85 Best Flat Twist Styles And How To Do Them


Why not opt for flat twist hairstyles if you are bored of the regular styles? I sometimes know the old braids, loose curls, feather hairstyles or whatever don’t cut it. So, for those style moments in your life, we have the flat twist.





A flat twist is a style where you kind of updo your hair updos. These styles are perfect for beginners and are a great way of protecting your hair. They also don’t require a lot of time and are a hassle-free hairstyle. Check some of them out.

-Flat Twist Updo

These type of hairstyles are great for protecting your hair. You can try these styles when you want to look for options that work best for your transitioning hair. During those times, you can twist your hair which will give you a lot of options for styling. If you have a fancy event you have to attend and don’t think twist styles will make the cut, put a stop to that thought. Take all your hair and create a beautiful low bun. Finish the look with bright red lipstick. You can also go for subtle eye makeup.

-Twist Styles

This 4C twist hairstyle is simple and straightforward. If you don’t like the tamed look, you can make the entire look funky and vibrant. For that go for a flat outlook. I love the half tied look of this hairstyle. It will make you look elegant and straight forward. The hair on the head is pulled back in such a way that it makes a simple knot. The rest of the strands are let loose. Finish the look with a nice pair of earrings and simple makeup. That is it! You are done. This is an excellent style for beginners.

-How To Do Flat Twist

This is a great flat twist out look. I love it. You can see the variations in each look. If you wanted to know how to do the ‘out’ look for such twist hairstyles, this picture shows it all. The first two pictures show how high the style seems when it is tamed. The smooth side part and braids look elegant and chic. You can comfortably wear this look for a date. The bottom two pictures show the fun side. You will love this look if you want a sassy and vibrant look. Both the hairstyles work great.

-Cute One

This is a great hairstyle option for short natural hair. I love the patterns and lines all over her hair. The lines intersect at many places and make for a great geometric figure. The frizziness of her hair is beautifully tamed. The braids are also significant and make a statement. Since her hairstyle is simple, she goes for a statement piece of jewelry. You can do that as well. Always keep one part of your look in highlight. Don’t try to overdo any of your looks. That is the secret to making sure you look great all the time.

-Another Pretty One

This flat twist updo is beautiful. I love how the hair looks like a full nest that caters to strands of braids that fall like a waterfall. When it comes to hairstyle, think of your hair like a canvas. You can do so much with it. Don’t think styles like flat twist will limit you. Think of the endless possibilities you have with such hairstyles. This is the perfect example of beautiful and detailed hairstyle. I love how the braids appear like a crown on her face.

-Top Knot

The top knot hairstyle is also great if you want a fun twist hairstyle. For this particular style, the braids are small. You can see how the size of the braids is minimum. You may not like it, but you can always try and realize how great it is. Of course, we all can guess that you will require a lot of time to make this many braids. So, take some time out before you go to get this hairstyle. For styling it, you know how to do a top-knot, don’t you? It is easy.

-Elegant One

This hairstyle is similar to the one before the above one. It is elegant and classy. These type of hairstyles are perfect for a date and office work. You can wear this hairstyle for the big presentation that is coming up. If you are planning this look for a date, I suggest accessorizing the look with large hoop earrings. For the office look, keep it simple and minimum. You can wear simple earrings and cool formal shirt. The hairstyle is hassle-free, and you will love it.

-Big Bun

Big braids and buns sure know how to make a statement. The size of braids is completely dependent on you. If you like big ones, you can get a similar flat twist hairstyle. If you don’t want this massive size, keep on reading this article. You will find a variety of sizes. Talking about this hairstyle, it is relatively straightforward. Once you get the twist hairstyle, all you have to do it use your long strands and twist them into a bun. Voila! You are ready. That is all you have to do. Try it, and I know you will love it.

-Short Hair

If you have short natural hair, this hairstyle will work correctly for you. You can even have a medium hair length and still try this look. Make sure you save this picture and take this to your stylist. If you have a frizzy hair type, you can go for this look. She also has a similar hair type, and you can see how her dryness has made for a great style. The hair has also been parted from the side. From the behind, you have two partitions. Go for a simple makeup if you want the focus on your hair.

