75 Amazing Hairstyles For Any Woman Over 40


If you are any woman over 40, you know who you are and more than that you know your true worth. And that is what you want to reflect in your looks. From your dressing sense to your hairstyle, a woman who is truly real in every form wants her to look to be elegant and chic.

But, here we want to talk about your hairstyles.You may sometimes like it to be classy or playful and classy. Maybe contemporary and, still hot! Whatever be, hairstyles for women over 40 should be chic, natural-looking, low maintenance, sophisticated, bold and very sexy. You can do anything that flatters your face and accentuates your facial features. You can go for a short haircut, that can highlight your cheekbones, or you can go for layered medium and long hairstyle that can focus, on your best features.

Although you need to be careful about not going crazy for unusual colors and long hairstyles that can drag your face down.

Here are 75 ways of showing you how to be chic as well as cool.

 1. Mid-length Hairstyle

Go for a wavy mid-length hairstyle with some waves at the ends and the bangs at the front. Middle part your hair, even the bangs and you are good to go to the office.

 2. Jenna Elfman

Jenna looks stunning in her wavy short hairstyle that is side parted. There are no bangs but this is a hairstyle you need to try.

 3. Simply Bob and Gray

Who says gray is not a cool hair color? Keep your bob hairstyle simple and let your gray color add dimension to your entire look. This is another fantastic hairstyle that embraces natural hair color and texture.

 4. Stripe-like Effect

Make use of correct hues to create a lengthy effect on your hair with some subtle layering. This is a long hairstyle that any woman over 40 can carry off.

5. Dark Hair Color

For a round face, you can go for a dark hair color and layers near your face to shape out your roundness. A simple hairstyle that is good to go for a picture any time.

 6. Curls At The End

Keep your curls at the end refined for your short hairstyle that is amazingly feminine and strong at the same time. You can side part your hair and let the rest of your hair in its natural state.

7. Chic Hairstyle For  A Woma Over 40

If you want a graceful adnd elegant hairstyle, you should go for a long wavy hairstyle allowed to flow naturally. You don’t need any styles because your natural hair texture can be played with amazingly. Part your hair accentuate your cheekbones with correct layering.

8. Few Bangs At The Front

Keep the hair near the crown slightly elevated and maintain a few bangs. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is wash and go ready.

9. Balayage Hair

Add some brown balayage to your hair. This is an absolutely perfect medium hairstyle that cannot go by without turning a few heads. It will make you look young and give you the energy you always want to have. The brown color with the shine and few layers are amazing.

10. Jane Lynch

Jane shows us a unique haistyle that she totally pulls off. She keeps the ends long and the front of her cool without any bangs. She keeps things simple and yet very stylish.

11. Lisa Rinna

If you want a signature look, go for a layered down look in the mid ear. This is a good medium hairstyle for thick hair. Brown highlights with dark base will add to the hotness of this look.

12.  Sexy

For  asexy hairstyle for any woman over 40, you can go for a short hairstyle with a few layers near the cheekbones to add a dimension to your face. You can stick with your natural hair color if you like.

13. Shoulder Length Bob

This is an amazing shoulder length bob hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Play with red, blonde and light highlights to add dimension to your hair.

14. Side Parted Short Hair

Side part your hair with some length at the frontt. This is an excellent twist to your short hairstyle and go for a nice shiny white hair color. Her eye makeup is stunning.

15. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle looks beautiful with her hair color that makes you eyes look even gorgeous. If you are not a fan of bangs, you can just middle part your hair and create waves at the end.

16. All Stylish

Look hot with your short hairstyle that has a nice length at the front to frame you face and also at the back. The hair at the crown have some height. YOu can go for a creamy blonde which is perfect for a sunny day out.

17. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz shoes off her stunning hairstyle that can be an inspiration to any woman over 40. Her messed up look is amazing and a must try for everyone.

18. Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer shows us a sohpisticated medium hairstyle with her layers and bangs framing her pretty face. You can finish the look with a pair of gold earrings.

19. Dark Red and Short

Color your hair dark red to cover up all your grays. Keep your hairstyle short and neat, if you want an easy hairstyle. Keep the natural texture which adds beauty to this look.


If you want a hairstyle that makes a statement and is strong, go for a medum length hairstyle with some wispy waves near the ear directed backwards. You can add some fringes if you like.

21.Slightly Waved

If you have a natural straight and thick hair, you can keep your hair a medium length and let it flow naturally. This is a simple and a classic hairstyle that can never go wrong. No description needed for this hairstyle, it is definitely a treat to your eyes.

22. Spiky Pixie

Not in a mood for the gracious and chic hairstyle? No worries! Go bold, go red. Spike up your hair and create long bangs at the front. Choose a stunning hair color.

23. Delicate Angles

You can go for any colors you want, you need to be careful to keep it subtle. Play with contrast hair colors like blonde and black and keep your medium hairstyle textured with layers. The layers near the cheekbones define the face cut and goes perfectly with the hair color.

