103 Fascinating Headband Braid For The Teenage Girls


If you want a fresh and easy hairstyle for the summer, then you don’t have to worry because we got you the perfect haircut and that is headband braid. Headband braid is one of the famous hairstyles for summer as it gives you a cool vibe and helps to keep the front hair away from the head and let you enjoy the moment properly.

It helps the hair to lock and give you a beautiful crown shape hair at the front of the hair. If you are having a bad hair day, then you can create a headband shape in your hair and can look fresh and natural. This hairstyle doesn’t need more time and maintenance as you can save your time and still look stunning.

The headband braid is on trend and is an ideal look for the girls for their school and college. You can wear this hairstyle with a different outfit of your choice. It goes well with the short hair as well as long hair, and it goes well with the classic updo and messy look too.

There are various options for styling your hair and headband braids are one of the easiest, simplest and prettiest one as you can wear this look with any outfit whether it is casual or formal. There are some easy steps from where you can create the braid in just 5-6 minutes.

How To Do A HeadBand Braid?

Step 1: You should use the rat-tail comb to part or separate the hair from an ear and across the top of the head.

Step 2: Use some rubber bands to hold the back hair as to keep it away from the front nose.

Step 3: You can start braiding from one side of the head to the next part. You can create braid of your own choice whether it is a french braid, dutch braid, waterfall braid or the fishtail one.

Step 4: One thing to keep in mind is that you only have to braid from the front hair as you shouldn’t take any strand of hair from the back hair.

Step 5: Continue the braiding in the same manner until you reach from one ear to the next ear and leave it.

Step 6: You can fix the loose end with the help of some rubber bands and bobby pins which will set the hair as you want or you can use hair spray also.

headband braid

Side Partition French Braid Headband

The combination of red lipstick and those french braid is to die for and we actually can. The partition is from the side where the twist starts from each side which gives you a perfect look for the school or college. This hairstyle is simple but still create the fashion statement with the dark red lips which act as a cherry in the top.


headband braid


headband braid

Loose Braided Ponytail

Such a beautiful hairstyle it is. The loose fishtail braid starts from one side of the head and joins into a ponytail which is cool and classic at the same time. It gives you a sophisticated look which perfects for the formal events or the office look. It takes you less time and less effort.

Classic Braided Updo

It is one of the cute looks which helps to bring out the natural beauty inside you. It makes your face and hair shine at the same time and gives you a glamorous look which helps to sweep all the attention from the crowd. The braided updo is chic and funky which you can opt out in any outfit.

Messy Braided Waves

If you want a bridal simple hairdo look for the outdoor setting, then these messy braided waves are for you. The braiding starts from the one ear to the next hair with the secure locks and the messy waves which are the perfect combination to the bridal look who are planning for outdoor or beach marriage.


Twisted Headband Roll

The double twisted headband roll is the easiest hairstyle you can carry this summer. You just have to take two strand of hair and roll it with each other and secure the end with the help of a bobby pin or rubber band.



Fishtail Braid


Braided Crown With Volume

This French braid looks like a crown or headband at the front of the hair and ends with the back hair which then made into voluminous curls or twists are tucked in the nose. The back of the hair is tucked in beautifully which give your hairstyle a whole different look.


Modified Crown Braid On Short Hair

Crown Braid is comfortable to wear hairstyle and gives you a cute look which is manageable and fit in any outfit. The modified crown braid includes double row braid which then joins to the bun at the back. The end is turn into a bang or ponytail according to your wish.

Two Strand Braided Headband

You can choose the braids of your own choice whether it is a waterfall braid or the fishtail braid. You can create a single strand braided style as well as two strands braided headband style according to your choice and preference. The two strand braided hair gives you a fresh and crisp look which you can opt out for formal as well as casual style. It goes well with the straight as well as messy hair.

headband braid

Three Strand Braid Headband

If you ever want a different hairstyle than the typical braid, then you can try these three strand braid styles anyway. It takes a bit more time than the single braid hairstyle but the time and hard work is worth it as it provides you with a beautiful look which is enough to steal the limelight from the crowd.

French Braided Headband

Start french braiding from one section of the hair to the next one and add some curls at the end of the nose and guess what you can get this beautiful hairstyle. If you have less time and you want a fancy hairdo,then you can combine the headband hairstyle with some waves at the end, and you look stunning.

DIY Waterfall Headband Braid

You might always think that waterfall braids are complicated and need a lot of time, but this particular hairstyle might prove you wrong. You have to twist the hair from one end to the next, and you get this beautiful DIY waterfall braid which is smooth to make and manageable at the same time.

Small Cornrow Headband

It is not always important to have a big headband braid to look good, for some change you can create some small cornrow braids which are cute and pretty. It is a soft look which gives you a stylish look for the school or college. It is good to carry a soft look sometimes where the small cornrow braids work for the women who want some change. It looks even better with the bangs as it adds some funky vibes to the entire look.

Side Waterfall Braid With Long Plaits

In this hairstyle, the hair is not left open slightly all the hair is used for making the braid, which then ties at the end. This looks give a classy vibe and can add massively to the appearance of any women.


Classic French Braid Headband

It is one of the simple looks which go well with every kind of outfit whether it is a pair of t-shirt or pant or with the floral dress for the summer. The Dutch braid starts from one end of the ear to another ear and is secure with the help of bobby pins and hair spray. This hairstyle helps you to look cool and chic.


