72 Smart High And Tight Haircut For This Summer


The High and Tight haircut is actually a military design but these days it’s popular among public fashion enthusiast. The guiding principle of this shirt men hairstyle is very simple: thin trimmed side and back and the line between longer hairs in the op. In the slang fashion diction, this ‘high and tight haircut’ has another name the high fade hairstyle that slopes down from long to short hair.

If you are on the quest of manly hairstyle with minimum design, you can rush for the high and tight haircut. Inspired by the military, this style best showcase your personality without any polished look. With such quality, it is no doubt that this hairstyle is serious of gentleman kind. It has as much variation as you would like to try on a monthly basis and the reliving part is that you don’t need to wait for growing hair- because it’s short hair design.  So if you’re searching for a vibrant new look, you can be sure there’s an option to suit your style, and we are here to help you find the best.

What Is A High & Tight Haircut?

Military followers will tell you that placing a hand flat on top of your head and trimming anything not covered by it is the only method that creates a true high and tight hairstyle, but in recent years the updated trend has modified it, as the public began to celebrate the hairstyle. Displayed by some popular media face like Brad Pitt and Reynolds, the original style has been updated with modern interest such as improved length on top, slicked-back and artistically performed skin fades. The organic style that was once a trademark of high and tight haircut is not history.

A well-chosen military cut can entirely change your personality and if you manage to feature the high and tight haircut with a beard then the even the pompadour style would look nothing in front of your classic look. If you are fond of the balding style, then this post is definitely for you because half of the head would look bald in fading cute design.

Why You Need  High And Tight Haircut?

There are hundreds of high and tight haircuts that are seeking you attend this year. In wake of New Year, you should definitely follow this to change your overall look and personality. It will give you a stylish and cool vibe for summer and sexy manhood aura in winter. Though inspired by military haircuts, they are updated and made totally adaptable for our current fashion trend. The edge line style is best for the smart look since it needs no celebrated designs. You will develop a kind of marine confident and right attitude after having this smart haircut.

How To Get Proper High And Tight Haircut:

Step 1

Use the minimum cord of your clipper for trimming the down part of your hair and make it look like almost shaved. And for top part use the maximum cord of your trimmer- put it a bit long.

Step 2

Start from the bottom of your back-head and go up to about 1 to 2 inches above the top parts of the ear- do same around the head.

Step 3

Get rid of the edge between the high and tight area of your cut- keep I straight and continue to trim until the shaved part fade with top.

Step 4

Turn your trimmer to the highest setting to cut the top. Start from the middle, between your face and the back of your head- make an equal edge at the top.

If You Think You Are Up For It, Then Check Out These 72 Smart High And Tight Haircut:


Military High And Tight Haircut

As the origin of this High And Tight Haircut dates back to the military model of hair design, you can also look as sharp as the military man after getting this cut in your head- Be smart, look smart with the haircut.

Marine High And Tight Haircut

If you are looking for professional style, you cannot possibly go wrong in this design. Because it will make you look as vibrant as the pro.

High And Tight Haircut With Beard 

In any kind of haircut be it ponytail or taper fade, you can look great with the beard because its the core of being the man. In this style also some difference will occur with the beard.

Long On Top Design 

The secret of this military hairstyle is to put long franky at the top and trim down the bottom in fading tone. That’s what gove you the pro look with smartness loaded in it.

High And Tight Haircut With Pompadour 

Apart from looking professional you also need to be a little stylish, that’s where pompadour tone comes in between- to make you more in style.

Classic Fade Top 

This is actually the classical military look or you can say the original was quite similar to this. Just the line bordering between fade and top hair is more celebrated in this design.

Balding High And Tight Haircut


When you are on verge of being bald, you need to find such hairstyle that can showcase your personality with minimum hair. This is the best style for you if you are blading form below or side of the head.

Shaved Cool Style 

In this style your hair is trimmed very high, making it the edgier. The top is the middle-length giving you the privilege to bend the hair as you desire.

Short Top Classic 

The top is short with a minimum beard makes it look like classic hairstyle but the way separating line is celebrated, it is modern trending haircut.

Perfect Cut 

You can’t really get such solid  High And Tight Haircut, it is crafted to its maximum perfection- You really need to hire Pro hand for such smart cut.

