104 Hairstyles for Square Faces That Are Celebrity Approved!


Are you looking to add that chiseled effect to your face? Then we suggest you head out to try the hairstyles for square faces. We are bringing to you the styles that are not only loved by the majority of women. But have also been carried off by a lot of high-class celebs. We are sure you will enjoy the options we compiled for you. After all, the goal is to look good, and we are showing you how to do that! You can enjoy the images here even if you are not so sure that you want to try it.

Here are 104 hairstyles for square faces that are sure to make you excited!

Central-parted hairstyles for square faces

Nowadays you will find a lot of sleek pulled back styles on celebs and that should not surprise you! These are being loved as hairstyles that suit anyone. The best thing is that they are hairstyles for square faces over 40 years of age as well. And that has been proven by multiple ladies on the red carpet! The idea here is to get the side of your hair to do the job for you. All you need is to understand that central part correct. Then you can enjoy a clean look on itself.

Straightening the hair correctly also makes a lot of difference when the main factor is the sleekness of the style. You can see some of the celebs like Chrissy Teagan and Selena Gomez wear these hairstyles on for glam events as well. We urge you to get that same style by getting inspired by these divas! You will surely be applauded for trying on methods that are as bold as these. You can get it done at home, and that is the best part about these styles!

hairstyles for square faces

Side swept curly hair ideas

Do you want those short curly hairstyles for square faces? Then you will need to go further into this article. For here we are talking about the long styles! These are the ones that are worn for events where you want to be hassle-free and enjoy your evening. If you are looking to slay that elegant style while having a bit of charm as well, then here is the answer to your prayers! You can see how well these hairdos suit the wearer and they are also well settled in most terms!

We love how these styles are swept on to aside. It has added that diva attitude to the look that most women love. You need to add a bit of volume to the hair though. Since you are looking to get that charming effect, we suggest you get a bit of curve in your side bangs. In the ends, there are lovely ringlets as well. The whole attire screams perfection. So if you need to look stunning for a date or have a fancy place to go, check these styles out and try them on!

The short hairstyles for square faces

There are many short hairstyles for square faces and fine hair, but not all are as good as the ones we have. These are the styles that we have seen in magazines, and most fashion lovers also love them! Here we are only showing off styles that are short and straight. Yes, there are some waves in these styles here and there, but they are just added on for texture only. You can get the same done by using your straightener. So these are hairstyles that are not only good looking but are as comfortable.

You can find stars wearing these looks and heading out to red carpet events. But they are not crazy looks that no one can wear daily. You can surely get them on and sport them on for a meeting or a fun day out with your friends. We are sure you will get that face-framing bangs on yourself as well since they are present in most hairstyles for square faces. Take the needed inspiration from these star in the images down below.

For mature women

If you are looking for short hairstyles for square faces over 50, then you have hit the jackpot in this section right here. You can see how these women are looking stylish in their short hair. If you have a broad forehead, then you will adore these ideas. We are helping you to make a decision. When you reach a certain age, you want to feel comfortable along with looking good. And for that case, these fit perfectly!

You need to get your hair dyed, and it is best if you keep a routine as to when you need to get it done. As these are short hair options, you will also need to head on to the salon to get a trim in every three to five weeks. They are high maintenance for sure, but you can do that much if you want to look stunning each day! You can also get a hair extension on for days when you want the long hair back. So there is no need to worry about that. You can check them out in our collection here!

 Medium length hairstyles for square faces

Now comes the part where we talk about the hairstyles that have been searched most on the internet. These are the haircuts for square faces 2017 and 2018 gave rise to, and they are also called as the haircuts for square faces 2019 loves! You can find all the medium length looks that we adored in this section right here. When anyone comes up with a style that is different and has a charm to it, it surely does not go unnoticed. And thus we are proving this point by showing you some gorgeous ways to get your hair done.

