78 Best High Top Fade For Men


For the record, High top Fade is a wizard. That’s it for the introduction. And, I am not kidding. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a hairstyle that can solve all of your issues and insecurities. Now, if you think some of your facial features are mismatched, or you think you want to balance an outstanding feature, this style got your back.

And, I am Roach from StyleEasily.com, and I am more than excited to guide you through this experience with my top 78 High Top Fade for men. So, let’s go!

Chadwick Boseman Inspired

high top fade

Firstly, we start this list with one of my favorite Hollywood celebrities that rock the look. Now, there is a reason why he plays the role of the King of Wakanda in Black Panther. Here, his hairstyle is a statement of intent while boasting humility. Moreover, The look is smart, and at the same time, it tells everyone that you aren’t messing around. Hence, it commands respect.

This is a fine look for men with a High dome face type. Here, the beard suits a Long Chin. While the over-all look brings out the Refined Nose type in men. You can also spot the modified goatee with trimmed edges that fits his jaw shape.

Short Afros

This is a look for people with an attached ear lobe. Furthermore, it goes well if you have an Extended Back Head type. Hence, The hair compliments both these feature perfectly. Extra points if you think your Bulb Nose is your stand out facial structure. Furthermore, you can add a little goatee to suit your Receding chin type.

Highlighted Tops + Curly

Here we can see an excellent example of a hairstyle for people with broad ear lobe and the heavy lower lips. Also, this is a perfect look for the ones with a Buglybrow Head Type. However, you can pull this look with any other head structure. Now, the style is suitable if you have a Slightly pointed chin. But, I recommend this as a must-have look for men with strong nose type with medium length. But, the petite goatee is an option rather than a must-have feature.

Curly + Mohawk

This is a modern twist on the haircut. I like this mainly because of the number of features it incorporates. Thus, this is for the people with Flatback Head Type. Also, the roundness of the hairstyle goes well with the Fleshy Chin. While the Bulb nose type or the short length noses benefits the most out of it. Furthermore, you can give yourself an extra score if you boast a rounded ear with a free lobe.


Here is a style that boasts a statement of intent. There is a lot of option on what you can do with the hairstyle. However, this is my personal favorite. Notice how the style suits the Tall bulb nose? Now, the sharp design completely compliments your round facial feature. Also, depending on the nose type you can shape the style plans. Also, add to that, notice that this handsome man boasts a rounded lip and overall, a round face? The facial feature is quite unique and very flexible indeed.

You can rock this look for a party or even casual. However, if you want that extra touch of style, I recommend you wear a shade to complete the look. I suggest, the ‘Oliver people’s Bernardo’ shades, since it blends with the philosophy of the style so well.

Flat Top + Hard Part

This is an example of a look for a white guy. Now, the style here is perfect for men with a short beak nose. Plus points if you have narrow ear type and a ‘downward’ turned lips. The flat top goes wonderfully with Flatback head type. However, that is just optional. If you have a Short chin, you can boast a light beard to give yourself a finishing touch of perfection. Although, clean-shaven look also goes well with the look.


This is a good mix of the hairstyle with braids. Now, the look is especially useful on men with round chin, short bulb nose, and heavy upper lips. However, men with rounded lips are also encouraged.

Mixed Up

This is a good style in my books. Why? Well, I want you to notice his facial features. The most prominent features I find here are his short length bullnose and his round ears. Now, both of these facial characteristics are lifted with the short boxed beard. Because, this is made possible with a balanced combination of his Afro, Flat Top, Taper, side Fade, short. Now, that’s a combination!

I highly recommend this look for men with heavy upper lips and Extended-back head type. Extra points if you boast a square chin.


This is for men with dish face head type and a Short chin. But men with round nose tip with sticking out ear type are welcomed. Now, you can rock this look with a well-groomed beard. However, if you have a patchy beard, you can hold this with a short mutton chops beard.

Medium Length + Flat Top

Here is a smart design for the men with a short square chin, broad ears, full lips, and a handsome square face. Furthermore, this is both a casual and formal look hairstyle that can boast an illustrate Delon shades.

Flat Top + Designs

This is a hairstyle with designs for the men with sticking out ear type and full lips.

Short Hair + Taper

This is a simple, clean look. Furthermore, if you have a round-ear with broad earlobes and a Dishface head type, consider fashioning this. Moreover, this look brings out the short chin and long chin, and thus highlights the soft nose type.

Spiral Curls

Here is a cool looking example for men with a short slightly receding chin. Extra points if you have long ear type. Moreover, the style suits if you like a pencil facial hair type. But, I can recommend this with a simple, clean shave as well.

