130 Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyles That You Will Love


Ever had such experience when you are not sure about the way to style your hair? It is when the easiest hair makeover ‘half up half down half up half down hairstyles’ comes in the scene and it always perfectly suits anyone who is uncertain of hairstyle. This hairstyle look same as the name sound: tie a half strand of your hair to the top and let other curls fall down or tie down part of hairs and sweep rest side in the up. Anyway, the resulting look would be stylish in a modern way. This is, of course, an offbeat hairstyle but can be rescued for those want attractive look in no time.

If you are seeking new hairstyles for your friend’s reception, then you are in right place. We have collected a large sum of popular ‘half up half down half up half down hairstyles’ that would ensure your style and add more attractiveness in your look as well. These styles can make you fancy without much change in your daily look- just formal and surprising look. If you are seeking some out of the box style without nay funny vibes, then this post of for you. There are various kinds of styles and we have selected some for you.

Try out for yourself the best of our ‘half up half down haircuts ‘collection that literally suit any kind of face:

  • Antique half-up
  • Half-up curl crown
  • Braided half updo
  • Half Dutch Braid
  • Half-up fishtail
  • Simple braid twists
  • Cascade braid
  • Rosette half-up style

Everyone from Myles Grower to Emillea Clarke has been chilling the half down to get attention in the fashion world. Even you can try it, no need for a team of style recommender or make-up artist to fill miracles on your hair! These up-down braids fit in different skin tones and face shapes. Also work best for long, short and middle length hair. This hair can be used for formal or casual events alike, from marriage to a job interview or even just hanging out on the beach with friends. Now you don’t need to worry about the everyday office or to the next rocking event style. These are great in any context, just name it and braids are ready to rock.

Here we present the collection of 101 half up half down hairstyles that will surely surprise you:

Fancy Style 

half up half down hairstyles

If you are looking for stylish hair for a party or friends reception, then this hair design is for you. It’s exactly what you were searching.

Medium Braid 

A great hairstyle that is beautiful because of long hair as well as it’s fascinating curls. As you can see the half up half down hairstyles makes everyone look so great.

Curly Style Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

A great hair fashion that has braids as well as curls hanging down for the cute look. It would be an amazing head groom for your friend’s wedding.

Bun-Bun Braid

This is the marvelous style that you would love to suggest your friends because it is creative and beautiful at the same time.

Elegant wave knot 

Your parents would love to see you in this look because it’s so simple and naive that anyone would feel like the child inside.

Classy knot 

This one style surely would surprise you- the classy and elegant feature of this design will not only impress your look but would force people in thinking that how you make this hair outfit

Short Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

This half up half down hairstyles would make you feel like Hollywood star because even in the screen you rarely get chance to see such artistic hair design

Messy Down 

This messy down hair can be featured in the casual home setting as well as during professional meet up with your clients.

Short Crown

The middle of hair looks really difficult as the curls are let free and spiral coils are also seen in braided style. Just try it once, you won’t regret the time

Stunning Bun 

It’s an original style that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who looks into it with care. This style may look simple but it can take more than an hour if you want the perfect look

Spiral Tail 

Once you try this half up half down hairstyles, you can’t resist the impulse to try it once again, it’s so addictive that it can be your default hair choice for months. Just give one try and you will realize.

Romantic Braids 

The haircuts like this always have a kind of romantic aura on them, one cannot ignore its lively feeling. Anyone would love the way curls spread and how the upper hair is managed to be so tight.

Simple Spring 

half up half down hairstyles

Except in black hair, this design suit for any other kinds of colors. Just remember to make the good choice of highlight- otherwise, you make end up getting messed look

Pony Coil 

The coils in the ponytail are the new entrance in half up half down hairstyles. Before coils were used only in falling hairs. But you need to move with trends – so must try this one too

Flexible Braid 

This braid style is flexible for any kind of events ranging from your first dating to basketball game or meeting with your bose. It looks natural in any situation.

V-fall Style 

A great style that would make you noticeable at any event, be it the party, prom night of beach gathering with old friends. You would look equally amazing in any events with this gentle design

Soft-Cut Down 

Half up half down hairstyles are not limited to long hairs, even with very short or medium hair- you can make this style in an elegant way

Wide-Spring Fall 

The beautiful style that you can wear anywhere and still look fabulous in a unique way. Try this easy hand step job and look great in some minutes.

Down-Turn Fall 

Add some spiral look and gorgeous curls and you would have the killer look of this century. Just get ready and dare to try something new for the best look


Braids are always sweeter, even cuter if featured in the teen face. A beautiful design that is pretty abd beautiful for the childish look.

Valentine Braid 

Try this out with your valentine for new year surprise! your relationship will receive positive aura from such a beautiful look.


The double braids are difficult among many half up half down hairstyles. You need at least half an hour and an expert creative designer to make the professional design. If you want ok-ok style then try yourself.

Hard Twirls 

Some messy twirls are all you need to make this amazing half down haircut. It is beautiful and gorgeous in own way that is perfect to give one chance for tonight party.

