105 Subtle Hairstyles For Women Over 50


When people age they lose their interest in looking good and trying new things in life. They adapt their regular style and don’t bother to change much in their lifestyle. Women who are above 50 are always concerned if there are any particular hairstyle which suits them or not. The hairstyles for women over 50 should match the personality and their facial structure.

It is a difficult task to find an appropriate hairstyle for the women over 50 because they think the trendiest look is old for them, so they settle in their usual old hairstyle. But now is the time to change the mindset of the women because there are various haircuts for women over 50 which are cool and goes well with their personality.

When you reach a certain age, you want to adopt a hairstyle which should match your age and should be sober and classic at the same time. The hairstyle shapes the overall image of women and makes them look presentable among the crowd. The style should match with the outfit they wear and with the skin tone they have.

There is a particular group of women who want to try a new look and even stay in fashion they are over 50. We see various celebrities flaunting the short and trendy hairstyles such as Kris Jenner, Madonna, Lisa Rinna, and others. So below are the hairstyles for women over 50 who wants to stay in trend with the classic and fresh look.

Blonde Cropped Hairstyles

If you want a haircut which looks good from every angle, then you should try this haircut very soon. You don’t look good from the front only the back view is good as well, and feathered layers add grace to the entire look. This hairstyle is short and very easy to manage in your daily life.


Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Flicked Out Ends

Such a beautiful and stunning hairstyle it is. This shoulder length hairstyle matches perfectly with the makeup and the skin tone. The flicked out ends gives you a playful and fun vibe and make you look younger than your actual age.

Neat Feathered Grey Pixie

Every middle age women are in love with pixie as we can modernize the pixie cut into different ways also. You can cut down the hair in a pixie cut and color it grey which is one of the simple and easy hairstyles to manage. You don’t have to maintain your hair again and again as you can set it nicely.

Cool Wispy Fringe Cut

These short hairstyles for women give a sophisticated vibe which suits in any face structure and any age group of women. This hairstyle includes longer layers on the top of the head and provides cute wispy fringe on the front side.

Short Piece-y Crop

It is a cropped look which is classic and chic at the same time. You can cut the hair and leave as it as you don’t need much time to manage your hair. To fix your hair, you can use styling gel at the end side of the nose which helps the back hair to set correctly.

Highlights and Lowlights in Medium length Cut

It depends on the taste of the women about the length and color of their hair. It is not always necessary that everyone likes long hair. This medium length cut gives your hair the right texture and dimension which suits your personality and gives you a glamorous look.

Graduated Layered Bob

This look is carefree as well as feminine. The graduated layers help to maximize the volume of the hair and its movement. This short hairstyles for women are perfect for the fine to medium hair texture and look great on any age women. This look is one of the versatile looks.

Gorgeous Chin-Length Bob

This Chin length bob is the versatile look which is fun and gives you a chic look for your day to day, life. A light razor technique can be used for the finishing details to suits a carefree style in this haircut. This cut mainly looks good on oval and round face structure and helps to frame the bone structure.

Reverse Ombre for Short Grey Hair

Who told you that it is not appropriate to color the hair when you are over 50? Look at this gorgeous hairstyle where ombre style looks so good and brighten your entire look. It is a cool hairstyle for women who don’t want to color their hair in blonde or brown color. The combination of black and grey gives you a playful vibe.

Medium Length Golden Bob

If you want an average length haircut with some modern twist and turn, then this hairstyle is for you. The blonde balayage in the medium length makes you look young and stylish. This style is an ideal look for women who don’t want short hair nor long hair.

Over 50 Feathered Silver Pixie With Bangs

With the modern touch and proper technique, this hairstyle is one of the great looks among the pixie styles. It is an appropriate style for you if you want a haircut which needs minimal maintenance and stylish technique. You can just wake up and go to your work with this look.

