201 Small And Jumbo Havana Twists For You


A great way to look unique is to try the Havana twists. These hairstyles are effortless, and they look fabulous. Havana twists (even though are humanmade) are gorgeous, so you will want to flaunt it.

Let us look at some chunky Havana twists that are small as well as jumbo. You don’t need to worry which one is better Havana or Senegalese. Don’t even compare it with Marley twists. Each has their pros and cons. Why don’t we concentrate on Havana twists for now?

-Pink Shades

She looks beautiful with the shades of pink. For her makeup and outfit, she uses pink shades as a dominating color. Her hairstyle is a lovely low ponytail which has a criss-cross partition. The chunky Havana braids make this hairstyle stunning and feminine.

-Blonde On Sides

Highlights are possible in any hairstyle. Havana twists can look beautiful with blonde color as well. She doesn’t have jumbo twists and goes for a half up half down hairstyle. Her loop earrings are gorgeous. The ends of her hair are curled. Finish the look with matching accessories.

-Let The Eyes Glow

I love her eye makeup. Her lips are perfect nude. The makeup is on point. For her hairstyle, she picks Havana twists which have silver beads for accessories. The hairstyle is simple and classic. You will look great with this hairstyle. Give it a chance.

-Thin To Thick

The versatility of this hairstyle is great. You can wear this look to the gym or a red carpet event. You will need to find the correct outfit, makeup, and accessories. The outfit is gorgeous. You can also protect your hair using this hairstyle.

-Red Curls

Havana twists work great for short hair length. The red color highlights her face and makes her look beautiful. She goes for a spaghetti top with a striking piece of jewelry. The twists are healthy, and it seems bouncy. Go for this hairstyle if you want to look beautiful and bold.

-Thin One

Twists can make you look dominating or feminine. It all depends on how you style yourself. If you want to feel like a school girl and look cute, you can go for the hairstyle that is shown in the photograph. You can use pink color majorly for your styling.


Bright colors are always great. They make you look beautiful and feel fresh. You will still be in trend if you go for this kind of hairstyle. We cannot describe anything else that is in trend other than Havana twists? You must change your mind if you think otherwise.

-Celebrity Style

You know hairstyles are trendy when celebrities are wearing that style. You don’t need to google how long Havana twists last because it will stay as long as you want it. The hair strands here are thin, and on the top of her head, she goes for a patterned style. I love her makeup. You can go for glossy lips.

-Two Styles

Which one do you prefer?
Left or Right?
They both look great, don’t you think so? If you have Havana twists, you can try both these hairstyles. Both these hairstyles are the best of Havana twists. You can try this for any special upcoming occasion.

-Small Bun

Did you think that Havana twists cannot be a wedding hairstyle? Well, I think it is time for you to put a stop to those thoughts. The above shows a great wedding hairstyle. You can save it if you have a big day coming up. The makeup is beautiful and looks at the length of her eyelashes. I love her accessories.


This is a natural looking Havana twist. The best thing about this look is how she matches the shade of her lipstick with the colors in her outfit. The entire look is pulled together because of this match. The hairstyle looks perfect on her. Go for this look and be fabulous. Show the best of Havana twists by keeping it simple and amazing. Wear simple makeup and ideal eyeliner look.

-Big Bun

The bun that she is wearing here is gorgeous. You will want your Havana twists to last long so that you can wear this hairstyle every single day. Why will you not want to wear this hairstyle? It looks classic and elegant. Finish the look with perfect accessories and beautiful makeup. Take a great photo.

-All In The Back

Havana twists can be made into a sleek look. I think this is the best hair for Havana twists. You can go for this hairstyle if you want to protect your hair. Make sure you tame the short strands of your hair using hair styling products. Finish the look with beautiful makeup. You can add false eyelashes if you want to make your look perfect.


Look at that unique pair of sunglasses!
I love her white blouse and the golden neck piece. The hairstyle is perfect. It looks great on her, and the hair looks voluminous. She parts her hair from the side and adds some beads if you want. Finish the look with bright pink lipstick.

-Pull Back

The low ponytail is another one of the hairstyles that can be called as elegant. If you have gone for big sized crochet Havana twists, you will have few numbers of braids. After that, you can pull all your hair back and tie it loosely with a hair band. Keep your look neat and simple.

-Bantu And Box Braids

I wonder if that is her natural eye color or if she is wearing a contact lens. Do you like the colored lens? I love her simple makeup. The shade of her eyeshadow and her lipstick matches. For her hairstyle, she goes for a combination of Bantu knots and Havana twists. This is one of the most beautiful combinations of hairstyles that I have ever seen.


