105 Stunning Halo Braid For All Kind Of Event


Ever want a hairstyle which you can carry anywhere and anytime? Don’t worry we have a perfect hairstyle for you. Halo braid is one of the versatile braiding styles which you can wear for the casual as well as formal events.

You can wear one of these looks when you opt out for a typical day or any special occasion. It is one of the beautiful hairstyles which gives you fairly tales vibes and can be dress according to the various event.

You can dress it up and down manner however you like. Halo braids are cute and sexy at the same time which gives you a magical look and are easy to make and manage.If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you will surely love this hairstyle. The halo braid is a similar hairstyle to a crown braid where you braid your hair around the head rather than making it in a long simple way.

The hairstyles give the shape of crown or headband which looks gorgeous. You can create a halo braid in a short hair as well as long hair. If you have a long natural hair, then consider yourself lucky because it is quite more comfortable and manageable to make a dutch braid on the edges and wrap the braid around the crown and manage the loose end with the pins.

If you have a short hair, then you may need styling gel, hairspray and some hair extensions which will give you a perfect crown or halo braid. If you have a thick and curly hair, then it automatically looks good on you and saves you a lot of time. Below are the pictures of halo braid which is suitable for any hairstyle.

halo braid

Blossoming Braids

The blossoming braid is loose in the upper side of the hair which is stunning and gorgeous. It is messy and loosely done which gives a different style to your hair and make you stand out among the crowd.

Circular Halo Braid Styles

The circular braid forms the round gap in the middle where the side hairs are braided, and inside the finished braid, there is tiny cornrows braid which gives you a stylish and gorgeous look for any kind of events.

Red Halo Designs

It is one of the beautiful and mesmerizing looks you can get in a halo braid. The red color of the hair complements the hair design well, and you can carry this hairstyle in any events you like and with any outfit you want to give for the game.



This flower hairstyle gives you a fresh, and natural look where the twist starts from the front and flower is put in the middle which adds a lot of charm to your look and gives you a soft and romantic vibe.

Rainbow Halo Braids

There is a combination of various colors such as pink, blue, green, grey and other colors which makes your hair stands out among the crowd and helps you sweep all the attention of the group. The hairstyle is polished and different which makes you look like wearing a crown.

Black Halo Braids

We all love the color black and is one of the favorite hair colors among the women of all age group. The halo braid looks perfect in the black hair which you can carry in various events and occasions.

Baby’s Breath

This gorgeous hairstyle can be wear by the bridesmaid in their close one wedding or is suitable for the bride herself. The side hair gives you a casual vibe, and updo halo braid gives you a romantic vibe which is a perfect combination.

Round form with a Braid

It is similar to the circular form halo braid where the hairstyle complements with a bow in the hair. This type of designs is preferable among the kids as they look cute with the bow. It is a perfect hairstyle for the school events or fancy dress competition.

Circular Waterfall Braid

Bored with the same braid style? If yes, then get yourself a circular waterfall braid. It is classy as well as need proper precision to make this hairstyle.

Elegant Braids

The correctly done braid with the middle partition design gives you a classic look and make you stand out in the crowd. This look is polished and straightforward where it needs less time and effort to manage the hairstyle.

halo braid

Adding Florals

It is one of the soft and fresh looks which you can carry for any kind of events where the flower at the front adds a lot of charm and limelight to your look and make you look gorgeous from any angle. If you want a natural look for an outside event, then this look is for you.

Halo Braid For Kids With Unique Braided Design

The hair braided in a chunky style in the center of the head and different braid designs follow the front and back which is supported by the pearls and rubber band. This look is suitable for kids as well as grown up and gives you a different style.

Front Braids

If you want to get creative within the halo braids and want a unique and different look, then this hairstyle is for you. The twist sets in the front hair which gives you the look of headband or crowd and gives you a different look than others.

The Cute Rubber Braid For Little Kids

This rubber braid look is one of the great looks among the girls, and it is not so difficult to have this hairstyle. These cute hairstyles can be done in any kind of hair whether it’s long or short and matches any face structure. You can carry this hairstyle in any occasion, daytime, nighttime or any small party. The use of hairspray or gel can be used to fix the loose ends.

Multicolored Braid

If you have a mix of color hair and you are wondering how kind of hair design suits you the best, then we have an answer for you. The multicolored braid is a simple hair look where the different color or the highlights add charm and bring contrast in your style.

Blonde Styles

Blonde Hair itself is a beautiful color, and when you do different styles such as halo braid, it looks perfect for any kind of event. Halo braid helps you to keep your hair away from the face and let you focus in your work.

Small Braids

The small braids on the front of hair look adorable and match perfectly with the color and waves at the end of the nose. The combination of chestnut and hair color seems perfect and goes perfectly with any kind of outfit.

How To Do Halo Braid?

halo braid

Tight Braids

There are several braids done in the hair which are close and gives you the shape of a crown in a mixed form. It is one of the unique styles where different tiny braid mixes and gives you a complete look.


Polished Circle

Look at this hairstyle? We can die for this look which is so gorgeous and flawless. It is one of the natural and polished looks which you can try in any kind of hairstyle. This design looks good in kids also for their school days.

Asymmetrical Fishtail

If you are out of hairstyle, then you can always create a new one. This hairstyle comes up with a unique twist that anyone has rarely seen before. This asymmetrical fishtail creates an offbeat look which is supported by the flower crown in the head.


It is one of the best examples we can have in a combination of multiple hair colors and a halo braid. It includes a variety of different color which adds up a lot to the hairstyle and makes you sweep all the attention from the crowd. It is one of the fantastic hairstyles with multiple colors in the head.

