104 Easy Fishtail Braid Ideas And Their Step By Step Tutorial


Even though the hairstyle fishtail braid looks complicated and confusing to do, it is simple and only requires practice. If you have seen Nicole Scherzinger’s fishtail braid and wished you could do that, then think no more. We are going to guide you on how to do it step by step. More than that, we also have brought you more variations of the style.

All you will need for this style is your comb, an elastic band, and some patience. Once, you get the hang of the form; you will want to wear it everywhere, from office to weddings.

Follow the following instruction step by step to get yourself a cool fishtail braid hairstyle. Don’t worry; this is a tutorial that is designed for the beginners. Have a look.

  1. Start by pulling all your hair back and tying it into a ponytail. You may or may not use an elastic band for this ponytail.
  2. Split your ponytail into two halves.
  3. Next, grab half an inch of your hair from the left partition. Pick the hair strand from the extreme left and pull it all over to your right partition.
  4. Repeat the same step two but this time bring your hair from right side to the left.
  5. You can keep on repeating the steps until you get the result you want.
  6. Secure your fishtail braid with an elastic band.

-For The Little One

Fishtail braid hairstyles work great for kids. You can make your little one look perfect. She already is your darling. So, why don’t you get her the cutest hairstyles of all times? It is only reasonable. You know how much you will make things easier for her. She already has so much to do. Take naps, play, eat, cry and you know bathroom. You don’t want her hair to be getting in the middle of all that. So, pull all her hair back and braid them. You will get a thick beautiful hairstyle. Finish the look with a cute rubber scrunchy.

-Cool One

Her hair signifies a fish. I love it. It is unique and fun. You only get a few moments in your life where you get to flaunt things that no one else will dare to. So, you should live those moments and do full justice to every look you ever do. You will need to find a specific braid tutorial for this style or else it will be hard to achieve. It isn’t simple but is a cool hairstyle. I love how the braids look like an additional layer to her hair. It is fabulous and try-worthy.

-Lively Style

If you guys haven’t followed Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds on Twitter, I suggest you do them now. No, no I do not work for them, or you know am promoting them. They are the cutest and funniest couple around. You will always enjoy their fun posts. Other than that, I hope you are enjoying this hairstyle. Blake Lively keeps things simple and fun. This hairstyle is messy, and she manages to flaunt it off flawlessly. You can do this hairstyle very easily. Follow the step by step tutorials we have put for you all throughout this article.

-Mixture Of Two

The shape of her hair is a beautiful geometric form. They look swoon-worthy and are drop-dead gorgeous. I love the combination of the braids. For the top part of the head, an inch of hair is taken from the side and braided merely. This is the simple part of the hairstyle. After that pull all your remaining hair on one side. Then, it is time for you to do the fishtail braid. You can pull out a few strands of your hair to keep things messy and fun. Make sure every style you do looks effortless while you go for these braids.

-Cool Fishtail Braid

Pastel colors have been ruling our hearts in recent times. If you want your hair to have colors other than brown or blonde, I suggest trying the purple color. You can even go for white or blue and feel like a Disney Princess. Speaking of the princess look, we know, they go for stunning and intricate hair designs. So, you can opt for similar hairstyles as well. Use a combination of fishtail braid ideas like the one shown in the picture and go around twirling. You will look lovely.

-Something New

If you don’t feel like doing the fishtail braid all over your hair but still want the patterns on your hair, you can go for this type of style. It looks cool, and you will love it for the summer. For young moms, this hairstyle will be great for your daughter as well. It is simple to do. All you have to do is layer your hear. After that braid your hair for four to five times and tie it with the rubber band. Keep on doing this at regular intervals and secure it with the bands. Voila! You are done. Try it; you will look great with it in sundresses. Go for this look when you are out shopping.


We have another layered cool fishtail braid hairstyle for you. The hairstyle is young and fresh. Trust me; you will not find many girls doing this hairstyle. So, if you are one of those girls who like to be in trend but give your touch to things, I suggest go for this hairstyle. You need to love this hairstyle if you want to carry it off flawlessly. The idea for this hairstyle is knowing how to layer your hair. You can add beads and rhinestones on your hair to make it look sparkly and extraordinary.

