91 Simple And Amazing French Braids For Any Occasion


Do you want to look classy? French braid is ideally the best way. From a traditional attire to a modern outfit, french braid makes you look stylish and sophisticated. Whether you have a multi-colored hair or uncolored hair, whether it is a straight silky hair or curly one, all you can do at days is follow some simple steps and look exceptionally beautiful. Girls, you should never miss a chance to look elegant whether it is a gloomy day or a special event, right?

These french braids are really simple yet precious. Try these out and look classically elegant each day! A happy look, a happy you!

Long hair double french braid

If you are going on a trip or adventure or just roaming around, you don’t want your hair to come to your face every time. It irritates you, Doesn’t it? This french braid is a perfect way to turn you complete at times. The separated plait starting from your forehead to the end of your hair, makes you fitted for the casual wears at any occasion.

Half and rough

french braid

Isn’t it great to make an easy hairstyle and look stylish? Try this. It fits in with any casual get up. It can be something so simple to make each day and go out with a grand happy look. All you have to do is to make two braids in a row and end it with a messed up bun at the top of your head.You can also try these kinds of braids in black, pink, brown, red hair.

Meeting at a point half braid

french braid

Braiding with only the half of your hair and leaving the other half open, is something quite simple. Two separated plaits that start from your face and meet at the back braiding together. The leftover hair is kept open. It looks happening at casual wears and even at some traditional outfits, especially if you have a medium length hair.

Simple single french braid

Braiding is such a hairstyle that has survived through such long years. Around 2000 years ago as well, it used to a fashionable trend and, till now it has come along with so many variations without being outdated. It is still lively and young! It is the simplest braid one can ever make with no embellishments added. It looks effortless and has been the favorite since all the times.

Step by step attractive braid

Why decorating hair with artificial pieces of stuff when you can decorate it so beautifully with braids? It is exciting when you get to look this awesome with your french braids. Just follow the steps:

Take three sections of your hair and plait it once. Then add one section of hair from left and right simultaneously. Continue adding and plaiting together until you reach the bottom of your hair. It will be a marvelous piece of art if decorated with some flowered pins if you are interested. Enjoy the beautiful you!

Double pony tailed french braid

From a very formal look to the casual ones, this makes a perfect match. Even for your college days, it can be an elegant yet simple hairstyle which can be made each day. Braid at the two sides of your head and then make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. It works for straight as well as curly hair- the curls at the down part makes it look gorgeous for sure.

Side and round half braid

Side braiding with a round band at the back, make your hairstyle unique, especially from the back. Someone turning at you will surely catch an eye on your braids and smile! The hair which is not braided is left open and suits you most if your hair is lightly colored.

Go left to right

Braiding is also an art. You can make it in so many styles and ways. The more you try, the more you can discover its versatility. It is another way of side braiding. If you curl your little leftover hair at the front or leave it with your straight hair, both will get you a gorgeous look from all the angles.

How to add style to your pigtail french braid

Is your life dull and routine? Try some exciting french braids and look unique. This is absolutely the one you may want to start with. Unique and interesting! Try this out for normal day outs.

Round the bun

This is totally in style. Braid and bun can mix up so well giving a perfect blend. A simple bun that is covered around by a braid starting from one side of your head, can be a good idea if you are planning to wear a dress for your date or any family events. It can also match your traditional look adding to your beauty.

Bow headed

Your hairstyle reflects your creativity when it gives such a great flavor to your hair. I would call this a bow headed look. If you have thick and long hair, this can be a perfect hairstyle for any occasion you are looking for.

Be in style 

Have fun making your hair look as creative as it can be! Isn’t it the best way to make your hair look the most stylish in the town. Basically, if you have long and thick hair, colored or uncolored, works best in you.

Simply the best!

It looks perfect for your thick and medium-sized or long hair. Make thick braids on the two sides and make them meet at the nape following the plait moving down the length of your hair. You can go out with it on a beautiful day with a shine in you.

Make that top giant bun

This up-do hairstyle looks really unique at occasions. Start braiding from the nape of your neck and make a possibly big bun at the top. You can try making other variations like the big bow shown in the adjacent picture. This goes well with party dresses or some special events at your relatives.

How To Do A French Braid?

It is really cool! All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Take a part of your hair at one side of your head. Split the hair into three parts. Plait the strands and incorporate the new one from the front hair. Twist the hair into the other side to continue the braid. Keep incorporating the new strand from the front hair and keep making braids till you reach the side of your ear.

