91 Stylish Finger Waves Hairstyles And How To Do It

Bring back the retro waves in a futuristic tone.


Dating back to the 1920s, finger waves have made their way back into the fashion world several times. After the 20s, these waves reigned over our hearts in the 1990s. In the 90s, it was a favorite hairstyle, especially for black hair. Now it is 2018, where we again welcome this style with open arms.


How can we say that these waves are this generation’s trend?

Well, finger waves have made its entry on the runway at Gucci, Marc Jacobs and many more. These waves have graced the red carpet and many music videos. Today, we present these retro styles in such a way that it is more feminine and stylish. These waves are not done all over the head but instead done on the hairline. You can go with the style where finger waves are done all over the head but maybe upgrade it with colors. Your color options could be neon or pastel colors. Pick from the palette.


What do I use to get myself finger waves?

If you like the glossy version of these waves, you will only need a gentle hair gel, a comb, and your fingers. You will need to stay away from any hot tools for styling purposes.

You can also vary this classic look by securing sections of your hair with finger waves clips. Instead of your fingers, you will need to clutch the part of your hair with these clips for a defined look.

You can also opt for dry finger waves by using a hair straightener.

How to do these waves on your short hair?

If you have short hair, you will need to follow the traditional style of finger waves back from the 1920s. In those days, a gel was first put on the tresses. Then, the hairdresser used her fingers and a comb to create S-shape on your hair. Voila, you get terrific waves.

How to do finger waves?

You can even get finger waves using hair straightener or curling iron. This styling technique gives you the freedom to vary the size, shape, and smoothness of these retro waves. You can use finger waves clips and roller set to get the desired waves.

Whether you go for wet and gelled waves or dry ones, it is your choice. Usually, it depends on the occasion and the outfit of your choice. So, how to do these retro waves?

1. Your hair should be wet for this. Apply some holding lotion or a firm gel.

2. Comb your hair in a backward trajectory starting from the hairline.

3. You must follow the direction from right to left. Glide down your comb from your hairline and hold it with the teeth in your hair. Put your middle finger in front of the comb and press it. Go an inch lower and lay it down. You now have a ridge between the comb and your middle finger. Pinch the area with your index finger and then comb the area under the ridges.

4. You can go to the left section and do the same.

5. For the second row, go down on your hair, and start working from left to right. Do the same as mentioned above but make sure your direction is from left to right.

Now, you have it, the easy way to do finger waves. If you still are not sure about getting yourself these waves, have a look at some pictures. These may inspire you to get finger waves for short or long hair.

1. Black Finger Waves

Other than her smoky eyes, what else is smoking hot is that hairstyle. She has finger waves on her black hair. These waves are mostly concentrated on the head. Her hair is long and has an ombre effect. She keeps her roots dark, and hair ends brown.

2. Classic

As I say, if you have a great hairstyle, an epic photo is inevitable. This is the perfect example of finger waves of curly, long hair. Her curls are soft and loose. She goes for neatly, polished wet waves on her head. Her hairstyle adds to her beauty.

3. Blonde Finger Waves

Straighteners can create a more defined finger wave. If you have short hair, you can use a hair straightener to get the waves that you have always wanted. Notice, she uses finger waves clips to create these styles.

4. Pastel Waves

Don’t worry, getting these styles do not need a length of hair. You do not need any period at all. You can get finger waves on pixie haircut as well. She goes for finger waves all over her head like the style from the 20s. To add a modern flavor to the look, you can color your hair a pastel color like purple.

5. Black and Gold

Pixie haircut does add a certain edge to your entire personality. If you think that boldness is not enough, you can go for a variety of colors on your hair. Color half your hair golden and let the base of your hair black. Now, you can go for finger waves for black hair. The entire hairstyle looks like a patterned flow. Epic!

6. For Short Hair

Short hair looks great with finger waves. Look at this photo. Her backless top is made for showing off that fantastic style. She keeps her color blonde and manages to rock the style flawlessly. You can go for dark colors for your makeup look. Color combination is vital for recreating this look.