Pick one.
If you are planning to get one of these hair colors for yourself, first make sure it matches with your skin, undertone and eye color. The hairstyle, well, do I have to say anything? It is a half up half down hairstyle that makes the Havana twists better than its natural form.

-The Eyes

Makeup gives you freedom. The best thing about fashion and beauty industry is that anything works if you manage to look great in it. Go for this hairstyle and makeup if you think you can look beautiful with this look. You can go for this look if you are planning to go to the beach this weekend.

-All High

The design of her eyeglasses is in trend this season. It looks great. The entire look that she is wearing oozes summer. The color of her tank top, simple makeup and pulled up hairstyle looks fabulous. I love it. You can pull up your Havana twists into a high sleek ponytail for a fantastic look.

-Heart Designs

Love is that binds us all. Why not wrap your hair with love? You can go for this hairstyle for February. This hairstyle is beautiful and will bring out your feminity. Use braids and shave your head to achieve this hairstyle. Finish the look with simple earrings. You can also give your little one this hairstyle.


You don’t need to go for Havana twists for your entire hair length. You can only keep it for some part of your range and the rest you can go for regular braids. Havana twists look amazing when kept in a sleek look. The pulled back look is perfect, and you can wear this look for summer.


This is a perfect look if you want to go partying or clubbing for the night. The hairstyle will be perfect if you want to dance all night. The makeup is beautiful. Wear a gorgeous outfit and dance your heart out.

-Blonde Shades

This is another one of the best of Havana hair. I love the length of her hair. The combination of blonde and black hair shows that you can have the best of both the world. The side partition of the hair brings volume to this look. Her nude lipstick is gorgeous.

-Crochet Blue

This is one of my favorites of the hairstyles. I think this is the best of Havana twists. The color is unique and makes her entire look amazing. The size of the twists are jumbo and her smile steals the show. Go for this look if you want to try something new and look unique.

-Two In One

We have a choice for you.
Do you like the right one or the left one?
Havana twists look great in blonde and black color. The crochet hairstyles look fabulous with bright makeup. You can try both these looks. Make sure you Instagram your photos and inspire people.

-Large Ones

Look at the size of the large loop earrings. Do you think the bigger they are, the better? I would not prefer the scope of this earrings but to each their own. You can go for this crochet Havana twists if you have beautiful long hair. The winged eyeliner and glossy lips are on point. Go for a white tank top for this summer.

-Let The Look Speak

Do you love this look? I love this hairstyle and outfit. This is a perfect look for the summer. White looks great for summer, and the length of her hair is stunning. Finish the look with a shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone. Part your hair from the side, like she does, if you are planning to go for this hairstyle.

-Day Out

I love oversized shirts. They are fashionable and comforting at the same time. Isn’t that the dream? You can even make it look sexy. It can look even sexier with Havana twists. Pull your twists into an intricate bun. Go for a maroon shade of lipstick and wear the winged eyeliner look.

-High Pony

Thin Havana twists can look beautiful and feminine. You can pull up your hair into a ponytail and pull out your strands on the side. For those strands, you can accessorize them with beads. Finish your look with a beautiful shade of lipstick and winged eyeliner. The number of beads can vary with your choice.

-Jumbo And Small

The combination of regular braids and Havana Twists can give you a beautiful hairstyle. You can go for this hairstyle if you are planning to go for a holiday to the islands. Finish the look with a fresh pair of earrings.


This is another hairstyle that you can go for if you are planning to go for a holiday to the islands. Notice, how she tames her flyaways by making it a style as well. Add some beads to your hairstyle and go for a selfie.

-For Little One

You can go for a matching hairstyle with your little one with crochet braids. Think about it. It will save you and your hair a lot of time. Your daughter will love the hairstyle, and you will have excellent photographs.

-All Long

Havana twists look beautiful in small size as well. You will have some braids. If you go for big sized braids, you will have less number of braids. The hair length will look better with highlights. Go for a sunkissed photograph.

-Minnie Style

If you have grown up watching Disney, you love the pair Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You will want to look like a Minnie Mouse, wouldn’t you? How cool would it look if you walked looking like Minnie Mouse in Disneyland? Go for this hairstyle and finish the look with bright lipstick.

-Big Ones

The simple hairstyle is the best. They will make you look chic and classy anywhere you go. Go for a nude lipstick and simple eyeliner look. If you want, you can go for winged eyeliner look as well. Keep the Havana twists bouncy and gorgeous.

