101 Hairstyles For Guys With Curly Hair (2021)


It is said that guys with curly hair are both blessed and cursed. While some find it extremely difficult to manage their curls, some think its so god damn glorious all the time. Hence, you can argue that this hair has a mind of its own. It looks good when it wants to, and it can make you look like a homeless guy who desperately needs a haircut which was overdue the last Christmas.

However, sporting a curly hairstyle is some part patience, and other part knowing a person comfortable with scissors in their hands. You already have an expert willing to guide you through the style.

Now, if you are a guy who is blessed with curls and need help managing it, or are a guy who wants to change the length of their hair while managing to keep the style intact, look no further. We have examples for all races, black, mixed, Hispanic and white.

Ladies, if you know a man in your life who is inches away from shaving everything off, but you think you should help them but don’t see how; this is the place to be. Additionally, if you think you can sport one of these great styles for yourself, you are very much welcome.

What Is Special With Curly Hair?

This is a hairstyle for the men with beautiful to perfect lower faces. So, what that means it if you think your best facial features are either your lips, your jaws or your chin- maybe all of it, then you’re in luck. Hence, you’ll find these hairstyles match perfectly with your personal philosophy.

Additionally, it isn’t strictly essential for winning the genetic lottery with this hairstyle as there are many ways you can support them with impressive facial hair and other accessories. You can wear them short, long or medium length depending on the occasion. And, finally, you can also add highlight colors to them that speak to your soul.

With that said, my name is Roach from StyleEasily.com and here are my top 101 recommendations of hairstyles for guys with curly hair.

Medium Afro

guys with curly hair

We start with a modified way of wearing an Afro for guys with curly hair that keeps a natural look on top and incorporates a smooth modern taper below. Now, this is a perfect blend of rough outlook with sharp design. Here, you do not need perfect lower facial characteristics as the classic Van Dyke beard, and the round ear with ear accessories give you a significant boost. Additionally, you can sport this look if you have to stick out ear type.

Medium Length + Blonde

Here is an example for guys with curly hair with full lips and dainty nose type. The handsome lip type is complimented by a light beard around the round chin. Furthermore, you can wear this look with clean shave depending on how long you want your curly hair to be.

Afro Curly + Taper

This is a good look for guys with curly hair with either pointed ear or square ear. Here, the medium soft nose profile goes well with Slightly coiled to kinky type hairdo.

Adrian Grenier Inspired

This is a man who won our heart playing the talented and humble Vincent Chase in one of my favorite series- Entourage. Now, you can argue that he plays himself in the role, but that’s for another time.

As for his style, he wears a hair that brings out his natural and confident charm that shines all over his face. Furthermore, this is an example where his Soft Waves Type hair allows his lower face- in particular, his heavy lower-lips to pop out. He usually keeps a soft light beard that also brings attention to his light eyes.

All in all, if you think you have a likable personality and a charming attitude, there is no harm in adapting the way this guy looks. Maybe, you can modify it and make it your own. Go for it.

Slight Waves

This is a rough outlook for guys with curly hair who love to sport a Hollywoodian beard which brings out a strong nose type.

 Frost Tips

This is a Soft Waves look for surfer enthusiast. You can add an extra touch of highlights to your hair or keep them natural. Your call.

Brown + Soft Waves

Here is an example of how guys with curly hair with bow shaped lips, soft nose, and short chin can look good with a curly hair. Notice how I named all lower facial features here? Additionally, you can opt to put a light beard, or merely keep things clean.

Modern-Classic Curls

Here is a look with an early 2000s vibe that has survived to the modern era. This is for guys with curly hair having a round ear and short chin.

Matthew McConaughey Inspired

Matthew McConaughey is someone whom I admire. There is a particular class about the way he presents himself.

With that said, the man knows how to dress up for formal occasions, and his hair always appears humble but smart. This is a look for guys with curly hair with Classic Curls to Soft Waves Type hair.

Natural + Short Coily

If you have bow-shaped full lips, this is a look that will suit you well. Consider this if you like to sport Kinky to super Kinky types curls.

Medium Afro

This is a good look for guys with curly hair having Diamond face type. This is a face that requires extra styling in events and formal occasions for a balance. Additionally, I can recommend a Saint Laurent Devon D-frame or any squared shades that equates the overall round look.

