77 Fabulous Hairstyles with Bangs for 2020

Stop searching in Quora 'if guys like hairstyles with bangs', try them cause you can rock them!


The years 2016 and 2017 have passed; we have 2018 here but the one thing that doesn’t seem to change over the years is hairstyles with bangs! Eternal. They seem to have been popular since forever.

Well, they are so for a reason. One of the many, many (and I mean many, trust me) is its variability. Be it short hair, long hair, medium hair, thick hair, thin hair, straight hair or curly hair, hairstyles with bangs compliment all. You can go for a ponytail, braids or two-sided braids; there are infinite fringes cut ideas for you to choose. Due to its variability, we have also had the hairstyle with bangs gaining (well already have gained)popularity worldwide. Think about it. You will find incredibly cute bangs in any Asian girl, but at the same time, African American seems to pull it off correctly as well. From Alaska to New Zealand, women all over the world can look fabulous in bangs. But, remember there is a trick to it.

The trick well is your face shape. Bangs have an extensive range of variation and each of the various matches with the face shape. So, before you go for any hairstyle with bangs, first of all, understand your face shape.
Put up all of your hair into a ponytail and look at yourself in the mirror. Look. After you have figure out your face shape, it is time for you to find the correct style of bangs.

1. Round face: If you have a circular face shape, you should go for side bangs or blunt micro bangs.
2.Oval look: If you have an oval face, well then darling you are blessed. You can try any style of fringes. Precisely what will compliment you the most is, softened blunt bangs and medium bangs.
3. Square face: For the square face, what works best is A-line bangs and long, layered bangs.
4. Heart face: For sweethearts with a heart-shaped look, go for baby bangs or crescent bangs.
5. Long face: Angled fringes and grown out bangs work best for long faces.

After finding the answers to most of your questions(I hope), I think it is time to see why hairstyles with bangs are so trendy.

1. Side Sweep Your Bangs

If you have a square face, you should go for a layered hairstyle that will soften your sharp edges. Now for the bangs, well for a square face you can go for A-line or layered bangs, but if your layers have weakened the sides, you can also go for side-swept long bangs.

2. Hairstyles with Bangs for Curly Hair

This is another look that reminds me of the phrase ‘blast from the past.’ The curls are amazing, and her entire hair length is medium length. The messy bangs and the entire look gives a ‘just rolled out of bed’ vibe that you can carry off to your day out.

3. Layers & Layers

If you are planning to go to the beach this weekend, it would be a great time to show off your bangs. Pull up the rest of your hair into a bun and let your bangs frame your face. Make sure your bangs are for your face shape. You can use the help of a chart if you need.

4. Messed Up

Personally, I love the messed up look. Whether for a bun or a ponytail or naturally , I love it! What adds more to the look is the bangs. This entire waved look with the bangs looks extra fun with shades of accessories.

5. Soft Waves

Her bangs are slightly waved like the rest of her hair. She looks classy and straightforward with her medium length hair that is complemented with her highlights and red lipstick.

6. Edgy and Sharp

Her hairstyle like her bangs is sharp and on point. You can go for this pixie haircut with long bangs on the side for a complete makeover. Follow Kaley Cuoco’s pixie cut if you like such styles.

7. Braid Them

You can see how much bang style can affect the entire look. Instead of the braids, bangs would have defined her features more. Not that the hairstyle doesn’t work, but bangs can create magic.

8. Swift It All

Dear Taylor,
Thank you for showing how to look fabulous and flawless in bangs.
Yours sincerely,
Fashion World

Bang hairstyles for oval face, we have Taylor Swift for you.

9. Braids and Bangs

If you find hairstyles with bangs dull, add some chic and summer to it with braids. Let your braid act as a hairband and complete your look with a floral summer dress.

10. Bang Hairstyles for Heart Shape

We have Bella Throne showing you how to go for a layered and full hairstyle with bangs in a ponytail for heart shape face. She looks incredible.

11. Straight and Angled

For a complete straight hair, you can maintain your bangs straight. To secure your hairstyle with bangs, remember to blow dry your hair. You can go for thin bangs cut or thick, anything works.

12. Hey Girl!

Hey Girl!
Watcha doing?
Did you get yourself some Zooey Deschanel inspired hairstyle with bangs?
She goes for this eye-level bangs that will tune down the roundness of her face. Her heart-shaped face looks terrific with her signature hairstyle, but this type of bangs can be pulled off by any face shape.

13. Side-Swept

Where Taylor Swift answers the questions to ‘How to rock bang hairstyles for an oval face?’, We have Emma Watson showing us incredible hairstyles with bangs for round face. She goes for a side-swept fringe and lets her medium length hair be.

14. Bangs and Buns

Hairstyles with bangs can always be the style for a formal look or an office day with the help of buns. Let your fringes frame your face, and the messiness of your bun steal the show.