-Another Short One

This hairstyle is again perfect for the short natural hair. You will love it. Look how beautiful and fun this look is. If you want you can go for a flat twist outlook as well. It will give you a nice Afro look. I love how the braids are laid in a pattern. They make for a unique hairstyle. To finish the look and add a feminine touch, she accessorizes with a cute pair of earrings. Wear the outfit you want and have a good day. It is essential you feel great to look beautiful. The hair pattern and texture is extraordinary.

-Natural Hair

This type of hairstyle can be quickly transformed into a flat twist out style as well. It is completely your choice. To be honest, I think this type of hairstyle works excellent if you want to wear it for an office look. I know, how much ever we want to get yourself a makeover, it isn’t possible. You know some of the looks you wish to is not great for an office environment. So, if you have these types of problems, you can go for this look. This gives you a makeover but not a dramatic one.

-The Clutch

Flat twist hairstyles make for a beautiful low bun hairstyle. If you don’t know how to do a low bun hairstyle, you can find another article on this topic. You can also search for many tutorials on YouTube. It is easy to do. If you want an elegant touch in your hairstyle, you should always go for low buns. They are perfect for attending any wedding. If you have a girlfriend’s wedding to visit, I suggest opting for this style. In this picture, she has accessorized using small clutches. Your accessories may vary according to your destination.

-A Crown

This is one of my personal favorites. A hairstyle should be a treat to your eyes. You should never want to stop looking at it. If you are planning to put an effort on your look, I hope you make sure all the eyes will be set on your hair. The above flat twist updo to me is what I just described. The braids are used as a crown, and she looks phenomenal. I love the winged eyeliner look. They give a retro vibe to her look. The matte lipstick is perfect. Everything about this look is on point. I have saved this picture. Have you?

-Natural Hair Flat Twist Style

This hairstyle is great for the ones who have unattainable frizzy hair. I know most of the girls have main hair problem as their frizz. For the rest, their hair problem is lack of volume. It is like a circle of hair problems. So, for the half of the girls’ population who deal with the frizz that is insane, you can go for a flat twist hairstyle. You can make your twist hairstyle into a beautiful bun. Look at this low side bun. It is exquisite and a work of art. I love the back partition in her hair that is diagonal on the right side. Finish the look with a statement golden earrings.

-Top One

Look at the beautiful lines the braids make in her hair. The braids look like a beautiful pattern. Her hair is long and impressive. I love it. After getting herself the twist hairstyle, she decides to make a beautiful loop for a high bun. You don’t need to do anything to achieve this magnificent style. The braids can be parted from the side as well. If you like you can let the twists be as it is or you can follow the style shown. Pull up all your braids and make them into a beautiful high bun. The bun will look great if it is neat.

-High Pony

If you want a 90’s style on your flat twist hairstyle, I suggest go for a side ponytail. They will look great. The high ponytail will take away all the strands from her face. Talking about the twist, it is small in size. If you want, you can go for a big sized twist as well. I like the format shown in the picture. But if you don’t, feel free to ask your stylist to give you a large one. After that, all you have to do is pull up your hair into a high pony. Finish the look with a nice pair of earrings and other accessories.

-Frizzy One

If you like your natural hair texture and want to show it off, this is a great example. The hairstyle also shows a beautiful ombre effect. Half her hair are filled with flat twists, and the rest of the hair is let as it is. This creates a cute hairstyle that looks natural. I love how the ombre coloring effect has come into play in this hairstyle. The front of her hair has a beautiful twist which neatly tucks in her entire hair. There is a lovely side part, and everything about this look works. This is the next picture; I will be saving. What about you?

-Unique Color

This hair color is unique. The hair color that you will be getting once you wash your hair with chemicals depends on your natural hair color as well. So, you might not end up with the same hair color as shown in the box. Don’t worry. If you pick the right hair color according to your eye color and undertone, you will do no wrong. As for this hairstyle, it is a combination of 4C hairstyle with a regular flat twist. In the sides, small twists are laid, and for the top of your head well the hair is let as it is in a 4C pattern.

-Ponytail And Flat Twist Out

This is another style I have decided to save. I love the combination of flat twist out hairstyle and the braids. The coordination works best, and you can see how the natural texture of her hair works best for this style. If you want to know how to do this hairstyle, let me first tell you it is simple. You only need to do a few twists. Firstly, middle part your hair and then pin the side twists. Use a scrunchy to tie the rest of your hair which shows off an Afro look.

