104 Hairstyles for Black Girls That You Need To Try in 2021!


Everyone wants to try new hairstyles to change up their looks and make an impression. The love for hair is the same for everyone, especially ladies. Whether you are an adult or a youngster, you want to have a right and suitable hairstyle. A proper hairstyle would go well with the type of hair you have and also something that is easily maintainable and makes you look ready for any occasion. With the increase in age, you become more and more aware of your personality and would want to match your style accordingly. There are many ways for you to attain that with the increase in options and variety. There is an abundance of choices here that can be creating confusion! So we have details on them here as well.

So, today we are presenting the collection of hairstyles for black girl. These hairstyles are among the favorites for stylists from all over the world. They look magnificent on your little ones, and some are suitable for adults as well. We suggest you try some of these hairstyles for the change that you are seeking. We are assured that you won’t have to think otherwise once you’ve tried them on.

For young toddlers!

Young toddlers are full of life, and that’s how their hairstyle should look as well: lively. There are a lot of options for that as well considering the nature and how the hair looks. One thing we all should be careful by making our younger one’s hair is that it is delicate and fragile. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be experimental and try out all the different styles. Let your kid enjoy the benefits of having good and healthy hair.

hairstyles for black girls Sectioned off braids

The sectioned off braids have been a popular choice for many girls to try since ages. Especially to the young black girls with thick hair, this might be a perfect hairstyle for everyday style. The braids are finely sectioned and well put together. There are various options for braiding the hair that you can choose as your comfort. This is one of that hairstyle that will make you ready for anything. So, when are you trying this out?

Top bun hairstyles for black girls

Top bun hairstyle is well-liked for its comfort and the focus it provides to your face. The hair is tied up to make a bun either normally or with braids depending upon the preference. However, what’s same in either of those is the elegance it adds up in your style. It makes a bright display of your facial shape and structure so you should opt for this style to add prominence in your looks.

Designs to try out with hairstyles for black girls

Hairstyles can be as simple as you want, but its always fun to try out with different designs on them for enhancing how they look. Especially when it comes to young girls who are full of life, their hairstyle should speak for them. There are different styling options you can go with for designing your hair. Also, there are various designs to try. The designs are well suited to curly as well as straight hair so let your child glow with the beautiful designs on their beautiful young hair.

Long and stylish hairstyles for black girls

It’s hard to maintain your hair long and healthy. But there are the perks of being able to do so too. There are different ways to style long hair, twice as many as short hair. There is always the option of getting a fresh haircut as well when you have a long hairstyle. Especially when it comes to hairstyles, you can select a style that is for the short and medium hair and tune it well with that beautiful thick hair of your girl.

Perfect for parties

Every woman loves looking their best at any events, so do the younger little girls. They want to look pretty and with the right set of hairstyles, they can. Young black girls usually have thick and curly hair that can be hard to manage at times. However, putting them with style is not that hard of a job as there are different ways to do that correctly. The styles that are shown below presents some of the options. That includes hair being partitioned from the middle and tied on the sides to show those beautiful curls. The other option consists of the use of braids on the sides as well. Or you can choose the one with hair over the front that is done with elegance.

Hairstyles for black girls with thick hair

Black girls usually have thicker hair, that though is hard to manage but when done right, makes them look beautiful. When you have thick hair, it requires special treatment to maintain it healthy and beautiful. But you needn’t despair as we have some distinctive styles that you can use on your hair to look attractive and make the most out of your style and hair.

Space bun ideas for kids!

Kids tend to love tying buns on their hair. We love looking at them with buns too, as it shows us their joyous nature more clearly. Kids are full of expression, which is more visible with their hair being comfortably put. We believe buns are the perfect ways to do so. They let your kid do all sorts of activities without their hair being messed up and also without their hair messing anything up.

The central section of braids

Braids can be as simple as you want, but there are also some excellent ways of making braids in your hair. Here are some of the twists that look like they are some art that has been done with hours of work and effort. The braids are here separated into three sections: the left, right, and the middle one where the hair from each section are taken into strands and braided most beautifully.