15. Gold-kissed Locks

When I was talking about the popularity of hairstyles with bangs worldwide, I seem to have proved my point. This is a favorite Asian hairstyle indeed. Her round face with bangs at the eye level manages to give her face an excellent shape. The medium length hairstyle with some highlights looks terrific with bangs.

16. Layered Bangs

Personally, I love layered bangs. They are my all-time favorite. Her eye level bangs bring out her face shape, and the long layers on the side even out the entire structure. She pulled her hair into a bun making this an ideal bang hairstyle for a round or heart face.

17. Chic Style

Bangs can add so much class to your entire look when you decide to attend a party. The whole bun and thick fringes at the front look gorgeous. This entire look for an evening party is a ten on ten looks.

18. A-line Bangs

A-line fringes are the bang hairstyle for a square face. They put the focus on the side of the face softening the strong jawline and take the attention away from the pulled out chin. A-line bangs work flawlessly as the hairstyles with bangs for long hair.

19. Over Grown Bangs

Overgrown bangs are ideally suited for a long face. But if you have an oval face, you can make it work as well. You can put your hair into a ponytail or a bun when you have the bangs to steal the show, and you will look awesome.

20. Messy Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs work great with layers as well. When you have short hair, you can go for the layered cut and mess up your bangs just a bit to bring out that ‘just rolled out of bed’ look. Go for side-swept or overgrown bangs if you go for this look. Always remember your face shape.

21. Layered

This is a super short hairstyle where the relatively longer bangs are side swept with the hair. The bangs are not taking any space in the face but framing them. This is an incredible hairstyle with bangs for short hair.

22. Sexy Square

Here is another example of bang hairstyles for the square face with A-line bangs. You can also look at Dakota Johnson who is another celebrity whose signature style is her bangs. She also pulls off A-line bangs graciously.

23. Simple and Classy

For such rectangular face shape, the hairstyle should be focused on the softening the active edges. You can add to this look with side bangs pointed to remain classy and straightforward.

24. Short and Sweet

Go for this short hairstyle with cute bangs. You can go for such messy look that will appear chic and epic even on a red carpet.

25. Glow

Her hair color is what we call the word ‘glow.’ What is more incredible about this look is the side bangs that are made for her face. This hairstyle is an inspiration to women over forty who want to go for a haircut with bangs.

26. Cute A-line Bangs

The A-line bangs and her short hairstyle adds to her cuteness. These bangs are made for the square face shape. What adds more to this is the color variation of bangs and the rest of the hair.

27. Sunshine & Smiles

Her hair gives the radiance of the sun, and her smile adds power to it. Other than that, we have her bangs that are incredible and need to describe. She has a round face meaning she goes for side swept bangs.
Radiance and Glow

28. Disney Bangs

Hillary Duff always has been my favorite Disney star. I loved her as Lizzie McGuire, and well today, I love her sense of style. She has long golden locks (slightly messed). Her oval face shape is complemented with her long side crescent bangs.

29. Pixie Bangs

We have talked about short hairstyles with bangs, but now we have for you super short hairstyles with bangs. Even Pixie hairstyles look amazing with side swept bangs. Well, her strong jawline and protruding chin (square face) need A-line or long layered bangs. You can also go for Kaley Cuoco pixie hairstyle with bangs.

30. Long Layered Hairstyle

She has incredible black long hairstyles where her side bangs compliment her face shape. This hairstyle and outfit make this entire look classy and chic simultaneously.

31. Tied Up

We have another tied up hairstyle with long bangs that will work great for a long face. She has slight curls that compliment her entire look. You can go for this look on a dinner date.

32. Olsen Love

Our favorite Olsen twins have a round face who shows how to rock a layered hairstyle with side sweep bangs. This is another hairstyle that you can try if you have been googling ‘bang hairstyles for round face.’

33. Not So Horrible

Jennifer Anniston never fails to impress her. Be it her acting or her sense of style. Her square face shape looks perfectly even out with her bang hairstyle. The ponytail makes this look perfect for an office look.

34. Baby Bangs

While most of us think that bangs are supposed to be straight, here we have this beautiful lady showing us how curled up bangs look incredible as well. Her short hairstyle and heart-shaped face are meant for those baby bangs.

35. Nerdy Is The New Sexy

Those thick, voluminous fringes are to die for. She maintains long layers and big bun making this entire look incredibly sexy. Her bangs are made to frame her face completely.

36. Long Side Swept

Her hairstyle has a length up to her cheeks with long bangs that are side swept. They are overgrown fringes that even out her face shape perfectly. She looks cute and gorgeous at the same time.

37. Even Bangs

First of all, special mention to her drop-dead gorgeous eyes. Her makeup makes her eyes even more beautiful. Talking about her bangs, she goes for an even fringe that tone down the strong jawline.

38. Bang Hairstyles for Layered Hair

You can go for layered bangs if you have a straight layered hairstyle. For medium hairstyle, she goes for a side-swept A-line hairstyle that focuses on her strong jawline. This is another bang hairstyle for the square face.