Look complicated with easy updo braid

It looks like a complex one, but as you try, it will be as simple as making it a graceful style each day. All you need to do is divide your hair into the right and left sections. Braid each section across the back until it reaches the opposite ear. This way, the two braids will criss-cross. The ends of the braids now need to be tucked at the nape and handled with hairpins.

Loose yet warm

It is cool stuff that manages the thickness of your hair elegantly. Start with the middle part of your hair to braid and incorporate the side hair step by step, giving it a little messy look.

Short hair single braid

Braid and ponytail can blend well in any kind of hair. Whether you have short hair or long hair, straight hair or wavy hair, colored hair or uncolored hair, don’t worry and try this out. You will be looking classy with this without a doubt!

How to french braid your special day

You can try this for some special events whether it is your traditional day or you are wearing a fine dress. All you need to do is follow these steps and look absolutely lovely!

Start braiding from one of the sides of your equally divided hair as shown in the picture. Continue braiding till the end of your hair from one side. Do the same for the other side of the hair. Again, start braiding the small section of the middle part of your hair. Unite them all at the nape of your neck and secure them using some hairpins. You can make this look as pretty as you like with different colored pins.

Skinny braid

It is an example of a simple yet beautiful look. For your everyday day out, this can be a perfect braid. You will love this when you are in a hurry but need a graceful hairstyle. Take small parts of hair from both sides of your head and make them meet at the back with a braid continuing until the length of your hair.  Enjoy your day out!

Ponytail your tiny braid

french braid

It can work with casual wears typically if you are not so fond of setting your hair free not even at your back. It can add spice to the simple ponytail and, of course, makes it look stylish.

Upside down; round and round

Basically, for occasions, if you want to try something new rather than setting your hair open and are confused on what to do, this can work best. The braid starts from the nape at the middle part of your neck and ends with the big bun at the top.

Two French Braids

It may take you some time but look at the result. Isn’t it worth the time? In fact, you should certainly try this one for your day out with friends. The braid is forming a headband at the front and then twisting to different sides at the back and again, the plaiting at the bottom is something more than just amazing for your beautiful day!


Braiding is an art! You can use your skills to turn your hair into something that looks amazingly artful. If you want to try something simple but artistic, this may help you! Tie your braided hair at your nape with suitable colored hair elastic and make plaits with a small section of the hair below. Again, tie at some equal distance according to the length of your hair. And hey, if you are a science lover- twist the hair and make it look like a DNA. Enjoy looking impressive!

A headband!

Who needs a headband when you have your beautiful hair and internet to give you ideas? It is a really cool idea for making you look simply – the BEST! Make tight braids all around your head making it look like a headband with decorations. I think you will prefer this on a normal day but you will increasingly love this if you are into sports, gym, Zumba or even dance. This hairstyle will make you comfortable getting rid of frequent hair flips covering your mouth while doing these tasks. Let’s dance together!

Get that done!

From a normal day to a formal day, this can help you. The stylish look is important whether you are going to a party or an office. Never leave a chance to look classy! Try this out and love your braids more.

Long and colored hair panacea

Colors add flavors to your braids. Look at this one. Isn’t it looking amazingly beautiful? If you have colored hair, you can try making this one on your weekend. Making braids with the combination of colors is flawless. Adding to the advantage, you will get the gorgeous curls when you unravel your braids. Enjoy the holidays!

Intricate that bun

Sometimes it requires some effort making braids. Look at this one. But the effort is worth it when you get such a phenomenal outcome. Do you want to look perfect on your date? Try this. I promise you won’t regret and get some compliments about how pretty your hair is looking. Have a great time!

loosen the hair not your attitude

Relaxed and pretty braids! Make loose braids with all your hair and feel pretty with a graceful smile. This one suits, especially for long hair.

 2 tiny braids

Is simple braid boring to you? Try making small additional braids at sides of your head and mix them. This obviously gives extra colors to your braid and make it look more than an ordinary braid. Happy braids, happy you!

Happy color

This one is something extra for your extra day. Start with two sections of really loose braids and tie them up at the nape of your neck. Again make some tight braids and tie them up at the base of your hair. This can look exceptionally attractive. The color of your hair is something adding more to the beauty. Look hot!

How to braid your short hair

You have short hair and think that braids cannot fit in? Yes, it can. Look at this one. It looks equally amazing whether it is short hair or long hair. That’s why people absolutely love braids and have been in fashion for so many years never being obsolete. Enjoy your short hair with braids!

Side braid in style

The reason braids are loved much is its variance. The more you explore, the more variety you can discover. Being creative with your hair is fun. Look at this one. It is attractive for any day you wear this. The curls at the down make this look even better. You need to try this out for sure at your date or any traditional events or parties too. It looks perfect with any kind of outfit.