Loose Fishtail Into Braid

If you are tired of trying the same hairstyle again and gain then add some twist to the simple hairstyle and you can come up with the new style. The fishtail braid helps to create a different funky look which adds an extra element to the hairstyle and enables you to sweep away the attention from the crowd. It is one of the natural and simple hairstyles.

Fun Braided Updo

It is one of the fun hairstyles which you can carry even if you have short hair. This braided updos for short hair is an elegant hairstyle which can be suitable for any occasion. This hairstyle is fun and stylish at the same time which is perfect for all the age women.


headband braid

Gorgeous Romantic Side Braids

This romantic side braids hairstyle is fun and romantic yet specific which is a perfect hairstyle for date night or prom night. The side braids are the most relaxed look to create and manage effortlessly. It is one of the best hairstyles if you have shoulder-length hair and looks great for every kind of occasion.

Circular French Braid

Circular French Braid is the elegant and straightforward updos for short hair which looks cute and stylish at the same time. These hairstyles can be opt-in any function and matches perfectly with a different type of outfit.

Casual Braided Headband

Sometimes you don’t want to try too hard but still look presentable among the people. In this braided headband style, it helps you to chill and enjoy the day. The braid starts from the side and is secure by the help of the bobby pins at the bottom. You can create a braided headband look in short hair or long hair.

Twisted Chic

The twisted chic look can be done in an upward or downward manner any way you prefer to have. These are updos for short hair which looks great in any kind of occasions such as wedding night, prom night or the girls night out. This hairstyle suits and looks good for all age group.

Subtle Side Braid

It is one of the simple headband braided style where the braid is created from one side of the air to the next hand. You have to create a partition whether it is in the middle or bottom and starting the part towards the ear. You can secure the hair with the help of the bobby pins and hair spray.


Simple Twisted Hairdo with Volumized Top

It is a different hairstyle than a tight bun and chignon hairstyle. This twisted hairdo is the easiest way where the short hair can be twisted at the back and secured with the help of help of bobby pins to manage the loose ends.


Retro Braided Headband

If you are a huge fan of 80s and 90s hairstyles like us then it is a treat for all of you. This hairstyle will remind you of all the crazy hairdo from the past. The beehive and low bun are created which gives you the retro vibe with the modern twist of headband braid in the front of your hair.

Side Flower Braided Bun

You can create your flower with the help of this hairstyle. You can take the cue from this picture for the next haircut for any prom night or your date night. It gives you the elegant braided look with the smokey eyes which is perfect for any unusual event which makes you steal the limelight from the crowd.

headband braid

Loose Fishtail Headband Braid

If you want a chill hairstyle for the girls day out or which goes well with the casual outfit, then loose fishtail headband braid is the one you are looking for and you have it. It gives you relaxed and straightforward hairstyle which is comfortable and stunning at the same time. It goes well with the straight as well as curly hair types.

Waterfall Headband Into A Bun

The braid starts from the tip of the root and goes back which creates a beautiful bun. This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for your prom nights or the wedding hairstyle. The transformation is fascinating how it creates a waterfall braid into the updo. You can add some hair accessories if you want to add extra charm to the entire look.

Beautiful Basket Weave Braid

A chic and classic hairstyle which gives you the pattern of the basket weave braid which is unique and different from the other hairstyle. This hairstyle needs a little bit more time than the other haircut but the time and the hardwork is worth it when you see the last result. You can leave the end of the hair with straight hair or curly hair.

Crown Braid with Side-Swept Bangs

The braidings start from one side of the head and continue to another, and a knot done with the help of bobby pins. These braids give you a crown shaped hairstyles which goes perfectly with the bangs. The side swept hits add a lot more to your style and provides you with a fantastic look.

Front Headband Braid on Blonde Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for the girls day out and can be suited for casual events which give you a simple look and goes with any wardrobe you prefer. This hairstyle can be pulled with a leather jacket as well as with a cute floral dress.

Stacked Headband

Want to have a fishtail braid, and in a voluminous manner then you should surely try stacked headband style. You can stack your hair to create some layers in your hair and create the braided ponytail look. You can start with the small braid to the large braid which will make your hair look thick and bouncy.

Thin Braided Headband

To create this look you only need a comb, hairpin and an elastic rubber band. You can take a small section of hair and braid it towards the next end and continue the braid by wrapping it into a headband shape. You can secure the end with the help of an elastic rubber band or the bobby pins. This hairstyle gives you the actual form of the headband.

Braided Headband With Messy Bun

If you are looking out a hairstyle for the prom night or for some wedding function, you should try this hairstyle out. The front braid which is formed into a casual updo goes well with the partywear as well as the formal outfit. It goes perfectly with the messy high bun and makes it the main point of your styling.


Two- Tone Braided Updo

If you are looking out for the headband hairstyles which goes well with the casual look as well as formal look, then it is an ideal style for you. If you have a long hair, then this two-tone braided updo is the winner as it provides you with all the limelight and makes you look beautifully different among the crowd.

Goddess French Braided Updo

This hairstyle is the epitome of grace, elegance and perfection. This hairstyle is the proof that sometimes less is beautiful and you don’t have to try too hard to look good. This goddess french hairstyle is neither too formal nor too casual. You can carry this hairstyle in any way you like and with any outfit you want.

If you want to try something creative and want to be unique with your hairstyle, then you got the plenty of option here. Hairstyle plays a significant role in how you look and how it goes with the outfit. Headband braid is one of the famous hairstyle among teenage girls and women for the summer.

Headband braid is different from other types of braiding because it creates a more distinct effect where the twists start from one side of the ear to the next one and give you the shape of a headband. You can try this hairstyle in a straight, curly or wavy hair.


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