67 Incredible Goddess Braids to be Inspired from


The internet has been swooning over the past few weeks over the new hairstyle meant especially for black hair, Goddess braids. If you think that Goddess braids are just a new style of cornrow,  then boy are you wrong! Although it is easily mistaken as cornrows, goddess braids are the new viral hair trend everyone is head over heels for.

The reason for its popularity is because of its low maintenance cost, and as you expect, it is easy to live with in everyday life. It is easy to don, and if you try it once, we can guarantee that it will be your go-to everyday hairstyle. If you are the one who follows each and every trend that goes around, you are not new to the damage each procedure causes to your luscious locks. This hairstyle that has won the internet is just perfect for you to give your tired hair a rest from all the harsh chemicals for a while. Those with frizzy and rough hair, the option lies just for you.

So what exactly are Goddess braids? Well, to be fair, it does look like cornrows, but the difference with them is the larger sized braids they use for goddess braids. But fret not, just like cornrows, you can stylize it however you want to. Tie it, make it into a bun, let it loose, it looks great either way.

So if you are new to the idea of styling your Goddess Braids, don’t worry, here are 75 new ways you can try and beautify yourself every day in a fresh new look. From goddess braids updo to goddess braids with kanekalone hair, we also have the ones inspired from pinterests, we have gallery full of latest goddess braids from 2016-2017!

1. High Top Bun

For those occasions when you have to look chic and elegant, tie your braids into a top bun. Simple yet sophisticated, the braids lives up to its goddess name. Accessorize and dress to win the crowd whether day or night.

2. Braid Play

If you think that braids are just meant to go from back to the front in a perfect straight lines, take a look at this beautiful braid play. Curve it up, be creative, try whatever the shape and curve you want and add to the uniqueness of your braids every day.

3. Curve Braided Bun

As you play along with different patterns, you will realize, it is not as hard to get the result as you expect. This beautiful curved pattern, tied to a posh looking low bun is the perfect hairdo for an evening out. If you are up for more glam, accessorize with colored gems or stones.

4. Braided Plats

Long frizzy hair? Don’t worry, this ultra easy and stylish solution to both is here. Braid all of your hair in sections till the tip, and you have this gorgeous cornrow inspired hair-do. It won’t even take as long, and this is perfect for when you need a hair-do that lasts all day long.

5. Golden Crowned Goddess Hair

So what else can we try to make the Goddess Braids more Goddess-like? Of course, a touch of gold will do the trick. Add highlights to the gorgeous Goddess Braids, and you will have the trendiest yet the poshest looking hair.

6. Prom-ready Goddess Braids

A big night out? Or maybe a prom coming soon or is the farewell or maybe any formal event. How do you plan on managing your frizzy long locks to look good enough? Well, here is the solution, Goddess Braids Low-cut bun. Gorgeous enough to steal the crowd yet effortless and easy to do.

6. Uneven Goldilocks

Add to your rebel nature and play along with the style of your hair. Unlike cornrows, uneven braids only add to the trendiness and stylishness of the gorgeous looking goddess braids. You will be amazed by the result each time. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

7. Playful Goddess Braids
Well for those of you, who like to do it different than others, what’s better than the unique look with added color? Here you can see the effect of red and orange, well, it can be any color you like. Play along and get the most out of your Goddess Braids.

8. Four Braided Low-Bun

The beautiful Goddess Braids looks gorgeous in a four braided bun. Why four you ask? Well, because the sectioned braids look damn beautiful with just four braids. But that is just our thought, make it however you want. Five or more would look even more texturized, and I guess we would love it even more.

9. Perfectly Parted Golden Goddess Braids

Well if you’re up for it, add the color of your choice and make your Goddess Braids more heavenly. With perfect partition, your hair will be even more lovely to look at don’t you agree?

11. Wind It Up

Luscious locks of yours will stay in place for hours and days even when you don’t have the time to tend to it. Ask your hairdresser to tighten your braided tassels to make sure it stays in place. Perfect for any casual day out, you can stylize it however you like.

12. Bold Elegancy

For those of your with thick and rough hair texture, do not fret, this is the perfect getaway for you to the class and elegance route we all love to travel once in a while. Accessories and dress also add to its beauty so go ahead, class it up!

13. Raised-up Braids

As we have mentioned it a lot of times, you have the choice to stylize it however you want. For a more trendy feel and look, go for those raised upbraids that adds up to the volume of your hair. It looks just as pretty as it feels. And don’t worry about those baby hair in your front, it in fact, only adds up to your beautiful look.

14. High as the heaven

The Goddess Braids looks gorgeous however you like to stylize it. High or low, your tassels will still look beautiful as ever.

15. Side Goddess Braids

So we’ve played with color and highs and the lows, so what else is left? Well, a ton of stuff, one of it being the side braided Goddess braids. If you think that the patterned and sleeked out braids are not your thing, then how about these side braids? Volumizing, stylish yet effortless.

16. Cornrow Inspired Goddess Braids

Just like cornrows, these Goddess Braids look spectacular. However, with larger braids, it gives an edgy tone to the hair that we love.

