65 Heatless Curls That Will Last All Day For a Graceful Look!


Most of us are highly attracted to the idea of getting our hair curled. But as there s so much damage caused by these hairstyling tools, we want to educate you about the heatless curls. You can keep your hair away from any harm if you start with these overnight curling methods now. There is so much that we put our hair through already. We iron it, curl it, straighten it and also get sprays on them. When we think of cleaning the hair, we are also using some hard chemicals on them. That further steals the moisture out of our hair, making it prone to damage. If you want to get your hair out of this misery, we suggest you use these heatless curling options.

When you try to look good, you usually want to return to these ironing methods that get the hair damaged. And why not? They are simply the easy option out there. They give quick results, and they also look good in a matter of minutes. So it is undoubtedly something we all want to try out! But it causes damage that lasts years to come. You will not be able to get it reversed even if you try way hard! Lastly, you will be bound to chop off your layers, and that is not something we want! Thus we encourage you to give these heatless curls a try once. They are comfortable and do not take much time as well. So go through the ideas and decide when you can!

The headband heatless curls

Have you not heard about the heatless curls with headband idea? They are an excellent form of curling out there and one that is loved by teens and young women alike! They are admired as they give you a salon blow outlook, and it costs nothing to get it done. If you have a rubber headband, you are set. All you need is some semi-wet or damp hair.

You can get the headband secured on the forehead first. Then you can take the section from the front and wrap it around it from the front. You need to keep doing so until you reach the end. This way, you can get that spiral wave on the next day. Make sure you secure them on the back and do it well. You need to give it at least six hours. But you can see results before that as well. Check out some ideas here and the results you get too!

heatless curls

Styles you can try out with the heatless method

You may think that there are not many types of hairstyles that you can do with these curling methods. But you are wrong. You can get any wave with these heatless curls. You do not need to be disappointed, though! There is no need for you to get frustrated. You need to try a couple of times till you get it right. There are some great options here, and you can check them out too.

The loose curls on the ends is a classic look for sure. You can also get those voluminous curls on the hair if you want a romantic style. There are tight curls in here too, and you can see that they are all ideal for anyone. Make sure you try them out. You can go through the video tutorials online and get ready with the instructions that they give out for that matter. You can spray them with hairspray as you head out to make them last even longer. But you can skip this part if you feel so.

Use hair pins to get heatless curls

We always tend to use hairpins to get the hair away from a place and into another. We also use it to secure our hair and set it in place. If you are one who wants to get heatless curls, then also they will come in handy! You can see how the model here has her locks in pins. These will give you long-lasting curls as you wake up.

You can take some hair and get it wrapped around your fingers. You can take two-finger for this purpose. Then you can take your hairpins and get them secured in place. Make sure your hair is a bit damp at the ends, and that can help the curls to set. If you want that safe look, then head on to add some heat in the morning by your hairdryer before you take them out. This way, you can get the hair to set as well. After you take it out, you will be left with spiral curls!

Get your socks for heatless curls!


We all have socks in our home that are old, and we are never going to use them. If they are long and you are sure you will never use them again, then you can get them to curl your hair. But if you want to, you can wear these socks later too! We suggest using the old ones as you would not care if they are damaged!

Have you tried out the heatless curls with socks idea yet? If not, then we suggest you do! These are an innovative idea for sure, and you can get a good look out of it. All you need is a comb and these socks. You can wrap the damp hair around with the length of the socks and then tie a knot at the end. You can sleep on it overnight and wake up with stunning waves! They are the best option for college and school going kids who cannot afford a curling iron. And also for those who shy away from damage!

Rollers that come to the rescue

This is a tried and tested method that you may have seen your mum and aunts wear all the time. You can also try them for yourself. They are available on the market ready, and all you need is to purchase them. But make sure you ask around first. Your mom may already have them. So if she does not need them anymore, you can take them on for yourself! Here are some ways to wrap them around your hair!

You can take the comb and start by combing out the knots. When you are done, you can begin adding the rollers. Start by getting your hair in some sections and head out to get that perfect wave in the morning. There are larger rollers out there that you can use to get that voluminous curl. If not, you can also use shorter curling rollers and get them to look tighter. There are some beautiful options out there, and you can choose for hot roller too!

Heatless curls with the napkin idea

Everyone has napkins laying around in their house. You can use them to get stunning curls. We bet you had never thought about it! This is an absurd idea for sure, but you are sure to love it when you see it! If you forgot to pack your iron with you and need to get ready, then you can try these methods out. They are last-minute methods that work just as well as your iron would!

You can see demonstrations on this if you search on youtube. You can also find blogs with the stylists teaching you these tricks. All you need is to take a roll of the napkin and wrap your locks around it. You can get them wrapped on as carefully and as tightly as you like. The closer they are, the tighter the curls will come out! So keep in mind what style you want and do that. Once you are done, you can get the hair wrapped around the napkin and tie it up as well.

The bun method for heatless curls

There are basic ideas in this section for sure. And one option here is to get your hair up in a bun. It is nothing new for most girls. This is something we do regularly, and we are mostly used to the idea as well. But there is a catch here. You need to make sure that your hair is wet or at least damp to get it done. You can then take the hair and wrap it in a top bun.

As you secure it over your head, you can get those heatless spiral curls overnight! This is a bonus for sure, and we cannot get over how stunning the results are. You can get the same if you have long hair and no other style seems to work for you. You only need to have something to secure your hair for this method, so it is one of the most affordable hacks out there. There are no complicated steps in here, and it all makes for an excellent curly look once you are done!