24. Chop Chop

If you have a straight hair and a woman over 40, you can go for a layered hairstyle with choppy ends. You can always add blonde highlights if you want.

25. Shiny and Classy

Don’t want long hairstyles? But, you do like face-framing layers don’t you? For that keep your layers at the front long (maintenance is very improtant) and the layers at the back short. An elevated look at the crown finishes this look with an oomph that no other look can give you.

26. Sassy Styles

This is an unpredictable haircut that works with thick hair and can enhance facial features. This sassy haircut is for women with oval shaped face cut. Muss up the strands with a hair product while blowdrying will give a perfect hairstyle.

27. Highlighted Layers

It is amazing that a few layers can completely change any old style.

You can pick any of bob hairstyles from anything that is available. But bob haircut can be made with stunning with the help of few layers. Layers work for both thin and thick hair types. Angle your layers correctly for a perfect look.

28. Textured Bob

Keep your graduated bob hairstyle textured and straight. Add some bangs if you want. Run your hair with a few beauty products and you are good to go.

29. Round Bob

If you have an angular face, short hairstyles are perfect for you. The rounded effect on this bob hairstyles makes your entire look chic and finished.

30. Creamy Curls

If you like long hairstyles, you can go for a look like this. As you knowm, bangs are one of the options that you could go for but I wqwould highly recommend you for them. If you want g for a creamy hair color. Keep your curls loose and easy.

31. Long Blonde Lob

Not sure if a long bob is right for you? You can go for swooping bangs and layers if you are want to go for a long hairstyle.

32. Refined Bob

This A-line bob cute with curled and textured is to die for. Her hair color adds more elegance to this entire look. A definite hairstyle you should try. Among my personal favorites!

33. Sleek crop

Piece-y crop haircut can look chic and elegant. Use gel to define the layers on your hair. Define the end of your layers, enhance your look and create a finished look.

34. Thin Medium Hairstyle

Usually for woman over 40, bangs are chosen to avoid the ‘aging forehead.’ They also call these bangs Botox Bangs. Add a few layers to your medium length and finish off the looks with bangs.

35. Simple

For any woman over 40, you can go for long hairstyles as well. Keep some layers at the  end of your hair. This requires a bit of maintenance. Go for a simple hairstyle like this.

36. Stacked Bob

Stacked bob hairstyle is one of those everready hairstyle that never goes wrong for any occassion. This hairstyle works for thicker hair texture but workswell for thin hair type as well. Her chops make her entire look more voluminous.

37. Curved Ends

Complicated hairstyles are not for any woman over 40. All you need to get is healthy hair with a perfect finish. Get some layers and curve your ends in an outward direction. This long hairstyle works for formal occasions.

38. Pixie Cut

Woman over 40 often opt for pixie cut majorly because of its low maintenance. If you choose this look, you need to keep the hair near the neck clean. Give it a polished look. That is only the thing you need to keep this look refined.

39. Above The Neck

You can keep your hairstyle at the minimum and keep it fresh as well. Just brush of your hair at a certain angle and get going.

40. Balayage Bob

Pick for medium hairstyles if you are not sure about short hairstyles. For any woman over 40, side-parted bob with some added edge of color is a popular choice. You can keep the roots dark and opt for balayage highlights.

41. Bob and Bold

Go for a rounded hairstyle for your bob haircut with a few layers brushed back. This hairstyle makes a very bold statement and potrays your inner strength. A hairstyle you must try!

42. Sweet Layers

Brush off layers away from the face towards the back for a sophisticated polish. This is a nice touch to your short bob haircut.

43. Red Locks

You will need the correct attitude to pull off a look like this. Red accents with blonde highlights on your long hairstyle is one of the perfect hairstyle for woman over 40. The colors are to warm up your complexion.

44. Naturally Curly

If you don’t want it short and want to embrace the natural texture of your hair, then ljust part your hair and let your curls and frizz let loose. You can keep your natural hair colors as well.

45. Warm Hue

With the hair on your crown elevated, few short bangs at the front and short hair at the back you can give your hair a treat of warm hues. This hairstyle potrays your inner strength and chic.

46. Face- Framing Hairstyle

You can opt for a medium hairstyle with a lot of long layers around your face that makes your face look even more beautiful. Go for a shiny blonde color with a creamish tone fto brighten up your face.

47. Short And Red

When you keep your short hairstyle refined, no other can hairstyle will be your new favorite. If you think short hairstyle is a little less girl for a woman over 40, you can color your hair a lustrous red.

48. Short and Still Hot

Short hairstyles for women over 40 has always been popular. You can choose for a pixie cut that is short at the back and has long bangs at the front.

49. Butter Blonde

If you want to color, I would recommend blonde haair color as it blends more into your gray roots than any other color. You can opt for a shoulder length hair and add some layers all over.