17. Curvy Low Bun

Do I even need to mention the curvy braids that add to the beauty of the Goddess Braids? Well, I guess I already did.

18. Blue Heaven

This mermaid-inspired braid looks gorgeous with the Goddess Braids. Balayage effect of blue and purple makes the perfect combo for a vibrant and edgy look.

19. Gold Toned Goddess Braids

When stylizing your blond hair, why not go for the balayage effect to create this subtle and posh looking hair that we know you will love?

20. Purple Highlight

Who is still not over the highlighted trend we used to love? Well for those of you who think that colorful highlight is so 90’s, take a look at this hairdo. Subtle and gorgeous, the Goddess Braids will be your way to fantastic hair.

21. Textured Raised Goddess Braids

For a more simple and clean look, why not just don the simple Goddess Braids. Well the hairdo lives up to its name, and you gotta agree, it looks goddess-like, simple or stylized.

22. Red-Hued Goddess Braids

Added a bit of reddish hue the goddess braids takes up a more natural red-headed look. Perfect for a change in hairdo, don this hair and make yourself the talk of the town in no time.

23. Layered Goddess Six Braids

For more thicker hair, added number of brands will do the trick. Top it off with a low braid bun, and you have the perfect hairdo to steal the show at any casual events.

24. Classy Goddess Braids

Goddess braids look gorgeous when played along with the patterns. Add more glamor is adding make-up and accessories, and you are good to go.

25. Blond Braid Play

Don’t you love the texture the blonde color brings out in this splendid hair-do? Mix smaller cornrows like braids along with larger ones to create this effortless edgy hair-do.

26. Two Side Goddess BraidsTrust us, you will never tire of playing with the options you have with Goddess Braids. Here you can see how perfectly two smaller braids lien up to make a braid. Perfect to make heads turn, go ahead and don this hairdo today.

27. Crown Goddess Braids

Add the princes’ factor in your Goddess Braids and don this beautiful crown braid upon your hair.

27. Funk It Up

You not only have the various options to braid your hair, but you can also stylize it however you want. For the extra funk, add beaded accessories in your hair. Top it off with a braided top bun, and you are ready to funk it up!

28. Warrior Goddess Braids

Combining two of the most famous braids, Warrior and goddess braids, you have the perfect combo of edgy yet beautiful hairstyle.

29. Color Fun

Golden and black seem the legit combo to get the most stunning effect on your Goddess Braids that you can ever wish for. Go ahead and ask you, hairdresser, to make your hair to this stunning hair-do and you can make heads turn wherever you go.

30. Side Braided Low bun

Side braids add the classiest touch to any hairdo that you do. A low bun fits the perfect definition. Par both of it and you have the poshest and classy look you always wished for.

31. Braided Curls

If you are all up for the funkiest look, go crazy with the braids. Choose the pattern you want and tie it up in a bun. For the added funk, don’t forget to curl it and stylize.

32. Low to Top Braided Bun

If you think when braiding it’s always from the top to bottom, then check out this stylish look. Proving you wrong, you can see how much more attractive the upside down braid looks when you tie it in a top bun.

33. Patterned Half Top Braided Bun

Add texture however you like with smaller and larger braids. Accessorize, and if you pull it to a half top bun, you get this bold and trendy hair do people will obviously envy.

34. Classy Low Bun for shorter Hair

If you have medium to short length hair, don’t fret. Goddess Braids works with all hair length. For a classy updo, braid and tie it to a low braid bun and trust us, you will be the topic of envy in whatever event you are in.

35. Edgy Half Braided Knot

For this edgy and trendy look, play with your wanted texture and pattern, accessorize and tie it to a high ponytail.

36. Long Cornrow & Goddess Braids You can see how gorgeous this texture play makes this hair-do. Cornrows and Goddess braids mixed creates this amazing hair-do that we know you will love.

37. Six Goddess Braids

Well, why six you may ask again? As we mentioned earlier, the more, the merrier. Your locks look even more gorgeous if you add more braids and texture.

38. Pentagonal Goddess Braids

If you think that only braids are there to be patterned, then you can see how wrong you are. Even your hair-parting can take your hair-do to the next level. For this futuristic hair-do, just part your hair into a Pentagon, tie in separately before braiding each section. If you are the one to go with the latest trends, this is the perfect hairstyle made for you.

39. Fantasy Goddess Braids

You might be wondering why we named this hairdo fantasy? Well isn’t it obvious, this gorgeous texturized hair-do looks more like fantasy than reality. But lucky for us, the smaller and larger patterned braids are very effortless to achieve and even more easy once you put it in a low bun.

40. Criss-cross Goddess Braids

Ask your hairdresser to play with the pattern in this stylish crisscross method to achieve this wonderful, gorgeous looking hair-do. Perfect evening or any day out, you can wear it everyday and make it your unique signature look.

41. Rounded Goddess Braid Bun

Your long locks perfectly piled up in a braided top bun is the most efficient and effortless way to deal with your frizzy locks. It not only stylizes but effectively takes away the extra hassle when you have to deal with your hair.