French braid vs Dutch braid

Braids are made in the same way with just a small difference. All you need to do is start with making three sections of the hair. For French braid, take the middle section beneath the other sections and start plaiting while for the Dutch braid, take the middle section above the two and make plaits. It will end up with two different looking braids. Try out each on different days!

How To French Braid Your Own Hair (Tutorial For Beginners)

These are easy steps to follow and get fabulous braids. Take 3 sections of your hair and braid twice, Join the first and the third sections as one and incorporate the new section from the front of your head as the third section, Continue doing this till you reach the desired length. Enjoy your braids!

Twists and turns

Some twists and turns in your hair make it look exceptionally flawless. Here’s an example. Start braiding from one side, turn to the other side and continue braiding to the edge of the hair fall- is something really creative. It will look artful and attractive wherever you may wear this. Enjoy looking exceptional!

Fishtail fall

Make your normal day a bit spicy with a different hairstyle. You often tie your hair at your everyday routine. Make it a little more gorgeous with braids. Tie your hair as normal and start making braids below the tie-up with some portions of the hair. Make braids of the desired length and again tie it up leaving the other parts free. If you have your curls down, this will add you with some extra flavors.

Curl your hair

Do you have different hair types, and you want curls for some special day naturally? Thanks to braids for making such beautiful curls. You can make braids and unravel it after some hours or sleep with it to get lovely natural curls in the morning. Try it; it works! You will love your curls once you unravel.

The designer

Aren’t these braids attractive and sexy? The more you act creatively with your hair, the more you seem beautiful. It is the perfect way to get artful with your hair. The braids are perfectly made giving a wonderful texture and appearance. It works best for your thick hair to look stylish and also cozy at handling. Learning this can definitely be a great idea for any day out or events.


The criss-cross and zig-zags had never seemed this stunning before seriously. The braids are perfectly criss-crossed making the hairstyle look unique. It can be the perfect prom night or an anniversary night hair. It can be a unique looking style whenever you feel like getting some eyes on you.

Bun that braid

french braid

Dutch braids made at the two sides distinctly and making them meet with a bun can be an updo style for you for some events. This one is straightforward and makes you look as classy as you can imagine with such easy ways.

Enjoy that messy bun

It looks too cute and relaxed. Isn’t it? You can try this one for casual looks. It works for any hair kind, but especially if you love some rough and tough looks added to your hairstyle, this can be a better choice. Some colors and curls at the end are the factors adding to the beauty with this one.

Short and rough

Short hair and love braids? On a daily basis you can make this simple french braid. It just requires you to take some small sections of hair from each side and tie them up at the back. Casual wear and casual hairstyle make a dashing you!

Look royal

Wow! Doesn’t this look perfect for weddings and special occasions? This one is obviously going to add beauty to your outfit. Loose braid from both sides is secured above an intricately structured loose bun. You can look more beautiful by setting some hair at the front free. This is a lovely updo idea for parties.

Upside down and downside up

If you are fond of tying your hair but still wanna look classy, this is a way out! Braiding from the front part of your hair and also the nape allowing them to meet at the center and tying the leftovers, gives you a casual look as ever with some added flavors. It can be your day out try or daily makeover.

Your date night braid

Loose and cozy braids make some occasions a happy occasion. You will shine brighter with this look basically if you have a long silky hair. If you are planning to wear a gown dress or Kurtis or even some traditional dresses tonight, you must try this out. You may end up looking the most classy one!

Double fishtail 

Thick haired people have the advantage of making several embellishments in the braids. They can add their creativity and try variations. It can be your one choice. It looks much amazing with some colors in your hair!

Go Unique

It looks creative. Does it not? This one is for your straight hair if you want your hairstyle to look really attractive. It looks great in your colored or uncolored hair, and you can try this one for your date night or any family occasions or any events. It will make you look dashing. It may not work right for curly or twisted hair kind.


It works for both curls and straight hair but looks amazingly magnificent for your curls. The round braids around your head with the waterfall of hair looks terrific. This one is going to add more beauty to your special events and celebrations. Enjoy the beauty of french braids!

Try these simple and cool french braids and continue looking classy! Weddings, proms, dates, anniversaries, day outs, formal days, parties, special family events and so on are waiting for you. You have to look beautiful in all of these with super cool hairstyles. So, try them all and stay pretty at all times. And the most important thing- girls, never forget wearing that beautiful smile with whatever hairstyle you are making. It makes the real beautiful you!


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