104 Long And Short Grey Hairstyles 2020


If you have got grey hairs and are thinking of covering them up, then it is time for you to know about the grey hairstyles. Once you see what we have brought here for you, you will start loving your silver strands and thank God. Wouldn’t you like it if your natural grey hairs would flatter you the most?

Are You Sure I Am Not Supposed To Hide My Grey Hair?

So, if grey hairs were supposed to be covered up why do you think Rihanna and Pink were flaunting off the fantastic grey hairstyles?
You need to stop associating grey hair with old age. It is time you grow up!


Grey Hairstyles

There are many hairstyles and hairdos for the grey hair color. It depends on your hair length and texture. These hairstyles manage to draw attention to your best features than any other haircuts.

  1. Short Grey Hairstyles
    You can go for sassy pixie cuts or classy bob hairstyles with your grey hair.
  2. Medium Grey Hairstyles
    The medium length hairstyles give you a polished look and excellent appearance.
  3. Long Grey Hairstyles
    You can go for stylish contemporary looks or up to shoulder length hair. Short grey hairstyles are popular in comparison to long ones.

Take your time and pick one of your favorites among the ones below.

-Edgy Look


Grey hairstyles like these give you your bold and sexy version. If you wanted to look different than ever, I say go for a hairstyle like this. This works both on long and short hair. If you have naturally straight hair, it looks beautiful. If you don’t have grey hairs that are natural, you can always color your hair ash blonde. I love the dark lipstick and nose ring for her look. This entire look is a great look for the winter. You will look like the beautiful season. She does not focus on her eyes.

-Shine And Highlights

This hairstyle is great for those women who have started to grey hairs. You don’t need to be old to get grey hair. This can happen to you even due to genetic reasons. Anyway, whatever be the reason, instead of coloring your hair and hiding the color, why not embrace it? You can go for a style like this where the silver strands are used to highlight the best part of your hair. This is a great look if you like the short hairstyle. It will look amazing, and everyone will want to get your natural hair color. This is a hairstyle that will look great on women over 50 and 60.

-Pop Of Color

I love how cute she looks in this photo. She manages to use the hair color that adds age and maturity to any looks to do the complete opposite. She looks cute and beautiful in this look. I love how the hair color matches with her undertone. If you are tired of the greys and shades of blue in your look and want some color in your life, go for the red lipstick. Red lipstick is a beauty secret that will help you forever. Finish the look with a thin eyeliner look and lots of mascara.


This is another excellent grey hairstyles for short hair for women over 50. The hair has been cut to the shoulder length, and the shades of grey are used to add a silver hue to the entire look. I love the large curls in the ends of her hair. They look beautiful. You don’t need to have many grey hairs for this look. If you have few natural ones, make sure you cut them in such a way that it compliments your hair color. You can go for middle partition or side. Both will look great. Wear this look for a party or evening out.

-The Curls

This is one of my favorite of the grey hairstyles. It looks beautiful. You all know my love for curls by now. Why would I not love curls? They make you look extraordinary and stunning. If you manage to pull off your curls right, you will do great in them. For her hair color, she goes for the one that suits her undertone perfectly. I love how she colors all her hair with the color. She wears an outfit that matches her hair color, and the hat color is cherry on the cake. The eye makeup is beautiful.

-Long Grey Hairstyles

I love the colors she picked for her eye makeup. They look so coordinated with her hair color. Everything about this look is perfect. The winged eyeliner and the bright red lipstick. It all works for a great favor to make her look amazing. For her hairstyle, she embraces the grey color. She has long and straight hair. So, she manages to pull off the hair color in such a way that it will make all the heads turn for the right reason. I love how she colors her bang into the cool shade as well. The fringes are made for her face shape. They do a great job of framing her face.

-Short Grey Hairstyles

This classic bob hairstyle is great for any women over 50 or 60. If you are starting to get a few grey hairs, it is time you embrace them. In fact, go to the hair salon and color all your hair grey. After that, you can go for the classic bob hairstyle. You will be an inspiration for short grey hairstyles. I love how she looks in that haircut. She slightly curls the ends of her hair to make her look fabulous. The floral print shirt, her hair and no makeup look all work to give her a decent and classy look.