7. For Long Hair

This finger waves hairstyle photo shows a modern version of 1920s finger waves. This is a style that goes for an everyday look. The streams are merged with curls, and the side split is done. You can keep the bangs long. The key to this look is volume.

8. African American Finger Waves

African American finger waves are so in this season. Go for this short hair look and let your lipstick be bright as your future. Add some messiness to your entire look. Use your fingers to style your look as it keeps it fresh and young.

9. Pastel Pink

Pastel colors are the shades that have been ruling our hearts in recent times. So, combine them with 20s style to bring a modern retro look. Combine two amazing styles to make a better one. Go for a short hairstyle and mix up blonde and pastel pink colors. Go for this look. Be bold and beautiful.

10. The 20s Waves for Long Hair

Finger waves hairstyle can go from an everyday look to a red carpet hairstyle. It is all about handling it tastefully. For an epic night, go for a golden glow look with minimum finger wave hairstyle. Half tie your hair and voila, you are ready.

11.  Finger Roses

Who doesn’t love roses? They look amazing, smell amazing and make everything great. Even in the fashion world, they have been part of epic gowns and dresses. They make for a great hairdos. So, when it comes to finger waves, roses do them great justice.

12. Bloom It

The bright color always bring out the best in you. So, if you are planning for a new hair color you can go for pink color as well. To complement the look, go for a finger waves hairstyles. They always make a great hairstyle. Have fun with your short and dark hair.

13. Let Them Fall

Long and dark hair work fabulously with a slight touch of finger waves. They can be styled neatly and look terrific for a fancy evening. You need to give a lot of time and devotion to maintain such a look. Make sure your hair is healthy and clean.

14. Larger Than Life

When you have a short hairstyle, you might think that there isn’t much styling to do. That might also be one of the reasons you got it. But, sometimes, once in a while you will have to style it or at least want to. For that you can go for the look shown here. Yes, choose this finger weaves hairstyles and make it as dramatic as you like.

15. For The Lord

So, Met Gala 2018 just happened and Catholic theme is what shined this year’s red carpet. That is why we have that theme based hairstyle for you. You see curls and length add a great style to this minimalistic finger waves hairstyles. Add a halo and let the world see it.

16. Frizzy Finger Waves

Dear Frizz,
Will you stop being half the world’s problem?
Yours sincerely,
The World Community

I know a lot of you girls have spent half of your lives controlling and maintaining frizz. Well, finger waves can be an answer to that solution, darling! Try it. You might love it.

17. Pin It

Okay, first I love that top. Second, she maintains the beautiful top with the graceful finger waves style. Look at how fantastic this finger waves hairstyles photo is. You can add pins to every downfall of your waves to add a bit of unusual style to it.

18. Kill Them

For killer and bold look, we have another finger waves hairstyle photo for you. You need to have that fantastic look in your eyes to pull this look off which all of us do have. Glossy lips add an extra oomph to this look.

19. Bouncy Finger Waves

I love bouncy curls. Short hair ain’t stopping me from getting those damn curls. What about you? Well, if they are, time for you to put a stop to those thoughts. Add some retro waves and highlights. It is all about having fun.

20. Iconic

Red lipsticks always make an iconic look. Add more to that look with finger waves. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long, it is about how you carry it. Go for this classic look and make sure you take a snap of it.

21. Slightly

I love this look. Simple and easy. Don’t you think so? This hairstyle can opt for an everyday look. If summer just knocked in, then hello, get your hair some style. This would be perfect. Anyway, add some retro vibes to make this look complete.

22. Short and Shiny

Well, by this time, you have seen a lot of finger waves on your short hairstyle. Haven’t you? So, I do not need to tell you about how amazing they look. If you are not a fan of the messiness of this version of the hairstyle you have can also go for the sleek and neat look.

23. Accessorize It

I find this look larger than life. I don’t know if I can pull it off. You saw the other side of the look on the top. Well, see how fabulous it looks from the front. Don’t you think so? I do! The balance between the colors of the makeup, outfit, and hair is remarkable.

24. Put A Pin On It

Remember the times, when having a big pin on your hair made you feel beautiful. Well, they can make you feel the same now as well. You will need the added help of finger waves. You can see them yourself. Have fun in your short hair.

