71 Green Hair Dye Ideas That You Will Love

For a change, why not try the color of Nature?


Maybe it is time for you to explore beyond the boundaries you have set yourself with your looks, by opting for green hair. The classic brown and black hair don’t set you apart these days. What has been taking the market, is the crazy pastel colors or the crayon colors, and you know I am right.

For the anime fans, well getting yourself green hair has always been on your to-do list after watching Fairy tail or Dragon Ball. Bulma, Freed Justine, Bisca Mulan or C.C., everyone has those green hair dyes.

Why wait anymore to get yourself something that you have always been wanting?
Oh, wait. Not so sure about it. What are you wondering? How does it look? Should you go for forest, dark, emerald, part or ombre green? Such a dilemma, I know (trust me). Let me clear the confusion for you.
Shall we?

1. Put Your Green On

This is the most refreshing dark green hair color idea I have seen. There isn’t much done, i.e., if you don’t consider coloring your entire hair green a big deal. Other than that, what goes with that excellent color is her even more cool look. Rock on, girl! (Y)

2. Bright Green Ombre Hair

Green hair color makes for a unique ombre dye color. Her curls look like one of the magnificent feats of the forest.  Those small spirals with the colors oozing out with the always fantastic ombre hair effect are what will set you apart from the crowd.

3. Lustrous Green

Dark green hair dye can still be used in such a way that can add shine. I am sure; your friends will then be super jealous your hair luster. Also, I can guarantee, this will be the green hair dye you will not want to get rid.

4. Dark Green Ombre Hair

Other than her looks what is killing is her hair color. I mean take a moment and accept what green hair color can do to intensify your looks. You can go for this hair color if you don’t want to go lighter than your natural shade.

5. Forest Green Hair

Like the forest, you can get yourself shades of green in your hair. Show them off with a beautiful hairstyle and let the colors flow as nature does. You can even go for waterfall hairstyle if you have such hair color.

6. Bright and Flowers

Go for a golden green hair color if you want to do something out of the box. Change your look entirely with such hair color. This wacky hair color can always be made natural and gentle with the addition of some flowers.

7. Dark But We Let It Sway!

This is another great example of dark green hair color. The hair also has shades of emerald green in them. The mixture of green dyes can give you such a hair color that you will never want to color over.

8. Grey Highlights

Play with some warm and cool shades of color in your hair. In the world where everyone highlights with warm shades in the neutral tone, why don’t you dare something new? Highlight with ash color in your parrot green hair color.

9. Dark and Bright Ombre

Here I give you another great example of dark green hair color with the forever favorite ombre effect. Her hair is long, and the color is not particularly dark. It had some brightness added to it. This will add some radiance to your entire look.

10. Fairytale Green

This is the combination two fantasy colors that are made to give you larger than life looks. There is a combination of emerald green and light green to create a beautiful ombre effect. The darker shade here is kept for the root part of the hair, and the ends are for the lighter shades creating well magic.

11. Blue Green Hair Dye 

We have now another hair color that shows the amazing effect that blue and green hair color has. The hair is long which is great since you have more area to see the emulsification of the colors. The hairstyle is flowing with the colors. Adding the cherry on the cake is that small streak of brown hair besides the braid. Playing with colors, you see?

12. Short and Strong

The hairstyle is the short pixie cut with the micro blunt bangs. We are here not to talk about the hairstyle but about the super awesome bright green hair color that always takes me closer to Mother Nature. The messiness shows more of the natural state.

13. Shades of Green

Let dark green hair dye color blend with your natural black hair color. I have similar dark hair color and seriously, I am thinking about getting this style. The color hasn’t created a large variation in the look but has added a nice subtle effect to give you a slight makeover.

14. Parrot Green Hair

Play with the shades of green hair color to again bring out another amazing ombre hair effect. If you want to go for such hair color, you should bleach your hair which means nourishment and proper care is a must. If you don’t have time to care for your hair, then save yourself and your hair. But if you commit, well go for it.

15. Avril Green

Who better to show you how to rock green hair color punk style other than Avril Lavigne? What gets better with her music is her awesome hair color. She goes for a simple hairstyle, but her choice of green highlights (bright green) gives us all the satisfaction.