Flat Top Mohawk + Hard Part

This is a good look for men with a receding chin. The hard part gives a good focus on the short sticking out ear types, while the overall look blends perfectly with your Highback head type.

Burst Fade + Flat Top

The flexibility of the look can be seen here. This look styles a fleshy or double chin perfectly. The side fade gives room for the short nose and slightly squared ear type to shine. Additionally, you can put on a Klingon beard type.

Burst Fade

This is a look to bring out the pointed ear type while blending in with the short chin. Most preferably, men with Dishface head type will look best here.

Bald Fade + Flat Top

high top fade

If you are insecure of your Slight Extend-back head type, you can blend it with this hairstyle like this.

Taper + Bald Fade

Extending further, here is a look to neutralize how a short bulb nose might stick out.

High Bald Fade

This is a good look for children with short dainty nose type.

Classic Flat Tops + Design

Here is a look if you think your short chin sticks out more than you like. The looks help your square ears shine more and enable you to get a balanced look.

Design + Highlights

Now, we have a beautiful example here of a colorful, eccentric hairstyle for men. So, the Tall bulb nose and the round face balances perfectly with the sharp-looking design of the haircut Moreover, it can also be worn for men with a rounded chin and heavy lower lips.

Short Flat Tops

If you are worried about your big forehead sticking out this is an excellent way to blend things in. Also, if you have a short chin with sticking out ear type or a square shape, this look helps it balance out your forehead. Additional points if you have heavy lower lips. You can choose to keep a Balbo beard or Klingon beard with this look.

High Skin Fade


Here is an excellent example of bringing out your prominent facial feature. The defined cheekbones compliment the receding chin. While the pointed ears fit well with the heavy upper lips. Furthermore, consider this look if you have a beautiful Bulgybrow head type. Meanwhile, men with Medium length bulb nose and round face will also have a good outlook.

Curly Hair

Here is another example of how an Extend-back head type can wear this fade hairstyle.

Short Spikes

This is for the Flatback head type with a square chin, Tall, long nose, pointed ear, and thin lips. Moreover, a light beard is recommended for ones with long faces.

Design in Middle

This is a hairstyle with a simple design for men with a big forehead and tall bulb nose.

Curly Hair + Skin Fade

If you have a narrow ear and wide lips, this is your go-to hairstyle. Extra points for men with a short round chin.

Classic Curls

This is a perfect example of receding chin and ducktail beard or mutton chops beard type combination. Thus, fancy this look for Flatback head type. While men with Tall length hero type nose can also benefit with this look.


Now, if long chin and a medium length soft nose is your main focus, try this. Furthermore, a man with a narrow ear and thin lips can boast this look with a short boxed beard.

Classic Flat Top

Here is how we bring out bow-shaped lips. Also, this is applicable for men with a long round chin and round ear.

The 90s Look

high top fade

I love this classic look. Notice how the short-round chin and the short, defined bulb nose stands out handsomely? I classify this look as a high-end classic for men. Also, I highly recommend this for men with full lips and bow shaped lips. Extra marks if you have a diamond face that suits a ray ban Aviator shades.

Medium Length + High Top Fade

Here is my pick for older men with pointed ear and wide round lips. Also, if you have short and broad chin fancy this to your hairstyle to-do list.

Short Length + Taper

Here is an example for men who like their short boxed beard. This hairstyle brings out the broad ear with sticking out ear type. And, this suits men with Extend-back head type. Bonus points for the ones with a protruding chin.

Highlights and Design for Kids

If you want your child to stand out here is a look for those handsome round fleshy chined young men.

Short Curls

This short hairstyle is a decent fit for receding chin and Flatback head type.

Short Flat Top + Design Styles

Now, if you want to add designs to the mix here is a style I recommend for receding short chin.

Flat Top + Designs

If Flatback head type hairstyle is already a typical style for you, this is a look I can recommend. Bonus if you have a short protruding chin.

Pompadour + Designs

For white men with defined protruding chin, strong nose type and sticking-out pointed ears, here is my pick for the hairstyle. Moreover, this is also a good look if you boast beautiful heavy lower lips or wide lips.

Danny Welbeck Inspired

High Skin Fade

This is a high bald fade look for men with the fleshy chin.

Bomb Over + Part

This style with side part compliments an Extend-back head type and pointed chin with defined long nose type. Bonus grades for men with narrow ear and heart-shaped lips.

Thick Hair

Here is my recommendation for a big forehead and heavy lower lips.

Curly Texture

Hard With Part

Curls + Razor Look

This is a style for the modified short boxed beard lovers. Extra points to the Dishface or Flatback head types.

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Minimal Designed Looks

Sharp Looks

high top fade

High Top Fade + Beard

Straight Hair + Hard Part

This hard side part look is perfect for men with short chin and tall beak nose.