Front Waterfall Halo Braid On Short Hair

This hairstyle made on the front hair which gives the vibe of a headband on the short hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the day to day activities which prevents the front hair from coming to face.

halo braid

Side Braids

The twisted side braids give you a unique look which is different from the other hairstyles yet a beautiful one. The loose braids form a circle around the head and give you a style which can make you happy and make you look stylish at the same time.

Icy, Fishtail Braid

Frosty hair color is one of the trendiest colors which gives you a bold and chic look. The pictures show the classic hair braid with some modern twist which provides you with a completely different makeover. If anyone wants a bold and stylish look, then they can go out for this look.

Unique Style

It is one of the different looks where thin braids are in a circular form at the back of the head, and some tiny shimmering braids are in the front hair.

Chunky With Weave

It is one of the beautiful and gorgeous styles which suits everyone and in any kind of occasion. It is an evergreen hairstyle which never goes out of fashion and can be opt-out in any type of events.


halo braid

Messy, Boho Halo Braid

In this messy hairstyle, the front side of the hair is kept loose, and the back braid is fishtail braid which provides you with a messy boho halo braid which is chic and bold at the same time. The loose hair at the front gives you a natural and relaxed look.


Wrapped Headband Style

In this hairstyle, the headband may not be in front but at the back of the hair. The headband gives the hairstyle a significant change and makes you look beautiful from front as well as back. It is one of the ideal bridesmaid hairstyles.

Festive Braid For Child

It is one of the simplest and easiest braids you can do with your hair. To give this look a festive vibe you can add different items such as ribbon or bow which change entirely the simple style to fun and festive.

Crown Braid Hairstyles

These cute braided hairstyles are popular among the girls who are looking for a hair makeover for the dance or prom night. It is actually quite simple yet gives you a gorgeous look and can be dressed up or down and worn anywhere. These cute hairstyles can be created in a few minutes and can make everyone jealous of how beautiful it is.

Pretty Floral Braid Idea

We can see flowers which are used to decorate the hair and make it more beautiful. We can use various accessories such as flowers, pearl, and pins which helps to add a glam element to your look and make you look gorgeous from any angles.

Full Dutch Ponytail

You have to spritz some spray to texture your hair, the pick a chunk of hair and dutch braid the three sections by flipping one side section under the middle section and adding more hair in to braid. Once the dutch braid is done, weave it till the last and tie all your hair as a ponytail and fix the loose end with bobby pins. It magnifies the beauty of a simple ponytail.

Double Halo Braids On Natural Hair

When thinking about a halo braids, people have an image of a single braid but to add some twist you can create a double braid on your natural hair. It is little time consuming than the single braid hair, but the ultimate result of double braid is gorgeous.

Stunning Accessorized braid

You can accessorize your braid with different hair elements such as bobby pins, flowers, peals, and glam white wire. Each of the hair elements adds a distinct charm to your look and gives you a fantastic style.

halo braid

Pretty Half Updo Style

It is not necessary to wear a halo braid in an updo only. You can also wear the halo braid in a half updo style which is different and time-saving. The beautiful half updo style gives you an elegant and chic style which is a perfect look for a casual event.

Creative Crowns

If you are bored with the same hairstyle and same halo braids look, then you can carry this original crown look where braiding is made from the three sides and gives you a unique look.

Romantic Braided Updo

This romantic braided is the ultimate look you want for your prom date. This hairstyle itself is romantic which will make your evening romantic as well. It suits best with the long gowns or the floral dresses with light makeup in your face.

Wearing A Crown

It looks like she is wearing a crown in her head with this hairstyle. This braid style goes in a circular form where the headband shape is made in the front hair and gives you an elegant look.

Multiple Braids

We can see multiple braid on the top of the hair which forms as a circle or headband which you can wear for any functions in your office or your next occasion. The multiple braids give you all the romantic vibes, and a crown structure is provided at the top.

Waterfall Headband Into A Ponytail With Accent Braid

The only difference between the previous hairstyle and this hairstyle is that the headband changed into a ponytail which gives you a whole different look with a simple twist and turns. This hairstyle is perfect for the girls who love to dance.

Style Steps

You just have to follow the given instructions if you want to get a beautiful halo braid. You can create a gorgeous twist just sitting at home and following the instruction step by step.

Stylish Halo Braids Idea

We love this hairstyle as much as we love Katy Perry. It is a simple halo braid where no hair accessories are put but still gives you a glamorous look you want for any kind of events. The twist on the top is chunky which is suitable for the women who are looking for a glam look.

Ivory Cornrows Halo Braids

With the off-center or side parting, this look includes the combination of thick and thin cornrows which hops onto the white hair bandwagon. The white color you see in this picture is not the hair color but the white extension which you can get into the market. With this style, you are inevitably going to rock the event.

halo braid

Shimmery Styles

It is one of the soft and shimmery looks which is an ideal hairstyle for the casual events or the formal events also. It keeps your hair away from the face and let you focus on your work.

Reverse Headband

This reverse headband style brings the inner boho vibes inside yourself which can be worn either on straight hair, curly hair or with the nose open or making a ponytail. The metal headband plays a more significant role to add a certain charm to your hairstyle.

Halo braid is a perfect hairstyle which is suitable for any kind of event. You can go out with this hairstyle in a casual affair as well as for the formal occasions. Those styles may look confusing and time-consuming at first, but with some trick and technique, you can ace this look.

With some practice and time, you can rock this hairstyle like no one else. It is also a practical look because it keeps hair away from your face and makes you focus on your work or event. It is must hairstyle which a woman should frequently try because it is simple and stylish at the same time.


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