Crisp Cut Down 

In this style, the down part is not trimmed as deep as fading cut, its kind of in-between fade and thick hair. You easily can’t get such polished work of haircut.

Short Top Style 

This High And Tight Haircut is as simple as it sounds in the name. You just need to trim the below part of the head in the minimum scale of the trimmer and leave a bit of hair at top untrimmed.

Top Marine up

The style is trimming high at below head and not much cutting is done at the upper head, making it one of the simple hairstyle.

Middle Look Cut

The principle of best middle cut hair lies in its both side ends if the side of the hair is trimmed low, your face will look more chubby. Make it long for a slim look.

Simple Cut High And Tight 

It is one of the trending styles that look best without the beard and if you give the gentle simile, no other cut can match your personality.

Clean Cut 

It is also one of the trending clean shaved look with simple cut hair- It’s a kind of school teacher look you get after such haircut.

Franky Military Haircut 

Apart from being disciplined, sometimes military men also like to be in style. And it is the maximum degree of style that they are permitted to feature in the ground.

Short Face Silky Cut 

Just look at the silky part of this hair- It is one of the best High And Tight Haircut with the mustache. It makes you feel like Alfa male in every context.

Casual Vibes 

Though not usually people trim so deep in below head but still it is counted as casual look because it has no such design and fades- just plane trimmer work.

Easy Up Long On Top 

This is the easy style that will look casual when put together- this long cut is low maintenance hair design that you will surely love to feature.

White Military Face 

Whether you are naturally white or want to be white- just go for this haircut. It will best showcase your white hair without making you look aged.

Sleek Pompadour 

This cool look is very clean and interesting- best pompadour High And Tight Haircut of the year. It can also be a professional haircut for your job interview.

Simple Marine Haircut 

Have you ever get chance to meet maritime ship captain? It is the same hairstyle they feature, with the same style they conquer marine border.

High And Tight Balding 

If you are balding at the top then probably this hairstyle can hide your blank portion in its design and it would look like an international left spot.

Military Line Cut 

If not this line, it would have been the pure military cut- this style is shirt all over the side and just at the top, you have a bit of long hair.

Only Top Style 

In this High And Tight Haircut, the overhead look almost shaved except the top part which remains little long and sexy. This is highly popular these days.

Short Mess Hair 

The mess will not leave you even if you have short hair- the mess should be made or cut compatible with side hair to give stylish look.

Stylish Taper Fade 

When you have the combination of taper fade and High And Tight Haircut, you would get such a polished look that can bet with any other style.

Sharp Trim Hair 

The hair looks sharp like the disciplined military man- Just look at the edge of the hair, how skillfully it is trimmed? You need a good hand for such haircut.

Long Wave Hair 

Even in High And Tight Haircut, you can have long hair like the wave, because its already modified and different version of faded has appeared in trend.

Spire Up Short

This shirt style can be put up with minimum effort and it is also highly tight in the middle part. Among all High And Tight Haircut, it is one of the easy design.

Brad Style Hair 

Brad Pitt always has great style in any kind of look. This particular design is shaved in the below part of his head to make an equal style all over.

Very Smal Uptop 

The small updo is the easiest hairstyle anyone can have- when you design your head in such patters you stand out among the large mass of people.

Army Style Hair 

Name it the army style or military style, the guiding principle lies same: long up and short down. This is the main core of High And Tight Haircut.

Fading Short With Beard 

The fading short hair with beard look as elegant as the marine style hair. If you are searching for some trending style then you can grab this- it’s the amount the popular hair design of this year.

Shaved Design Hair 

Just like Army design, this one is trimmed close to the scalp and with this amount of beard, you will surely look as daring as the avenger. Go for this if you want a daring and smart look at the same time.

Horse Tail Fade 

In this style, your mustache and hair are put together in harmony to create grate look. You can also feature this look with the beard in it. The more you look simple the more it suits your style.

Dens Hair 

It is the kind of modified High And Tight Haircut that lost its original vibe. Neither it is long at the top and short in down part – it’s just there without any design. But still, you can look simple with this hairstyle.

White Head Style 

Another great style with the long beard is white hair look. It’s a kind of classic looking with a not much long top and not even a military look. This design will give you Socrates kind look- try it for being the more intelligent person.