Longer side-swept hair

The perk of having thick and healthy hair is that it looks beautiful with little to no effort. Another hairstyle that can be quickly done at home with less energy is the side sweep. As shown, in this style, the front part of the hair is swept sideways, and the back part is tied to make a bun with braids. However, you can choose to get them done without twists as well.

Colored hairstyles for black girls

There is always the option of hair color when it comes to hairstyling. Some beautiful light tones go well with black skin tone such as light pink, burgundy, red, and so on. These colors can provide the difference that your kid would love in their hair. It also looks prettier and fresher being a new style to them.

The hairstyles for black girls with shaved sides!

The side-shaven style is quite popular nowadays with many celebrities even trying it out. It looks beautiful on the thick dark hair and would be a good option among the hairstyle for black girls with short as well as long hair.

The classic high ponytail

A ponytail is another commonly seen hairstyle when it comes to styling option for girls. Even adults love to have a ponytail now and then. However, while we speak of hairstyles for black girls, ponytails have a wider range of variations. They can be with or without braids, and even the braids are of a different type.

Short hairstyles for black girls

Short hairstyles are not uncommon for women as well. When it comes to haircut for teenage girl with natural black hair, shorter hairs can be quite pretty. The different hairstyles for black girls with short hair include a plethora of options from just doing a haircut and letting your hair flourish to the use of braids or other accessories to decorate the hair to make it pretty.

The ones for medium length hair

Medium length hair is the perfect and one of the most loved hair size when it comes to a teenager with long hair being harder to maintain by themselves. This is nothing to despair of as there are numerous ways to style medium hair, and it is comfortable to have medium hair and easy to maintain as well. The hairstyles for black teenage girl with medium hair too include braided hair mostly as they are integral in styling thick black hair.

The intricate pattern

The braided hairstyle can be done and well put together. However, braids are also a work of art with some people taking some effort to get the intricate pattern out of the twists that sometimes even symbolize some inner meanings and thoughts. These beauties look magnificent on the hair of your younger ones and are one of the most popular hairstyles for black girl.

You are adding beads and rubber bands!

The hair accessories that are available there such as the rubber bands or the headbands and many other clips and beads are especially intriguing for kids, and they find it a great way to make their hair look prettier eventually making them look beautiful. And why wouldn’t they as it truly adds up to those thick hair and makes it easier to style the hair as well?

Perfect Hairstyles for black girls

What does a hairstyle require to be called perfect? Well, to sum if off we believe there are three things. First, it should be comfortable, provide you with confidence, and makes you feel like it reflects your personality. Such is the case with this hairstyle that makes a good case for the perfect hairstyle for black girls. The ideal hairstyle for black girls for you is the one which when you try you will feel an instant click and comfort with the hair.

Braided hairstyles for black girls

Braiding is a much more common practice in the African American family, and it is the go-to style for their kids by a parent. We often see a braided hairstyle in young black girls. They are the go-to style for many young black girls. Why wouldn’t they be, after all, they look neat and attractive. The braided hairstyle is popular with almost every community. Though some women might wear braids, this style is more popular in teenage girls who have thicker and darker hair.

Leaving them loose

Thick black hair is a dream for many girls as they show that your hair is healthy. Those who have such hair should consider themselves lucky and maintain them well. Another perk of having long and healthy black hair is that it doesn’t require much effort to style. You can look glamorous just having your hair loosely fall on your back or shoulders. The lovely curls if present adds up to the charm in your style. Another advantage would be the focus it provides on your facial feature. The black hair attracts the attention on your face.

Salon styled perfect hair

Here we have some over-the-mile hairstyles for those who are fans of fancy hairstyle. These beautiful design done with the help of braids is not easy to have and requires hours of having to sit in the salon. It’s worthwhile as you end up with a hairstyle that looks cool and beautiful. These are some exquisite hairstyles for black girls that stands out and looks very different but beautiful.

Enjoy your curls

A black girl usually has curly hair. We believe that the coils of your hair make your hair look livelier and attractive. So, you should learn to enjoy those curls, which in return will let you shine. Different curls look better differently. If your hair is slightly curly, tying them can enhance your looks. But, the more prominent your coils are the more freedom it seeks. Let it be free, which is how it looks the best.