-Rope Style

This is a beautiful ombre effect that has been done on her hair. The ombre effect is actually regular but due to the flat twist hairstyle, it looks like a reverse ombre effect. This part of this hairstyle is what I love. The hairstyle is perfect for short natural hair type. All you have to do is a twist. You will need to make sure you have hair holding products so that this hairstyle holds. The top of her hair is gorgeous as well. Due to her hair color and her braids, the top part of her hair looks like a rope. Go for this style, if you are up for it.

-Not So 4C

We have a lot of 4C hairstyle examples in this article, but this one here is not that one. If you have a keen eye for the fashion and beauty styles, you will know that instantly. The large twists are beautiful. The braids are all kept in such a manner that it makes an elegant style on her head. There is also a slight slit on her hairstyle which adds a nice edge to her entire look. She keeps the makeup minimum and goes for glossy lips look. This style is short and elegant. You can try it if you want something new in your look.

-Different One

Who would have thought that flat twist style could become into something like this? These hairdos can even be your wedding look. If you don’t want the regular bridal look with the curls and a low bun, you can go for this look. Some of us don’t want the regular stuff but still want to look extraordinary. So, for that, go for this intricate high bun that is elegant. All you have to do is the twist and make beautiful braids. After that, add some beads and rhinestones to make it look gorgeous. You can form coils using your twists.

-Ombre One

The top part of her hair reminds me of a waffle.
Mmmm.. waffles!
Off topic again. Anyway, this hairstyle also shows a beautiful ombre effect. This is a flat twist hairstyle for those who have long hair length. The top part of her hair is made into a beautiful pattern, and for the bottom part of her hair, it is let loose. The colors show the vast difference in her hair patterns and styles. If you think you can pull it off, you can try this look. Make sure you can carry off the look. Don’t get a look if it is in the trend. You need to know if it suits and if you like it.


Flat twist hairstyles are a work of art. You can do anything to show its beauty. Its variations are endless, and you can quickly do them. Look at this picture of the hairstyle. The style seems effortless and straightforward. First thing if you want to know how to do this hairstyle, is to know you have to keep your calm and set your mind. Go to your stylist and get the size of twists you want. Show this picture, and she will know exactly what to do. You can go for a similar pattern for your hair or find a new one. Show off your creativity.

-Some 4C

Look at the variations in her hairstyle. It is perfect. A thumbs up for this look. There is nothing else to discuss. The haircut is short and complete for the beginners. All you have to do for this look is go to the salon and get yourself flat twists. That is it. After you have done that, it is all about styling your hair. You can use your fingers to side part your hair and keep the strands on opposite side. This gives a finishing touch to your look. Finish the look with a cooling denim jacket.

-Crisscross Updo

Here we have another stunner for a flat twist hairstyle. Is there anything else that I have to tell about this look? It is a feast for your eyes. The crisscrossed twists are all piled up on each other. Once that has been done, the rest of her locks are made into a beautiful round bun. The low part of her bun also has a lot of curls and details. I love that it does. The hairstyle can be worn for any formal event that you have to attend. You know where you can wear this look. So, try it and flaunt it.

-Short Natural Hair Updo

This hairstyle is simple and beautiful. I love it. The criss-cross and braids are great to look. The side partition of her hair is gorgeous. The extra added barriers are attractive as well. The twists are significant and are laid in diagonal pattern. That is all you have to do for this hairstyle. If you look carefully, you can see that her hair type is frizzy. So, if you have similar hair pattern, you can go for this look. That statement neckpiece is flawless. Her makeup is on point, and you should try it. Her spaghetti top is perfect for showing off that neckpiece and her hairstyle. If you are going for a statement piece of neckpiece, you should keep your earrings small. Only highlight on one part of your look. That is important. Keep it simple and classy. Always follow this guideline.

We have more flat twist updos inspirations for you, and we will also give you how to do them. If you are a beginner, I suggest looking at more pictures for your short natural hair. We have ideas on the flat twist out and 4C styles as well.

Have fun with all the falt twist updos and tonnes of pictures you will be taking. If you have the right style, don’t be afraid to flaunt it.


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