Slicked White Sprinkle 

The sprinkle of little white color in the look gives you the most fabulous look without much design work. The top is also slicked down to make it more professional and give you a decent look.

Short-Cut Down 

The short cut down, as the name suggests give you short hair at the down part and keep a bit long at the top for sake of style. This clean look is styled off to down just because to match the degree of the top hair and make it within the style. You can also modify as per your head shape.

Round Face High And Tight Haircut

This High And Tight Haircut is actually the default style of the round-faced person because it will best showcase their face shape and if you are cute enough to impress people around- you can stand celebrated among the mass.

Slide Style Back 

This smart pompadour look is slide off with small hair for moving on with the popular cultural trend. The side is trimmed in the perfect way like military cut fade hair. If you have a little bit of facial hair it looks so stunning with braids.

Classic Huge 

It is the revival of the classic look in a modern way- the style is the short version of the ancient military mohawk. Even today you can look stunning with this old long on top style just because of its brave vibes.

Slippery Mohawk 

In the picture, this hairstyle looks as slippery as the grassland- the shaving is same around the whole head and only the front part is combed so gently. This slippery looking front is what makes the hair stylist.

Throne With Fade

In case of this style, it looks similar to marine High And Tight Haircut but the upper part of hair resembles a jumble of throne as it’s in franky state and the down, of course ! is low fading hair. The combination of franky up and short trimmed down will make you look very unique.

Close Cupped Style 

If you are looking for a simple style to feature during your first date then don’t think more- just be ready to plant this design in your head. Also if you want a clean style, this is best for you.

Clean Line Border 

In this design, the top and down are bordered by clean line – just like the line of control in the military. This line alone can make you look stylish, no need for other extra decoration.

Fades Style Short Hair 

The fade is one of the most popular styles of 2019, it is among the trending post on Facebook and Instagram. Many young people have liked as well as featured this hairstyle in different social media platforms. Such huge popularity had already made this style famous.

Point Up Haircut 

This High And Tight Haircut require great finishing work as you can see how gently the edge part is executed. If you want to rock this style you may need professional hair designer, local barber may not easily craft this look.

Stylish Vibes 

Sometimes you need to stay calm and let your style do all the talking- If you have styled hair people around you will automatically yield a kind of pleasant feeling towards you.

Unique High And Tight Haircut

It’s not every day you can pull out such unique hairstyle- all you need to do is put up some hair at the top and trim out the down part like almost touching the scalp. It can be the best and season friendly look for this upcoming summer vacation.

Afro Style Cut 

Though the cut is made in Afro style the white complexion suit best in case of hair design. For black complexion, it needs to be little curly at the top.

Summer Look 

Another great example of simple and easy summer- It always give you cool look and you can get ready with this style for the summer beach party or even participate in sports weeks program.

White Cut Edge 

The secret of this cut lies in edge- the way it is finished till the end. And the white part at the top also gives stunning look to anyone who features this style. This High And Tight Haircut can be the best fashion for any age group person.

Side Cut And Long Top Design 

You need a very simple hand step for this side cut and long top design. Firstly you should trim the below part of your head with minimum scale trimmer and then slightly move towards the upper part for long finishing. Then, at last, keep on trimming till the fade dissolve in long hair.

Messy Style 

This is among the best trending style that you can feature in any party or friend gathering.

Short Round Head Cut 

This High And Tight Haircut is for a round head, just move the trimmer until it makes short the entire head.

Awesome Style 

As engraved in the name, you will surely look awesome with this style.

Fantastic Design 

It is among the best design and modified military cut hair- Try it fir best.

Grey Short Hair 

If you are searching for stunning look don’t think more- try this design for more style.

High And Tight Haircut for Black 

Regardless of the color and texture of your face, the High And Tight Haircut is available of every shape of the face and every size hair.

Slender Hair 

When you have slender hair you can go for long top High And Tight Haircut because to will best suit your complexion.

Bold Choice Haircut 

You really need daring guts to try this unique hair design- Just go for it.

Simple Twist 

This is the famous twist hair that can be used in any formal programs or celebration.

Polish Style 

Some style needs no further decoration- they are polished in a unique way.

Edge Line Cut 

The edge line style is best for the smart look since it needs no celebrated designs.

Style Pro 

If you want the professional look- Just go for this style pro. It can make you look gentle in a subtle way.


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