Medium Layered Haircut

Generally, women over 50 don’t prefer long hair as medium length hair is the perfect length and the amazing medium layer cut with distinct layers looks good on the blonde highlights of the hair color. The style looks great on women who have a fair complexion, and it is an easy style to maintain.

Elegant Side-Part Chin-Length Bob

These short hairstyles for women are beautiful as well as classy where the back-side bob is nearly all one length. This hairstyle suits in every type of hair such as long hair, straight hair, curly hair. This look helps you to keep the style heavy and dense.

Slicked Black Short Cut

This hairstyle draws all the attention to your face front and highlights the makeup and facial structure well which makes this look easier to achieve. This style helps you to make your look put more together and gives you all the attention needed.

Razored Pixie with Layers

Some pixies are simple wherever some are stylish and modern. It depends upon your taste and preferences how you want to give your hair a new look. This razored pixie is a suitable hairstyle for the women who have thick haircut and some severe styling needs in that hair. It gives you a wild and fun look.

Metallic Blonde Cut For Medium Hair

It is an ideal style for the women who don’t want to cut their hair short. The metallic blonde cut for medium hair is stunning hairstyles for women over 50. It gives them chic look with sophisticated style. It is not overdone and suits nicely to their personality.

A Slightly Edgy Cut

It is a fun hairstyle which is easy to manage and works great for both days as well as night time. This haircut is a modified version of hip-hop style and adds a fun element to the look. This hairstyle can be done by leaving some length on the top and bringing the rest of the hair as a side part.

A Wavy Bob

This hairstyle is super cute and mature at the same time. This type of cut usually works well on thick, wavy hair as well. The blonde hair frames her face beautifully and shows off her face structure.

Layered Framing Style

The tiered fringe on the front side gives you a vibrant look, and the rest of the hair styled away from the face. These short hairstyles for women look preferable among them who have an oval face which frames their face structure well.


Medium Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

There is no any age restriction to the women who want to try something new to their hair. The medium length hairstyle goes perfectly with the hair type, face and the personality of a woman. The bangs in the front add a lot of charm to the entire look and make them look more stylish.

A Modern Pixie For Women Over 50

These short hairstyles for women can be best for those who have oval, square and heart-shaped faces. You can add some fringe to your hairstyles if you have a rounder face and want this look. You can style this look according to your mood and need.

Long Straight Blowout Hairstyle

The long grey straight hair is an amazing and beautiful look which are suitable for women who are over 50. It is their own choice if they want to have short or long hair. The blowout styles give your entire look a current mode and make to look younger than your actual age.

Blonde Balayage Hairstyle with Dynamic Layers

Wondering for super cool hairstyles for women over 50? If you are, then you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible. It is one of the fresh and fun hairstyles to have which have magnetic layers which adds a lot of volume to your hair and make to look chic and stylish at the same time.

Chic Short Bob Haircut With Highlights

We are entirely in love with these hairstyles. The perfect cut and color can boost the confidence level of women. The straight but curved shaped created by numerous layering gives you a super-chic style with the highlights in the hair. Some different color and a side section can add a twist to the hairstyle and gives you a new look.

Brown Blonde Layered Hairstyle

If you have a natural blonde hair color then to get this look you can just chop your hair in a feathered or layered style, or you can color your hair blonde and do the technique. It makes you look fresh and classic at the same time and make you stand out among the crowd.

Wavy Chin Length Cut

We can see a lot of celebrities flaunting this look such as Keira Knightly and Jennifer Lawrence. This hairstyle is sassy and sexy which can be pulled off by younger as well as older women.

Short Curls

Big Fan of  Curly Hair? Yes, we are. This hairstyle looks gorgeous with light makeup, and it needs low maintenance if you want to keep the same way for a long time.

Tapered Neck Razor Cut

This hairstyle covers the neck and seems to be short, but it includes more area and texture gives you a chic vibe. This hairstyle may look new and awkward to many, but it surely gives you a modern touch.