-Thin Hair Type

This is a great look if you are a college girl. I know, you must think I am joking. I am not. If you are planning to embrace a new chapter of your life, why not do something that will create a significant impact? Let everyone look at you as an inspiration. It is your choice. She is an excellent example of long grey hairstyles. Everything about her look is simple and straightforward. You can quickly do it. All you have to do is grow your hair into that length. Go to the salon and color your hair and split it from the sides. Glasses make for a great accessory.

-Over 50

We have another short grey hairstyles for women over 50 and 60. It is a style that works great for women who have naturally straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, don’t worry we have a lot of examples for you. Trust me, all of the looks are amazing. This hairstyle will give you a chivalrous look and make you look wise. You know what gets better with age, wine, and women. So, embrace your wisdom, ladies. If grey colors were so dull, why do you see a whole bunch of young women bleaching their hair and coloring them grey? So, use what nature has gifted you.

-Angular Bob

I told you we had great examples of short grey hairstyles. See how beautiful this look is. You don’t need to be a woman over 50 or 60 for this look. You can wear this look at any age. This hairstyle is so versatile that it will look great at any event. You can wear this look for office as well. She only colors the top part of her hair grey. The rest of her hair is kept naturally black. For her hairstyle, she goes for an angular bob. You can see how beautiful her hair shape looks.


Look at this beautiful hairdo. It is also one of the examples of fishtail hairstyles. Check out our article on that. Anyway, talking about the hair color, I love the warm tint in this fresh color. The hairstyle is beautiful. You can see how amazing beachy waves look in this hairstyle. She pulls few strands of her hair at the back and makes for a fishtail braid. She secures them with an elastic band. Let the other strands of your hair be as it is. I am saving this picture. Are you?


The feather haircut is flawless. It looks stunning. The hairstyle is great. It is a great way to soften your edges. If you have a square-shaped face, I suggest you were trying this hairstyle. The hair color is mindblowing. It has the most cooling shade of the grey hairstyle. The medium hair length is perfect for this look. There are not many layers. The majority of the layers are two. One segment that is made for her face and the rest is left straight. You should try this look. You will love the simplicity of this look.


Look at the subtle pink highlights on her hair. They look great with the grey hair color. I love how her grey hair looks great in her medium hair length. Of course, you need to color your hair grey to get this look. You can also add subtle shades of pink or any other color. If you combine white, pink and grey, you may end up with unicorn hair. Your hair could become everyone’s dream hair. If you don’t like shades of pink, you can go for blue or purple as well. Make sure the colors are pastel so that it looks great.

-Bluish Hue

This grey hairstyle has a hint of the blue hue. Her hair texture is natural and wavy. To style her hair, the focus lies on her hair color. You can pick the cool shades of grey color for yourself. Make sure the color suits your undertone. The hair color is made for her eyes. When you look at this picture, you can see that the focus immediately goes to her eyes. Don’t worry if you have short or long hair length. This hairstyle will work for both short and long and make for a great idea for grey hairstyles.

-Super Short Grey Hairstyles

I love this short grey hairstyle look. It is fun and sassy. The hairstyle gives a tremendous dominating vibe that is good if you want to make a statement anywhere you go. If you have straight hair, I suggest you go for this look. The hair looks like it is lifted up because the strands at the bottom have been shaved off. Go for this look, if you want a new look for your office. I know corporate offices won’t tolerate pastel pink or blue. They will love this color. Remember Miranda Priestly! Who doesn’t like Meryl Streep?

-Slight Waves

This is one of the grey hairstyles that has a bluish hue. I love the hair color. If you have a cool undertone, I suggest you go for this hair color. It will look great if you want a dramatic makeover. Face it; you have always wanted to look like Elsa in your real life. So, here we present to you the perfect chance. You can see how beautiful the hair looks. The short hair length with messy curls all makes for the new look you always wanted to have. Don’t worry about how everyone will react. Make sure you leave them in awe.

-Tucked In

Look at the layers in her hair. This is the medium grey hairstyles that we talked about in the beginning. For this hair color, you will first need to bleach your hair and then make it grey. If you have black hair color, I think you will need a lot of chemicals to achieve this hair color. The layers on her hair make for an excellent frame for her face. The length is excellent, and it gives her hair great volume. I love how her hair color brings her eyes out. She finishes the look with nude pink lipstick.