16. Burgundy and Green Hair

Why dye burgundy color over your already green hair if you can create such an awesome look? This is a combination of colors that are in chunks at different parts of the hair. The hair is tied into a top knot to show off the colors.

17. Simple

For the girls who have long hair and are not sure about the temporary hair color, you can always go for the classic ombre hair effect with green hair dye. Let the wind flow and always have a great hair day.

18. Forest Princess

If you want to feel like the queen of the jungle every single day, go for this forest green hair dye. To add more to the queen vibes, get yourself loosely tied fishtail braids and added some beautiful accessories.

19. Parrot Green

This is another medium length hairstyle that shows a hair color than you need a lot of guts to pull. We have one of the brightest shade of green and dark green hair dye at the roots playing to give you a subtle ombre effect.

20. Green Angled

Give your hair a green treat with dark green hair color. For girls with short hair, you can angle it to the side and have fun. Let the rest of the world talk about your terrific hair.

21. Green for The Blonde

This is a beautiful shade of green that blends beautifully with the lightest shade of blonde. The hair color is one of the unique colors I have seen. You will need a particular shade of hair color to achieve such a feat.

22. Green and Blonde

For those blessed with blonde hair color, you have another option keeping both the hair color on your head. You can color the front part of your hair with green hair dye and leave the rest blonde to create a sort of horizontal ombre effect.

23. Match The Color

If you have a favorite beanie or a hood, why not go matching with those colors. You favorite beanie or hood can then be used as the hair accessory. As for the hair color, we can see this is the lightest shade of the green hair dye,

24. Green Flower Power

To me, the flowers in this picture look like the power of technology. But, well if you want to depict nature in the natural state, you can show that your hair can bloom flowers. Get yourself this cool shade of green (I am talking about the shade) and add some sunflowers.

25. Retro Green

The hairstyle takes me back in time. The slightly curled hair strands at the front and voluminous curls all over are gorgeous. What is keeping it modern and hip, is the green hair color that you should all consider getting.

26. You Know What I Am Talking About.

You all know what the kills are looks. Get yourself this excellent killer look. If you love body art and have such tattoos, you know what hair color goes with the looks? GREEN OBVIOUSLY! Bright green is the color to add some glow to your dark themed outfit and style.

27. Almost Black

The green hair dye used here is almost black, so I don’t see a lot of difference with the natural hair color. The color here adds a lot of shine to the entire hair also creating a beautiful and subtle ombre hair effect.

28. In Order Or Reverse?

Pick One?
Green hair chunk in the middle or the sides?
I say try them both.
If you are going to the sides, braid the hair in between to draw in more focus but if you go for a big chunk of bright green hair in the middle, let it be.

29. Lighter Shades

I think we need a doll out with this hair color cause this is super cute. The two bun hairstyle is made to look you attractive and of course to keep hair away from your face. Other than that, look at the parrot green, and emerald green colors work in that hair.

30. Reverse Green Ombre

We here have three shades of green working to give you an opposite ombre hair effect. The base of the locks is colored with bright parrot green hair color, and the edges are played with a light complexion and some ash colors as well.

31. Emerald Ombre Effect

If you love the emerald, you should get some of that color in your hair as well. Let your long hair flow with some colors, and you can always maintain a subtle ombre hair effect.

32. Brighter of the Green

Personally, I wouldn’t go for the hair color but I mean if you are up for the neon shades you can go for this green. This is a color that you must be sure about before even trying to attempt it. If you are sure about it, go for a hair color that will glow in the dark.

33. Yellow and Green Hair Dye

Use the curls you have to an advantage and go for shades that are beyond anyone’s imagination. Play with shades of yellow and bright green to welcome the brighter seasons in your life. The curls are an added advantage for such combination of green hair dye.

34. Layers of Green 

The green hair color here goes with her natural skin tone. That is why she can pull off this color. Other than this bold green color, what is completely different about this is her hairstyle. She has played with layers, buns, and braids.

35. Pixie Green

Pixie hairstyle in dark green hair color looks even better. She looks phenomenal. The curls of the pixie are beautiful to see. The color well, I have shown you enough to say that green hair dye is worth it.