Super Short Choppy Pixie

The super short pixes are the perfect short hairstyles for women who have a round or oval shape face. It is a carefree look which helps to frame your face in the right way. This look can be suitable for anyone who wants to try some different look.

Spikey Layered Pixie

It is a short yet sexy cut which gives you a fun and feminine vibe with a modern touch. If you want a different and versatile look, then you should surely opt out for this hairstyle. It is the perfect short hairstyles for women who want to experiment with their hairstyle.

Layered Curls

If you have a naturally curly hair and want to get the best of it, then you need to make the curl limelight which helps you get a messy look but manageable. The layers of the hair help you to show off the coiled locks and help to frame your face correctly.

Wavy Wedge Cut

This hairstyle gives you a beach look which shows off the layers and gives you a beautiful look. The rough wedge cut is one of the trendiest looks which can be carried out by anyone and complemented by using various colors.

Spikey All Over

This hairstyle is familiar with the pixie, but the difference is that the layers are quite long and there are more of them. A stylish wax helps you get the hold of this hairstyle and gives you a spikey look.

Classic Disconnected Pixie

The shattered length creates a strong yet subtle combination of texture and dimension in this hairstyle. These short hairstyles for women is a disconnected pixie which gives you an energetic vibe.

High Volume Lob With Layering

The long bob with layers helps to make your hair look fuller and thicker. It helps to add volume and instant body. This hairstyle is perfect for those who are seeking to have a voluminous look. This hairstyle creates the illusion that your hair is full than it is.

Medium Hair With Sweeping Layers

It is one of the stunning hairstyles for women over 50 who want a polished and sophisticated look. The layers at the front and back are blend nicely which gives your hair a nice cut. You can carry the sweeping layers in medium hair as well as long hair.

Feathery Layers and Nape Undercut

This nape undercut look is popular among the women over 50 who are tired of long hair which is not manageable at all. The short look is easy to carry and maintain for the whole day. You don’t need more time to do your hair and keeps your hair away from the face and let you focus on your work.

Platinum Balayage Bob With Flicked Ends

You can combine the blonde and grey color to give your hair a new style which helps you to look young and modern. The platinum balayage goes perfectly with the flicked end at the back of the nose and melts according to a brown or blonde color.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

It is a funky version of pixie look with spikes which can be done both in straight hair as well as curly hair. This look can look professional as well as playful, depends on how you take up this hair look.

Short Curly Salt And Pepper Bob

It is not an easy job to find an ideal hairstyle according to the hair texture and length of the hair. When you have a curly hair, you might always get confused what to do and how to do. If you are confused, then you can carry this low curly salt and pepper bob which is a chic look.

Short and Sweet Black Pixie

There are different ways of doing this hairstyle, and it looks different when each time when you wear it. This cut is also a versatile style and is fashion forward. These short hairstyles for women look fantastic with any texture of the hair and suits from medium to thick base. It can be done in bold color also.

Medium White Blonde Feathered Hairstyle

This blonde feathered style is suitable for the women who have thin hair as the several layers help to provide volume to the hair and make it look voluminous and stylish. It is one of the famous hairstyles for the women over 50 who are trying for a new look.

There is no certain hairstyle or tricks that you should try when you reach 50. As there is a saying age is just a number so you can try any hairstyle you like and cut your hair according to your taste and preference. When looking for the haircut, you should choose the hairstyle which suits your face shape, body type, and overall style which is similar to your personality.

The 50s are the time when you enjoy your life to its fullest and fulfill all your dreams. Generally, short hairstyles are preferred by women over 50 which is stylish and chic at the same time. The short hairstyles can be in any hair type such as rough, coarse, curly, fine, straight, or the look that matches.

One of the common problems, when you reach 50, is that grey hair starts to grow up. As a result, you can modify the grey color and give it a try with some twist. So above are the hairstyles for women over 50 which are subtle and bold at the same time.


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