23 Best Flat Top Haircut For Men 2021-Short & long


The Flat Top hairstyle takes me down this memory lane. Call it nostalgia! Back when I was a little-Roach, I was obsessed with this hairstyle. My dad even took me to his favorite barber and got me the Flat Top Haircut. I stayed with this hairstyle till the end of Middle School.

Gentlemen, every man has his patriotic side. And by that, I mean that side which wants to feel loyal to something. Yes, contrary to popular belief, a Homosapien male can be loyal, only if it’s worth his sweat. It has something to do with the genes.

Now, more often than not, a man is patriotic to his motherland. Obviously, perhaps, maybe it has to do with identity. Or, possibly it may come down to his rightful duty. But, none the less, a man needs to feel loyal to feel purposeful. And the purpose gives him confidence!

Unsurprisingly, that is probably the reason why most men are drawn towards the military. There is just a special aura about the men in uniform. The way these men carry themselves is awe-inspiring. Even kids, who may not even understand the value of loyalty pay attention.

Heck, when I was a wee little baby Roach, I’d spend hours with my old man going through the Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean-Claude Van Damme films. I never bothered about the plot in their movies. All I ever cared about, was Arnie shooting the living crap out of people. (PS- I do not recommend you to try this at home)

Now, you might be wondering,  ‘Roach, dude, what on earth does that gotta do with hairstyle?’

Everything, my friend, everything!

Now, on an honest note, this hairdo has slipped my radar until recently. I was doing my research on modern hairstyles when I ran into one of the trending Flat-Top Military Hairdos. And the feels just kicked in! So, I did what every self-respecting procrastinator does and swayed away into this hair trend. 

Obviously, this style was completely different back then. And, to my surprise, the haircut has evolved since my little-Roach days. And, I loved it.  Furthermore, I can firmly say, This hairstyle is still as easy, convenient as before. 

So, it made sense I start this topic before completing any of my other articles.

Now, my purpose for this blog is to give all of you gentlemen an easy and convenient style advice. Ultimately, a man should thrive for a style that boosts his confidence. And, as I always remind my readers; there is nothing more attractive in a man than his staggering self-confidence. It shows onto his body language, and that is what’s important.

Short haircut suits all men. It goes well with the type of shape of a man’s head which develops over his lifetime. And, a Flat Top Hairstyle is no exception.

How to get this hair done is very simple!

It is usually a combination of a fade haircut on the sides and trims on the top to give a good balance between those two. The top can be a gradual gradient flat slope or a straight flat top. The best thing is that it can compliment any form of the human head. By, that, it means, it does not matter if you have an egg head or a bulky forehead. All you’ll need is a skilled barber and admiration to his skills. A little tip won’t hurt either!

It is usually a combination of a fade haircut on the sides and trims on the top to give a good balance between those two. The top can be a gradual gradient flat slope or a straight flat top. The best thing is that it can compliment any form of the human head. By, that, it means, it does not matter if you have an egg head or a bulky forehead. All you’ll need is a skilled barber and admiration to his skills. A little tip won’t hurt either!

A Flat Top hairstyle is undoubtedly a universal style. And, I am not exaggerating to sell this. You’ll see that the photos I have illustrated cover almost every type of hair that human genetics have mustered over its thousand year history. It even looks good with a clean-shaven, patchy, groomed or long beard. You name it!

I’ll say, with very slight changes to the traditional technique, can give you that extra bit of hipster touch. Furthermore, this hairstyle can go well with formal, informal, stay-at-home, messed up work looks! And, to top that off with a sweet cherry, you won’t need to invest a lot on those fancy hair products. I like it when your hair looks and feels natural.

Without further ado, gentlemen; my name is Roach, and here are my 23 picks for Flat Top Hairstyle for 2017.1. Afro Flat Top with Trimmed Sides and Razor Touch


Gentlemen, as I mentioned earlier, a Flat Top Haircut goes well with every type of hair known to human genetics.

To solidify my case, I’ll start with a hairstyle that has seldom featured in our other popular styleeasily.com’s modern hairstyle and trends 2017 lists.

Afro hair type can arguably be the counted as the most natural style. I mean, you can let it grow its accord and still get a stylish look.

Here, however, is a well done Afro Flat Top Hairstyle, with creative razor touch on the sides.

The creative freedom here is still abundant like we had with Hipster Hairstyle. You choose how long you want your sides to be, where you want your flat top to begin, and if you want a constant flat or a slope to go with it.

Personally, as always, you might want to experiment with different style till you get it right. Or, perhaps, consult your barber. Either way, do not get restricted with one particular set.

2. Gradual Fade Flat Top for Modern Style

Gentlemen, if you are an avid follower of my posts on styleeasily.com, then you’ll notice that I like to focus more on the classic and formal version of the hairstyles I cover in my articles. This piece is no different.

You see, I want my readers to feel they can thrive for a confident build. I can’t stress on this enough gentlemen. You need to look confident. This is why we are here. And, nothing amplifies your confidence more than a good classic or formal outfit, and a hairstyle to compliment it.