Going the extra mile

Some of us are crazy excited about having a hairstyle that sets us apart than others. For those of us ready to go to the extra mile, this is one such example of what you might be seeking. Once you know the type of hair and its suitable style, you can always be open to experimenting. You should determine the limit to which you want to experiment, however. Going extra mile is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires that additional factor within you and that level of confidence in your personality to wear such hairstyle.

Everyday wear hairstyles for black girls

These are other hairstyles for black teenage girl with natural hair that can be the best for everyday wear. They include merely tying the hair somewhat like a pony to show the beautiful shine of your hair. Then there is always the braids which is one of the most popular hairstyles for black girl. The curls can be done and tied at the behind or over the sides. These everyday wear for teenage girls have been quite popular among people all around, and we can see them even in the magazines and Tv series and movies.


Extra effort for your kids

Your kids are precious to you as a parent, and so is their value to you. The hair of your precious little one requires extra care and attention along with every other thing of them. So, why not you put it? Your kid has delicate and soft hair. Such hair requires extra protection and care. They cannot be styled harshly, but the styling options we provide help you to make your child’s hair look special without hampering it. Instead, it adds up to the beauty and makes your younger one’s hair look the best version of it.

Well managed hairstyles for black girls

Hairstyles can be hard for you to achieve if you are not one to have a lot of time. So we are showing you all these styles. They can inspire you and urge you to try something new as well. You can choose the one that matches your style the most. There are hair lengths and textures and even colors that you can choose from here. So we want you to take the time and make an informed decision. The ones we love and recommend the most have to be the braids that protect the hair as well. Women of age also adore them! We love versatile they can be for all women.

Hairstyles for black girls loved by all!

We have presented various hairstyles for black girls that are quite popular in the hairstyling world. The world of fashion and glamour loves this hairstyle. Despite it being well-suited to t black girls who tend to have different hair than others. They have thick and black hairstyles that look beautiful when they meet with the right style. That is what we aim to do for them, provide them with plenty of options for them to choose the right style for them.

The ones for men

Among the hairstyles for black young girls, we have some popular choices for men hairstyles. Anyone would dream of getting these hairstyles done right, as they are both refreshing and in trend hairstyles that have been adored by celebrities with a crazy fan following. The styles that are shown here have made into various famous fashion mags and are in trend throughout the world. These hairstyles are not that hard to maintain as styling is relatively easy when you have got the desired haircut.

Summer day hairstyles

The thick black hair might have only one disadvantage that too can get worse on a hot sunny day. The thick black hair tends to absorb more heat than others, so it is essential in maintaining them well for summer. This can be done by making braids of thin strands of hair, having a haircut to make hair thinner so that sun does the least of the irritation.

Fun and stylish hairdos for your kids!

Hairdo doesn’t have to be a hassle for your mids every day. You can make it fun and teach them a different skill now and then. It helps in cheering them up also they might be learning to create and maintain their hair by themselves sooner. It is not much hard to teach them to make a bun and its fun in learning how to make braids as well.

For school-going kids

It can be a tough job getting your kid ready for school, especially when it comes to managing a lot of things and hair being one of them. But you don’t need to worry anymore, all you got to do is pick off from the array of style we have presented here for you today. To sum it off, there are three styles, first being the bun tied on the top, second being braids that can be done in different ways and third leaving the hair as it is.

We are ending it on a sweet note!

Our editors have selected the hairstyles presented above from various sources. These hairstyles have made the best cases of black girl hairstyles. You can choose one or more style from among these and make the best out of these styles and make them fit yours. We encourage you to share these beautiful styles with your loved ones as well. They will be thankful to you after discovering all these plethoras of options for styling their hair. You can also get the best styles out for yourself and your close friend to try it out together.

We are sure you have learned something as we end this article here. Yes, we tried to make this fun for you, but there were also some sections where we added on tips so that you can get informed about things! We are sure you grasped them and will use them in the future. There are some casual and formal styles here, so we are sure you will use them as per the occasion. Make sure the colors and the braids you choose are looking good on you. Ask your friends to help you decide if you feel lost! We also suggest you ask specialists on the salon to get proper color.


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