a dark undertone. This color works great for Indian skin and brown skin as well.

-Grey Highlights

Grey hairstyles are so in this season. They have been ruling our hearts for three years now. It is there for a reason. The colors are easy to achieve. If you are lucky, you can only bleach your hair and get the color. Grey hairstyles are so popular that people have even started dying their hair ash blonde. Grey color makes for great highlights for black hair. It is a perfect color for you to create an ombre effect as well. Her hair length is long, and the highlights work magic on them.

-Blue Highlights For Black Hair

If you have straight hair and dark black color, one of the most magnificent colors for highlighting is a blue color. It is a unique color and works best when you have a fair skin tone. The hair type is straight, and for the haircut, she creates wispy bangs. Her hair length is medium and has an excellent quality. The blue color adds a great depth to this hairstyle. The blue color is dark and gorgeous. You can even try pastel blue highlights if you like. The highlights look great as it is focused near her face.

-For Curls

The bouncy curls she has are everyone’s hair goals. The hairstyle is Afro and looks beautiful. Her hair color is dark, but since she has curls, she decides to highlight them. Who wouldn’t want to highlight their best features? So, highlights are a great way to make the best elements of your hair pop. She has black hair, and she uses different shades of blonde for highlights. Her hair has lightest shade of blonde as well as shades that are close to the brown color. The red matte lipstick is gorgeous. She finishes the look with a classy pair of sunglasses.

-The Glow

If you have brown skin, this shade of highlight will work correctly for you. Her hair has subtle waves. It is long and beautiful. She has the thin hair type, and the waves don’t create a large volume. If you have black hair, you need to do a lot to make it look fun. So, go for waves and to create a new dimension on your hairstyle, go for brown highlights. She parts her hair from the middle and shows off her hair colors. It is beautiful.

-Highlights For Black Hair And Brown Skin

Indians are blessed with gorgeous black hair. They have thick hair and beautiful long locks. The hair length shown in this picture is lovely. It is thin and looks terrific. For the hairstyle, she parts her hair from the middle and goes for curls. You can increase the number of coils in your hair as well. To make the look better, she goes for brown highlights. You can go for a darker shade of brown hair color or lighter ones depending on your choice.

-Indian Hair

This is a great way to highlight your dark colored hair. It will give you a beautiful subtle makeover and spice up your look entirely. You have to get some curls so that the colors at the end of your hair is highlighted. If you have straight hair, you can also go for this highlighting color. It will look like you have a subtle ombre effect on your hair. This type of highlights will not focus on your face more but to give a warm impact to your hairstyle.

-Highlights For Indian Skin

This is an excellent example of highlights for black hair for brown skin or Indian girls. Girls, if you are blessed with beautiful skin tone and hair color, you can go for this kind of highlights. The hair length is gorgeous and has beautiful curls. She chooses a color that highlights her face. It brings a glow to her face. The highlighting hair color is one shade lighter than her natural hair and is close to her natural skin tone. That is why the color suits her perfectly. Go for the makeup and outfit that flaunts your hair colors.


If you are blessed with natural black hair with such a beautiful texture, you have endless options to style them. You should know that black hair is a problematic hair for coloring. So, if it is the first time you are planning to color your hair, you can go for a dark color. If you have black hair color, but of the thin type like shown here, chances are you can get lighter shades of hair colors as well. If you are a working woman, you can go for subtle highlights as well. It will give you a perfect makeover.

-Before And After

In this picture, you can see how your black hair will look with highlights and without them. The one on the right shows impressive hairstyle with only its natural hair color, and on the left, it proves otherwise. Pick your choice. The hairstyle on both the sides is same. It is an Afro hairstyle, i.e., a fantastic collection of bouncy curls. I love the look. The one on the left side has a new depth and dimension because of the blonde highlights. You can pick your choice. Both of the hairstyles look great.

-Blue Ones

Pastel colors make for one of the best hair colors as highlights for your black hair. Her hairstyle is gorgeous. It looks beautiful on her. She has large cascading curls at the ends of her hair, and the ones near her head are straight. This hairstyle is unbelievably beautiful. To make the hairstyle closer to Disney theme, you can go for a pastel blue highlighting color. Since Frozen 2 is about to release, why don’t you go for grey highlights or icy blue shade? It will be one of your favorite hairstyles in your lifetime.

-You Know Her

If you are from the Indian subcontinent, you know her. For the rest of us, who have watched the latest Vin Diesel movie, you guys know her as well. The rest must be living under a rock. Anyway, for those, she is a beautiful South Indian actress Deepika Padukone. Padukone is a fashion inspiration to many throughout the world. She only fits for our inspiration for highlights for black hair. She uses a shade lighter than her dark hair color that creates a beautiful shine on her hair. I love her lipstick’s tone; it is lovely.

-Brown Highlights For Black Hair

This is an evening look that you can pick for you fancy night out. You can wear this on your date night or for your anniversaries. Since she has an extended length of hair, she goes for curls. Curly hair looks great on long hair. She side parts her hair and then lets all the length of her hair be as it is. Since she has curled her hair, she decides to highlight the curls. For her highlighting color, she picks a color that is close to her undertone and is only a shade lighter than her hair color. For her dress, she pulls a deep plunging strapless dress.