-On The Side And Middle

For your evening dates and long walks, we have the perfect hairstyle just for you. Look at how beautiful this hairdo is. I love t. It is simple to do and looks great in a photograph. All you have to do is pull all your hair at the back. Use inches of your hair from the side and bring it to an end by twisting them. Now, it is time for you to make braids. After you are done, you can then secure it with rubber bands. If you like, you can also add twists on the side of your ears to finish off the look. Take a beautiful photograph of the sunset and your hair.

-For The Side

We have a simple and fun look for you. There are those days when you don’t have time to do anything on your hair. But you have to go to so many events where you want to look like you have put effort into your hair. For those days, this cool fishtail braid hairstyle can be perfect. The style is simple. You don’t need to find a step by step tutorial for this. Pull all your hair at the back. Take a small section of your hair, split it and then braid it. Add some hair accessories if you like. You are done.

-Simple And Fishtail Braid

We love hairstyles that has combination of braids. Do you? I hope you are among one of us. Well, if you don’t, that is fine too. To each their own, right? You can modify this style simply to your liking. If you like this hairstyle, all you have to do is repeat the same thing on each side. Part your hair from the middle. Now, on each side do what you would do to get the regular braids. That is it. For the ends, follow the steps that we have brought for you at the top. You can do this hairstyle by yourself. It is great for beginners as well. Pull out some hair strands from your ear area. That will give your face a nice frame.

-New One

We have talked about this hairstyle in other articles as well. It is bold and different. The haircut looks this way because it has a lot of layers. The hair on her top part of her head has a lot of short hair. It has been pinned and coiled. You can keep it messy as she has. For her rest of the part of the hair, fishtail braids have been made. You can do it very easy even if you are a beginner. Try it, if you want everyone else to look at you and compliment you.

-For Beginners

This is a step by step tutorial for fishtail braid ideas that you can do it by yourself. The picture shown is designed for beginners. You can see how the photo shows all the steps. All you have to do is layer your hair. After that, you can go for the braids. Tie your braids loosely so that your hairstyle looks cool. Add some beach waves to your look to make your hairstyle look perfect. You can go for this hairstyle even if you have straight hair. It is easy and fun.

-On The Side

Fishtail braid hairstyles are great for beaches as well. If you go to the beach by letting your hair be as it is, you will have a lot of sand on your hair. That will be a problem. Of course, the sun and all the wind that will leave your hair dry. So, if you are planning to protect your hair, go for fishtail braids. They go with the theme, i.e., the sea. You can do this hairstyle by pulling all your hair at the back. Twist the ones at the side, and for the rest of your hair, you can create a beautiful fishtail braid.

-Another For Beginners

This hairstyle is perfect for the beginners. You have already seen the step by step guide for this hairstyle in the picture before the above one. The one shown is an example of the guide given above. This hairstyle looks beautiful with long hair. As I have said before, it does not matter if you have curls or waves, you can go for this look. It will look beautiful in straight hair as well. If you have your hair colored, I think this hairstyle will look better with it. Finish the entire look with a cute outfit and accessories. You can wear a watch as an accessory.

-For The Day In The City

If you are planning to go for a day out in the city or for work, this is the hairstyle I recommend for you. You can do this fishtail braid by yourself. It is comfortable and straightforward. All you have to do for this hairstyle is first part your hair. You can part it from the side or the middle. The choice is yours. Once you do that, pick any of the parties and then start braiding your hair. You don’t need to braid your hair necessarily. The choice is yours. I like the unparted version of this hairstyle as shown in the picture. But you can separate your hair as I have mentioned. Finish the look with cascading curls.


If your girlfriend has asked you to be a bridesmaid, you will want to look beautiful. Ideally, bridesmaids are not supposed to be pretty so that the bride looks perfect. But, times have changed, and your girlfriend will want you to look perfect. So, for your friend’s special day or you know if you have to attend anyone’s wedding, go for this stunning look. The combination of curls and fishtail braids make for an eye-catching hairstyle. I cannot take my eyes off her hair. You can add hair accessories if you like. If you like it a lot, you can wear this look for your big day as well. It is best for an outdoor wedding.