The use of the handkerchief

There are no quick heatless curls out there. But one trick you can use is to get your hair to look curled up fast by getting some mild heat from your hairdryer in there. Yes, this is undoubtedly a cheat method and one that works great if you do not have a curler! You need to start up by taking some handkerchief and wrapping your hair around it. Then you can leave it overnight if you wish. Otherwise, if you need fast results, head on to trying the dryer!

Here we already showed you a method to get ready fast. If you are still not satisfied, then you can also check out how your hair will look when you wrap them up tightly. The results are stunning, and you can see them here too. If you are looking to get that shiny effect, then make sure you moisturize your hair beforehand and achieve that shine in it! We can guarantee you that this is a show-stealer. It is one look that will last a long time even without hairspray!

Try out the straw method for heatless curls

These are the methods of heatless coils short hair can also try out! You can set your hair in waves when you use something as small and ordinary as straws! You can see how they look through these images and get inspired yourself. If you need to you can get them done on long hair too as these curls can be intertwined! You need to make sure that the hairstyle you choose gets that oomph when you pair it with these waves.

We suggest you use some hair tie as well with this method. When you wrap the locks around the straw, you need to secure the ends with elastic bands. You can quickly get them on any beauty store. Look for them beforehand; otherwise, and your look will not come out as you want it to. If you have colored hair, your hair will shine through even better. The colors will reflect from the curves when light passes on them. So you can attain that shiny hair look. If you are ready to try them on, head out and shop for these rubber bands and get on with it!

Types of rollers for heatless curls

There are some heatless curls amazon sells that are great for you. You may not trust them at first, but they are surely something that can blow your mind! You can see we are showing you some of the best heatless curls methods in this portion that can be done with some tools. These are tools you can get for a certain amount, and they last you a lifetime. So do not be lazy and order them as soon as you get the chance.

These long rollers come with a rod. They can be used to get that tight ringlet curl for a special occasion. You can also get your hair styled for a special event by getting them on the day before. You can see the results from the first image here. If you want that look, then you can opt for some bendy rollers. They are flexible rods that you wrap your hair around. Then you can take the section of your hair and pin it securely on the top. If not, you can wrap it on the rod and twist it there as well. Here are some images to help you.

Heatless curls for long hair

The long hair idea has been on the minds of young ladies ever since they catch Rapunzel story on TV. You are sure to want that long flowy hair that can get anyone out and in a castle! As we grow up, that image of long and healthy hair stays still on our eyes. We want to attain that same effect, and it almost makes us want to steal the hair from someone else! But the part that we miss is how hard it is to take care of.

Not only that, but it is also hard for anyone to keep their hair styled for a particular occasion. They are heavy and can be hard for anyone to handle. You need to make sure that you take a significant amount of hairpin to get heatless curls on long hair. You can buy heatless curls products and try them out as well. Check out some great hair ideas here! You can follow the youtube gurus who are experts on the matter as well if you want that perfect hair for yourself.

The one with bendy rollers

There are many hair styling products that come out each year, and you can use them to curl your locks. They are sure to make you feel like they will work. You can see them on the Tv with glamorous ads. These ads stir the desire in people to do more. You can get the same feel for yourself when you head out to the salon and see them use fancy products on your hair. But is it worth it? No one can say for sure if you can make them work the same way.

What we see in salons and advertisements are hard to judge. You need to take products that are sure to work on you. So here we are showing off these bendy rollers. They took the internet by storm when thousands tried it on. They do seem to work out too, so it is a bonus. Here we are showing you how you can use them and the results you get. If you have long hair, this might not be the one for you. So skip on to other sections!

For a natural look!

If you want that natural heatless curls that make you look like you were born with them, then choose the free method! In this style, you will wrap the hair around anything but do it loosely? You can take the section from the nose and use it first to make segments. Then you can make sure that the wrapping process is not too tight. When you wrap slowly and take them off the next morning, you will get soft curls that are bouncy as well! These heatless curls natural hair are stunning!

Here we are showing you the exact results you can get with the heatless method. You may think that they do not last long, but trust us; they do! You need not put in a lot of effort here. You need to have some hairpins in hand to be able to do this. If you want to get that chic appearance, then try these out. These are best for working women who are busy and need to look still polished and well done each morning. After all, no one wants to be sloppy when they head out!

Some stunning results with heatless curls

There are some heating irons out there that are too bad at their jobs. They do not get your hair curled for a long time, and they tend to fade away much faster. If you are looking to get good results that never fail, then you can choose heatless curls. They give beautiful results; some of which we are showing in this section of our article here. If you have colored hair, it will still manage to look gorgeous, so this is an excellent choice for anyone.

You also have the liberty to get that soft curl or a big bouncy wave on the hair. There are so many YouTubers that will show you the tricks to get them done. We are only showing you how your locks can look once you take them off. When you can wake up each day looking this good, why choose any other method? You can check them out here and select the type of wave you want on your locks the next morning. Get them done as you prep for the night and you are ready!

Which one will you choose?

Are you ready now to give these hairstyles a try? These are some things that you can get on your home itself, so there is no need for you to spend money on fancy products and pieces of equipment as well. You can take the straw you are drinking from or a napkin even and get on with these styles. They are one of the easiest ways of sorting out your hair and making them look flawless. There are some casual loose curls and some glam style big curls here too. So there is something for all occasions to choose from in this collection.

If you think that it is too much work, we want you to think of the time you need with those other curling irons as well. They are also time-consuming and are causing damage to the hair too. If you want to keep the hair protected and sound, you can use a heat protectant spray. But they cannot cover all the hair strands and surely cannot keep it from fully being damaged as well. So make the right choice and move to these methods. You can do them at night and wake up with perfect hair in the morning!


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