-Red Burns

Highlights for black hair don’t just need to be for a few strands. They can be concentrated in one area and made into a beautiful ombre. It will work out for the best. This hair highlights will work great for Indian skin tone as well as brown skin tone. There is no particular best color to use as highlights for black hair. The choice of color depends on your undertone. She accentuates the shape of her hair using the red color. It creates a stunning effect.

-Keeping It Simple

This is one of my personal favorites. The hair is beautifully long and has terrific curls at the ends. Everything about this hair is beautifully shaped. She has dark hair color and chooses shades of brown for highlights for her black hair. The brown color is only a shade lighter than her natural hair color. She uses the highlighting color to make her curls pop out. Make sure you add some highlights near your face as well. Finish the look with eyeliners and nude lipstick.

-Shades Of Blue

Her hair has many shades of blue. It has one dark shade of blue, and then the rest of her strands has lighter shades of her hair. Her hair length is long and has a lot of waves. It looks great. You can achieve this shape of your hair without using heat. Find some tutorials on Youtube if you like. If you have dark hair color and a light undertone, I say why not go for a shade of blue. It will make you stand out from the crowd, and you can use different shades of blue.

-Blending In

Highlights for black hair can blend in your natural hair color amazingly. Her hair color is natural and looks beautiful. If you look closely, you can see subtle highlights. The length of her hair is long, and her hair quality is gorgeous. The shine of her hair is because of the highlights. The highlighting color is dark but a lighter shade than her natural hair color. The waves on her hair are long and gorgeous. You can quickly get this highlights for your black hair at home.

-The Shine

She is beautiful. Look at her eyes and correctly done eye makeup that makes her look drop-dead gorgeous. Everything about her look is stunning because she makes the right combination of perfect hair, stunning makeup, and the right attitude. For her hairstyle, she has a natural dark hair color. To make them look better than ever, she picks brown highlights for black hair. The highlights bring a beautiful shine to her natural hair color. For her makeup, she focuses on her eyes and goes for a nude lipstick. Her black top is perfect as it draws focus on her hair and her eyes. Her accessories are subtle and perfect. She uses highlighter the ideal amount and applies a blush on that brightens up her face.

-Curls And Blonde

This hairstyle is an excellent example of blonde highlights for black hair. The effects on hair are significant because of the colors and curls. I am saving this picture too. The hair length is medium and has a lot of coils. To accentuate the curls, she makes use of different shades of blonde. There are dark shades of blonde and light shades as well. Both of the shades are incorporated, and they blend beautifully. Her hair looks caramel flavored. Keep your hair healthy and shiny. You can quickly get this look on your hair at home. A great DIY for your hairstyle.

-Short Brown

We finally have an example of highlights for black short hair. The hair length is almost to her shoulders, and her hair color is black. The hair type is thin. If you have flat hair type, you will not like the fact that your hair does not have volume. You cannot create a bouncy and fluffy effect on your hair. So, to make your hair look better than ever, you can add dimensions. The highlighting color does not have to be bright. You can blend it in with your natural color and add depth to your hairstyle.

-Chocolate Highlights For Black Hair

If you have naturally black hair with curls, trust me, honey you are blessed. Look how gorgeous this type of hair is. Everything about this hairstyle is goals. Everyone wants this type of hair. The volume of her hair, quality, and colors all work together to create magic. For her hair color, she goes for brown color. The shiny brown color makes her hair glow, and she looks stunning. If I had such hair, I would be taking a lot of photographs.

-Ombre Effect

Highlighting your hair can also be all about creating an ombre effect on your hair. I love the ombre effect. It makes your hair look like a beautiful fall of colors. The blend of colors and the monochromatic impact it creates all over your hair makes your hair exquisite. So, for this highlights for black hair, she goes for a cool shade of grey color. You can wear this shade even if you have a cool undertone. It is not near your face, so it will not create an adverse impact on your appearance. The ombre effect on her hair looks perfect. Make sure you get one too. You can get this highlights for your black hair at home quickly.

-Many Styles

In this picture, we show you different shades of highlighting colors for black hair. The three pictures with your favorite celebrities show ash blonde, brown and fiery red hair colors as highlights for your black hair. The one on the left has subtle grey colors and looks great. The one in the middle has a brown color that gives her hair a stunning ombre effect. The fiery red highlighting color used on Vanessa’s hair is on point. Notice how red lipstick works for all hair highlights. Different shades of red color work for all skin tones.

-Cool Hues

The length of her hair is lovely. I love long hair. You require a level of determination and effort to achieve long periods of hair. If you have long hair, chances are you will have many splits ends. To maintain your hair and get rid of the split-ends, you should trim your hair on a monthly basis. Make sure you moisturize and condition them. For your hair to look beautiful, you can go for grey highlights. Your hair will look beautiful with the lighter shade for your large waves. The waves will look better than your natural hair color with grey highlights. You can see great evidence in front of you.

Don’t worry the treat is not over. We have a lot more photos. Your hair highlights for black hair has endless possibilities. Try only for a few strands near your face or all over your hair. You can also go for a subtle ombre effect. The colors can be warm red, cool blue or perfect ash grey.  We have more highlights for short black hair. Scroll down. You will enjoy the ride. Your black hair will look just as high as you want it to be. Go for it, honey!

Did you pick one? I know it is like Sophie’s Choice. If you can’t pick one, as I always say try them all. You can wear all the highlights for black hair.


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