60 Quick Wet Hairstyles When In A Hurry


Those extra minutes for conditioning and nourishment could leave you with no time for blow drying, which means you will need to know about quick wet hairstyles.
Sometimes you don’t want want to blow dry your hair and the other days’ dry shampoo doesn’t work anymore.

Wet hairstyles also work great as pool hairstyles. You can chill and lay back at the pool without having any damp hair bothering you. All you need is an elastic band and some bobby pins.

For wet hairstyles, you obviously will need damped hair. You can dampen your hair with a water spray if you want loose waves for your hair. But, the important thing is if you have wet hair, the hairstyle will take some time to set but will stay put for a long time.
We have a collection of wet hairstyles for short hair, long hair, medium hair, straight hair and curly hair. Check them out.

-Gigi Style

Do I even need to say anything about Gigi? She has proved herself as a foodie in the food industry and a model in the fashion industry. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if you considered her a fashion role model. She always manages to slay whatever she wears. Here, she appears with one of the most natural wet hairstyles. If you have an event you need to attend, wear a chic jumpsuit. For that, the best hair will be the laid back damp hair. Shower and comb your hair all the way to the back. Hairspray your style and you are done.

-Bun For Wet Hairstyles

Wet hair can make for a high bun hairstyle. You might think that with damped hair, we can only get a neat and sleek bun. But, you can see that it is not true. You can let the strands of your hair be as it is. For this use your hand to pull your hair back after your shower. Don’t do with precision. If you do so, you will not get the perfect messy look. You can after this hairstyle, rush to work comfortably. This hairstyle will save you a lot of time.

-Medium Hair

This is again another one of the wet hairstyles that you can do quickly and quickly. The hair has been combed. You will need to do this hairstyle immediately after the shower. The hair has been neatly combed using a wide tooth comb. After that, all the hair has been pulled back, and the rest of the hair has been let loose. If you have highlights like her, this hairstyle will even look better. The blonde color and her natural hair color is shown beautifully by this style. You can wear this style for your clubbing night with your girlfriends.

-When In A Hurry

Someone at the office just told you about their party tonight? You haven’t washed your hair in two days, and now it is all greasy. The office ends, and you only have an hour for the party. OMG! It is a disaster. Don’t worry! I guess this is the reason why wet hairstyles were made. All you need to do is go home, take a shower and comb your hair back. Voila, you are done. Finish the look with bright red lipstick and minimum eye makeup. Wear your stunning outfit and go ahead have fun.

-The Quick One

Keira Knightley has always been a stunner. We all loved her in the Pirates of the Carribean series. Now, we love her in this beautiful wet hairstyle. If you have a medium hair length, all you have to do after the shower is part it using your fingers. Trust me there isn’t much to do for this hairstyle. She keeps her hair naturally effortless. I don’t know if there could be even a more natural style. You can spray your hair with water and try this style. I suggest you do it after you wash your hair. The eye makeup and nude lipstick is a treat for the eyes.

-Curly Hair

We did see wet hairstyles for short hair, medium hair and straight hair above. Wondering where the curly wet hairstyles are? And you thought, I would forget! Curls are my absolute favorite, and I always make sure I find all its variations. Here we have a curly hairstyle that looks beautiful with wet hair. The hair needs to be adequately cleaned and conditioned so, that once it dries, it does not become frizzy. A trick for you to tame down your curly hair is to wipe it with a cotton shirt. Don’t use your towel.

-Short Wet Black Hair

Here is another easy wet hairstyle for short and black hair. You don’t need to do a lot for this style. The damp hair looks beautiful and stylish. It has been made neatly. All you need to do for this look is side part your hair. Make sure your hair strands on one side cover your forehead. Voila, you are done. You can team this hairstyle with any outfit and finish the look with a statement neckpiece. The makeup is simple and minimum. Go for a nude pink lipstick shade.

-Classy One

If you are planning to attend a wedding, that means you must have decided on your dress and your makeup. Of course, for weddings low bun hairstyles are ideal. They are simple, chic and elegant. I don’t think any other hairstyle can cut it for a wedding. So, if you feel your time rush and wet hair will ruin your hair plans, you need to think again. This low bun hairstyle is done beautifully on her wet hair. The makeup is on point, and the dress obviously must be beautiful.

-Wet Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Here is another easy and quick wet hairstyle that you can try. If you are having doubts about the wet look not being the one for you, think again. If this hairstyle has been worn in movie screenings, red carpets, and ramp, I think it can be suitable for your event as well. So, don’t worry any hairstyle will work if you manage to flaunt it with confidence and style. It is the same with this style. The hair is moist and parted from the side. Her fingers have done whatever little of the styling. So, try it.

-Jenner Clan

Kendall Jenner is drop-dead gorgeous. I think we have no arguments there. She has been blessed with the best. Her body, her face and her sense of style are all enviable. Look at how she shows off her gorgeous eyes using a wet hairstyle. She goes for a simple laid back look. This is the look that we have been talking about a lot. Her hair is not completely wet but is damp. So, you can spray some water on your hair to achieve this look. Let all your hair stay away from your face. It is as comfortable as that.


After school, gym practice, soccer practice or any other PE requires a hassle-free hairstyle. We all know about it. Every sport does have its pressure. So, having a hairstyle that helps you perform better is extremely important. For that, you can go for the wet hairstyles. All you need to do is make use of pigtails. You can even tame your braids and make it into a beautiful style. This hairstyle can also be done after your practice. You can’t wait to rush back home. So, braid your hair after the shower and come back to your bed.