But, with that said, this is a good look for guys with curly hair who love the Balbo Beard. In addition to that, men with heavy lower lips, bulb nose, and short chin. Finally, you can also try this look if you have a Coily type hair- Super Kinky to be precise. Although, I can recommend this look for men with a braided top.

Defined Waves

This is a simple look for guys with curly hair having Defined Wavy hair type. Moreover, this look suits thin and full lips. Extra points if you have a snub nose. Also, men with a double chin can benefit from wearing a light beard.

Natural Brown + Spiral Curls

Here is a look for teenagers with a round face. The Spiral Curly hair supports the thin lips with a fleshy chin.

Side Fade

Here is an excellent example of curly hairstyles for guys with curly hair with narrow ear type or pointed ear. Additionally, the Cork Screw Curls goes exceptionally well with the defined nose profiles.

Long Length + Slight Waves

This is an example of Slight Wavy hair. So, facial features like bow-shaped lips, defined nose, and broad protruding chin benefit the most.

Mid Fade

If you have a rounded ear and a short protruding chin, keeping Spiral Curls to Classic Curls is the best option.

Medium Length + Slight Waves

This is my recommendation for Slight Wavy Hairstyle.

Curly Braids

This is a perfect look for men with a rectangle face.

Messy Curls

This is what I like to call an ‘Almost Jewfro’ and Corkscrews type hair. Now, men with broad lobe ears and long chin combination benefit the most with the hairstyle.

Natural Spiral Curls

This is another example of a curly hairstyle for teenage guys. Here, the Spiral Curly or Corkscrew Curly look looks perfect for the oval face and short chin.

Highlighted Curly

This is a Classic Curls to Spiral Curls look. Notice how the thin lips and short round protruding chin awakens to the style called?

Medium Surfer Hair

If you think you have an intermediate blend of hair between wavy and curly, this is a look I can recommend. The full lips and hero nose type make a good combination team with the well defined protruding chin.

Medium Coily

This is a look for men having a triangle face. The thin wide lips and wide nose especially stands out on Slight Coiled to Corkscrewed Curls. Extra points if you have a short round chin.

Long Curly + Curtained Hair

Here is an example of Spiral Curls to Corkscrew hairstyle for men with thin lips and fleshy chin. The look is not restricted to older and elderly men as younger audiences here can sport this look with grace.

Side Part

This is a look with a Defined Waves hairstyle. Notice how the narrow square ear and long chin pop out in the photograph?

Short Coiled + Taper

If you are a type of person who likes a Short Boxed beard, this is a look to go with. Bonus points if you sport a long protruding chin since the slightly coiled type hair compliments each other top and bottom.

Medium-Long Length + Dark Curly

Here is a Kinky coiled hair texture for men with wide bow-shaped lips.

Defined Waves

This is a simple look with a Petite goatee. Alternatively, you can also sport Soul Patch instead. All in all, men with a round face will want to keep this look if you like long length hair. Moreover, people with Defined Waves Type hairs have an option to highlight, but that’s optional. Extra points if you have either a full lip, button nose type or a distinct double chin.

Medium Curly + Taper

guys with curly hair

Here is what I believe is a perfect look that goes well with the Federation standard beard. I like how the style compliments thin full lips and long chin.

Frost Tips

This is how I recommend men with Spiral Curly highlight their hair. This is inch perfect.

Surfer Look

This is a Defined Wavy look for men with bow-shaped lips or heart lips. This is an excellent example of curly hair where the lips are out and about the most obvious major feature.

Highlighted Curly + Hard Part

If you have a fleshy or double chin and want a modernized look to consider this, the Spiral Curls goes well with round ears, but I think you can’t go wrong with any facial features here.

Light Hair + Classic Curls

This is a good look for men with a short round chin and oval face. Also, the heavy lower lips especially stand out. Furthermore, the medium length defined nose profile stands out if you keep a light beard, but that’s optional.

Brown Hair + Spiral Curls

This is a good look if you want to complement your round lips with your broad chin.

Slick+ Slight Waves

Here is a slick example of Slight Waves Type hair that blends with a square face.

Soft Waves + Medium Length

This is an example of medium length curly hairstyle that goes well with a pointy protruding chin. This is my pick for a formal hairstyle for men with a wavy hairstyle.

Short Length + Slight Wavy

Now, notice how the long chin stands out with this hairstyle?


This is a style perfect for men with heavy lower lips and strong nose type. Additionally, the well defined protruding chin stands out perfectly.

Blond Hair

This is a hairstyle for men with Slight Wavy hair type.

