If you love protective hairstyles, then you will love Ghana Braids. They are meant to secure hair and help them grow. Also known as banana cornrows, Cherokee Braids, and straight backs, these braids have endless styling options.

Cherokee Braids and cornrows are similar but have an essential difference. The difference is that the braids they require the addition of extensions to make your braids thicker.

Where did Ghana Braids originate?

Ghana Braids were favorite in Africa in 500 B.C. Yes, it is one of the oldest hairstyles and carries a lot of history. These braids were initially done to give a sense of honor and class. You can see these braids at the back of the head of the Sphinx.
When the masters decided to straighten the slaves’ hair, they would get a more elaborate version of these braids. The slaves did this act to show their protest.
Banana cornrows were famous even in the Middle Passage time.

Ghana Braids Today

Today, you will not need to wear these banana cornrows to show any of your opposition. You can today wear them to show some style and protect yourself. This generation has a variety of Cherokee braids styles for you to offer. It maybe zigzag, straight or curved.


What Will You Need For Ghana Braids?

You will need a rat tail comb, hydrating hair cream, hairbrush, scissors, extensions, hot water and a control cream.

How To Do Ghana Braids?

1. You will need to wash your hair and then apply hydrating cream. Make sure your hair is tangle free.

2. Section your hair using the end of rat tail comb.

3. Divide the corner section into three strands. You can braid each part of each strand by adding more hair from the sides.

4. Add your folded hair extension in the middle of your strand and combine with the left and right strands.

5. You can braid more and then add a thicker version of the extensions. Keep on repeating this until your braids reach the nape of your neck.

6. You can keep on braiding depending on the length of the hair you want. Cut off the extensions once you have reached the desired length.

7. Once you are done, dip your braids in hot water. You will then secure them.

8. Use control cream to tame your flyaways.

Braids For Your Face Shape

i. For round faces, you can go for a simple straight back to add length to your face.
ii. For square faces, you can opt for a curved pattern of Ghana Braids to soften your edges.
iii. Triangular faces can try the horizontal Cherokee Braids.
iv. Oblong faces can go for a low updo of these braids.
v. For the heart-shaped faces, any of the styles of Ghana Braids will suit you.

Now you have learned the way to do Cherokee braids; you can look at some examples. This is a collection of Ghana Braids styles for 2018.

-Thick and Thin Ghana Braids

Jumbo ghana braids have always been ever favorite.  This version of this hairstyle has the biggest cornrow in the middle, and on either side, the size of twists are decreasing. Between the braids, there are also thin braids added. This is a neat hairstyle perfect for everyday use.

-Beads and Fun

This is the ideal hairstyle for a holiday. If you are planning to go to the beach this year, try for this look. Have fun with seashells and beads. A hassle-free hairstyle that gives you a great zing! Mahalo!

– Cornrows

Cornrows have their version of boldness, and you are looking at it. She makes a combination of buns and braids. Even her buns have twists as part of its details. The hair has also been parted using braids. This is a perfect hairstyle for dry hair especially. The accessories, makeup, and outfit all complement the hairstyle.



If you find your hair length is not enough for your cornrows, you can get some extensions. The extensions does not necessarily have to be your hair color. You can use the color that complements your skin tone and hair color. Add some beads and accessories to make it funky.

-Puffed Braids

The hair color is spectacular. I love it. There is alternation of hair colors that is used to give a beautiful hue to the entire look. She goes for a puffed look making this Ghana braids style of 2017. It still manages to win our heart in 2018.

-Ghana Ponytail

Look at the length of that hair! I mean, come on. Is that real? Imagine the time consumed to make this cornrows. It looks terrific. They need no styling. She pulls up her ghana braids into a high ponytail and voila, she is ready.

-Golden Touch

Ghana braids look fabulous with golden highlights. The color needs to be bright. The brighter, the more focus you get in your hair. You can get yourself a pouf like her. I love it. It gives such a voluminous effect to your entire hairstyle. This is a combination of jumbo and mini braids.

-Golden Streaks

I love this Ghana braids. The hairstyle has a mix of the jumbo and mini version of the cornrows. The braids’ size are increasing from the forehead. All the twists seem to point at the face. There are the streaks of golden paint that steal the entire show. The rest of the hair is let loose using small sized braids.

-Ghana Braids In A Bun

This hairstyle is such a treat to the eyes. Look at it! It is amazing. The details are beautiful. The braids are pulled up into a sweet bun. The bun is created in such a way that ridges are formed alternately making this hairstyle ideal for any special event. Finish the look with soft makeup.

-Short Pony

Jumbo Ghana braids look spectacular in a pony. The entire look makes the hair voluminous. This is the perfect hairstyle for dry hair and an ideal way to manage your frizz. You can add some beads to each braid. This is a natural everyday look for your school or your work.

-Extra Large

These extra large version of Ghana braids are amazing. The length of the hair is also commendable. She adds small cornrows in the middle of the hair streaks to spice up the look. The entire hair is put neatly at the back. There will be no hair annoyingly falling on your face if you go for this look.


This crisscross version of Ghana braids looks fabulous. Most of the hair is used in the twists on the top part of the hair. The rest of the remaining hair is let down using small braids. The size of the braids on the top of your head is increasing. I love it! This is a perfect hairstyle for summer.

 -Almost Radial

You can go for a radial look for Ghana braids. Pick the center for your braids and then start twisting. Go for a nice length for this look. This is a hairstyle that looks amazing in every angle. The size of braids is completely your choice. This is a perfect way to protect your hair. You can even tie your hair into a ponytail.