You can part it in the middle or sweep it to the side. No matter what you like, the thing to consider is that these hairstyles have that charm to them that makes one look young! You can get that fun, flirty look and also pull off a girl next door style when your hair is cut in short layers. So make sure you keep these bookmarked so that they can come in handy when you head to the salon. Check out the ones that we approve of in this section below.

The short style for you to try

Have you always gravitated towards short hair but are scared to try on the techniques with them? You must be worried about the process of chopping off the layers of hair that you flaunt so well. Most women are also scared of having no layer of hair around their face. If you have sharp features, you are usually taking the hair as your safety blanket and using it as a natural contour. So we do get that it might be hard for you to choose to chop them off all at once. You can transition from a long to medium hair and then move on to shorter ones if that is the case!

Here we have shown an image that shows off that idea well. You can see how your hair will get that chic and elegant look once you keep it short and precise. Many have rocked this look on several occasions, and you can pull it off too. The ease of not having to do your hair each morning will surely inspire you a lot. You may even find it addictive and have a hard time moving on to other hairdos. So add this haircut to the list of things you need to do.


The approachable styles for a trendy look

Do you want to look fashionable? It seems like a weird question. As there can hardly be anyone on this world, who would not want to look stylish. There is so much effort that goes into looking good though. When we take celebs and their stylists as an inspiration, it is hard for anyone to get that level of perfection. Thus we are suggesting you take the time to find styles that you can replicate back home quickly. Or get the colors and cut that last longer and look good too.

When we see these styles, they are enticing but are not always practical. You may think that there is so much work that goes into these hairstyles and you are right. There is a lot of coloring and thought that goes into making a look perfect. But that does not mean you cannot get them done. You need to have the patience and time to try on hairstyles for square faces that look good for you. If you are in the lookout for ideas, you can find a couple of those in this collection s well.

Hairstyles for square faces loved by celebs!

Many celebs have a strong square jawline, and thus there are many hairstyles for square faces that are approved by them! You can see the stunning Emma Stone sports most of these, and her style is chic and simple. The idea here is to avoid the corners of the face. We want to create a rounder appeal, and it needs some time for you to figure out what works best for your features. If you’re going to copy these styles, then we suggest you get the hair color right as well.

You can also see the gorgeous Selena Gomez in this section. Her sharp features supported by choice of her hairdos. In one of these styles, she has her hair in a middle-parted pony, and in the next, she has ha lovely braid on her. Both of these styles are trendy currently and if you wear them to a party, you will surely look amazing! You can see that through the years, her style has changed a lot too. We want you to get hairstyles that are as perfect as these!

The bob everyone loves

Bob hairstyles are the ones that are stealing hearts everywhere. Women around the world like the idea of the short hair that works around for any occasion. You are sure to love the ease that this hairstyle comes with. The reason it gained so much love is as they are perfect for all face shapes, and it makes for an inspiring hairdo. If you want to see how it looks with different colors, then you can check them out here! Add on some layers of bangs on the top, and you are ready for anything!

But do not get confused with the old school style of bob hairstyle. They were popular back in the day for sure, but there are also modern takes on the same hair that has been gaining attention for long now. It looks great on dark hair and has a similar effect when you try on shades of blonde and brown as well. No matter what color you prefer, you can take it to a whole new level of goodness by adding in highlights. So we suggest you take this chance to amp up your hair!

For a glam event

When there is a classy event happening there are thousands of paparazzi out there clicking pictures of celebs in every angle possible! When we check out these options, we love to get the same attire that they have on as well. Celebs tend to put on an extra effort to look suitable for these occasions. And that can be seen in these images as well. Whether it is red carpet events or fashion shows and award functions, these ladies are slaying the fashion world. You can check them out in our article here to get an idea.

We have the gorgeous Aishwariya Rai on the top here, and her central parted hair is magnificent! Dakota Johnson has her hair with her signature frontal bangs and the bare face. It makes her look young and gives it a flirty vibe. This is an approachable style, and we suggest you book an appointment to get it done. If these were not more to your liking, then we have short hairstyles from Adele and Selena Gomez as well. Dark hair is the theme of most of these hairstyles for square faces as they add that needed dimension.