-As A Crown

This hairstyle requires tutorials and step by step guides. If you think braids don’t look good on short hair, I think we have put a stop to that train of thought using this photograph. The slight waves of her hair are perfect. To complement the look. the braids are used for making a crown on her head. The crown looks like the pattern of leaves. I think this hairstyle makes you look incredibly close to nature. You can only wear a layer of the braids or two layers as well as the one shown in the picture. Keep the makeup minimum so that the focus is on your hairstyle.


I love this hairdo. It is stunning. The terrific part of this hairstyle is how easy it is to do. This is a hairstyle that you can quickly to do by yourself. It is famous among the beginners. This hairstyle is easy to do and gives only a slight complication that you can do. You can overcome the complexity easily, and the result as you can see is fabulous. The number of braids is your choice. You can go for three or five. The two extra twists can be near your ears which will frame your face beautifully.

-Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

This is the pictorial representation of the step by step guide that we explained to you at the beginning. This fishtail braid hairstyle is so easy to do that you can do it yourself. The hairstyle adds extra height and oomph to your look. You can wear this look for college or school. It is great when you want to show that nerdy is the new sexy.


-Leafs For A Crown

This hairstyle is exquisite. It looks stunning and extraordinary. I told you if you make sure you have the right combination of braids you will have a haircut that is drop-dead gorgeous. The key to this hairstyle is hair colors. If you have hair highlights and colors, you will nail this look. You can see that in the picture itself, how the hair colors are making this hairstyle look out of the world. The fishtail braid is used as a crown, and the rest of the braids are left naturally. I love the simplicity of the twists that are let down. They look fabulous.

-Pink Bow

Fishtail braid hairstyles have a lot of cool and unique variations and we have brought together the best ones for you. This one definitely falls under the criteria that I just wrote about. You will need to find yourself some tutorials to get this hairstyle. If you are a beginner, I suggest practice. You will need to a lot of practice before you try this look. You can see that the hairstyle is one big fishtail braid. The end of her hairstyle is complemented with big and loose curls. The pink bow is the icing on the cake. I love how the ribbon is incorporated on her braids. That part of this hairstyle is particularly tricky. That is why I told you before you try this look find a lot of tutorials and make sure you understand them. You need to have a lot of practice for this look before you try it. Once you accomplish it, I know you will receive a lot of compliments and you will be asked by many on how to achieve this look.

-Fancy One

You might think that fishtail braid hairstyles are just for the day or dates. It might also fall under your wedding hairstyles but when it comes to party looks you will think otherwise. So, for those who believe braids never work for clubbing, we have brought this hairstyle for you. You can see how stunning and stylish this look is. Her shiny outfit and pigtails all complement her look. I love the makeup and accessories as well. Everything is done right and in place. She has pulled out a few strands to frame her face. Try this look next time you go clubbing. Be unique among the crowd.

-High One

The variation of the fishtail braid shown in this picture is by far the easiest one. Remember the tutorial we have given you at the beginning of this article. That is precisely what you must follow to complete this look. The only thing you have to remember for this look is to go for a high ponytail. The hairstyle is neat and sleek. Her eyeliner is on point. Once you make the braids on your hair, you can pull them out to make your hair look beautiful and effortless. Finish the look with a nude lipstick as the focus needs to fall on your eyes and your hair.

-Easy And Breezy

I love the coolness of this entire picture. Her fishtail braid looks cute and effortless. That frappe drink on her hand is yummy. This is an Instagram good photograph. You can try this pose as well. It looks simple and classic. The hairstyle here is done by just following the steps we have shown you at the top of this article. This is a hairstyle that is most popular among the beginners. I don’t think I will need to tell you why. After you complete your braids, pull them out so that they look like the one shown in the photograph.

-Pastel Colors

If you love the unicorn colors or mermaid hair ideas, you can go for this hair color. I love the simplicity of the colors. The dominating color in this hairstyle is white with streaks of other colors such as teal, pink, yellow and blue.  There are shades of purple and orange as well. If the hair colors are dreamy, you will need a beautiful hairstyle to complement the look as well. So, for those types of days, you can go for the combination of fishtail braid and another braid. The other twist can be simple or Dutch braids. The way to do is this hairstyle is quick.

Scroll down for more cool ideas that are easy and fun. We have fishtail braid pictures for weddings, casual days and office events. You can quickly do it yourself even if you are a beginner.

Try the fishtail braid styles for any occasion. They will look great in all. You have endless variations to try.


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