-Black And Grey

Look at that waterfall of curls. I love everything about this hairstyle. This is definitely one of my personal favorites. Her hair is straight at the top and the curls grace her ends. This hairstyle is no less than a fairytale. The hair length is beautifully long. For the highlights, grey hairs are used. Yes, your curls will look gorgeous with grey hair used as highlights. You should definitely think about getting this hairstyle. If you have natural grey hair, I think this is the best use you can make of it. You will love it darling. Just give it a try.

-Sassy Pixie

I told you if you decide to get short grey hairstyles, I suggest you get the sassy pixie haircut. You will love it. Is there anything not to love about this hairstyle. The hair lengths are cut in such a way that it makes for a great face frame. The hairstyle can be worn to any occasion. You can wear this look to the office, work, college or any party. You will only see celebrities flaunting it. So, why don’t you become the celebrity in your town? Let them stare.

-Silver Lights

The natural shades of grey hair are used in this hairstyle. Don’t you love it when you learn that you were born with the best? Or you know have something that everyone wants. Well, if you have natural grey hair and manage to pull off this style, trust me you will get the feeling I just described. Everything about this hairstyle is cool. The hair length is medium and she keeps things simple. She parts her hair from the middle and lets nature play its role. If you don’t find your natural hair enough for highlighting, you can always color your hair strands grey.

-Blue Shades

This is the front view of the awesome short grey hairstyles. You can see how beautful and playful this look appears. I love it. I love how this shade of grey goes perfectly well with her undertone. The color of her outfit is perfect for her. Everything about this look appears effortless and drop-dead gorgeous. You should try this look if you want to give yourself a makeover. I suggest, college girls trying this look. You will have a lot of people asking you how to get this look. Red lipstick is a beauty mantra. Never let it go.

-Messy One

We have brought you the ideal office look for grey hair. The hairstyle is perfect for the office and works great when you don’t have time to put a lot of effort into your hair. Going to the office means you have limited time in the morning to finish all your chores. You have to eat right, exercise and clean yourself. So, save some time. Get some cool grey highlights and pull your hair into a low messy bun. You will look fabulous. The office will love your vibe.

-High Pony

This half ponytail hairstyle looks great with the shades of grey. I love half up ponytail hairstyle. You can wear them for any event. This hairstyle works for a day out or if you have to go to a class. They will look amazing on every occasion. She has straight hair, and the streaks of grey make her hair look pretty. She finishes the look with her black outfit and cute black backpack. I love the simplicity of this look. Black color always makes you look hot. So, try the look.

-Over 60

If you are over 60 and think that long grey hairstyles are not made for you, I think you should take a hard look at this picture. She looks inspirational. Everything about this hairstyle is phenomenal. Noone can think of showing off your locks in this straightforward manner. She embraces her God-given color and shows that with age comes wisdom. Even fashion seems like a piece of cake with intelligence. She manages to set off a trend and nails the look. Anything else I need to say about this terrific look?

-Kylie Style

Ah, Kylie! The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Even though she is the smallest one, she today is the most influential of the sisters. She is no longer behind Kim Kardashian regarding popularity. So, when Kylie Jenner tries a style, she manages to make it a trend. Even grey hairstyles have become a fashion statement because of the young Jenner. She keeps her hair straight and simple. She lets the colors do all the styling for her. With their love for nudes and neutral colors, it is no shock that they love the color grey.

-Super Short Grey Hairstyles

This short grey hairstyle is a stunner. I love the look and everything about the look. Her hair length is short. You can try this look for upcoming summer. You should try the short hairstyle once in a lifetime, and I suggest you try them all. This hairstyle gives you a bold look with a bossy glow. If you have to attend an event in this look, you can go for this makeup look. Smokey eyes and nude lipstick make for a great beauty routine. If you like red lipstick and lots of kajal, that also works equally well.

-Natural Ombre

This grey hairstyle looks like a fairytale. If you love the unicorn hair colors, you can try for this subtle version. Her hair length is long and has slight waves on them. For her hairstyle, she creates two buns on top of her head and lets braids flow from them. It looks great. This is a great combination of braids and buns. I love it. You can also add hair accessories if you like. For the rest of the hair, let the color grey work its magic. Flowers are a grear hair accessory. Don’t limit flowers for wedding looks. You can experiment and try various looks. Who knows? You might become the next trendsetter.

Did you change your mind yet regarding grey hairstyles and its awesomeness? I think we could use some more pictures.


Hope you changed your mindset regarding grey hair and hairstyles. 


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