-Blonde Effect

I love the shiny color of the hair in this hairstyle. She has three big braids that are highlighted with the lustrous color. That is extended and made long. Rest of the hair is used for making small braids all over the head. It is used to complement the extra large braids.

-Ghana Braids With Bun

Ghana braids make for a spectacular bun. I love it! This is a hairstyle that works great for frizzy hair. You can go for a low bun or high bun. The jumbo cornrows also add a great style to your bun. The single diagonal braid at the front makes it a treat to the eyes.

-Mini Braided Ponytail

If you are planning to go to the game this week, you can opt for a ponytail look. This hairstyle is a combination of large and mini sized braids. The flyaways are also tamed. Once the cornrows are made, you can use a scrunchy to pull it up into a high ponytail. The ponytail can be as loose or tight you want.

-Twists and Turns

Start with thin cornrows. You can go mix and match again in the size. You can try for any shape either radial or multi-centered. After that you can extend your hair into jumbo braids. Finish the look with nice big earrings. Go for a nude makeup and spaghetti top.

-At The Center

Pick a center and then braid away. Start by a thin sized braid and then increase your cornrows’ size. You can go for a half up and half down hairstyle. It is a great way to show off your twists. You can see that her hair is of the dry type. So, banana cornrows are solution to this problem.

-Long and Strong

We all want our hair to be long and strong. If there is a hairstyle that gives you that privilege, why will you not go for it? On top of that, you will look incredibly stylish in it. You don’t need to work on styling it every single day. You can add accessories if you like. Everything about Ghana braids is perfect.

-Bands and Braids

If you think accessories for cornrows are limited to beads and seashells, think again. You can use anything. Colorful bands are another great example. They make your hair look as if they have highlighted streaks on them. Go for a single color or variation. You can use bands at portions of your hair or all of your hair.

-Reddish Glow

This is a low ponytail with cornrows flowing all over the hair. The braids on her head is radial in style. For a nice touch, you can give your hair a red hue. Make sure you take this Ghana braids picture to your hairstylist. You can also try this style with a shade of brown as well. It is all about highlighting and coloring your hair for amazing effect.

-For The Blue

Why go for a conventional red or blonde hair color? You can go for a bright blue that manages to steal the show. It looks fabulous. She keeps all her hair in one side. The braids are a combination of huge and tiny. Even the small bits of hair are tamed. She finishes the look with nice hoop earrings.

-Braids for A Crown

This is one of my personal favorite hairstyles. It looks amazing. She uses the braids as a crown. Look at it. This is an ideal Ghana braids bun. You should have a nice makeup to complement this look. The bun is simple but the braids at the front is what makes this look unique.

-Jumbo Cornrows

Jumbo Ghana braids are popular style this year. Everyone loves it. Mainly, it does not require a lot of time to get. It also gives a lot of volume to your hair and you can style it easily into other forms. You can add some small braids in between your huge braids to give some details to your entire hairstyle. The longer your hair, the better this style looks. So, when you go to get yourself this look make sure you take some time and get a good length for it. Always accessorize with fine jewelry and great makeup.

-Braids for A Bun

Ghana braids buns are my favorite. I have shown you so many pictures of Ghana braids styles and you can clearly see how fantastic they are. You can clearly see that the stylists have put in a lot off effort and time for these braids. The rows are small and detailed. Once you get the braids, just pull it up into a high bun using a band. Voila, you are ready! Go have some fun and look amazing everywhere you go.

– From The Top

Even though the clean and sleek nature of cornrows make it look like a summer hairstyle, they look great in winter as well. Add some beads here and there. This makes it unusual and exciting. The sleek back nature of the style makes you look pretty and tidy all the time. It is perfect if you want to roll out of bed, get some coffee and go to work.

-At The Sides


Buns are such a versatile hairstyle. They can be an everyday hairstyle or a big event look. It even looks fantastic on your big day. So, Ghana braids obviously, work great for your bun hairstyle. Ghana braids with a bun are a popular search all this season. Look no further we have brought you great examples. Just pick one and try.

– Ghana Braids

She does not have many cornrows. The big ones are two or three in number. The little ones are somewhat less in number. The big ones are extended down, and the little ones are tucked in.  If you have some tattoos, this hairstyle is the perfect way to show it off. Look at the quality of your hair. It is healthy and beautiful.

-Black and Red

Black and red are fantastic combinations. They look fantastic. Red and black dress look amazing. If you have black locks, adding some red hue to it will make it stand out from the crowd. If you want more than that, you can go for the Ghana braids style. Look how impeccable it is. No wonder it is still ruling our hearts in the year 2018.

-Fresh Vibes

First of all special mention to her makeup. The nude lipstick, long eyelashes, and the highlighter they all make for a great combination. She goes for a half up and half down hairstyle. The braids are different in size. Some are comparatively smaller and some bigger. The neat look makes it a natural everyday hairstyle.

-Let It Be



This is a unique version of Ghana braids hairstyle. Usually, the cornrows are either made into a ponytail or a bun. They are also styled in half up and half down hairstyle. Here, we can see how her braids are just let loose. She has a very frizzy hair. So, she goes for jumbo braids that are let loose. She looks fabulous. Her style statement is the center of attention. Remember, when you have such photos you will automatically be the best in any picture. Proper care of the hair is critical.

-Messy Ghana Braids In A Bun

We have shown you many pictures of Ghana braids style that have a sweet bun. The buns are pretty and require a lot of time and effort. Now, this is a messy bun. Yes, if you love messy buns, cornrows can give you that as well. Use your fingers and pull out some strands. When you pull it into a bun, make sure you do it loosely and in a fun manner.

Scroll down for more Ghana braids styles. Have fun with your hair. As I always say, try different styles, you only get one lifetime to do so.







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