50. Easy and Simple

This type of hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks fabulous. Ask your stylist for a few subtle layers at the ends. You will not need a straightner or curling iron for this look.

51. Cropped Hairstyle For A Woman Over 40

You should know that the right cut looks good from any angle you see it from, really. Taper your hairstyle towards the neck and add some feathered layers to create a full effect.

52. Bob And Bangs

A bob hairstyle works for any age when you can find the correct shape, length, and color that enhances your features. Add some bangs and highlights to finish the look.

53. Few Highlights

Layers remove the weight off thick hair. Adding height to the crown area creates a slimming effect on your face. Few highlights will make your hairstyle pop.

54. Layered Bob For A Woman Over 40

Another option for a good hairstyle for a woman over 40, is a chin length hairstyle with layers. If you have natural curls, style it at the ends else you can curl your ends.

55. Side Bangs

For your evening cocktail dress, you can opt for a hot and  short hairstyle with your bangs covering your forehead. This hairstyle will accentuate your features. Go for a classy and elegant earrings and dress.

56. Warm Highlights

Go for a not so short hairstyle with a lot of layers kept in an amazing direction. Wear your glasses and you are good to go.

57. Warm Waves

For a modern haircut for a woman over 50, you can go for a lob haircut with alternating curls with a refined side swept bangs. For the hair color, you can go for warm hues.

58. Bangs

If you have thin hair, long hairstyles may not make it to your book of hairstyles for any woman over 40. We all still love long hairstyles. So, you can opt for a hairstyle that falls a few inches below your shoulders with the perfect layering.

59. Fun And Flirty

Wear a fun short hairstyle with a cool blonde hair color. Make the correct use of curls and side sweep your bangs. Layers are all our favorites. Finish the look with subtle makeup and classy earrings and go for the dinner out.

60. Wonderfully Bob

This is  amodern and trendy hairstyle for a woman over 40. The medium length hairstyle with shattered ends and caramel hair color all put together for perfection. Keep the base brown.

61. Curly Blonde Bob

Curls are always a good idea. You can add some curls to your short bob hairstyle. This hairstyle incorporates the natural texture of your hair.

62. Wispy Cut

For thin hair, you need to fins a style that works with your texture. If you want to add life to your locks, go for wispy layered cuts.

63. Graduated Bob

Layered voluminous hairstyles work best for any woman over 40 than sleek ones. Keep it short at the back and gradually keep it longer with layers at the front.

64. Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Today, you get many options for your hairstyles. So, you can make sure that it suits your face, hair type, and personality. One of the best ways to make you look stylish and still hot is medium length hairstyle with layers. You can add soft highlights to your layers.

65. Brown Blonde And Layers

Look at the way those layers fall. This might look a complicated hairstyle to do at home, but truly it isn’t. Ask your hairstylist for feathered layers. The, at home, when you are blow drying your hair, use a round brush to flick the ends towards the back. Spray some hairspray for an over 40 and still hot look.

66. Stacked Bob

This hairstyle incorporates youthfulness and grace making it one of the perfect hairstyles for women over 40. This creates an illusion of volume with the hair strands going from short to long. This is a polished and neat hairstyle.

67. Blonde Highlights For Women over 40

For a woman over 40, you have a lot of medium and long hairstyles for options. Add some layers and a few fringes, and you are ready to go.

68.  Full Medium Hairstyle

You don’t need to go for a super short hairstyle. You can keep a medium hairstyle with a volume and dimension. Layers with dark and light color are amazing.

69. Young And Fresh

Want to feel young and get yourself a fresh hairstyle?Opt for a straight long hair with some side bangs and become the new hot woman in town.

70. Long Hairstyle For Woman Over 40

If you want a long and feminine hairstyle, you can go for tousled layers and bangs with your long locks. Keep the colors slightly contrast and give yourself a brushed look.

71. Bob With Layers

If you choose for a bob layered hairstyle, you are looking for a look to show off your hotness. Brush off your short layers towards the back to give a feathered illusion.

72. Reverse Ombre

Every woman loves the ombre effect. Reverse ombre are perfect for creating a greater depth and create an overall bright performance. Keep your roots dark your top hair lighter. This gives a youthful edge to your hairstyle.

73. Spiderwoman Style

Emma Stone is stunning in herself and is an inspiration to all. Her medium length hairstyle with slight waves and side bangs can be worn by any woman even if you are 40 or 45. It will compliment your face shape and make you look as young as ever.

74. Gray Style

Gray style can look as stylish and hot as any other color. Short spiky hairstyle in any woman over 40 can make all the heads turn around. Pair this style with your pearls and let your hair be in its natural slightly frizzed state.

75. Elisabeth Style for Any Woman Over 40

Elisabeth Shue shows us how to potray an elegant style that cannot look wrong in the office or for the evening out. Her medium hairstyle that is layered to define more of her face cut adds a delicate touch to the entire look. She adds pearls to add more shine to the look.

You really are only as old as you feel. Be elegant and still hot.


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