39. Long, Dark Hair

Her hairstyle makes her look stunning. Her micro blunt hairstyle works magic on her oval face. Not bold, but micro blunt bangs can make you look sexy as well. The messy look adds more to her stunning and terrific look.

40. Curled Bangs and Buns

She has carried off two bun hairstyle with her curls for bangs. If you are one of those, who don’t like to do what everyone does, you can go for curly fringes. The bangs compliment her buns greatly.

41. Bang Hairstyles for Thin Hair

For medium length hairstyle with thin hair texture, you can go for thin bangs. The bangs are a bit uneven with the middle short than the sides.

42. Brown Waves

The short length hair with overgrown bangs that are pointed in the chin area is the bang hairstyles for the heart-shaped face. The bangs draw attention to her gorgeous blue eyes.

43. Blonde and Strong

She uses A-line bangs to soften her strong jawlines. Yes, you guessed it, this is another bang hairstyle for a square face. The medium length hairstyle, the bangs, the layers everything works to give you a charming look.

44. Round-Up

Ironically, she goes for a rounded bun hairstyle. Well, as you can see her layered bangs that are side swept frame her face to again minimize the roundness of her entire face. She looks chic and epic with her hairstyle.

45.  Classy

If you are super confident about your hairstyle, then only you can pull off such photo. She has an oval face, and her long bangs that are kept on the side look incredible on her. Special mention to her makeup and confidence.

46. Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Hair

If you have a long face shape and well long hair, you can find that overgrown bangs will compliment your entire look perfectly. Make sure you maintain your bangs by blow drying them and making them thin.

47. Smile with Your Bangs

She has her round face evened out with her side swept bangs. Her medium length hairstyle gives such a fresh and nice vibe. If Spring has just kicked in wherever you live, you should go for this.

48. Over Grown for Round Face

I have another example for you that shows overgrown bangs for round face. Her chin is a bit pulled out which shows the style may not be perfect for a square shaped face. So, as I have mentioned always know your face shape.

49. Angled

You can go for angle fringes if you are searching for bang hairstyles for long hair. Her hairstyle is of medium length, and the waves of her hair, as well as the bangs all, seem to pull together a sophisticated look.

50. Micro Blunt

Here we have another bang hairstyle for an oval face. This is a bold look that goes well with your short hairstyle. If you are feeling a little edgy and are ready to show the world a different side of you, you can go for this look.

51. Reese Witherspoon

Bang hairstyles for heart shape are, as I have mentioned, majorly crescent bangs and baby bangs. But our Reese here shows some side swept bangs as her bang hairstyle for the heart shape. She lets her fringes focus on the middle so that it looks somewhat like a crescent bang.

52. Softened Blunt Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs can add cuteness to your short haircut. When it comes to the bang styles, I have told you what the basic is, figuring out your face shape. You can go for softened blunt bangs if you have an oval face like her.

53. Cute Short Black Hairstyle with Bangs

Hairstyle with bangs looks fantastic on thick hair. She goes for softened blunt bangs on her gorgeous locks. Her entire bob hairstyle with her fringes frames her face perfectly. Bang hairstyles for heart-shape mostly is crescent bangs, but you can go for such bang styles as well.

54. Asian Hairstyle with Bangs

I am going only to use one word to describe her look (you guessed it), CUTE! As I mentioned, hairstyle with bangs provides a broad range of looks. Her super short hairstyle with side swept full bangs compliment her face shape perfectly.

55. Hairstyles with Bangs for Thin Hair

Not thick hair, thin hair texture look amazing with bangs as well. If you have straight hair and are wondering which bang cut will compliment your hair texture, you can go for a full volume bangs. Make sure you praise your bang style with your face shape.

56. Square Face

Our forever favorite and sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston has a square face hairstyle. This hairstyle does not seem to be complimenting her face structure that well. You can only focus on her strong jawline and protruding chin. The side swept bangs don’t look to be the hairstyle with bangs for a square face.

57. Oval Face

When you have an oval face, you can thoroughly use your symmetricity to your advantage everywhere. Even for your bang cuts. You don’t need to google for bang hairstyles for oval face and search for the unique ones. We have this fabulous micro blunt hairstyle you can pull off.

58. Thin Hair Styles

For darlings with thin hair problems, you have bangs to rescue you. If they go with your face shape, you should go for a full, voluminous bangs and side sweep them to make you look more than fabulous.

59. Taylor Style

Our girl, Taylor here can create a perfect example of bang hairstyles for oval face. She has thoroughly covered her forehead up to her eye level with slightly angled bangs and kept the medium length hair at its natural state.

60. Eye Sweeping Fringes

Lea Michele here shows us what hairstyles with bangs should be for long hair. Her waves compliment her A shaped bangs that again matches her face structure amazingly. The balayage hair color is just cherry on the cake.


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