Curl Fall-Knot 

This elegant style is all you need to impress your fiancee in dinner. Just come with this look and don’t forget to were a bit of make-over in your face. You need to match the hair with skin color.

Up-Bun Design 

half up half down hairstyles

This photo will show you perfect way to rock new styles and mess with old hair fashion to create something new and vibrant.

Formal Braid  

As the name suggests this formal braid is acceptable for the fancy look. If the lady has a French accent then this style would suit her personality too.

Spiral Curly Braid 

You can wear this style in the wedding in case you are already late for reception and want the quick hairstyle. It’s really easy to make and simple to show off.

White Circle  

This beautiful strand of curl contain a lot of hair, so the thick it is, the good it will yield. It is a new and beautiful style to try out. Try this with spiral and you will create an interesting half up half down hairstyles design.

White Daffodil 

The flowery look in this braid would attract any eyes- How can braids be so wonderful? This five-step braid style is what you need to impress your beloved.

Simple Up-Tie 

It is simple and easy to put together in curls. If you are under 20 you should definitely try this look because the pure glow of youth features best in this hairstyle.

Spiral Water Flower

When you have hair like white water flower then any style can best feature half up half down hairstyles. Were it to next summer camp and see how eyes would follow you like bees.

Knitted Trail

Knitting the hair the way you knit sweater is the best thing to do in life. This is definitely the most time passing hobby that would give you a unique look.


This childish hairstyle can be wear as best choice while shopping with your children and you will not feel detached from them in age.

Three Curls Fall 

A different curl-fall look that you would sure to love for next wedding reception. Once you wear this braid, you cannot stop yourself to try it next time.

Double Coil 

The two coils spiral intersect in between the middle of hair and gives you original look. These two spirals are small curls that add more wonder to red hair.

Casual Knot 

You know the knots are always casual look. It’s the great design of you love the new look, no need to worry about finding something casual.

Snow White Wave 

The style is amazing because of its white snowlike color. If you want to try new half up half down hairstyles, go for this design and recreate your beauty.

Amazing Braids 

The magnificent style that anyone would love to feature in the ramp. You need to go give one try for this hair design and ensure if it fits your complexion.

Ice Color 

The braids of white color like ice would make you look beautiful for the next ten years. It’s not the face but the hair that add beauty.

Queen Updo 

The half up half down hairstyles also include queen braids looks, so you can choose one best for you- then give a try, you won’t regret!

Victoria Braid 

half up half down hairstyles

The queen braid and victoria braid share many similarities and some difference regarding the knot curls. But both hair designs require long hair with curly tone.

Red Crown  

we all love this half up half down hairstyles style crown because of the beauty it features while looking from distance.

Curly Spiral Bun

The spiral and curls need to be pre-shaped but the bun is made just right in front. It is all about creative handwork and cute braids.

Ponytail White 

The great style that showcases little bun and spiral look at the same place. This is surprising for the fashion world.

Slender Wave

Let the hair remain slender until it requires little fancy grooming. Top half up half down hairstyles also share similar feature like yours.

Curl Pearl

Every girl loves this half up half down hairstyles because of the pearl shape in the backside. You can also make small bun braid with this one.

Chain Spiral 

A marvelous style that shows off chain shape hair in a beautiful way possible. Try it on a holiday trip.

Florida White 

Another great sample of amazing half up half down hairstyles in traditional design. Though it may take more than an hour to complete, its still the best updo style.

Spire Circle 

When you make a circle out of spiral hair, it will become spire-circle! Don’t go after the name, just put it once in your head and see the magic.

Creative Bun 

A bun with straight hair at edge and spiral revolving up is the best design one can feature in any context. No other design can match its artistic level.

Tail-Tail Style

When you have more than three tails making curl at the end then whole hair seems like a jumble of tail design.

Braid Surp 

If you are looking for special half up half down hairstyles, then it is for you. You can wear this on your wedding and even in other special rituals.


Another example of a complex hair design that requires both fishtail and downturn with the harmonious look. Really hard to make but would make you look different than others.

Star Braid 

The ladies who know about popular trend are rocking this design in parties. People usually try this look for change.

Coil knot 

The combination of coil and knot would obviously give you new look and make you popular among your friends.

Sweet Spire 

half up half down hairstyles

The creative design that any girl would love to have but you need to keep patience for this look as it takes more than hour grooming.

Pogo-Tail Style 

This is the design that you were waiting for, don’t think more, just try it and revive the beauty within yourself.

Zig-Zag fall 

The fall of half up half down hairstyles like the zig-zag pattern would give you new look in a very short time.

Daffodil White 

Flowery looks are the easiest way to hack any kind of beauty! shape the head like the flower and decorate curls as twirls.

Queen Style

Let go of other braids and just try this amazing look.


Your hair will interact with snow fo you try this half up half down hairstyles.

Half Down Spire

The spire is not an easy task but you can make it in a few minutes.

Flowery Coil

Choose the best color and this design would perfectly match your interest.


Even in ramp walk, you can stage up with the new look and real talent.

Antique Half Up

With this antique haircut, you can look traditionally beautiful in a new way.

Pink Piron 

Pink is always the best lady choice, go for pink to look more feminine.