36. Light Green Ombre

If you have a medium length hair color and natural light shade as your hair color, give yourself a break. Get rid of the dull colors and pick the nuances that will alter your look completely. She goes for green that falls light on her hair. Adding a subtle effect, she goes for a dark base color.

37. Cute Green

Dark green colors can be used to define your cuteness. You need to play with your hairstyle to get such a look. Her hair is short with a side part, and green hair dye adds to the effect creating a beautiful color combination.

38. A-line Green

Slight curls look amazing in A-line bob cut. What adds more to its beauty is the dark green hair color. The green hair dye is not darker than her natural hair color resulting in a shiny effect.

39. Highlights of Green

If you are going for highlights, you don’t need to pick only from one shade. You have an entire palette to select. Although for such a hair color, you will need the balayage and some time to spare. But, it is all worth it, don’t you think so? It adds a dimension to your otherwise dull hair.

40. Ombre

Pick the shades of green to create a magnificent green hair ombre effect. The dark hair is kept at it is in the roots. For the mid-shaft, we go for a darker shade that is closer to your natural hair color. For the ends, pick the wackiest one. It all creates something fabulous.

41. Emerald Green

The emerald green hair color is truly a gem. Look at the shine it gives your hair. If you are going for an edgy, punky look, you can see this is the hair color that is going to compliment your entire look and your outfit.

42. Cute and Sexy

Only green hair color can make you look cute and sexy at the same time. This hair color is for the girls who have a light skin tone. You can go for this pastel color if you are not for the lavender color that is popular these days.

43. Highlights of Green

Achieving this look is all about using shades of green color as nature does. If you look at the leaves properly, you can see the lighter shades of the green are at the upper layers and the darker at the base. This gives a luster. Go with this formula for your hair as well.

44. Bluish Green Hair Color

A mixture of blue and green hair dye can add a fresh vibe to your dark straight hair. Even your ponytail looks lightened up with such hair color. You should try this, trust me.

45. Dark Green Bang

Dark green hair colors look awesome on a fair skin tone. Her hairstyle needed that dark green hair dye. This shade of green dye is another one of my favorites. Special mention to those drop-dead gorgeous eyes.

46. Bluish Hue

Blue-green hair dye is another popular hair color this season. And why would it not be? It is fabulous. The colors are a combination of cool and warm shades simultaneously. Neutral? No. They co-exist.

47. Subtle and Soft

Other than that gorgeous eye make up, what is stealing the show is the mixture of green hue with the blonde hair color. The hair color is fantastic. There is no dramatic effect of green color but it works in such a way that it can be pulled off at the office as well.

48. Ombre

Here I show you the magic of curls and green, AGAIN! The ombre effect here is another treat to the eyes. This hairstyle and color are going on my collections.

49. Bright Ombre

For another dynamic hair color, you need to be able to play with colors. See how the shades of green are used to create the stunning ombre effect. The base is kept naturally dark and the ends are played with dark and bright green hair dyes. The balayage technique is what you need for such hair color.

50. Colors of The Nature

These are colors from the pastel palette. Pastel colors are very hard to carry off and require a lot of courage. The hair color here is a mixture of green and yellow. The hairstyle is as unique as the two-knot half bun.

51. Highlights and Ombre

The green hair color here can show off your hair as a natural waterfall. Look at the how colors flow, dark at the roots, lighter midshaft and the lightest at the ends. The added effect is the slight curls, which everyone loves.

52. Stand Straight

This is another way to use the shades of green in your hair color. If you have picked the shade of green you like, go ahead color your entire hair with that hair color. For fun, you can paint a chunk of hair in the middle a different shade.


Go for an entire hair color if you are sure about the shade of green you want. The dark green hair color gives off a fresh forest look that works great with all black outfit. You know what works with all black outfit red lips.

54. Henna Green

If you are a fan of the Henna green color like I am, you will not think twice about getting it. After you have seen this picture, you will not even wait anymore. Go ahead, book that appointment, save this image and go to your hair salon.

55. Princess Green

Not all princesses want pretty lovely things? Or not every girl is made of beautiful things. You are a princess, and you need to get yourself the color that you want. Go for dark green hair color or a light one. Go with emerald or forest or parrot or ombre effect. Darling, you are and always will be a princess. Oh no. You are and will always be a Queen.




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