Razor Designs

If you’re a person into eccentric designs and sharp look to go with your rounded facial features, I recommend you this look. Notice how the round curves on your looks and the side parts compliment the hair texture and the nose tips?

Top Fade + Undercut

Here is an excellent example of how you can blend your Extend-back head type with your receding chin type. Furthermore, you can rock this look with or without a beard.

High Burst Fade

Here is an excellent example. The burst fade at the sides is ideal when it comes to blending your soft nose. Now, this look, I believe is one you should have with a well-groomed beard. Consider this style if you think you can rock in a classic Hollywoodian look or old dutch look for a beard.

Bonus points if you have an Extend-back or Highdome head type. Furthermore, if you are keeping either of the beards mentioned above, you will especially look good if you have a  pointed chin.

Burst Skin Fade

This is a modern example of how men with sticking out type ear can rock the look. In addition to that, depending on men with the short chin or wide thin lips you can choose to adopt a pencil facial hair or keep a clean shave. Your call here.

Coiled Curls Top

I like how the Regular goatee stands out in this hairstyle. Alternatively, your handlebar and goatee combination will also look good.

Curls + Highlights

Here is an example of what suits your square ear.

Slicked + High Top Fade

This is a look for the white guys with black hair. The hairstyle takes the focus off the receding chin and shares it with your attached lobe round ear.

Classic Flat Top

This is a simple look for men protruding chin and attached lobe pointed ear. You do not need a Flatback head type to achieve this look.

Modified Flat Top

If you think your Pinhead type or highback head type sticks out more than you like? This is a right hairstyle that shifts the focus to your heavy lower lips.

Short Burst Fade

If you want to keep it short but stylish, this is my pick. This is an ideal look for men with Dishface head type and a rounded fleshy chin.

Medium Lenght + Low Skin Fade



high top fade

Thick Braided + Hard Part

Here is an example of how you can incorporate your amazing braids into a modern looking style. You can also consider keeping dreads with the hair. However, I think braids are the best way to have this look. Furthermore, if you have a long chin, considering sporting a beard with style.

Taper + Curls

Additionally, here is another example of Highback head type that can sport a goatee.


Now, this is a bright outlook for men. There is a lot of thing going on for this hairstyle. Firstly, you have a broad chin. Then, you have a medium bulb nose. Finally, there is another perfect combination of a wide, thick ear and those round lips. If that’s not enough, you can see here a Diamond face that suits a saint Lauren Davon frame shades. What does that mean? Here, we have a hairstyle that is quiet. It allows your face to talk while still making you look stylish. Furthermore, this is a perfect look for men who like to look casual or formal.

Highlights + Taper

High Top Fade + Thick Curls

So, Notice how the heavy lower lips just pop up?

Taper + Spiral Curls

As you can remember, we have a lot of example for men with Extend-back head type. Thus, here’s more. But, this time for men with a slightly protruding chin.

Highlights + Taper

So, this is subtly unique. Notice how bow shaped lips with the lower heavy end are significant in this look?

Side Hard Part

Burst Fade

This is an example fo burst fade incorporated to the philosophy of high top fade. The flatback head type does exceptionally well to keep this look while your receding chin helps you keep the short beard.

Taper + Thick Curls

If you like taper look to stand out, here is how you do it.

Side Fade

This is for the white guys with thin lips but a round face. However, notice how this look helps the double chin to balance out with round free lobed ears? This is a young outlook and can be worn without a beard.

Sharp Designs

If you have significant round facial features and a fleshy chin, then this is a design on your hair that you’ll rock.

Sharper Designs

In addition to the one above, if you really like designs with you haircut, this is one you can choose. Moreover, here flat back head type and round double chin compliment each other.

Taper + Short Length

Alternatively, if you like minimal design, try this for men with Dishface head type or Extend-back head type. Furthermore, a trimmed short boxed beard adds to the complexion.

Natural Look + Goatee

Finally, we have a look for the broad chin and the broad nose. Alternatively, if you have round lips to full lips, this look goes. Here, the purpose is to look stylish and natural. So, I advise sporting either a blend mutton chops or a goatee. However, a goatee alone can look dull with the hairstyle. Furthermore, a bonus point for men with an oval face.


All in all, this is a versatile hairstyle and very consistent historically as well. You can stretch how you want to wear this hair any way you like it. Now, You can choose to look funky, stylish, eccentric, hipster, or you can be old fashioned and walk like a boss. Remember, this style has got your back.

With that said, I hope this article has helped you shape your perspective on what you need. Moreover, if you want to fashion any of the styles mentioned above, do let us know in the comments below.


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