Half-UP Curl Down

It’s among the best half up half down hairstyles, anyone can make it at home.

Braided Half Updo 

The braids with half updo would make your friend envy your look.

Half Dutch Spiral

Spiral dutch is the best half up hair one can have in the wedding party.

Bunny Fishtail 

If buns and fishtail are combined together you will get a stunning beautiful complexion.

Cascade Braid

Leave the name-just put focus on its design, get best of all haircut.

Rosette Half Up 

half up half down hairstyles

The rosette style newly arrives in the fashion world, it became popular from France.

Celeb Design 

This lady has carried a celebrity look on her head, in case it makes her more elegant.

Sweet Pink 

As mentioned earlier, Pink is so the ladies color, Get pink be attractive.

Jin-Jin Down 

Jin-jin Down is among the best half up half down hairstyles that you can get in a short time.

Pretty Casede 

It’s not as easy as it looks in the picture, you may need more than half an hour to achieve this sweet look.

Spiral Queen-Circle

The Queen circle always look amazing in white hair, in black you need to make it a bit thin.


When tail hair is put up, the curls fall so beautifully like a natural stream.

Shining Curl 

If you have shining hair make it curl and put it in wide shape.

Golden Coil 

The Golden hair with coil shape shaped curls in the edge gives you new look.

Black Spire

It is the easy and natural Indian design that you can try during family dinner.

Box Coil 

Knitting small box shape out of coil hair would make you unique among friends.

Black Flora 

The black flora in its back is the really popular style for ramp walks.

Petal Fall 

Just like the petal of the flower, this fall looks so sublime and beautiful.

Snowy Braid 

This is the beautiful and easy design that you can feature anywhere.

Girly Curls 

It is the best curls for a girly look. Try this half up half down hairstyles for a younger look.

Shading Black 

The black shade in brown hair is the best combination any beauty could feature.

Circular Queen 

half up half down hairstyles

Among the best half up half down hairstyles, the queen circular design comes at the top.

Dutch Fall 

This style has dutch curl on the back and they make it look more beautiful.

Elegant Butterfly 

The butterfly shape at the top would make you look like a cute child.

Bun-Up Box

When you have both bun and box in your hair, no other look can challenge you.

V-Tail Style

The making of V shape with hair and letting curls fall down- gives you unique beauty look.

White Style 

If you need the best style for your next event then this is for you. Rock it in your head.

Side Dutch

The side dutch half up half down hairstyles can groom you like a newlywed bride.

Ripple Spire 

This stunning ripple fall is remarkable if you need some style for prom night.

Rose Design 

A soft design with the structure like a rose in the back head.

Curl King 

This style is the king of Curl that would make you look like Queen Victoria.

Golden Coil Style

This style will bequest you electrifying look as your beauty will flow like current in coil.

Blossom White 

The very stylish and simple design that can make you attraction girl at any party.

Updo Bun-Bun

The bun-bun updo would make you look childish but in cute ways.

Spiral Buffon

You can manage the size of Buffon with a spiral touch in it. It would make you look just amazing.

Messy Shades 

Messy hair with shades is the best one can have during the holiday trip.

Double Knot 

half up half down hairstyles

Double knot comes among the best half up half down hairstyles of this century.

Up-Flower Perk 

The bun like the flower would add extra beauty to your look- use it to envy your friends.

Mid-Flat Down 

It need simple hand step- Just make falt at the middle and put down remaining hairs to fall.

Tight Wide Fall

When the tight hair falls widely down, you would look not less than any Hollywood star.

Flat Buffon 

Buffon in flat hair gives you celebrity look in no time.

Red Sun-Kissed Style 

The sun-kissed hair looks great in braid updo. It’s the default style for such hair.

Heaven White 

This heavenly style would give you an impression like angle herself inside you.

Golden Curly Style

This is the best style you can have during you meet up with the first date.

White Cat-Bun 

The bun like cat head would make you look even cuter and beautiful.

Divine Fairy Style

Just like in mythological movies, you would find the divine vibes in you look after wearing this hair.

Long Spiral 

As the name suggests you need long hair to make this design best.

Side-Curl Braid 

The half up half down haircut braid at the side would make you look more active in lazy days.

Short Golden Fall 

Even with short hair, you can make such a stunning design.

 90s Silky Curl 

This silky curl of the 90s can compete with any modern hair designs.

Flux Gold 

The golden fall changing in curls is what that makes it so beautiful.

Silky Gold Wave 

This unique designed braid feature silky hair like the wave of a flowing river.

Jumble Beauty 

This style proves that even with jumble messy hair you can look wonderful.

Braid Mess Down 

The messy braids can also be arranged in curls and make the perfect shape.

Shady Twinkle 

The twinkles added in your hair would give you an extra beautiful look.

Gold Shine Style

The hair-like shining gold color can give you best look for a wedding reception.

Simple Bun Style 

This small bun design looks as simple as it – if you ever try this, it won’t take more than fifteen minutes.

Circle Of Curl 

half up half down hairstyles

The circle of curl is the best design you can make with half up half down hairstyles.


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