Soft and feminine hairstyles for square faces

Are you looking for that perfect soft look that has a graceful touch to it? Then you need to check out the ideas we are showing off in this section of our website. These are hairstyles for square faces that you can wear to weddings and certain ceremonies that need you to look like an angel. If you are a bridesmaid or the flower girl looking to keep it simple, this is ideal for you. Some of these are well done, and some are messy as well. So you can take your pick.

You will notice that most of these styles have that casual touch to it for sure, and it also makes the hair look voluminous. It is a matter of styling in the end. You can enjoy your locks as they sway from one side to the other and get you that youthful vibe. These are the styles that girls with medium hair length will love to try on for a change. Add on an elegant pair of bangs, and you are set to make everyone take a second glance at you as you walk around!


Hairstyles for square faces with long length

Most of us want long hair, and that seems to add that feminine touch to each attire we try out. We love how Selena Gomez has her hair in these sorted out layers, and it does not start until the length reaches her chin area. You can see the straightened hair has added on to a chiseled effect. It has got her face naturally contoured and cut down on the roundness that the singer has. This look was sported by her some time back, but it still manages to make us feel good.

If you want to look sexy, we suggest you try out the ombre hair that the gorgeous Drew Barrymore has on her locks. As she poses for a photo, her hair steals the show. Not a fan? Then the one for you is the long hair idea projected by Kirsten Dunst. Her hair has this central part to it, and the subtle layers on them make her face look smaller. The colors are also inspiring, and we love the final look. You can experiment with colors and textures when you have such long length on your hair.

Hairstyles that were popular back in the day

Some hairstyles for square faces have been around for a long time, and they seem to be making the rounds currently too. These are evergreen in a sense. Stylists look for inspiration from these hairstyles and recreate them to fit the modern times. We suggest you get the same for yourself this season if you want to stand out. You can find your favorite celebrities trying on the same hairstyle as well. You can also find old pictures of many actresses with the same look on them. This makes us feel nostalgic.

Back then most of the short hairdos had that sharp edges to them. You can also see the bangs on these hairstyles for square faces over 50. Sparse short hair on the front was what categorized most looks. And we want to show you how it looks. If you are looking to get that nostalgic feel, we suggest you use these images as a reference. Women in the ‘90s most loved these. The side part is what makes it suitable for anyone. If you are one who wants to add a transitional effect on with your hairdo, go for this.

hairstyles for square faces

The layers in the hair

When you are looking to even out the edges of your hair, you would want to keep the layers on them! When you get short sections on your hair, it will help to frame the face. Certain celebs rock this style, and when you pair layers with bangs, it makes a good look for everyone. Women with sharp facial features will love the idea of these hairstyles. You can keep your hair short or mid-length to get that chic effect.

We have Kelly Clarkson also with her short layered bob, and that is fit for anyone who wants that framed face look. If you’re going to look extraordinary, we suggest you take the section below the ear and cut them down. This way, you can get your face to look rounder in the sides. If you have bangs cut on your hair,  then it can help you create that ideal shape of oval! The last image here shows off the shaved section on the back, and that is also a trendy style to try.


There are so many styles that can make you look ravishing, but there are only some that can look good for all occasion. So we are showing you how to get that for yourself. When you choose a hairstyle, it is essential to see that it matches your facial features or not. As you reach the end of this article, we are sure you have picked up a few tricks and tips about how to make the right choice. Make sure you have that intricate layers near the face with these hairstyles for square faces. This way, you can get that soft-looking effect on yourself.

We tried to bring you the options of hairstyles for square faces that are mostly loved by women of all ages. There is a lot of choices here, and they can work for most hair lengths as well. That is why we suggest you try it on before you shut the idea down. Most of the time, you may feel like these images are misleading, and they give you the wrong impression. But the truth is, when you get these cut and styled, only then will they start to make you look stunning. So head on to the parlor and ask your stylist to give you a makeover that you deserve.


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