-Curls And Braids

This is one of my personal favorites styles of the Havana twists. You can go for thinly sized twists like the one shown here. After that, you can curl your twists and give it a beautiful shape. Finish the look with red lipstick. Red lipstick is the perfect addition to this look.

-Shades Of Blue

Neon and dark blue highlights look great in Havana twists. You can go for long hair and use hair highlights. These hair highlights will make your hairstyle better. It will steal the show, trust me. Go for a bright pink lipstick and finish your look.

-Big Crochet

You can go for high ponytail hairstyle with your Havana twists. Go for makeup that matches your undertone. Highlight the best feature of your face. Your hair will complement your look. Go for pieces of jewelry that match your outfit. The pink lipstick brings her to look together.

-Belly Dance

I love head accessories. They look beautiful and make our outfit better. If you have black hair, you can go for gold headpieces like the one shown in this photograph. They will make you glow. Make sure your hair accessories match your outfit.


How many of you love the pout style for your selfies? If you like them, well you can see how beautiful this style looks with crochet Havana twists. Split your hair into two sides and go for this look. You will love it, trust me.

-Havana Twists Hair

The hairstyle looks like a waterfall on the side. The twists are beautiful. On the side, she goes for loose braids. This creates a stunning effect on her hairstyle. You can add hair accessories like the golden beads. Finish the makeup as she does.

-On The Side

Havana twists can be treated like your healthy hair. After you get your twists, you can do anything you like to give your hairstyle an edge. You can shave on the side or create a pattern on the side.

-Long Locks

Frizzy hair is a big problem. We all know that. Blessed are those girls, who don’t have to deal with curly hair problems. If you have those type of hair, you can go for these twists. Keep the hairstyle simple.


Havana twists can be made into an everyday hairstyle. You can go for these type of hairstyles even if you go to college. Wear your spectacles. Nerdy is the new sexy. You all know it, don’t you?


If you have short hair and don’t have volume in your hair, well you obviously won’t have to deal with frizzy hair problems. This does mean you might not have life in your hair. For that, you can go for the hairstyle shown in this photo. Finish the look with a bold lipstick color.

-Purple Highlights

If you don’t like the traditional hair color for highlights such as brown or red, you can go for the color purple. If you have an eye color that complements the hair color, you will look perfect. Go for the long and robust hairstyle.

-Maroon Red

I love every lipstick shade that each of the girls is wearing in the photos we have discussed. The hair is gorgeous. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it! The winged eyeliner is the perfect addition to this look.

-Long One

If you have this type of hairstyle, you should know that a selfie is mandatory. We all have our selfie angles. So, get yourself this hairstyle and dress up right. Always remember,’less is more.’

-Designs At The Top

Havana twists can again be twisted. The picture above is an excellent example of the statement I have just written. This hairstyle will make you look and feel like a princess. Search how to do Havana twists for this hairstyle.

-Huge One

Her lipstick shade is ideal for her skin tone. If you have similar skin, you should go for this skin tone. Whenever you do makeup, make sure you only focus on your lips or eyes. Don’t highlight both your features.

-How To Do Havana Twists

Please ignore the quality of this picture. The hairstyle shown here is better than the picture quality, of course. You should try different hairstyles. If you have long hair, go for this hairstyle while you have the hair length. You never know when you will feel like chopping off those locks.

-Chunky Ones

Her hair looks like an array of beautiful coils. The short hair length seems voluminous with the Havana braids. I love her lipstick shade. Go for subtle makeup and make sure it matches your skin tone. Don’t overdo your makeup.

-Only Beads

Crochet Havana braids look phenomenal with beads. If you have black hair, go for hair accessories that stand out. In this picture, you can see how beautiful the gold beads look in her hair.

-Top Knot

If you opt for Havana twists, you can also try the Hippie look as well. You can also go for a  hairstyle that is shown in the picture. The bun on top of her head is enormous, and the rest of her hair is let down. She looks beautiful.

-Medium One

Twists don’t depend on the length of the hair to look great. You can make it look fabulous in long hair or short hair. The hair type and texture don’t need to be specific for this hairstyle. Try this for time-saving styles.

-Long One

These Havana twists are jumbo in size. They look beautiful with subtle highlights. She brings all her hair to one side and shows that simplicity is the best. You can show off your tattoo as well with the hairstyle.

Go for Havana twists if you want a hairstyle that is hassle-free. You will have an endless range of hairstyles to choose from after you attach the twists. This will work for those girls who have unmanageable, frizzy hair. In fact, you will love the Havana twists so much that you will forget the other regular hairstyles. Go ahead, try some.


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