25. Colored

If you are a fan of ash blonde hair color, you can go for this version of hair color. This color even though shows the 21st century, you can add the 20s style to make it look altogether fabulous. Hairstyles are all about how you pull it off.

26. Glossy

Every once in a while, we all want to look more than what we are. I, believe that is what finger waves hairstyles are made for. I mean look at this photograph. You should try this look if you have a fancy dinner party. Go for the retro look and let them stare. Red lipstick, a must for every girl!

27. For The Bun

Buns are a part of our everyday look. Don’t feel like styling? I will just tie up a messy bun. Feel like styling? I will make a beautiful bun. So, for those days you want an extra special bun go for a finger waved style of the bun.

28. Ombre

Look at this hairstyle. The ombre effect is placed tastefully. For each difference in color, you can see that the shape of the hair is different. The brown colored part of the hair has curls and the black part has finger waves. You can do this or reverse the style.

29. At Home

While you are getting ready, you might be look like this. But the end result is always perfect. The clips will create a crate effect on your hair. Get ready and go out and have fun retro style.

30. Blue

Colors play an important role in making your hairstyle epic. It is about picking the right color. You can go for a blue color or pink color. We have shown you both the colors. Split your hair from the middle and color in it anyway. The style requires guts to pull it off. You will need to think about it before you go for it.

31. Three Circles

The colors of this hair are a treat to the eyes. Look at it carefully. To add to its beauty, you should make a beautiful style as well. For that you can go for a bun. The hair is curled and made into circles. This hairstyle is classic and amazing.

32. Just A Touch

The hairstyle is again simple and easy. It can be pulled off by anyone. There is only a subtle use of finger waves style in this look. The volume of this hair is what makes it completely amazing. Finish the look with beautiful makeup.

33. Midas Touch

For an exotic look, you can go for golden hair color. The entire style is not an everyday look. But, you can still go for the hairstyle with a nice outfit. The finger waves a fresh breath to this hair color.

34. For Your Big Day

Finger waves can be a look for your wedding day as well. For the big day, most of us usually go for a beautiful intricate bun. So, finger waves can add to its detail and make this style even more beautiful. The waves can be added at the front of your hairstyle. The buns can differ according to your choice.

35. Blank Space

She reminds me of Taylor Swift. The entire look is very Blank Space feel. I love this look. The colors of her hair, the smoky eyes and lipstick are fabulous. The finger waves at the front of her hair make a whole and beautiful bun. Finger waves have added beauty to this entire look.

36. Unicorn Finger Waves

This finger waves hairstyle photo shows the merge of two sides of styling. You can never imagine unicorn colors and 20s retro waves combining. But, well it does and perfectly. The hairstyle is short, and the colors are fantastic. This style is such a pleasure to the eyes.

37. Larger Waves

Finger waves don’t need to have small curls. They can be loose and large. The neatness of this look makes this entire style complete. The hairstyle looks like a waterfall of the color. The brown color adds a glossy look to this style.

38. Golden Highlights

Extreme side part can make a great hairstyle. Look at it. Now, you can go for curls for the length of your hair. For the top of your hair, you can opt for finger waves. Add some golden highlights to your waves to make the hairstyle come together.

39. Glow

The style is simple and sweet. The curls are beautiful and defined. You can add some finger waves on top of your curls which explains the look completely. Her dress is made to show off her hair.

40. Combed Look

If you have a short hairstyle, you don’t need to keep it messy. You can go for a defined and neat look. This style requires timing and effort to depict.

41. Blonde Frizz

Add some volume to your hair and go for finger waves. The waves for this look is kept big and beautiful. The hair is just let loose. Except for the waves you can keep your entire hair natural. I love the hair color as well. Go for this look if you want minimal finger waves to look.

42. Black and White

Great photographs are usually black and white, I think. The blonde color of the hair even comes out in this photograph. The length of the hair is short and waved. You can side part your hair. The makeup needs to be perfect to compliment this look. Make sure you take a good photograph and frame it.

We have more finger waves hairstyle photographs for you. Choose from one or enjoy looking at them.



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