Defined Waves

This is a clean and simple look for men with a short chin.

Spiral Curls

If you have full shaped wide lips and a beautiful ancient Greek nose, consider sporting this look. Additional points for men with a pointed chin. In addition to that, I find this look to be exceptionally well worn for both casual and formal looks.

Light Brown Hair


Slick + Medium Length Curly

This is a classic curly look for men with heart face and pointed chin. I especially like how this look goes with the leather jacket type and other accessories like the ring here. Additionally, you can choose a necklace to go well with style as well.

Soft Waves

guys with curly hair

This is a simple messy look for men who want to look slick with a minimum amount of maintenance. This hairstyle is easy to get, and you can go a long period fairly without having to modify this hair.

Short Slight Waves

Here is a design that goes exceptionally well with a rounded and pointed ear.

Classic Curls

This is an excellent long length hairstyle for men with wide lips,  thin, dainty nose type in a diamond face.

Soft Waves

Medium to Long Length Wavy

This is an excellent example of Spiral Curls in style for medium-long length hairstyle.


This is my pick of formal style for men with Kinky Coil type hair and a rectangle face.


Going with the trend of Super Kinky hair type, here is an example of a style that brings out your Tall bulb nose profile. Extra points if you have a wide lip.

Surfer Hair

This is a Defined Wavy hairstyle for men who want to keep a Medium Length.

Under Cut + Slightly Coiled

If you have a diamond face with pointed ear or a sticking out ear type, this is a look to have. Extra points if you have a square chin.

Coily + Taper + Bald Fade

Here is an example of how you can sport this look if you have a receding chin type.

Define Wave

Slightly Coiled

Super Kinky Coiled

This is a look for the oval face. Now, oval faces are flexible when it comes to shades. And, that’s just perfect. For this look, however, I recommend a round-edged shade like the Oliver Peoples Bernardo shades.


This is a good look for men with a narrow ear with an attached ear lobe. The Jewfro in my experience is extremely fun to work with and gives you a unique look.

Highlighted Tips + Crockscrew Curls

Wavy Man Buns

guys with curly hair

Here is an excellent example of a hairstyle with Defined Waves. This is especially good for men with an Inverted triangle face and bulb nose or soft nose.


Soft Curls + Short Hair

Brown Highlights + Corkscrew Curls

Here is a highlighted look for men with a long chin that sports a Short Ducktail beard.

Super Kinky

Medium Short Hair

This is a gorgeous look for men with Heart shaped face. Additionally, the combination with a light beard suits best to bring out the lower facial features.

Man Bun

This is ideal for men with pointed ear type.

Defined Waves

Soft Waves

Nick Jonas Inspired

This is a good look for men who want to keep things short. I recommend staying with a clean shave with this look as it already highlights the lower part of the body- in this case, the full lips.

Slick Hair


This is an example of a great Super Kinky hair type for men considering keeping their hair long.

Black Hair

I recommend this look for men with heart face shape or diamond shape face. Bonus if you have thin lips.

Classic Curls

Rounded Spiral Curls

guys with curly hair

This is a look for guys with curly hair with squared chin and wide thin lips.

Surfer Looks

Soft Waves

Red Wavy Hair

This is a natural long length hairstyle for the redhead men. Notice how the square chin especially pops up in style?


This is another example of guys with curly hair where the square or rectangle face with square chin dominates the overall appearance.

Classic Guys With Curly Hair

Highlighted Afros

Hard Part + Low Skin Fade

High Fade + Hard Part

This is a modern touch to your short length curly hairstyle for guys with curly hair. The hard part gives you the modern boyish look.


Ladies and gentlemen, we witnessed a hairstyle that looks simply glorious. The most common trend here is that this look gives a perfect boost to the lower part of your face. In particular, if you have a squared chin, or defined protruding jaw, you can wear this with a clean cut. Other chin types like the round and pointing ones may require you to sport a light to short boxed beard.

However, in retrospect, if you have beautiful lips and nose combination, it rarely matters what style you choose since you can rock any style. That means you are blessed.

But, its ok if you don’t think you are blessed, there are other alternatives as well. Most commonly known is that you can keep things short and add a hard part to go with the style which is kind to any facial features. Moreover, you can also choose to keep things natural and add taper that adds a unique touch.

Finally, do let us know if you want to adopt any of the books mentioned above. Comment below if you think you know something we missed. We would love to hear back from you.


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