Trust me, gentlemen, it does not matter if you look like a pirate in real time. For men, it’s all about confidence. You don’t need a gifted jawline to rock a suit. (If you disagree, tell me why in the comments below, or fill me with your opinion on Twitter in the links below.) 10/10 men with confidence rock any looks. I am taking no prisoners with the fact!

3. Short Hair Military Flat Top

If you’ve read my article on Pompadour Hairstyles and the general haircut rules I have mentioned over there, you’ll see the same pattern repeat with the hairstyles here.

In general, to revise the lesson if this is your first time at styleeasily.com, this rule is very simple. As a matter, in fact, this is probably the first of the only two rules that you need to think about when you get this haircut.

When you shave or razor your sides, you’ll bring your facial features into focus. All of it. It gives that extra breathing space for your facial features to come out. For instance, you might have a bigger forehead, or a lifted cheekbones, perhaps a broad jaw or a neat chin. Maybe all of those. (I know I do) Then, this will bring them out.  And, you’ll hate me for repeating this again, being comfortable with your features equals confidence. Just ask Tyrion Lannister.

4. Faded Military Haircut with Goatee

Now, this is an extension of the previous illustration. A man can always pull off a beard. Some people are lucky to have the perfect genetic tools to grow a proper beard, while, some, like me, are either stuck with patchy beard, or

There are people so lucky to have the perfect genetic tools to grow a proper beard. Some, like me, are stuck with a patchy beard. None the less, we’ll cover both these on the next few Flat Top Hairstyle photos.

5. Straight Flat Top And Beards

Gentlemen, this is where we come to our second rule for “How To Cut a Flat Top Hairstyle.” Or, also known as Facial Hair Rule.

Again, I have elaborated this and all my other rules under my Pompadour Hairstyle article. I suggest you give it a check if you’re interested. However, if you are new, or do not memorize randomly stumbled upon rules (like I do), fear not, I have you covered.

When you want to bring out your facial features, you might want to blend it in with your sides. This is where faded cut comes in. This simply means, do not razor all the way up to the top. Allow it to slowly blend in with the sides, by having a good trim. It’s like art, More or Less.

What this does is, it allows you the contact between your hairstyle and your beard, while, giving you enough room to bring out your facial features!

6. Medium Length Flat Cut

Here is another instance of the previous point, with an Afro hair type and light facial features. Notice the slight fade between the top and the sides?

7. Flat Top with Mohawk Touch

Now, this is the part where we go all out bananas with permutations!

Take one hairstyle, mix it with another hair trend, add a style touch that lets you flow, and chances are, you just invented a whole new hair trend.

Personally, this is a good go-to style choice for men with patchy beard and hair that needs constant micro-manging. Keeping it short helps.

8. Plane Flat Top with Razor Designs

When I said, a style touch that lets you flow, I meant it, literally as well.

I admire the effort and time the barbers put out on these designs.

9. Simple Sloped Flat Top with Razor Design

Maybe, you’re the type to grow a long beard and touch up. No problem. You’re covered.

10. Authentic Flat Top

Or, maybe you want to keep it clean and simple. My dad would get himself this. Notice how it blends in with the receding hairlines? There lies another trick.

11. Classic Medium Length Flat Top

Reminds me of Ivan Drago from the movie “Rocky IV.” Keeps it clean and simple and lets his hair do the talking.

12. Trimmed Equal Elevation with Bushy Beard

Now, you don’t need to get a completely leveled flat top to pull this looks off. Depending on your head shape, you can adjust the flatness on the top. The next five photos will help explain better.

13. Razored Short Equal Elevation

Maybe you’re the type who likes to keep it very short and neat. Notice how to hair looks like its blending into the back of your head.

14. Groomed Facial Hair, Trimmed Sides and Natural Top

Maybe, you like to stay authentic.

15. Pompadour Flat Top With Crease

You can even use hair products to get the hair with the shapes.

16. Afro Flat Top, Creative Designs with Mohawk Touch

Or, you could add a whole new dimension to the style.

17. Well Trimmed Flat Top

Maybe, you can fade your back and sides to the shape of your head. The choices are endless, but you need to find just the right one.

And, there you have it. Flat Top Haircuts and how to cut them right. To summarize all my points, I have six creative and simple hairdos that will look good on anyone.

18. Flat Top Afro and Frontal Razor Touch

19. Short Faded Flat Top Military Haircut

20. Regular Trimmed Flat Front Top

21. Hipster Spiked Flat Front Top

22. Mixed Pompadour, Spikes, and Flat Front Top

23. Shaved Sides, Gradual Flat Front Top

All, in all, the hairstyle is very easy to get it done. It suits most men and is comfortable and affordable to maintain.

The trick is to get them blending in with the shape of your head. Furthermore, remember the two rules I mentioned above to bring out your features to feel confident.

And, there you have it gentlemen, 23 Flat Top Hairstyle for Men.


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