-Pool Style

We have talked about how beautiful the summer is, haven’t we? Oh, we have not! Well, we will keep that topic pending. Summer means swimming and pool. Pool means it is bikini time. I know you have all been focusing on your body, but we cannot forget your gorgeous locks. Your hair needs to look beautiful while you laze around the pool. A simple braid can make for a great wet hairstyle. All you need to do is, pull all your hair in one side and braid it. You can pin all the other strands of your hair. Don’t put any makeup when you go in the pool.

-For The Summer

Summer hairstyles include a lot of accessories. You can have as many pins or bands as you want for your hair. You can also use a scarf for your hair accessory. Scarves are a fashionable hair accessory. All you need to do is, make a simple low bun. Here is a step by step tutorial that you can follow. Once you have washed your hair, follow the above steps correctly. In the end, finish the look with a nice pair of sunglasses and walk out the door. This is a perfect hairstyle for shopping or a day out with the girls.

-Wet Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Curly hair girls, you are up. Here is another excellent example for you especially if you have medium hair. This is a hairstyle that happens once you are come out of the shower. Once you shampoo your hair, make sure you condition it. The hair needs to be as tamed down as possible. Once that is done, you can use a wide-tooth comb to remove all the tangles. After that, shake your hair off and use your fingers to style it. Your curls will look beautiful when it is moisturized.


Rihanna is a fashion icon of the 21st century. Not as she made the entire world dance to her music, but she has everyone using her beauty products and her sense of style. Is there anything she cannot pull off? We all saw Rihanna enchant the Pope this year in Met Gala. Well, forget the Met Gala, for now, we have her showing us another great example for the wet hairstyles ideas. She has her medium black hair parted from the middle. Her waves and coils are kept the way it is. She is ready to take on the world.

-Pool Party

Her swimsuit is all flowers and summer. I love the floral print for any outfit, and this monokini looks beautiful. Talking about her look, it is effortless and straightforward, don’t you think. To achieve this look, all you have to do is take a shower. Yes, it is that simple. There is nothing you have to do anymore. Once your hair is wet come back and wash away all the chemicals. Remove all the tangles from your hair using a comb and put it all back. Find a beautiful place to take a portrait photo and Instapost it. You can braid your wet hair as well.

-Quick One For Medium Hair

All the styles we have talked about for wet hairstyles manage to be the look for a day out or an evening out. We haven’t talked about the office look that you can wear. So, here are wet hairstyles for the office look. In the morning, you certainly have a lot on your plate. I hope that is literal for you, meaning I hope you are eating a healthy breakfast. Anyway, some days you cannot manage to dry your hair after the shower. So, for those days, use a comb and go for this natural hairstyle. It is easy and fun to do. Try it; you will love it.

-Combed Style

This is a red carpet look with a beautiful and comfortable wet hairstyle. Even celebrities have a lot to do. They always don’t manage to save time to do their hair. So, they have wet hairstyles as an answer to those problems. You can make the damp hair a beautiful and chic hairstyle easily. All you need to do is use the right accessories. Since your hairstyle will be simple, you have the freedom to make your makeup or accessory loud. She chooses that option for her attachment. Her makeup is also simple and straightforward. Anyone can do it with a little bit of practice.

-Watson Style

Emma Watson will always be remembered as Hermoine Granger. She has managed to go beyond that image and become a beautiful style icon. Here she shows one of the cutting edge wet hairstyles. She has short hair and dark hair color. The hair is damped and then combed neatly towards the back. The hairstyle we can see is simple and effortless. The focus mainly lies on her eye makeup. She keeps her lips nude and her accessories not very eye-catching. This look is new, fresh and young. If you have short hair, I suggest you try this look for a dinner party.

-Sleek Bun

We have another one of the best-wet hairstyles that are great for a formal event. You can go for this look for an office day as well. The hairstyle is easy to do. All you have to do is, once you come out of the shower is pull all your hair back and twist it into a bun. You will need the practice to get the hang of making a perfect bun. The hair looks like every strand is neatly tucked in.

-Little Bit Of Moisture

This hairstyle is great for medium and short hair. I don’t think I need to explain how to do it. There is nothing much to do. It is simple. After your shower or spraying your hair with water, you should comb your hair. You can side part your hair. If you style your hair using fingers, it will keep the hairstyle fresh and young. The hairstyle will also look effortless. You can follow the look simple with a nude lipstick and an eyeliner for your eye.

-Braided Wet Hairstyles

Even in the ramp, wet hairstyles have always been popular. If you go for a wet hairstyle doesn’t mean you need still to let it loose. You can go for braids and buns. You can try them separately or together. Whatever floats your boat. For this style, she has worked the braided look. Her medium hair is pulled back and twisted. It is simple and straightforward. You can try it and do it very quickly. It can be simple braids or French twist. The choice is yours.

-For The Beach

Beaches are the main areas where you end up with wet hair. After a nice swim and a shower, you will have a damp hair. So, you will need hairstyle ideas for that look. You will want to look beautiful for the way back home or when you go to grab a bite. You can go for this messy bun hairstyle. The hair is parted from the middle, and the strands of her hair are allowed to be as it is. The neckpiece is an eye-popping piece and perfect for a beach accessory.

Didn’t find the perfect fit? Don’t worry! We have more photos for you to get your perfect wet hair inspiration.

As I always say, you only have one lifetime, so do whatever you want. Try all of the hairstyles that is possible. Don’t even leave the wet hairstyles that you can do immediately after a shower.


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