42. Patterned Goldilocks

We have already seen a couple of golden hairdo’s perfect with your Goddess Braids. But we’re just gonna throw in one more of the perfect choices you can go for with your blond locks. We love it, and we’re sure once you get this look, you’ll love it too.

43. Perfect Long Braids

When you just want to go for the subtle and easy going look, why not just go with the regular kind of braids you are used to. Sometimes, simple looks the best and subtle is just the perfect fit.

44. Braided Half High Bun

Well if you mistake it for cornrows, you are not the only one. On first glance, anyone would be mistaken, but on closer look, you can see these braids are slightly larger than the normal cornrows. The uniqueness of this braids looks beautiful even with the half up- half down look.

45. Small to Large Opposite braids

If you love different textures in your hair, why not don the thin to the thick braided hair on your long locks. Its the perfect summer hair-do you do not want to miss.

46. Heart-shaped goddess braids

If you want to go for a more edgy and bold look, try creating shapes out of your braids. Here you can see how a heart shaped is formed to create the cool hairdo that we have fallen in love with.

47. Red Carpet Goddess Braids

You can guess from the name itself; these goddess braids are perfect for any events. Straight out from the red carpet, we bring you this classy hair do to you. After the braids are done, you can either make it into a ponytail or a bun, you gotta admit, both looks equally gorgeous.

47. Clean braid Top Bun

If you want more to the classy side, this hair do is your go-to hair. Simple and easy to don, it adds chic and classiness to your regular top bun.

48. Twist and Turn Goddess Braids

Go for a more creative look if you dare. Instead of the regular braids, why not ask to get yourself a twist and turn Goddess braids? It looks heavenly and equally gorgeous at the same time, doesn’t it?

49. Two Plated Goddess Braids

Add life to your regular hair and turn it to this stylish and trendy looking hair-do in just a short time. Goddess Braids will be the go to once you know how to stylize and don each hairdo.

50. Cornrow style Goddess Braids

Why not try a different style of cornrows and go for this larger braids called Goddess Braids. It looks even more stunning, and you will stand out the crowd with your unique braided hairdo.

51. Roller-Coaster Goddess Braids

Want to add some more fun to your daily hair-do? Why not make it into a fun almost roller-coaster like pattern? Well if you dare it, why not go all out? This hair-do looks stylish yet subtle at the same time and trust us; you will be the talk of the town all day.

52. Beachy Patterned Goddess Braids

For a more sporty look for the surfers in you, go for the classic patterned Goddess Braids. Tightly braid it from the top and tie it up at the end. Easy and hassle free hair for the day out at the beach.

53. Ponytail Goddess Braids

You can rock this adorable ponytail look for any events you wish to go. The braided look adds the finishing touch to the gorgeous looking hair you know you will love.

54. Accessorized Goddess Braids

When you think you have done it all, take a look at this elegant looking accessorized hair-do. Add the extra glam you’ve been missing with hair accessories and a high braided ponytail.

55. Braided Knot Top Bun

Try this unique method to knot your top bun in place. After braiding your lengthy locks, pile it up and pin it in place. There you go, simple yet sophisticated hair-do for you to win the heart of the crowd.

56. Zic-Zac Braid

Why not try this Zic Zac patterned braids if you think you have done everything. Trust us; you can never tire of trying new hairdo’s once you go Goddess Braids.

57. High and Low Goddess Braids

If you think playing with patterns is not for you, the just try playing with the volume of each section of your hair. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes. It not only enhances but also stylizes your locks in a unique and easy way.

58. Frizzy Bun Goddess Braids

If braiding all of your hair seems too much of a hassle for you, just braid the top half. Simply put all the braided and unbraided hair to a high ponytail, and you create this wonderful looking fun hair-do.

59. Normal Braids to a half-updo

With thicker and more longer hair, normal braids look even cooler when accessorized. Simply put your braided hair in a half Top Bun, and you are set to go.

60. Accessorized Top BunIf you think Goddess Braids are only for the tough black hair, once again, we prove you wrong. Any hair looks gorgeous with the Goddess Braids, especially when you accessorize it.

61. Swirl Goddess Braids

For those of you who like it more on the edgy style, try this swirled upbraided updo. Braid your hair from the bottom finishing up to a swirly top bun. Although it takes a bit more practice and effort, you know the wait is worth for this incredible looking hair.

62. Twist and Turn Mohawk

Turn your hair into a more trendy look with the twist and turn braids. Make it even more interesting with the mohawk style updo. Fix your hair with a ton of hairspray to set it in place for all day, and you will look amazing throughout the day.

64. Single Crown Goddess Braid

For a touch of royal, braid your hair into a full-length goddess crown braid.

65. Golden Blond Goddess Braid

Add a hint of golden to your jet black braided updo, and you are set to go. You will love the added highlight and beauty the simple difference makes,

66. Golden Black Hat Goddess Braid

What is the need of extra accessories when you can turn your hair into one? Why not stylize your hair into your accessories for the added natural look it showcases.

67. Purple Twist

Just a hint of purple and your Goddess braids look even more heavenly as it already is. You can experiment with any color you choose, but we prefer the hint of purple to showcase what the result will be.


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